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free agents: The living example of personal branding

When Tom Peters write your text “The brand called you” on 1997 He did not thinking about social networks. simply, there were. He did foreseeing that many professionals could improve their degree of autonomy, whether or not they work for third parties. His idea “Me INC” here translated YO, S.L. It is a good example of this degree of independence or interdependence.

A few years later, on 2002, Daniel Pink published “Free Agent Nation, the future of working for yourself“. prophetically drew a picture of corporate employees becoming free agents What notion? streamline the operation of enterprises. A sample Do you imagine that in large organizations have as few casualties as working in autonomous? National productivity would increase outrageously.

To this we add the emergence of millennials in the employment picture. His philosophy is closer to the free agent worker a vertical structure. And to that we add the emergence of knowmads, Nomads knowledge should not necessarily exclude employees employed.

Free agents: It can be both employer and employee?

A good example of free agents are realtors and some insurance agents. They are their own company, but at the same time they represent a brand. Ambassadors are two brands, his own and that (or those) which represent. In fact, are not employees, They used themselves, but part of a great brand conglomerate that gives them prestige, coverage and service.

A few months ago, on Mexico, I had opportunity to meet many insurance agents at an annual meeting of the company GNP Seguros. Were free agents, people who own themselves, independent but shared a common corporate branding project.

A few days ago I met personally several real estate agents RE/MAX in the Dominican Republic, and I took the same feeling. Even better, Look the importance and symbiosis between personal and corporate brand:


Candia Arias, broker and real estate agent Remax

Candia Arias, broker and realtor




The dream of Tom Peters and Dan Pink

Agree, not in all countries the figure of insurance agent or real estate is so free. In Spain, for example, -and there is some fear rejection- to this entrepreneurial idea, and many prefer the security of a fixed payroll.

A text that strikes me on the website of RE / MAX in the Dominican Republic is as follows:

Figure Agent RE / MAX goes far beyond that of any real estate agent. Thanks to the work provided by RE / MAX, In addition to the Brokers, Agents can also create your own business. The main advantage of receiving the highest commissions in the market, all RE / MAX agents will always have support of the Broker and the entire organization RE / MAX, developing its business with full autonomy.

Is, effectively, Dan Pink dream, the nation of free agents. With the possibilities of modern communication, any of these agents could have your own blog, its own YouTube channel why not?

agents posters re / max

In fact, some already have. For everyone else, It is a pending. I told them in a speech that there are two kinds of people, Google friendly or enemy. Being friends with Google means to create value on the Internet, from a blog, from press articles, radio interviews, videos, publications in social networks… An enemy is to ignore all that and let opportunities pass after one if realize.

How would the friend Álex López, If your client is digital you can not afford to not be. The good news is that with will and training nothing is impossible.

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12 replies
    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      thanks Gabriel, double merit if I say what a free agent. It is somewhat curious that our level of contribution to the national wealth with minimal structural costs to the government sees no reward. But hopefully this will change. a greeting!

  1. Juan NAVARRO
    Juan NAVARRO says:

    We speak of a federalist structural model based on trust, relationships, empathy and efficiency that would allow diversification of activity and which should give strategic alliances under autonomy, provided that the objective and seek common interest.
    Thank you for this article.
    Best regards !

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      The structure in Spain protects the employee and terribly much penalizes entrepreneurial or self. They have to pass things, changes in government, changes in mentality among entrepreneurs… and perhaps a new crisis. I also think that, In someway, which we act as free agents and we should create a collective, a kind of lobby pressure to represent us and defend our position and contribution to national wealth (with minimal costs for dad State). Little by little. Thanks for your feedback, Enrique! A hug!

  2. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth says:

    Excellent as explain what we are doing in RD. At present he spoke about the importance of technology continue preparing ways to reach customers who are and need this platform to buy, without forgetting the part ” craft” he still has this race.
    A hug and hope to see you soon again.


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