Now, someone somewhere is looking for your name on Google

Yes, Right now, while you read this, someone somewhere is typing and searching for your name on Google

Like it or not, your whole life goes at the speed of light ahead of that person who's looking for your name on Google to find out information about you. That information can help you make a positive or negative decision for your interests. At that time there are four scenarios:

Google search results scenarios

  1. Your name is commonplace and they appear 30.000 pages related to it, but it turns out that yours are only two or three, and no one can know what they are. This is the most frequent scenario.
  2. You don't show up. Like you weren't born..
  3. You show unequivocally, but linked to little or nothing interesting things: Crazy spree, Scams, Lawsuits, insults or the dreaded PRSF affiliation (Policy, Religion, football sex and its derivatives)…
  4. Show up correctly, with adequate information, updated and unequivocally yours.

These are four very different scenarios that require different strategies. As an aperitif, here some clues:

You have a common name

If you have two last names or two names, use them, I'm sure you'll avoid coincidences this way. If the two surnames are very common (Garcia Perez, For example), find yourself a good “nickname”, a code name that is associated only with you or put a script between Garcia and Perez, Like this: Garcia-Perez (pure digital license).

For more information on other alternatives I recommend you check the posts name Garcia, Part One, Part Two, Third.

Your name doesn't appear on Google

It's better not to show up than to expose the world a reputation for soils, but today not appearing is equivalent in practice to NOT exist digitally. It's clear that you need to start giving visibility to your personal brand on the network.

ghost piano
Image by NoOner or

I'd start with a profile on, on Linkedin and Instagram. Just complete your Linkedin profile well and post once a week on Instagram soon, by magic, your name will be perfectly indexed at the top and if someone is searching for your name on Google you'll stop being a ghost.

You appear, but bad

The problems of online reputation (they're not always real reputation mirror) have become a headache for many professionals. The big problem is that the internet footprint is practically indelible. For recently, and following a sentence known as “law of oblivion“, it is possible to negotiate the withdrawal of very old and prescribed information about us. Slow and laborious, but that's one way if someone is searching for your name on Google and finds harmful information.

If that route is not feasible because the information is recent or has not been prescribed, there's a plan B that I call “the law of the carpet”. It's simple, it's about making your positive share known . With that, Can “Hide” the negative news that the network has of you beyond the first page of Google, in places no one visits. A carpet.

That strategy “Carpet” it's simple doesn't mean it's not laborious. You may need to open a blog, work very well online positioning (Seo). A second tip is to interact in other blogs, on social media, and try to leave a positive mark with “broom effect”.

If the problem persists, because you're a person of senior management and there are binding reports against you, my colleague Paula Fernández-Ochoa and I have recently launched a specific consulting program to defend companies and case managers like this.

Congratulations. Your personal brand online works great

If you're also clear who you are, where you want to get there and how, double congratulations, Your PERSONAL MARK it's well profiled. If someone is searching for your name on Google you'll find what you want. And if he wants to count on you in an interesting project, Bingo!

Anyway,, the solutions of the first two assumptions are tactics. One tip is to come up with a personal brand strategy, something more complex and possibly requiring some outside help, but effective.

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6 thoughts on "Now, someone somewhere is looking for your name on Google”

  1. Hello Isabel, I share the reasoning of you and our mutual friend Andrew about the “real power” and the un-necessary linkage with the online world.

    It's true that people with influence appear on Google on behalf of third parties, but the post pose comes to pose a dilemma Do we hope that it is the others who “Manage” our online brand?

    Thank you so much for your words.

  2. Very good post.

    For me it's very easy to position myself on Google, because only the people in my family have this last name. If you find an Andrés Rodilana, Or it's me, or is he my father, Jejej.

    So I have to make case, and manage my personal brand as best I can, because the moment someone wants to look for me, you'll find me.

    A greeting.

  3. Hello Guilem.

    How well structured in a nutshell!

    Anyway, there's still a big gap between the virtual and the rest, which is the majority. Yesterday I was Andrés in Coruña (it looks like we have a mutual friend) and we've been commenting on this too. There are a lot of people with personal branding, and with “real power” which in the end is what counts, who doesn't walk the nets. It is true that many do appear on google evidently, but as a consequence of what they do or move, not because they manage it.

    Bringing the two arguments, the truth is that if someone is looking for you it's because they've already had some reference from you and want to know more or contrast. That's why, it is essential that the brand you build and/or manage, have a base of interest. And I think it's important that you insist on professionalizing it because I think there are a lot of people who confuse it and intend to stay only with the surface.

    A greeting

  4. Hello Andrés, if you're that lucky, hurry to buy the domains, also the .net, .Is, .Info… For less than $50 you will have protected your name and you will have a platform to link to your current blog or other topics that you can launch. Domains, By the way, are free.

    As for the blog, you've taken the first step, Create, now you just need to end it with content. Remember that in the online world, the blog is the best personal brand tool.

    Thank you for writing and encouragement with your brand management.


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