The 10 seconds and 3 questions to answer before posting on the Internet

I was the first to commit the Error ever by posting "hot" without thinking about the consequences. Based on falling several times, one is learning.

Taking it alone 10 Seconds to answer three key questions before posting a post on social media, Blogs, Websites… can be of great help to avoid problems, Misunderstandings, crisis.

If you have a minute I explain it in this video: 

Let's go there, it will take us longer to internalize the three questions than to reverse the 10 critical seconds to solve them, since the answers to those questions are, Simply, "Yes" or "No".

1 – Does what I'm going to publish add value to my audience??

This question is the most important to answer. If the answer is NO, Simply, let's discard that publication. We keep it in a drawer and the day we have time we reformulate that content until it gives us a "YES".

What do I mean by "my audience"? To whom you have destined the publication. We must understand that in an ecosystem such as a social network, not all our followers obey the same pattern. Some are friends, others are known, others are greeted. Some potential clients, other potential collaborators, other potential key partners.

The canvas of the business model, to which I have previously referred in this blog, it will help us understand who is who and what role it plays in each social network, Blog, or digital platform on the social media map.

For practical purposes, let's assume that, in those 10 Seconds, the answer to the question was "Yes". We still have two filters to pass.

2 – Does what I am going to publish add value to me??

Imagine that you are dedicated to the sale in a company in the medical sector. It is possible that one day you find it interesting to share information that has caught your attention about the fashion sector.

Maybe some of your stakeholders or stakeholders of your community are interested in the information. So we would have a "Yes" to the first question.. Of course, unless you want to relate that information to that of the health sector, will not be bringing more value to you than providing information. It does not help your professional positioning.

In that case, we would have a balance of Yes+No. And there, it's up to you to decide if it's worth moving on.

Perhaps here you can include a question within the question: Will it mislead my audience that now, suddenly, I deal with topics of which I do not have a broad knowledge?

The decision is yours. It is always better to move with a resounding "Yes" than with a decaffeinated "yes".

I agree, suppose you have given a resounding "Yes" within those 10 Seconds. We have the last filter.

3 – Can what I'm going to post be offensive to someone??

Let us start from the basis that we can never like everyone. That said,, one thing is not liking, Or leave indifferent, and the other is offend

I remember just yesterday, in a post by my colleague Alex López López on LinkedIn, launched a survey on the percentage of our time we spend on administrative tasks, not related to our core competence. The survey showed that the majority dedicated more than one 40% from time to administrative matters.

Before that, I added the following comment: 

"I think it is tremendous that some place it above the 40%, that's not living or working, is wasting time. I am in a 10% and it already seems too much to me… Good morning Alex, once again bringing out the need for greater productivity in our work. Before, we called bureaucracy bureaucracy, and now it is sometimes disguised in the form of compliance".

It may seem like a "normal" comment, non-offensive. But what if you work in a company, law firm... in the area of compliance? Could my comment offend you??

The answer is "it's possible". But there, in fractions of a second you think Is he a specialist in compliance someone relevant, a key stakeholder in my business model? In my case, not relevant, so I'll think I can't like everyone and hit the "publish" button.

Obviously, if I see that a post with Yes+Yes may offend key people to me, I'll get a "No" and think twice if I post it, or I will redo the wording.

In short, 10 Seconds, 3 Questions, 3 "Yes"

Try to achieve Yes+Yes+Yes+Yes whenever you can in your 10 Seconds. But make sure of the first, try to manage the second, and remember that you can't like everyone in the third.

The formula 10+3xYes help you create community, position your personal brand where you wanted to position it and generate relationships of interest for your business model... but also for the business model of your audiences.

Have a happy week.

Here's the podcast episode with this theme. You can hear it in iVoox, Spotify, And Apple Podcast.

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