6 failure factors at Personal Branding

José Castelló, Writer (Live without work, Alienta 2013) and blogger, interviewed me not long ago to create one of his masterful posts that explain to neophytes a discipline that can be of help to them. As it couldn't be otherwise, the post was going personally branded, and its title - something exaggerated- "Personal Brand and Personal Branding: How to Become "The Chosen One", detect fake gurus, and dodge death" is provocative enough to provoke you into a long-running text, a lot of sense of humor and more than 3.000 Words.

Castelló, J. & Quot; live without working & quot;. Encourages 2013
Castelló, J. 2013 “Live without work”. Alienta

I won't play the post, it's very well in place, but I think there's a section on failure factors in Personal Branding that's worth remembering here. It's about 6 very common mistakes that are made in personal brand management processes and that end up destroying brand reputation. I hope you find reading helpful:

Error 1- Lack of constancy

Most people don't achieve their goals because they're not able to constantly pursue them over time. It is very easy to have an adrenaline rush after reading a good book or attending a good course of any subject and then end up forgetting it after a few weeks.

Intention alone is not enough. Smart action is needed, persevering and constant.

In managing your personal brand, as in most of the important things in your life, persevere is to win.

Error 2- Walking the path you just

In the design part of the strategy, often oneself is not able to see one's own areas of weakness or how to overcome those weaknesses. That's why, people often fail in their efforts because they decide to do this work in a lonely way.

This is precisely where it is recommended that someone help you, whether it's a good friend with a well-furnished head or a good professional.

This way you can, For example, discover limiting beliefs that are false and condition you unnecessarily, or identify blind spots in your personality that others and yourself don't see but affect your relationship with them.

It's great to be self-sufficient, but in this case apply that four-eyed see more than two or two brains think more than one.

Error 3- Confuse the personal brand with "Yoísmo"

There are many people who fail to manage their personal brand because of the desire to be themselves the center of the universe.

It's not the same to want to manage the way others perceive you, how they understand you can help them, and what you're different about, you want to be the center of your lives. The lives of those around you revolve around many different axes and never around you exclusively.

Good management of your Personal Brand should be able to bring value to people who interact with you, but never intend for their lives to revolve around you.

Error 4- Mis-manage fear

Once you've decided what actions to take to manage your Personal Brand it's sometimes difficult to execute the right actions. We all know that one thing is theory and another is practice.

Fear and insecurity often act as brakes to perform the actions we should take, or as accelerators pushing us from panic to clearly unequivocal and harmful actions.

To avoid the latter, see as a premise the never to take decisive actions in hot or that are the result of a temporary outburr. Better the head cold for the important things.

On the other hand, to avoid the former and be un paralyzed by fear, force yourself to act by remembering the motive and ultimate goal for what you do all this process. What motivates you and makes you daydream.

If it's big enough and exciting enough, love and passion will always triumph over fear.

Error 5- Not being authentic

The moment you're thinking about unnaturally altering the way others perceive you, there are people who start thinking about "cheating" others. In making them see, something they're not really. That path always leads to failure.

It's about enhancing your positive attributes and minimizing and polishing negatives, not in inventing attributes you don't have or pretending to be something you're not.

The best way to summarize this concept was already advanced by Oscar Wilde when he said:

"Be yourself. The other positions are all occupied".

Error 6- Being irrelevant

The cyber world around us facilitates the action of reaching many people in a massive way. This capability is often used to "appear as is", or figure out. I mean, there are a lot of people who prioritize having a high activity in this world 2.0, at any price, regardless of the content or interaction they create.

A typical example of this is tweet or Facebook status, That says, "I'm eating a tomato". That doesn't make you any better., it's neither interesting nor useful to people. It doesn't reveal your uniqueness, nor your value proposition. It's just wasting your time and that of others.

In sintestis

In short, lack of constancy, want to walk the road alone, practice "yoism", mis-manage fear, not being authentic and being irrelevant are configured as some of the main mistakes in personal brand management.




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