12 hours of personal branding / Guillem Recolons

7 and a half weeks of vertigo and 12 hours of personal branding

I lived these last few weeks has been exciting, crazy. He concluded with 12 hours of personal branding, but there is a world behind. It is confirmed that everything is possible with computer, ideas and will. Here you have the making of 3rd International Congress of personal brand Personal Branding Lab Day (alias # PBLabDay17), and a guide content.

El Personal Branding Lab Day 2017 I was in the ICU

It started with time, in November 2016 and we were in Madrid to organize support team. But yes, do just 7 weeks I met with Jordi Collell, my partner. We had slept. Because of the day and the lack of sponsors we had left for the end-face organizing an event that requires months of preparation, sponsors, resources and something important: time and dedication.

El Personal Branding Lab Day 2017 I was in a coma.

A webinar emerges as a rabbit in the hat

A sigh of resignation, and as a rabbit in the hat, It is given back to the situation: What if we approach it as an open webinar, participating, and in one day? We consult with the rest of the support team: Andrés Pérez Ortega, Cristina Mulero, Jane's Trunk, Fabián González, María A. Sanchez and Oianko Choperena. The parece well, Better that than not to hold congress.

Ahead, time is short.

We need the best. 12 hours of personal branding are no small thing.

Who knows how to manage and run a webinar better than anyone and is passionate personal brand? Nilton Navarro, alma 2.0 Infojobs and one of the coolest guys I've ever met.

Who has experience in organizing, connect, communicate and it is crack in personal branding? Alicia Ro, my favorite actress and someone who has entered strong personal brand.

Nilton says yes. Alicia says yes. Relief. The thing promises.

The format. Is it only presentations?

Being reduced to one day was difficult to match the twenty-odd papers 2016, So I propose the support team an ambitious agenda: multichannel content format, formed by:

  • Presentations approx 20 ' + 5'Discussion with the audience during the webinar
  • lightweight but strong on the blog by the best specialists in personal branding content, days before and during the webinar.
  • Support videos with mini-pills on the benefits of personal branding in organizations by experts in personal branding, social selling y marketing digital. the day of the webinar were presented.
  • And if that was not enough, an eBook created for the occasion
  • An infographic that summarizes the advantages of personal branding in organizations

Here is the box contained papers support

Author country Video Post Pub date Title Duration
Hector Jimenez R Arg / Col X 22/06/2017 Corporate Personal Brand 06:15
Fernando Rios come X 22/06/2017 happy in the company and better people 03:28
Arancha Ruiz Esp / Bcn X 22/06/2017 Ralent cool hunting, coaching career and personal brand 02:47
Jaume Gurt Esp / Bcn X 22/06/2017 Previous importance of self-knowledge to the company visibility 02:44
Marco Tomasone Italy X 22/06/2017 corporate and personal brand Avengers 04:26
Javier Cámara (baby) Esp X 22/06/2017 Personal branding as medium-term investment 00:18
Claudio Inacio Port X 22/06/2017 Break the fear that your career highlight 04:10
Javier Zamora Esp / Valencia X 22/06/2017 personal brand sports 04:12
Ami Bondia Esp / Valencia X 22/06/2017 To shine the value of a company through their professional 08:03
Mercedes Romero Esp / Sevilla X 22/06/2017 Personal branding does not hide the corporate brand, the opposite 02:59
Laura Chica Esp / Mad X 22/06/2017 Discretion left behind. It is necessary to project the personal brand 01:16
Alfredo Vela Esp / valley X 22/06/2017 corporate and personal brands must coexist 01:48
Maria Luisa Moreno Esp / Mad X 22/06/2017 The concept of Personal Branding is spreading among employees 03:06
Gabriel Gómez Esp / Mad X 22/06/2017 Employees who generate prestige, awareness and networking 01:34
Alex Lopez Esp / Bcn X 22/06/2017 We do not have employees, We have brand ambassadors 00:29
Veronica Sanchez Colombia X 22/06/2017 Self Leadership and Personal Brand 03:29
Alejandro Durán Esp / Sevilla X 15/06/2017 Stop talking nonsense
Francisco Alcaide Esp / mad X 19/06/2017 The value of a brand depends on its impact on the market
Gabriel Patrizzi Chile X 12/06/2017 Teaming up with top brands
Yrma Sánchez Come / Pass X 16/06/2017 Importance of personal branding in organizations
Africa Lucena Esp / Mad X 17/06/2017 Companies are primarily people
Alicia Linares Esp / Bcn X 19/06/2017 We need real leaders from the ejemplaridad
Daniel Iglesias (soyunamar by) Esp / Málaga X 13/06/2017 Isn't it?, the content is no longer king
Enrique F. Brull Esp / Valencia X 20/06/2017 Personal Branding Health
Ylse Roa Venezuela X 20/06/2017 Does Corporate Branding Personal is really important?
Ricard Pons Esp / LLeid X 10/06/2017 Personal brand of commercial conveys the vision of the company
Mireya Trias Esp / Bcn X 21/06/2017 Dualities and motivations of Personal Branding
Laura Ferrera Esp / Mad X 22/06/2017 What fears keep developing equipment Personal Brand?
Vladimir Estrada Cuba EBOOK 22/06/2017 With us, ALL. without us, NOTHING
Guillem Recolons and equipment PosgradoPB Esp / Bcn infographics 22/06/2017 Personal Branding in organizations

To do a web!

Urgently I call my guardian angel WordPress, Javier Rebollar. We need new template, new design, new ecommerce ... in two days. Fact. You can see it here: www.personalbrandinglabday.com.

¿The Free Premium?

Both. Although we want an open and free event, We do not give up cover part of the costs of organizing (travels, web, graphic design, video editing ...). To do this we created a section Premium at a reasonably low cost (50€). This section subscribers will see untimed all papers (unreleased) of 2015 and 2016 (42 total) and also 22 presentations 2017 edited individually (free subscription allowed to see the webinar 22J and watch the video until a week later).

#PBLabDay17: 52 content on personal branding in organizations

Between the 22 presentations and 30 content of support (videos, posts, free ebook, infographic) we 52 pieces of great value for organizations to assume the power of personal branding.

Total 55 different authors have added value to PBLabDay17, which is (I assure) organizational challenge.

The contribution of Nilton and InfoJobs

We would have dismissed the idea was not for the support of Nilton Navarro and InfoJobs. All logistics webinar was thanks to him. This meant coordinated with all speakers broadcasting from anywhere other than the Faculty Blanquerna Communication and International Relations, in Barcelona (Hub 1).

Connections were made from The Bold Choice in Madrid (2nd hub), Lleida, Sevilla, Vilanova, Mexico, Valencia, Asturias, Israel, San Sebastián and Huelva, in addition to Barcelona, of course.

Nilton oversaw and made connection test with all speakers from outside Barcelona

The papers were not enough, this had to be bigger

Protagonistas del Personal Branding Lab Day 17

What began with 11 an hour presentations became 22 papers 20 'to add value, reviews, insights y 12 hours of personal branding. And some shared, 26 Total speakers: Alicia Ro, Elena Arnaiz, Nilton Navarro, Cristina Mulero, Josep Rooms, Jordi Collell, dew Ames (Peru), Daniela Viek (Brazil), Xavi Roca, Joan Clotet, Ilana Berenholc (Brazil-Israel), Oianko Choperena, Eva Collado, Raquel Gómez (Colombia), Carolina Camel (Colombia), Nancy Vazquez (Mexico), Neus Arques, David Barreda, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Amalia Lopez Sidewalk, Guillem such Recolons, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Jane's Trunk, Pablo Adán says, María A. Sánchez, Deize Andrade (Brazil), Celia Hil and Silvia Saucedo.

I personally emperré not give up having more opinions, why "I Lie" Alex Duran, Francisco Alcaide, Ricard Pons, Alicia Linares, Daniel Iglesias, Yrma Sánchez (Venezuela), Gabriel Patrizzi (Chile), Mireya Trias, Laura Ferrera, Ylse Roa (Venezuela), Enrique F. Brull and Africa Lucena to write a post. And they did! 12 posts!

Marco also Tomasone (Italy), Hector Jimenez R. (Argentina-Colombia), Fernando Rios (Venezuela), Arancha Ruiz, Jaume Gurt, Javier Cámara, Claudio Inacio (Portugal), Javier Zamora, Alfredo Vela, Ami Bondia, Mercedes Romero, Laura Chica, Mª Luisa Moreno, Gabriel Gómez, Alex Lopez and Veronica Sanchez (Venezuela-Colombia) to translate their thoughts on video. 16 videos that were issued or shared during the webinar.

As if that were not enough, We have an ebook, the dear and admired Professor Vladimir Estrada (Cuba-Rep. Dominican) entitled "With us all, without us NOTHING”. 86 excellent pages of reflections on the application of personal branding in corporate and institutional environments.

In a collaborative work, I developed a computer graphics that includes the main aspects of Personal Branding in organizations, and did so with the help of advantaged students of the last class 16-17 from Personal Branding graduate of Blanquerna URL DIRIGEANT that Jordi Collell: Daniela Viek, Raquel Gómez, dew Ames, Deize Andrade y Carolina Camel. And of course, a very special graphic designer: Maria Mas-Baga.

An international conference, or at least Latin

Making a quick count, professionals have participated:

  • Spain
  • Venezuela
  • Brazil
  • Colombia
  • Chile
  • Israel
  • Argentina
  • Mexico
  • Peru
  • Cuba
  • Portugal


Within a week of starting the Congress, we missed the person who had to edit videos 2015 and 2016 for premium section. The 22J climbed 10 videos of 2015, and continue editing to complete the 42 of the years 2015 and 2016.

A 10 days to start the congress occurred to me "invite" write post or send videos to 35 Professional Reference. 28 they did it, and I know that some remained locked in my email, mi Messenger Twitter profile.

The satelite (to call it somehow) made the transmission was cut off right at the turn of the crack Amalia Lopez Sidewalk, at about 17:30h GMT+1. No problem. An extraterrestrial being named Nilton Navarro in seconds set a new webinar, new link, and at full speed it spread through social networks. Problem solved. Why the YouTube webinar is in two parts.

Part 1 (8:00h) Personal Branding Lab Day. Link the 29 June will be Premium.

Part 2 (3:25h) Personal Branding Lab Day. Link the 29 June will be Premium.

Compulsory smile PBLabDay

Alicia Ro is my favorite actress, but it is also an excellent trainer in personal branding and public speaking. In 2016 and was the smile of Congress, But this year, tandem with Nilton, He created a unique atmosphere. And if it was not enough, his speech has been great, empathic, direct and inspiring. 12 hours of personal branding giving everything.


infographics: Personal Branding in organizations


first summaries

The summary of David Barrera express arrived a few minutes to finish the webinar, a new record: Summary # PBlabDay17, some lessons learned

The next day, Andrés Pérez Ortega gave us a post analysis of what happened and the format: PBLabDay: Brand personal brand

Saturday 24 I prepared, from the Twitter profile of PBLabDay, the event Storify: Storify resumen del Personal Branding Lab Day 2017

Celia Hil Post domingo 25 a post entitled Managing Linkedin to be Brand Ambassador, my paper of # PBLabDay17

Elena Arnaiz drew a summary magífico Tuesday 27: El Personal Branding del PBLabDay17

Helen Gómez did the same on Wednesday 28 with long boring #PBLabDay17, knowmad testimony

But surely, the best summary of these 12 hours of personal branding is that those who followed the webinar could do from the chat webinar (Too bad that can not be recovered) and from social networks: just look at the hashtag # PBLabDay17 Facebook, Twitter, Instagram is, Linkedin or Google +.

And to put some color and some musical tones, Nilton Navarro edited a magnificent mount video of the making of the webinar. Here we have:

#PBLabDay18 What do you prefer, open webinar or face Congress?

Finally, I need your opinion. You can do it through this Google Form PBLabDay18 or leave your comment on this post. Thank you. As said the Amaral, without you I am nothing.


Heading vector by Shutterstock.com

About me Guillem Recolons

Convinced that everything leaves a mark, I help companies to better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (internal brand ambassadors programs).

Partner at Integra Personal Branding and Soymimarca, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers, MoreThanLaw, Noema Consulting, AdQualis Human Results and Quifer Consultores.

As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs at IESE and ISDI, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

Want to see my TEDx talk?

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15 replies
  1. Javier G Alvarez
    Javier G Alvarez says:

    Congratulations on all the gigs you have marked q!!!
    The minimum is to be grateful…
    To me it has given me a lot!!!
    Greetings and congratulations to all participants!!!

  2. José María Garrido
    José María Garrido says:

    Congratulations once again for that effort and the resounding success, Guillem!
    As for opinion on the Lab 18, the thing is difficult. The webinar format is flexible, attractive, comfortable and economical (you can see it from anywhere and saves you a lot of travel costs, Hotels, etc).
    But on the other hand present event (I attended of 2015) It has the strength of “meat and bone” and the opportunity to “touch” and socialize with “stars of the tribe”.
    I'd bet on alternate both formats, making things “special” in the face justifying investment.
    A hug

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      José María good idea! The fear is that a face format with live streaming not fill the room. But it's something that actually had in mind in the 1st edition of 2015. The technology to do so was, but maybe a guy we lacked equipment Nilton Navarro / Alicia Ro to manage the digital part.

      Thanks for your feedback, my friend!

  3. David Barreda Carrillo
    David Barreda Carrillo says:

    Dear Guillem,

    …therefore thank you very much for giving us the opportunity to opine about our preferences for # PBLabDay18…

    You will see, I have no idea where I will be in June 2018, but I prefer a classroom format.

    You know that was not evident the first webinar format this year, thinking that much essence would be lost and would not be the same. And indeed, It has not been the same, It has been different, and it has been fantastic, because the Lab Day could go further to more people… besides possibly the community has strengthened. In conclusion, I was wrong when I thought that this format could be a threat to the event (by the way, happy and glad to be wrong in this regard).

    However, I consider it necessary to return to classroom formats, every two years or every three, It is important to discipline, for the community and we move forward. Being a few days working together is important, and when I say “working” I say this with every intention. The tailor's wife is the worst clad: more 'lab’ and less 'talk'.

    Maybe they should try on new ways to present the event and develop, from rotating the venue (Madrid, Sevilla, other…), to find ways agile development to do it sustainable (the same can not be brought to 20 speakers, but you can bring 5 and the rest of the time energize a series of working groups, I do not know Guillem, things that go through my head), Similarly, there is a group of people who are committed to this and would support the event with work, dedication addition to paying our entrance (my premium subscription this year has been nothing more than a way to support the realization of this event, and it was clear before I knew I was going to be speaker)… This group of people are assets that have generated and you can have (you are smarter than me, happen to know how to do it).

    This is my approach. For me, I am at your disposal for further discussion, providing or supporting what you think fit and in my power.

    You are not alone, You are very big. You have made many people happy with this… You have generated connection and knowledge. We are at a good point to consolidate the community.

    A hug and continue.

    (the next time we see you get rid of a beer with me)

    David Barreda

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      I answer by the end. We do not wage a meal as God commands, my friend, beer included!

      Thanks David for your feedback. Constructive, purposing and courageous. I stay with that “more lab” and “menos talk”, at least to alternate every two years. Perhaps a good idea of ​​all this is that the face format may be rotatable (I am 100% agree with that) and biannual, alternated with webinar format binaual.

      What I am about having clear is the need to provide the PBLabDay success stories, and I think we should focus if you do not want it to be an event of much ado about nothing. We have a few months ahead to discuss the format, but time then pounces (I say this from experience).

      Thanks again, David, I enjoyed it and learned from your presentation, and I am happy to have someone that adds. A giant hug!

      PD: I pray for Doñana.

  4. Vladimir
    Vladimir says:

    My dear teacher and friend, a huge hug for you! Extended to all! My most cordial and effusive congratulations for this post GIGANTE (and obviously, although I do not speak of extension is nothing short, jejeje-). But would expect the summary of a giant Congress as it has been PBLabDay 2017. Beyond the result clearly VERY POSITIVE, reaching EXTRAORDINARY, and the undeniable strength of achievement reached in terms of impact, I think we have to keep growing; and as part of it, I think in future editions can be evolved to a mixed format.

    In my opinion, everything is done in person can and should also be available to those who can not (we can) be physically there; although this logically implies an investment to participate in this way. I do not think there is anyone interested in learning from personal branding and / or contribute to its development, It rejects such thing.

    The technology will make it possible. Imagine an expert teaching a workshop for an audience that is sitting there, or conducting a training on this subject is or, and that this is filmed and seen in real time from anywhere in the world for anyone who has paid their “entry”. And you can even participate with questions or contributions, and do some kind of exercise with his teammates workshop, at times ruled. And even the possibility that someone can dictate from outside of Spain and is seen everywhere (Ilana still vibrated with Berenholc). Why not?

    And at other times, session papers like the jewel that has been this time. And incorporate LAUNCHES REAL-TIME BOOKS. And a panel with three or five experts to develop a topic and answering questions from the public world-assistant. Why not?

    And on twitter I suggested a topic, among the several possible, which I think URGE. In pursuit of quality we must continue to cultivate. TRAINING IN PERSONAL BRANDING: MODELS, EXPERIENCES, RESULTS. It can be a panel, for example. Or publish an ebook with academic or practical work previously submitted on the subject. Or a series of presentations. Or all that and even more. But I feel that URGE work to consolidate quality about it. What we see daily on the network becomes essential.

    Hugs the great David, Jose Maria, to Javier, and anyone who then remark here. And one HUGE to you! Thank you, FRIEND !!!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Thank you Professor! As always their contributions are invaluable. The idea of ​​maintaining a live event streaming relay will curdling. In fact, that was the assembly planned for the 1st edition 2015 and finally could not take place. In the form Google launched, nevertheless, there is a firm commitment to keep the format used this year 2017.

      Let a few weeks to mature decision, but in terms of content and I moved that its proposal fits perfectly with any of the two formats.

      I send a big hug, of those crossing the Atlantic in a few seconds.


  5. Lucena Africa
    Lucena Africa says:

    Hi Guillem,

    Sometimes in the rush we do not stop to write a comment on the blog, but the occasion deserved.
    So I repeat, million thanks for your generosity and for making me a participant in such a special day for the Personal Brand. It has been a real honor to work with a post.
    The webinar was incredibly good, motivator, instructive and learned a lot. Thanks to all speakers, the whole team was behind for possible cracks and go presenters, Nilton and Alicia.

    Congratulations to you for this super compilation post and share it in my summary of this month.

    A hug and happy summer Guillem!

  6. Vicki
    Vicki says:

    Thank you and congratulations on the # PBLabDay17 Guillem and all equipment!

    For family reasons I could not be “here I'm” all PBLabDAy17 and if only I could hear and see the webinar for a couple of hours I found an amazing job of the whole team, a webinar with speakers and presenters luxury, of course, simple and very inspiring and energetic.

    And by ordering that it is… for next year and face online, with the presence of companies and professionals who manage their brand. And I like the idea of ​​more “lab” I read a comment from David Barreda.

    A hug and see you soon!


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