Digital bipolarity, when you create an alter ego, a character... it's not you

With digital bipolarity I do not mean in this writing the psychological diseases derived from the bipolar spectrum. I want to make it clear to prevent anyone from being offended or alluded to is this writing.

I just mean those people whose behavior in digital environments is very different from that of face-to-face environments. And I notice that there are more and more.

I have set out to explain the disadvantages of this duplication of personality for your personal brand. If you're short on time, I invite you to see this one-minute summary.

Defining digital bipolarity

You're introverted on the street and extroverted on the Internet. You're sympathetic on the street and a hooligan on the net. You're a professional who makes a living on the street and the Wall Street wolf on the Internet... I'm still?

I wouldn't call it sickness., but I do dare say that digital bipolarity is a Anomaly, because in a way, Deforms the image in which we project ourselves in a medium like digital.

Digital bipolarity and personal brand, like water and oil

If someone has thought that managing the personal brand correctly is "bulging" reality on the net, or reduce it, you're wrong. What you get with that is to create a character. It is not then a "digital self" but an "impossed self", which is something very different.

Today there are many ways to find out when a person is Pretending a life that doesn't have. Just walk into their community and see if you know anyone. If you don't know anyone, bad business, possibly it's a community bought. Today we are three degrees (and not six) separation from anyone. And if you know anyone, you can always contrast the information.

Some disadvantages of being bipolar digital

Double life: twice as much work

If it is already laborious the management of our personal brand "Authentic" in networks, imagine creating a character with a parallel life, a kind of "Brian" in the story he told us Monty Python. I don't even want to think about it.

Pretend to be more handsome, richer, more fun, more educated, smarter… I, I have a bad memory, wouldn't last two rounds.

Loss of opportunities and projects

Language nonverbal communicates a lot. In this post "Verbal, words that leave their mark", Andrés Pérez Ortega makes it clear. And of course, if you pretend to be richer, Instructed... a lot of companies may not want to hear from you because they'll give you too high a price.

It can also happen that if you put a picture of your 20 years having 40 don't recognize you in a real encounter, or the worst, reject you (that happens a lot in Tinder, I've been told).

No, you don't avoid creating enemies... you create more

I'll tell you something you already know: whatever you do, you'll never like everyone. And, especially, don't obsess about it, because it will turn you into someone with an insulsive message.

If you misrepresent your digital representation amplifying it, as much as possible is that you make more enemies. You may not care., But you digital reputation it'll take more work.

A solution to the problem: #Bet or #VuelveASerTú

If you start this Internet, apply the maximum #SéTú, will give you less work and project a real personal brand. If you've already hooked up and built a little monster, it's never too late, apply #VuelveASerTú things will do you better

Get rid of what others expect from you. Live a life, yours. And leave digital bipolarity for theatrical or film "performances". Good week!

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  1. Good morning, thanks to the Newsletter that Francisco Alcaide sends me with the best of the previous month, I've met you. I've read your article and I loved it. It's true, people aren't the same offline, that online. Congratulations on the Guillen article!!


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