MEDIA TIME blocks of TV advertising? Let the books come back!


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I read in Pure Marketing What Telecinco (Mediaset Australia) will start emitting blocks of 30 minutes of ads and uninterrupted advertising. Apparently they do because a study of infogram “Shows” long ads that appear in long blocks are more effective than short ads in short blocks. The study has been paid for, among others, By Atresmedia (Mediaset competition), but the same article shows another study of Zenith Media that spoils the effectiveness of television advertising. Which one to believe? that everyone applies common sense. If it turns out that audiences are fragmented, that there are more and more means and that the new consumer listens more to the recommendations of his peers than to commercial advertising, I'll take Zenith's studio.

I've been thinking about conventional advertising for a long time is agonizing. To prove otherwise, many colleagues tell me the “Blockbuster” of the new announcement National Lottery: everybody talks about it. See, that thing about “who talk about one even if it's wrong” I'm starting to find it pathetic. This National Lottery announcement has been the cause of the biggest drop in sales of this institution. Would it be about advertising? Maybe it's not the only factor, but when I see that a brand treats me like an I try to remove it from my shopping list.

Back to half-hour ad units, clearly illegal, I think you have to take it as an OPPORTUNITY, not as a problem. And from there I give a proposal to see if it's picked up on the fly by editors, game programmers and sports brands.

Your best half an hour of the day

The concept is that, when a channel announces its half-hour of advertising, let's immediately turn off the TV (consumes a lot) and let's opt for activities like:

  • Half an hour of Reading, paper or e-book, Never mindWatch
  • Half an hour in Game individual or participatory, real or online
  • Half an hour of Exercise, either at home, going for a walk, jogging…
  • Half an hour of Sex Why not?. Perhaps Atresmedia is responsible for an improvement in people's sexual and psychological health
  • Half an hour Cooking what you want
  • Half an hour of Chat Skype or Hangout type with someone who's away
  • And for the most spiritual, half an hour Meditating, Praying

I think Telecinco's initiative will promote change and an improvement in our mental health thanks to the number of alternatives it opens up. I hope that the big publishing brands, games, feeding… put on your batteries to sponsor that “healthy pause” half an hour. In any case, Thank you, Telecinco, by making it easy. Perhaps unknowingly you've ripped off the most important CSR action in your history.


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2 thoughts on "MEDIA TIME blocks of TV advertising? Let the books come back!”

  1. Where's the novelty? Tele has been 5 and Antenna 3 issue advertising blocks of that duration or almost. The effectiveness of television advertising is more than questionable (There, like many, I agree with Guillermo).
    The strange thing is that no one has thought otherwise.; short and expensive blocks only within reach of large advertisers. What does Audi or BBVA do by sharing a block with mindunguis – no need to give names – of advertising? Why not a TV formula similar to the one Apple tried to apply in its iAD project? Short blocks with previous “Cut” creative quality. That would be, Maybe, how to re-create interest in this medium and restore the effectiveness it once had. It's not audience fragmentation, but the over-saturation what has killed television. And it won't be the blocks of 30 minutes those who resurrect her.


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