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Hello, I'm Guillem Recolons, personal branding strategist. Focused on Personal Branding and employee advocacy programs for organizations.

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Do you want your organization to connect better with your grupos de interés, increase its credibility and increase its Value?

Executive branding

Any personal branding program in organizations must start from the changemakers, the professionals who drive change.

Employee Advocacy

The best way to communicate and transmit trust is within the company. . The internal brand ambassadors

Personal Branding Workshops

In-company training workshops to discover, , develop and project the personal brand of employees in alignment with the corporate brand..

Storytelling on the 4th Industrial Revolution

Workshop: Rational arguments are not enough to persuade. In the midst of the 4th industrial revolution, storytelling is necessary to connect

If you don´t add value, you don't matter (conference)

The unique value proposition is the reason why someone chooses a brand. What is making our difference as professionals ?, how should we communicate it?

People, Core Values ​​and Full Branding (Conference)

Humanization of corporate branding is key. Values (Superpowers) are added to the brand, and digital environments multiply the impact

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