Do you know what you mejor Activo brand?

What's that brand asset thing?

It is clear that you're your most important brand asset. An asset that no one can take away from you. Your knowledge, Competences, Actions, looks and experiences make you a unique person, Unrepeatable.

But don't be fooled: personal branding, managing your personal brand IT's NOT about finding your best version. That's a very nice phrase., but unreal, or at least incomplete. It's about finding, work and project your best version. And measure it. And modify elements of your strategy when needed.

If I had to list my error resume here, I'd need an ebook. And most of the time those mistakes have come from complacency, to believe that a pat on the back or a Like on a social network could be assimilated as signs of success.

What do you want your brand asset to represent?

I've already commented that your brand asset staff is you. Now you need to do an exercise in empathy to understand what positioning, the brand territory you want to occupy in the minds of your stakeholders or stakeholders.

I emphasize the word "brand" for something important. If you only embrace a generic value proposition, not only, you're closer to representing a product than a brand asset. I always remember the old definition that publicists made of a brand: unique value proposition.

If you bet on functionality (hard skills) no skills related to emotional intelligence, you'll compete by price. And it will be at a low price. We are always willing to pay more for a brand, its field of meanings is very rich, and solves rational and emotional needs. Ask yourself if you solve these two types of needs, and if you do it in a different way: you will have identified your value proposition.

Surround yourself with unconventional people

If you surround yourself with gray people, you won't be any better than those people, you'll be gray. Jobs told Stanford students "stay hungry, Stay crazy". I can't agree more. Only curiosity and the desire to try new things will save us. And gray people are the conformist, who would rather live in a safe mediocrity than risk and climb every day to the roller coaster of life.

I've always done better when I've met with exceptional people. They're curious, enthusiasm and a point of madness.

Don't ask those people what they know how to do, asks how and why they do it. Ask them about their purpose, look for that utopian side, irreverent of the one who has an impossible dream and goes after him. Your brand asset will be yours. They say we're the average of the people we deal with.. I don't know how much truth there is in that., but just in case, better surround yourself with people who pay the most Insight of the value proposition: "If you don't contribute, you don't matter".

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What's new in personal brand

We carry an unbeatable 2019. First came Andrés Pérez Ortega with his fifth book “Monetize” (Alienta). Then came Eva Collado with his second book “The World Changes, And you?” (Alienta). And now I am pleased to announce the imminent departure of the second book of Ami BondiaBrave's World” (Red Circle) and the third edition (I don't print) of what was the mother's debut opera of the personal brand, Neus Arqués, with his “And you, what brand are you?“(Alienta).

Brave's World And what brand are you?

Personal Branding World, Fran Segarra's personal brand specialist geolocationist

My friend Fran Segarra has had a great idea: put personal strategy specialists around the world on the map. A complex task and “non stop”, but very useful to know where you are “the tribe” personal brand. A great post that I invite you to read and “Manipulate”: Personal Branding World.

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