To add value is to add. Importing is long-term carrying

Sometimes they ask me about the title of the book"If you don't contribute, you don't matter". You know, where it came from, what exactly does it mean, why I chose a negative headline...

Well, today I explain it, because it has more gunpowder than meets the eye.

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The nightmare of titling a book

I think all book authors, Songs, Disks,… they have had sleepless nights until they found the damn title.

There are people who turn to their trusted circles to make sure they have a good degree.. And it's a good idea. I've been to more than one Whatsapp group or LinkedIn chat to lend a hand to an author.

Mine with "If you don't contribute, you don't matter" wine more rolled, since I had already used it as a title for conferences and workshops. Nevertheless, I confess that it was not my first choice as a book title.

Why is the word "import" important??

Last week he referred to Maslow's pyramid in the post A purpose: Inspire ideas, transform lives, help draw futures. And here I recover it by the human need to transcend, very high up in the pyramid.

I read in that "Transcend, go beyond the apparent and conventional to achieve broader knowledge, free and enriching. This is the last stage of human development according to Abraham Maslow, a psychological strength that we should all develop."

And transcending is nothing but importing. You can contribute and generate a positive impact on someone, but to import or transcend is to maintain that line of impact over time., quite difficult thing. I mean, to add value is to add. Importing is long-term carrying.

When you like someone it means you have pleasant moments. When you care it means that that person must be very present in your life..

Brands try, few manage to import

My good friend and brand expert Iván Díaz, branzai's blog, has sometimes said that a brand is that with the ability to matter to someone. I totally agree. Arduous task, as it requires extraordinary effort, constant but changing, coherent and very close to a solid brand platform.

And now I tell you in another way. Many people try, few get it. To matter is to serve a purpose relevant to a segment of people you have defined and to reach the marrow.

If I ask you, how many people do you care about?? you may refer to family or deep-rooted friendships. But will someone from the professional field appear out there?? Any trademarks? Novelists, Artists, ...?

Transcendence is the primordial essence that differentiates us from the rest of species

Viktor Frankl

Types of transcendence

Abraham Maslow speaks to us in his book The Farther Reaches of Human Nature of four types of transcendence: that of the ego, the cultural, that of the past and that of pain. Here I refer especially to the transcendence of the ego.

In this case, it means much more than defusing the narcissism and selfishness so ingrained in our society.. It involves working on oneself to Provide, to be useful to others, For import, transcend and always give the best of yourself to the rest. It is also, know how to be in harmony with everything that surrounds us, including nature.

Importing goes beyond being important

When we matter, we extend the positive effects of our life to others. How do we decide to influence others?? 

The human being, at any age, is able to live meaningfully, to transcend, of importing..

That obsession with avoiding negative expressions

"We are only at the service of creativity, ideas and innovation" read an old sign that roamed the J agency. Walter Thompson. And wasn't it better to simply say "We are at the service of creativity..."?

Not really. The affirmative phrase often falls into the obvious. If I tell you "If you contribute, you matter" you will think, Well, yes, I agree, but it may not lead you to reflection.

The adverbs of denial, negative phrases have, contrary to what the great Misterwonderfulian coaches and positivists say, the power to lead to reflection. "If you don't contribute, you don't matter" leads you to reflect on your value proposition. "If you contribute, you matter" doesn't invite you to do it.

I remember the day of the signing of the contract with the publisher. They asked me if I could positive for the title. I had to give in... but I didn't do it on the cover, I agreed to do it on the back cover.

As you know if you have read my "bio", I have publicist DNA. And I can assure you that the campaigns that have hit the most and that provoked used to carry some denial. "Don't buy me, don't read me" said the closing announcement of the launch of the newspaper "The Independent".

I want to thank my friend and colleague Enrique F. Brull for illustrating so well the title of this article "To add value is to add. Importing is long-term" with its unmistakable style.

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