Best of the 1st quarter 2021 at Personal Brand

I open new section on the blog and podcast, a summary of the contents that have caught my attention more every quarter. And of course, I start with the best of the 1st trimester 2021 Personal Brand.

If you have a minute, I summarize what I liked most about the 1st trimester 2021 on personal brand in this video: 

New in books

Among the books I've read, I highlight one in particular:

Trainer 5.0, by David Barreda (Lid Editorial, 2021)

As for personal branding, David deals in Trainer 5.0 the teacher's personal brand.

And I like it when you describe it as a first impression, fleeting, "un meditated, that appears spontaneously in the minds of others and conditions the teaching-learning process and the relationships that accompany it."

I mean, that brand is not based on previous expectation, but in which it is generated in a few seconds when the teacher is known.

I also think it's a good contribution when you define the value proposition by "the description of the benefits you generate in people, those who are expected and those who meet". One more time, expectation plays a key role.

In some respects, the book complements Miquel Rossy's work "The Secret of Educational Marketing" (Santillana 2020), that I've already highlighted in The best of 2020 in Personal Branding. Miquel, who has had a long career as a teacher, has always defended the maxim that teachers are the brand of the school.

Returning to Formador 5.0, and being aim-little, I thought it was one of the best books I've read in years. Maybe because I'm a "target audience" in my role as a trainer, has discovered to me everything we can improve as teachers from an easy formative perspective, excellently guided and inspiring.

Trainer 5.0 it's a book rich in examples, in multimedia materials (via QR, access to videos and templates), this book is not a promise, but the result of more than 11.000 Hours (you've read well) training, that include more than half in training for trainers. I've devoured it in two days., and 23 templates that David generously gives away are extraordinary guides. If you have to give any training, even once, go get him.


Podcasts have been consolidated in these times of pandemic. They allow us to listen to content of fiction or learning being able to do anything else, how to walk, Cook, drive, or be lying on a couch putting all five senses into listening.

Of course, the offer is immense, but among what I've heard this quarter I stand out:

Digital Humanism, by Joan Clotet

This June 2021 Joan's podcast will turn her first year of life, And to this day it takes 21 chapters that are true works of art. Most of it, Interviews. Joan knows how to create an atmosphere of trust with her guests that leads them to respond in a very personal and sincere way. And I know what I'm talking about., I've been ."victim"in one of its chapters ;-)

I recommend all its contents, but to highlight some: 

Retail Update, by Celestino Martínez

This blog will soon turn two, and -- like everything Celes does- it's perfectly designed to enhance the retail experience, and especially local trade.

I find it interesting from a personal brand point of view because of the altruistic way the podcast poses, the stories he explains, the people you've chosen in your interviews... And see if he's done well., who has been training on how to make a good podcast for some time. In addition, has been my master mentor in creating mine.

All its content is good, but there I leave you the ones you can't miss from the 1st trimester

Other podcasts

I also include in the 1st quarter selection 2021 on a personal brand other interesting podcasts


The hashtag #sevienelaturradelpodcaster

I must confess that if I had to reward the best hashtag in history, would be this: #sevienelaturradelpodcaster. Its author is Celestino Martínez, the same one that years earlier #sevienelaturradelrunner to talk about running techniques and tools.

Well, every Sunday, Celes gives us from his Twitter account several recommendations of the best podcasts he has heard during the week. That makes him the most interesting podcast curator.

Personal Brand Moments

Another crack that fills us on Sundays Twitter with joy and good content is Jesús González Amago, great content curator.

Best Online Marketing and Personal Brand Posts 2020

Cláudio Inácio is one of the largest facilitators of strategies, techniques and tools to improve our presence and digital branding on the network, and its compilation about the best of his blog at 2020 it's unmissable.


It's always hard to remember so many titles, that's why I turn to the digital magazine Everything Leaves Mark on Flipboard, and hence the best items of the 1st quarter 2021 in personal brand:



Diagnostic tools

Alex Lopez from the site, recommended an excellent tool to create a accurate diagnosis of our profile of Linkedin, that also gives us clues to remedy the best. This is Resume Worded.

Resume Worded

Resume Worded asks us to download our profile in PDF (open option in edit profile > More > download as PDF) and upload it to your platform. It also asks us for personal data to create a profile.

And once you've uploaded the PDF, traces a very complete diagnosis. With a score you've 100 Points, analyzes the strength of:

  • Your professional degree
  • Your excerpt to "about"
  • Experience
  • education
  • Other
  • Keywords
  • Networking

And the best, it's free (Freemium) and also gives us keys to improving each area.


The 4 pillars of the branding staff in the company / Guillem Recolons

I also leave you the ebook "The 4 pillars of Personal Branding in the Company"in which I have participated as an author with Helena Casas, aimed at companies, where four different corporate Personal Branding apps are shown.

Highlights of the 1st quarter 2021 on personal brand on my stuff

This quarter he started my podcast "Everything leaves a mark", of which I highlight the two interviews: 

As a video, I recommend two of the interviews that have been done to me: 

In Instagram I opened a new series of reflections taken from the book "If You Don't Contribute, don't matter., under the hashtag #snani (acronym for the title of the book), and using the psychology of color based on each type of message.

As blog articles, I've published 13 posts, of which I highlight four: 

And as an ebook, I created "LinkedIn Realistic for Managers", downloadable for free by subscribing to the blog (subscribers have already received it during 3 weeks in a row in your email).

Not bad, I hope you've found this quarterly summary helpful. If you see I've left something important, don't hesitate to comment on it! Happy week!

Here's the podcast on iVoox. You can also hear it in Spotify, Apple Podcast And Google Podcast.

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