Jobseekers, you see the 80% Hidden supply / William Recolons

Jobseekers, better go for the 80 and forget 20

It is said that a 80% of job offers is not published. Jobseekers, Is not it better to go for the 80 and forget 20?

Last 3 Aviles May there was a conference organized by extraordinarily personal brand team Training and Employment the city council and Elena Arnaiz. The summary of the event and 6 presentations is described in Articles “Trace in the liquid space“, “The heart of the personal brand: #MPAviles” and the hashtag #MPAviles.

In my speech, in addition to discuss strategic issues and personal positioning message, I suggested to job seekers who think big, in that 80%. Agree, but how do you do?

Do you know of WOM?

Despite what social networking is still the most effective means of communication that exists is what the Anglo-Saxons call Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) and here we might call mouth, ear. That is to say, use our closest circles of influence.
Why? so that, yes, 80% the job never sees the light, and we must fight to enter that 80%, not in the Infested 20% remaining.

Or prescribers our key partners who are? How we can help?

In our business model, one of the most important elements are our key partners, prescribers, those who can help us reach our target audience. Jobseekers, your audience are all professionals who can offer before it on the market en masse.

Your specifiers are different: satisfied customers, contributors, friends, family, fellow students, ex-colleagues, professional associations and generally anyone who meets two requirements:

  1. Attest that are good professional and your value proposition is powerful
  2. Meet professionals who may have fresh information on job vacancies

How we can help? Already imagine. Commending before the offer reaches the market.

What would be the protocol to make the WOM is effective?

  1. Having a good health of our personal brand. That means that when someone searches our name or our specialty good, we find unblemished. Inside and outside the network. Easy? Why not, it is to be a disciplined and consistent fast Flesh Do? Three, six, nine months, one year. It depends on the dedication and whether accounts with a mentor or not.
  2. Identify prescribers. Create an exhaustive list of people who can help, and make sure they have contact details. I remind you that if someone is direct contact on Linkedin already have your email.
  3. Announce your intention to find work. But not only that: you have to send them a briefing or summary of what you want and what you think you can add value. To send the CV? for me it's wet paper, something that becomes obsolete in a week, but if you have, better than nothing. It is better to spend Linkedin profile link or bebee (if they are up to date). And even better: clearly explain your value proposition.
  4. Do not be stingy. Investing a little. Looking for work is an investment, and each depends on whether short or long term. Investing is invite your prescribers coffee, to lunch. Investing is dedicating 8h daily to look for work (including additional training, if you need). Investing is hire a mentor to help you with managing your brand: Diagnosis > self-knowledge > Strategy > Visibility Plan.
  5. get recommendations. It is a classic, but it works. Before social networks, the recommendations were oral (mouth, ear) the writings. There is a great platform to send and receive recommendations, Guudjob; If you do not know, You're taking. We now also on Linkedin, for example. Validations serve competencies, but above all the recommendations written in the network. I like because nobody would play his reputation by recommending someone who is not worth for the position (I am somewhat idealistic, I know).
  6. Stop being and start being. Do not be member organizations, I know someone reference in them. Do not be in networks, I know someone offering value, conversation, action. I am a creative person: Dare with videoCV, for example (if properly raised, It is an accelerator).

Useful information if you use the WOM

  • According to the study IAB Spain 2017, from 86% of penetration of social networks in Spain, of which a significant portion includes professional networks.
  • The networks used are Facebook (91%), Whatsapp (89%), YouTube (71%), Twitter (50%) Instagram is (45%), Spotify (41%), Linkedin (26%), Google+ (26%), Pinterest (19%), Telegram (16%) and Snapchat (7%)
  • The professional networks used are Whatsapp (89%), followed by Twitter (50%), Linkedin (26%), Google+ (26%), Pinterest (19%), Telegram (16%), although the latter is the only strictly professional Linkedin, the rest are hybrid.
  • As I read in the ‘Report Infoempleo-Adecco Social Networks and Labor Market‘, yes, 78% of users used social networks 2016 to seek employment. But remember, we talk about 20% employment sees the light.
  • According to the same report Adecco, Linkedin and Facebook lead this look with a 66% and 50% respectively. The other networks are far, with a 19% Google+, 16% Twitter, 13% forums, 9% blogs, and 6% Instagram is.
  • Adecco indicates that the number of companies that use them as a means to attract talent is a 84%.
  • During last year, yes, 55% professionals surveyed human resources has reconsidered its hiring decision after consulting profiles a candidate preselected networks, worsening their opinion in a 36% of the cases.
  • According to my experience, This is usually a first filter, but it can also be repeated before a final process between two matched nominations.
  • Ojito with social networks are a tool to boost personal brand, but at the same time can hurt you in your job search. Do not put all your eggs this letter.

Everything leaves a brand

I usually say that everything marring, what we say and what we are silent, what we do and what we do. Today we have overcome the silent generation our parents advocating discretion, and we have a great opportunity to project a strong personal brand to attract companies and recruiters. But should be solid, because if it does not become a weapon double-edged.
What can harm us is:
  • Presence: absence or overexposure
  • Reputation: bad ways, poor content, plagiarism, very extreme opinions in FSPR (football, sex, politics and religion)
  • Egocentrism: Speak only of oneself, forgetting our value proposition to others.

In summary, Jobseekers, fight 80% offers better quality that are settled in private settings. The 20% is too crowded remaining candidates. Y, above all, do not forget your background work value proposition.

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About me Guillem Recolons

Convinced that everything leaves a mark, I help companies to better connect with their stakeholders through personal branding programs (personal brand management) and employee advocacy (internal brand ambassadors programs).

Partner at Integra Personal Branding and Soymimarca, I also collaborate with Ponte en Valor, Brandergizers, MoreThanLaw, Noema Consulting, AdQualis Human Results and Quifer Consultores.

As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs at IESE and ISDI, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

My DNA comes from advertising 20 years in agencies: BBDO, J.W.T., Bassat Ogilvy, Saatchi & Saatchi, Altraforma and TVLowCost among others.

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14 replies
  1. Jaime fdez
    Jaime fdez says:

    magnificent Guillem. by adding, I would add recommendations on how to get, using platforms as Guudjob, where you can certify your professional reputation through the recognition of your work.

    Thanks for this magnificent post!

  2. Angelica
    Angelica says:

    Definitely, a great article, of those few who decide to select, and I keep, between a mountain of insubstantial content. Greetings and thanks for sharing such good advice.

  3. Mauricio Arboleda Acosta
    Mauricio Arboleda Acosta says:

    Hi Guillem, I think one of these private items are or networking relate that one maintains unfortunately these relations are performed in many cases since we are small and our friendships are formed, one of the peculiarities that happens in my country is that (Ecuador), by maintaining good relations with other friends, these friends have company and is easier to locate a place there, due to the relationship. Having that relationship I think would correspond to 80% spoken in the post, those conversations that are not heard and only mutter.

    Greets and a hug,

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      For I will answer frankly, Mauricio: yes. It is said who has a friend, has a treasure, and the more you have, more likely you are to experience firsthand the labor movements in the companies they work or which they own. Thanks for write!

  4. Daniela Rojas Virginia Murillo
    Daniela Rojas Virginia Murillo says:

    Hi Guillem, very interesting topic, described by you as it happens in reality in relation to job search.
    My case is a clear example, I'm a lawyer and mediator of conflicts, experienced over 10 years old , I live in Malaga and took more than two years trying to be joining a firm or company through HR agencies and to this day I have not gotten. Unfortunately the curriculum often does not reflect your potential as a professional. I say who will be lucky to hire!!!
    Thank you very much

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      For this article suit you, Daniela. Ultimately you have been moving in the hiperpoblado 20% and now have to start to remove contacts to occupy the first line again. I know, is not easy. I never said it was. It is laborious and requires effort and perseverance (and lose a little embarrassed). Thanks for write!

  5. angel Vera
    angel Vera says:

    Excellent! I would love an opinion on my profile that I made intuitively 80% than recommended, but, not if my age or geographical location of residence have not achieved by these means, curdle an agreement employment, I have not even gotten the interview… Best regards

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Hello Angel. I'm not one to advise without knowing, but one of the issues on which I insist is to clearly define our value proposition.

      I entered your LinkedIn profile and your professional title is Degree in Occupational Health and Safety, I think your education defined the problem you can solve your clients or customers of the company that would hire you. Check back.

      Your age, by the appearance of photography, I do not think that is an obstacle. And perhaps your residence area is far from large urban or industrial centers, but if you work in you solve problems it will be easy to find a list of companies that your work could bring them. Thanks for write, tons of luck and kind regards!


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