Digital Personal Brand: Open 24 X 7

This week I developed the most important advantage that exists of projecting our Personal Brand beyond traditional environments Offline, which is nothing more than achieving a open brand 24 X 7. I mean, 24 hours a day during the 7 days of the week. No vacation.

In this video I summarize it in 1 Minute (in Spanish): 

Is your personal brand closed most of the day? 

See, if you haven't yet considered using the Internet beyond mere observation or buying something from online stores, I'll explain what's happening to you:

You're missing a wonderful opportunity. Your Personal Brand is only visible when you're awake, and only for those people who contact you or who live around you.

The advantages of your digital non-presence

I'm not going to fool you., digital absence also has its advantages. It's more, I have even recommended it in cases told to a client of mine in consulting.

The biggest advantage of this absence is the Privacy. You leave no mark. You leave no mark. And you reserve the real environment (Offline, for friends) to leave that mark. These cases can be good for professionals who have more disadvantages than advantages.

Profiles: Non-believers, retired people who don't want digital platforms to steal data from them (although it's hard to escape that). And finally you'd be the anacoretas, people who don't use the net at all, Disconnected 100%, solitary and dedicated to contemplation

Missed opportunities

But generally speaking, what happens when someone doesn't leave a good mark on the Internet is that a number of missed opportunities are generated.

This metaphor of "missed opportunities" I used at a conference a few years ago: imagine you're waiting to see a shooting star, a comet, and you're in the opposite direction. You won't see a shooting star pass, they'll pass behind you, and they will exist, But you won't see them.

The same goes for a bad digital presence or an absence. The Stars, opportunities, Happen, but behind your back, And you won't see them.

Imagine you're an actor/actress or singer and a director is looking for someone with a vocal record like yours. And you're also looking for it on the Internet, and looks for it from the other side of the world, within an hour when you're sleeping. Goodbye, Opportunity.

Or imagine you're a company manager, and a headhunter does a first search from places like Linkedin. And he can't find you.. You have not read or implemented the ebook "LinkedIn Realistic for Managers" (that by the way, you can download at no cost if you subscribe to this blog). Farewell to that opportunity to grow within another company, or to be part of a board of management.

Digital personal brand: the opportunities won

And let's go to the opposite case. You decide to project a open digital brand 24 X 7. The first difficulty you will encounter is that the Digital Personal Brand does not exist. What a chasco!

There is the Personal Brand, and then there are means like analog or digital to project it. But this is not creating the brand from the digital, it's something more complex: is to identify her (we don't create or have, but we leave a mark), is to manage it and it's projecting it. These are three processes that I have explained before and that I call the Personal Brand Iceberg: Self, Strategy and Visibility.

Opportunities are many, digital allows us to reach more selective audiences, larger, more permeable to our offer of services or products.

But most importantly, following the metaphor of the shooting star, is that we'll be properly oriented to see all the stars passing. So we don't miss anything, so as not to let one go.

Open 24 X 7 and global who gives the most?

But so we don't come too high yet, I'll tell you that to get a real return to this brand situation Open 24 X 7 and all over the planet, there's a need to fine-tune some things. In a nutshell, I'll tell you it's not just about "being" but about "being."

"Being" is relatively simple. You open one or two social media profiles, even a blog, and you go in every three months to see what surprises are out there. But that barely has a return, unless you're someone influential in the world Offline

The key here is "to be", I mean, Relate, generate interest, Attraction, Talk, Interact, meet interesting people. Let's go, the same as off-grid, but on the net. And if possible, without changing our brand essence. Going from atoms to bits doesn't mean falsify anything, nor have a bigger house, you don't need to recreate a different brand, A alter ego Digital. What we are, we are in every media and in every way.

Summarizing, this is one of the main advantages of also projecting your brand into the digital Internet environment, that your personal brand will be Open 24 X 7, will never close, and your chances of being found and counting on you multiply. Personal Brand increases your digital possibilities, don't forget! I'll wait for you next week.!

Here's the podcast, something more complete, In iVoox. You can also hear it in Spotify And Apple Podcast.


Conversations with Pau Hortal at the Ergon Foundation

I leave you the video the conversation that some members of the Ergon Foundation had and I a few days ago talking about personal branding, their influence on employment, in junior and senior moments.

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3 thoughts on "Digital Personal Brand: Open 24 X 7”

  1. Good morning, Guillem

    And I wonder why it's still said, mentioned 24×7 when the Internet has been here for a long time 20 Years? Do we still have to evangelize those who do not have a digital presence or those who have but inactive?

    Be 24×7 how personal and professional a person is, a business (Large, medium or small) … there's no other option not to disappear forever who doubts it ? Because you have to be and know how to manage it professionally, it's not about to be.

    A hug and we go on


    • Well, as hard as you think., in many formations look at me strange when I mean the 24×7 referred to the personal brand. A lot of people see it as something about online commerce, but few understand that this also applies to the person and his fingerprint. Thank you for commenting! A hug!

      • Oh, my God!
        It's the same with you as me when I was asked what's retail? Or I don't have social media … And the WhatsApp or YouTube you use so much what is?


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