A new model of value based on a combination of creative ingenuity, new approach to media planning and production of spots prioritizing the main message and brand: that's TVLowCost

31 January, 2009/by William Recolons

The risks of the free press: The newspaper Metro’ Spain closed due to a drop in recruitment advertising.

30 January, 2009/by William Recolons

Philips link a product to output Bush White House

22 January, 2009/by William Recolons

The evolution of marketing in a video wordless

15 January, 2009/by William Recolons

We started the year talking about successes low cost: YOIGO already has a million customers

13 January, 2009/by William Recolons

2009: We had never been presented an opportunity like this to further explore our creative potential

24 December, 2008/by William Recolons

“I have a dream”, perhaps one of the best examples of storytelling

17 December, 2008/by William Recolons

Creativity and the Risk Factor, new message from Edward de Bono

15 December, 2008/by William Recolons

“In Europe there is a crisis of values, reigns as 'Islamically correct', Secularism is sick”

2 December, 2008/by William Recolons

If shoppers * watch television during the day, Why everyone uses the prime-time to reach them?.

25 November, 2008/by William Recolons

The philosophy of turning the search for bargains in intelligent attitude extends between consumers – White markings and low-cost consumer reach the service sector

11 November, 2008/by William Recolons

Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose. This maxim -of Maltese thinker Edward de Bono- It has been a constant in the Obama campaign and, possibly, the key to its success.

5 November, 2008/by William Recolons

RESEARCH 'Neuromarketing': A study shows that anti-smoking campaigns trigger the urge to smoke

24 October, 2008/by William Recolons

recent message from Edward de Bono, father of lateral thinking: ‘thinking to be a problem

14 October, 2008/by William Recolons

Say NO when you want to say YES… A new form of lateral thinking?

3 October, 2008/by William Recolons

Contrary to what many may think, advertising agencies rarely think format "low cost"

16 September, 2008/by William Recolons

Left hemisphere, right hemisphere, lateral thinking and mathematics

8 September, 2008/by William Recolons

A must for those seeking new forms of creativity: "Electoral Spots. The spectacle of democracy. "

23 July, 2008/by William Recolons

Without the great column Manuel Trallero, La Vanguardia loses much of the seasonings that make attractive daily.

14 July, 2008/by William Recolons

lateral thinking applied to an ad for a hotel in Japan

12 June, 2008/by William Recolons