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Personal brand of self (relato frugal)

This week's been two things that combine a common element: the wonderful world of self.

The new law autonomous

Autonomous took time vindicating a more human status by the Spanish Treasury, who treats us more or less like a plague.

  1. One of the main claims revolves around the reduction in the minimum monthly fee autonomous (267,03€), factures that equal pay 0 € or 5,000 €.
  2. Another is that the share out proportional to income, which as everyone knows, its variables.

Maybe next time, there has been no luck

For neither 1 not even 2. The quota will rise slightly and will not be proportional to income. Bravo!

Why not, agree, There are some assumptions improvement. You can read the this article, but one thing is clear to me: all who have debated, drafted and voted this law are politicians on the payroll; not a single autonomous. That may explain the lack of sensitivity to the demands of this group to which I belong and may you who read this also.

The autonomous not sick, no accidents, It has a meta

Whenever statistics are compared, it concludes that despite how badly this group is treated by the administration (or precisely why), autonomous never falls ill. And when it does, It is to die.

Why not, indeed, If an autonomous does not work, Does not charge. But pays. There's an important difference. Why self has been forged to work in subhuman conditions of high fever, severe migraines or other collective diseases that mean a prolonged sick leave. this will (we) confers special status, the Supercrack, a Metapod it does not go out or kryptonite.

A hearsay frugal (and real) to confirm the above theory

the trigger

late Thursday. Two days ago. Dr. Francisca Morales, coordinator and academic tutor Master in Business and Institutional Communication de la UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), I had summoned me for the third time in the last five years to the kind of closing of the academic year. About what? You're right: Personal Branding.

The journey of the antihero

I do the bike ride, as I have always done (I have some allergy car), and when I'm entering the UAB campus in Bellaterra, something happens.

The invisible enemy

damage to the bike

Trail of oil in the central part of the carriageway / Trestle detail embedded in engine

Front sun prevents me from seeing clearly a trail of oil that lasts for more than fifty meters. Without even touching the brake (iba only 20Km / h), the front wheel slips and makes the bike and its occupant (I) We fall on the left side. Oil was the invisible enemy.

It was a spectacular fall, of those films. But I was not prepared. ungloved, in short sleeves, I ended up with my left hand full of scratches, hematomas, broken pants, the broken shoe.

The reaction illogical

What would have made a sane person? Call an ambulance, brands of asphalt were present in wounds, with danger of infection. There was a slight blow to the helmet. A driver who saw the crash helped me lift the bike (weighs over 200K), I had raised me for my own foot.

What did I do? Look at the clock, They are missing 15 minutes to start my lecture and even had little more than one km to reach the living degrees of the Graduate School. The bike would not start. I waited two minutes. He tore. I saw that the bridge was nailed to the casing due to the impact and side almost touching the ground. He had to be careful. I reached the enclosure.

First aid

I asked the porter if he had kit. Of course. I washed the wounds with soap and water. I let it dry. Then very strong with hydrogen peroxide. I let it dry. And then added antiseptic iodinated. It was one minute to begin class.

Upload a floor, I see Dr., my good friend Francisca. I think crazy for wanting to class. But when I see so many people sitting and waiting for the talk, I come up. No waiver. escuece, but now my mind is not on wounds, is a team to be prepared cracks DirCom (director of communication) employed or self (they have explained the truth about what's out there).

francisca Moralesa

La Dra. Francisca Morales entering class in the Master DIEC / state after the accident

There is no pain

There is no pain. no motivation, no fun, no desire to ask you and you know answer. It was good. At least that was my impression. A couple of hours passed me as 10 minutes. It's like a drug, the effect is brief but intense.

Autonomic personal branding

Class time

Just, applause, more questions, this time individual. They have mounted a four piscolabis get snacks and a kind of Lambrusco. All goes well. Moment of euphoria for them (they go on vacation) and for me.

aid seconds

Francisca accompanies me to a small clinic at the University. A great woman. I cleaned (good) wounds and put me gauzes.

The next day I go to the hospital. radiographs, more cleaning. nothing broken. Dermoerosiones left costal contusion and several in arm, elbow, forearm, hand and knee. Treatment: repose (I look for in a dictionary means), topical cures for a few days, anti-inflammatory and drink plenty of water to not sneeze (the ribcage is touched).

Life goes on

I'm fine, damn it! Did not I say I'm an autonomous?


Vector by

PD: The news of the talk has been reflected in this article UAB: Prom for DirCom UAB

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Convinced that everything leaves a mark, I help companies to better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (internal brand ambassadors programs).

Partner at Integra Personal Branding and Soymimarca, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers, MoreThanLaw, Noema Consulting, AdQualis Human Results and Quifer Consultores.

As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs at IESE and ISDI, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

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19 replies
  1. Paul Adan
    Paul Adan says:

    Madre mía Guillem. Menos mal que no pasó nada más grave. Creo que todos tenemos historias similares. Moto y autónomo suelen ser UNO. Ha y que llegar a mas sitios, mas rápido, hay que pagar las cuotas

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Why not, Pablo. Una caída de estas, por tonta que haya sido, te hace repensar si lo de la moto es buena idea. In fact, es el primer accidente que tengo en treinta años, pero nadie me garantiza que sea el último

      Thanks for write! A hug!

  2. Eva Cantavella
    Eva Cantavella says:

    Retrato súper realista de la vida del formador autónomo! De lo único que me he caído es de mis tacones y solo me ha dolido el orgullo, pero he dado clases con 39º de fiebre y con la adrenalina, los aparcas hasta acabar el curso. Al terminar, necesitas una camilla para recogerte
    Un abrazo y felicidades por el artículo (y la conferencia)

  3. Joan Vergara
    Joan Vergara says:

    ¡Oysters, Guillem!

    Qué susto, y qué par de narices las tuyas para cumplir pese a todo. It is true, los autónomos a veces estamos un poco locos. Somos como El Cid. :)

    Recupérate pronto.

    A greeting!

  4. Natalia
    Natalia says:

    Amazing, Guillem! La anécdota de la moto es tan alucinante que estamos pasando por alto tus acertadas observaciones sobre la nueva ley de autónomos.

    La situación de este colectivo antes de la reforma era lamentable, y no es que haya mejorado tanto

    Es absurdo que se pague lo mismo independientemente de lo que factures.
    Es absurdo que si estás enfermo tengas que seguir pagando y no tengas derecho a cobrar.

    ¿Cómo puede ser que la nueva ley mantenga estos abusos? ¿Cuanto hay que esperar para que vuelva a reformarse?

    Es lamentable.

    Y lo de la moto¡Suerte que no te pasó nada! Pero creo que había evidencias suficientes de la necesidad de una revisión completa: el casco abollado, for example. Lo de ir a dar la clase no me parece para aplaudirte ….

    ¿Sabrías decir por qué lo hiciste exactamente?
    Si yo estuviese en tu lugar me replantearía algunas cosas


    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hola Natalia!
      ¿Por qué lo hice? Porque a pesar del impacto de la caída, me encontraba con fuerzas para hacerlo. No hay mucho más. Si preguntas a los futuros DirComs que atendieron la clase, con la excepción del impacto del primer momento (pantalón, heridas) te dirán que luego fue una charla productiva y muy interactiva. Lo que sí me voy a replantear es la necesidad de trasladarme en moto, eso me ronda en la cabeza hace tiempo. A greeting and thanks for writing!

  5. Joel Pinto Romero
    Joel Pinto Romero says:

    In addition, Guillem, que se me olvidó contarte: The 8 de Marzo de este año me hicieron cirugía del hombro derecho por rotura del tendón. Estuve en el hospital miércoles y jueves. El mismo viernes me reincorporé a mi trabajo como autónomo justamente por aquello de quesi no trabajas, no comes”.

    Fue muy gracioso porque tuve una conferencia por Skype con un cliente y él mismo me comentó: “¡¡¡Joel, se te enreda la lengua!!!”… why, of course, luego de la cirugía estuve fuertemente medicado para evitar los dolores.

    A cualquier otra persona, en situación normal, le habrían dado una baja por X cantidad de días o semanas y habría estado tranquila en su cama descansando, sabiendo que sí o sí, cobraría a fin de mes.

    Somos Supermanes y Superchicas (por si acaso) :-D

  6. Pilar
    Pilar says:

    Hi Guillem!
    Of course, nos demuestras con estos ejemplos que el realizar un trabajo que te apasiona no tiene precio.
    Cuánto me alegro que vayas mejor yese reposo dentro de tus posibilidades, come.
    Hugs, crack!


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