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Who to follow on social networks (I)

(I) Who to follow in networks: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook

Who do we follow in social networks? Obviously whoever you want, but as a general rule I usually opt for four profiles: who can give us value, who help us spread the message, to recruiters and those who want to return the courtesy, without further ado.

A quien seguir en las #RRSS / Personal Branding by Guillem Recolons

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1. Who can give us value

This is a public key that will keep us abreast of things that matter. Not only are they influencers, These are experts who share knowledge and we can add value to our profession. Ways to identify and follow vary depending on the social network:

A. Linkedin

experts: Is the network where more job move. To identify who is who on Linkedin worth using the advanced search, Powerful CRM that allows you to locate personal and professional profiles by keyword, name or last name, by previous or current employer, by geographical area ... The difficulty is that once applied for a contact, it does not always accept the return, implying that our profile must be impeccably written and very clear value proposals.

Business: Worth following companies, especially those in which our interest and convert them into professional affinity target (diana) of our professional aspirations. Company Profiles may follow, but we can also include comments in their publications, allowing us to start working our professional positioning.

groups: There are about two million groups on Linkedin. They are authentic specialized discussion forums. Some are networking, but the vast majority are themed, such as Soymimarca, focused on personal branding, and near 3.000 members. In groups we can monitor expert to learn from them, but we can also talk with them, an excellent chance to make our mark.

B. Twitter

People: It is the network that allows us to follow whoever you want without waiting to return us to follow. Follow experts in this network is very easy through your browser: simply put the matter in which we are interested and pressing search will appear several options: Featured, live, accounts, Photos, videos, more options. For example, if we journalists have to write the search word "journalist" and then click "Accounts", thus those who are defined as a journalist in your profile we appear. Although I am not a lover Klout (measuring online influence) there is a Chrome extension and other browsers that allow us to see directly the Klout index of each profile Twitter, that we can have a rough idea of ​​their influence.

Business: Companies have consolidated their presence in this network because of its direct influence on news and reputation. To follow companies use the same criteria to follow people.

concepts: Search for #hashtags is very effective and allows you to track the conversation around a theme. If we #personalbranding in the search box Twitter, and then we go to the featured tweets, We see all new developments that are taking place about at a time. Hootsuite using this monitoring tool is even easier, because it allows a column can continue to 3 hashtags, for example: #personalbranding #marcapersonal #employeebranding.

Twitter lists: selective option to see Twitter's search lists akin to what we seek, and subscribe. That prevents us follow all the members of the list, but instead yes we can see live what they are published. Locate Twitter lists is complex, since this network has not yet considered the listings in your browser or on your advanced search (also has), so we'll first for the concept through the hashtag and there, we will manually looking at who has created similar lists.

asset tracking: "Enable notifications on your mobile" is available when the person or company you keep track restores you or "follow". This means that every time you come Retweet tweeted or a notice on the phone screen. It is the most direct way to follow a profile.

C. Facebook

People: Here you will run into privacy options, which make it impossible in many cases to find a person. When we do, we can send friend request and in other cases to activate tracking Facebook. People have also profile page offer no difficulty to follow them through a "like" on your page, but do not forget to visit every day because only Shows Facebook Pages 5% what pages they publish their followers (unless payment made campaign).

Business: the vast majority have page, and through the finder generate page is very easy to access and make a "like".

public groups. There are very powerful clusters, response Zuckerberg LinkedIn to keep the professional conversation on Facebook. Whenever someone publishes a group comes a warning like someone had written on our wall, It is very easy to follow, and also very easy to talk with experts from the group's wall.

2. To who, besides providing value, help us to disseminate our messages

The inner circle of influence: Of the influencers we can learn, but unless they are friends, hardly share our reflections or content on their networks. Who has that role then? Our trusted environment, both personal and professional, but especially those who have good communities in networks. For us they are easier to identify because we know them, They are part of our environment. Imagine that we have created a content: a post in a blog, a video on YouTube, We have appeared in a radio interview, TV or in a newspaper article. Digital link we can get to go further, and we will do so through our close circle of influence.

A. Linkedin

Share (link) Profile. With this link clicaremos the option to share our content on Linkedin and all who follow us will see what we have shared.

Send to individuals: LinkedIn allows us to share that link individuals, to block 50 people. Worth changing the standard message "I think this may interest you" for something else worked and personalized. "I did a radio interview a few days ago that explain the effectiveness of systemic coaching in organizations. It would be helpful if you could share this link. Thank you!”.

Send to group. LinkedIn allows us to share content, own or others, to the 53 groups that can be members. This exponentially increases the chances of being seen, as there are some networking groups that have more than 100.000 members. To do it, We act as in the two previous cases. Since the news, post, link or share content on Linkedin with the "Send to group" and will be placing the names of the groups you want to reach.

B. Twitter

Direct message: with those people that we trust and follow us on Twitter we send them an MD (direct message) attaching the link to the content and asking if they can share in your community or simple-minded to make an RT (retweet) the tweet created by us that already includes link and hashtag. It is recommended not to abuse this practice.

Twitter Ads: If we have a small community and we want to see us (impressions, It is the technical name) 70.000 people, a good option is the Twitter Ads, very easy to hire ads in which you choose the type of audience you want to reach your tweet. For € 100 you can achieve a great extent, which then will result in leads (click the link, subscriptions to a blog ...).

C. Facebook

friends: Perhaps it is the easiest case. Since a profile is assumed that your friends are, friends, all we need is to say aloud that we need to share one of our content. Caution: you abuse this practice is considered spam, so better to reserve this ammunition to very specific cases and special.

groups: It is an excellent place to share content, and unlike the profiles of friends, professional groups are for that, content sharing value. Recall that before receiving must be given. It does not serve as a receptacle groups use our ideas and not interact.

3. A nethunters and recruiters

This is a very interesting audience for those seeking job opportunities, but the profile is more difficult reach and more sensitive protocols. We can not expect a quick and positive response to his brava. The strategy over tactics. Before undertaking any action aimed at this audience is important to work our online profiles to have consistency, message, positioning and are not full of digital garbage, complex issues such as fprs (football, political, religion, sex) They are not prohibited but should be treated with great delicacy to avoid getting discarded to the first exchange.

Good to know that digital recruiter or nethunter not content with a static photograph of a moment, They tend to track each profile to know with whom we interact, what we share and what value proposition behind our brand.

A. Linkedin

Locate them on Linkedin It is more complex, as the word nethunter It is used by few professionals. A good tip is >Advanced search > Keyword = nethunter >Near = your country, your district, and the wider radio can. For example, Search by Barcelona have appeared me 12 professionals with this profile.

We analyze their profile. From that moment they will know that we have done, We have already made our first brand.

We ask contact, but never through mobile or Tablet, no longer let you customize the message. We customize the text everything we can, with the value proposition (gainer who we hire) in front.

And wait. If they accept the contact, please, no more we press for a few weeks. There is nothing worse than accepting someone and two minutes is already asking. So the advice is to give before you ask: add value, share interesting content, interact in groups or companies where the nethunter is so leave the second mark and wait to be pre-selected in a process.

B. Twitter

Advanced search: The same procedure would work advanced search, allowing target variables specific location. Advanced Search Twitter is the great unknown, but it is very powerful. It is in the submenu "more options" once we have done a simple search.

Follow: Here the protocol is different, because we can follow whomever we, so we will go directly to "follow". Probably will not return us to follow, usually do not, so a good option is to create a list titled "Top Nethunters Spain" (for example) and go including all related profiles the word nethunters. And so we left the second mark, more important than a "follow".

Label: If we create a valuable content (very much) such as translation before anyone an article in Harvard Business Review on HR and Internet and post it on our blog, in that case we can upload a tweet with the content and finally a cc (knowingly) @elnombredelnethunter. It is essential not abuse this practice, once a quarter nethunter, provided that the content is worth it, It will be enough.

Wait: And wait.

C. Facebook

Caution: Since it is a network of friends, here it is more complicated. Nethunters do not usually have the page, and exceptions will not admit us as friends on their profile.

Privacy: There are groups of recruiters on Facebook, but most are closed, the invitation work. Here we can not go.

Creativity: the only way to draw attention to a nethunter recruiter or Facebook is using high doses of creativity, for example video resume to break molds. Take a look at YouTube to CV Nuria Massana Fusté, It is a great example of what is spoken here.

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4. Who we want to return the courtesy

There is no clear rule on whether to accept the monitoring of anyone who asks us contact, friendship ... Each case should be studied separately. There are profiles such as Francesc Grau on Twitter @fgrau author of "Twitter in one week"I am praying" follower of my followers "while others only follow those who know or those who actually intend to continue. In any case, here the social network protocols as are simple:

A. Linkedin.

sure before: Here it is worth click on the profile of the person you want to contact to make sure that there is a spammer or someone who will come with the story that has a cousin in jail and needs money.

Action: If we convince, we will have a new contact, a new email and potential stakeholder.

B. Twitter

Attention, not everything is: Like Linkedin, Twitter but there are some profiles that are often suspicious and is perhaps best left for another time:

1. All who go with "egg", no profile picture

2. Which despite including photo, lack profile description

3. Those who have photographed with your pet

4. Those with the private profile (on Twitter that makes no sense)

5. Which include symbols extreme allegiances (football, political, sex…)

6. Those who call themselves MLM Multilevel marketing or online

7. In general, those who see that we are not going to contribute anything at all

Possibilities: It's good to know that once the bilateral track is a series of functions are activated, of which highlight two:

1. The ability to send MD > Direct messages

2. The ability to enable mobile notifications, so that Twitter will warn us of each screen action followed.

C. Facebook

Friendship: By accepting a friendship we have the right to visit her full profile, see that friends have and activate the Facebook Messenger, much like Whatsapp.

accepting: If Facebook is a network of friends, acceptance of contacts can follow two criteria, Choose the one you want.

1. I accept only people you know (and I feel like I have on my wall)

2. Friends of my friends are my friends.

Soon we will continue to YouTube, Instagram is, Google+,…

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