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Brief history of a week that could change the world

I recognize that it has been an intense week, coming from a few intense months. I still remember Andreu Coranti (former gym coach), sentence, when he said "You will have a rest when you're dead". A philosophy of life that possibly is shared by my friend, colleague and partner Paula Fernández-Ochoa and his "I ask for life”.

Digital transformation that can change the world

Thursday afternoon we were able to attend the presentation of the book "El mundo cambia, ¿y tú?" of my friend, colleague and partner Eva Collado, edited by Alienta Editorial. If Eva is emotional , her presentation on Thursday -a great one- became a whirlwind of emotions.

Roger Domingo (Alienta) started presenting the book and highlighting one of the first headlines as great summary: “If you master the environment, you master this new world”. Next was Laura Chica, prologuist, who invited to love uncertainty. Sonia Rodriguez Muriel and Carmen Soler Pagán, epiloguists, dedicated their words to describe Eva and define her personal brand:

Eva is passion, is feeling, is courage and example of adaptation to a new environment of uncertainty in which she has managed to develop in a natural way.

Then it was the turn of Eva, who reviewed the contents of the book under several master infographics made by Ronald Duran. And later on, of course, she made a "Collado special"When he sent out a scene at all what we had collaborated on the book. Treacherously, without notice, she asked us why we agreed to collaborate and what part had developed each one of us. It was great.

While fans queue searching signature increased in the NH Calderón Barcelona Collection, some of us went to for Luis Cañas to celebrate the event. It was an electrical event.

Ideas that can change the world: TEDx Eixample, edition 2019

Friday was the big day. Almost a year working in distilled 4 hours of great ideas, great people and an enviable public. Was beginning the first edition of TEDx Eixample. Little did that beer of Pau Samo in April 2018 at the Velodrome where I was invited to volunteer TEDx he would end so well.

Types that can change the world

Pau Samo is one of those guys. It reminds me of the words of our grandparents "if you want someone to do something important, encárgaselo to a busy person ". It is the most emotional control guy I've ever met. He opened his hometown TEDx, Amposta, then your first host city, Lleida, and on Friday from its current city, Barcelona, the Eixample. We all have a hero, and this is mine.

Poetry can change the world

Toni Segarra, a guy who writes ads (and could bring them the voice Off), He was responsible for starting the talks, and he did talking about what he knows: advertising. Explained the paradigm shift that has meant moving from spot TV to more than 100 various media on which brands can expose their value. He claimed poetry advertising, of the life, as something that really reaches people.

Activated to change the world

If anyone can put up to 266 people in a wonderful place like Antigua Fábrica Damm, that is Paula Fernández-Ochoa. And he did, and not only that, We made us turn our joints, our muscles, vindicating the old "A sound mind in a sound body"As the nectar of a positive attitude. Its end, dressed in sports equipment, It was to form, again with all standing, his vee "I ask for life".

Literature to change the world

Víctor Amela, journalist and novelist, He did a masterful overview of the history of literature. But it was no use history, but the resistance has led to the adoption of new technologies. Socrates did not like Plato wrote appointments, and I do not follow. I leave for chat, along with the wonderful story of his grandfather when he suddenly gave a disjointed phrase "I could save Lorca”. Genial.

Africa can change the world

Transforming cities has outgrown to Jordi Hereu. Now he wants to help transform an entire continent. That's why he told us his experience Fledge, an accelerator for social startups and surprise they found in Africa. African startups are thirsty, and according to what he told us with electric passion the former mayor of Barcelona, definitely Africa is on position of being the new China.

Reason to change the world

Sergio Ayala He closed the first block talks causing. He knows better than anyone that differentiate ourselves is key, so it would be able to leave the bare stage. Shortly he lacked. Made a streaptease reverse, and he was wearing was reeling as the three key attitudes to succeed in this life. We gave a magic formula, yes, +1, not to give up and go for our dreams. How we laughed, God!

Music to change the world

This artist Cantonigròs number William Rome He left us speechless with his music, his story, his guitar and trumpet without trumpet. He explained as he knows, Half talking singing, the connections between a Havana and reguetón, through various musical styles. We also gave one of his masterpieces: the song "connections”, a jewel claiming that things are more connected than have told us.

Algorithms to change the world

Planning specialist Mar Santamaría He puts the technological key to a better life. We discussed algorithm artificial intelligence we can help interpret the opinion of many citizens. And that will help us to translate this knowledge into improvements on habitability. Life is made of small big decisions. And one of the most important is: Where we live?

Synergies to change the world

Daria Shornikova, management of innovation programs, He told us about people who decide to leave their original home voluntarily, for their motivations and concerns, to found a new home in another country, with the people there. transmigrantes? Many cultures as we know them today are the result of synergies, the concept of purity no longer makes sense, the world is one.

Beauty to change the world

Businesswoman and cultural patron Anna Gener, which every day gives us a work of art in a tweet, He told us about beauty. Anna claimed the observation of beauty that is all around us, in a portrait, a sculpture, a painting, a narrow street full of graffiti or the rooftops of a city. The contemplation of beauty generates similar neural responses to physical pleasure. pure therapy.

Laugh “outside” to change the world

Last but not least, Victor Parrado, funny, He explained how humor saved him (literally) life. It was in an operating room, an unusual place to generate smiles. And he did. His talk made us to be a person "ei" predisposes humor, to generate contacts, to make friends, in, to be a little happier. The time we spent in this life will be the same without her willingness. A lesson, many laughs.

TEDx Eixample small to change the world

Height does not large people, This is the heart. Y Ana Reyes, our volunteer responsible, among other things, from TEDx Eixample Salon, is big. He explained that besides the great event we saw on Friday, we have provided other small format and case called Salon. Y Ana, of course, He put salt and pepper to talk.

Later, when we have videos, I will post a case of this TEDX volunteers, speakers and possibly many people who attended, remember forever.

However, just say I'm proud of the great team of fellow volunteers. In the photography, from left to right, above, of Pau Samo (el gran Bwana), la speaker Daria Shornikova, Guillem such Recolons (speaker curator) los speakers Guillem Roma, Paula Fernández-Ochoa and Victor Parrado, Ruben G. Castro (our designer, crack), Carmen Gibert (responsible for communication and much more) and Robert Ferrer (Curator and expert TEDx Speaker). Down, from left to right, Alba Espejo (web and online communication), Eva Soto (organization and legal aspects), Ana Reyes (Eixample TEDx Salon responsible and more) and Helena Casas (partners and more).

volunteers TEDxEixample

I do not miss the ten university volunteers who joined us without expecting anything in return. The TEDx brand is powerful!

Connecting people to change the world

Saturday did not play to rest, so I went to the call of the connector friend Luis Fernández del Campo. Luis called us a few to #CocidoDay, an exceptional gastronomic meeting in the Galician restaurant Casa Darío from Barcelona.

What's better than to meet people around a Galician stew? Luis joined there who knew as Paula Fernández-Ochoa (Have you set?, Paula is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Also to Ricard Lloria y Pedro Rojas. And people who only knew virtually as Olga Berbes, Eva Romeo, Marc Mora, Debora Viana and Raquel Rosell. Under the baton of Domi, I tried the best cooked in my life. Thanks Luis for connecting.


Three short stories a week that could change the world. I hope you liked them. Have a nice week!

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As lecturer, participated in the Graduate Social Media of UPF and UVic, in various programs at IESE and ISDI, among other. Advertising man, Master en Marketing. Grade student of Humanities.

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6 replies
  1. Luis Fernández del Campo
    Luis Fernández del Campo says:

    Thank you very much for your kind mention, Guillem. If yesterday was a great culmination of an intense week, It was thanks to everybody who came to share laughs, anecdotes, and experiences around excellent Galician stew at Casa Dario. If everyone knew to find what unites us, as did yesterday, The world would be better. It was a day of high quality, both culinary and personal.
    By the way, I see that some got up early to burn calories on the road of water. How great you are!!!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      There was no better way to recharge your batteries with this spectacular Galician stew, but mostly making friends. Thanks Luis for connecting around a wonderful table like Casa Darío!

  2. Xavier Hernández
    Xavier Hernández says:

    Certainly three moments that can change everything.
    In my case, instead of #cocidoday I attended a dinner with alumni #jovesambfutur, Barcelona Activa program, Beyond the 2011, in which I had the honor of being trainer.
    Those groups in which magic occurs literally.
    And you look forward to seeing them, see his talent, embrace with the other fomadores (unos cracks) It was the best colophon.
    And in all these wars, there is always someone prowling around behind, as pulling the strings, without you see it. And that, Guillem friend, it's you.
    Thanks for all that you do, for all that you inspire, for all that (me) you move.
    Without you, the world would be worse.
    A big hug.

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      Xavier, what you did to those young people in 2011 and yesterday rememoraste part of something unique, your purpose. These things not only give meaning to our work, also to our lives. Thanks for your words, my friend, you made me blush, and a lot. A giant hug!

    • Guillem Recolons
      Guillem Recolons says:

      The presentation was brutal, filled with excitement and good vibes. Only you know doing something big, my weapon. You know I wish you every success in the world. A hug dear, I love you too… and you know.


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