It imposes the Anti-Personal Branding

I had my doubts with the title… Personal Anti-Branding o Anti-Personal Branding? I will try to explain, but I think you're already imagining where does all this.

Curious: in politics, Winning the worst rated candidates

Indeed, victory Donald Trump and that occurred in recent Spanish elections Mariano Rajoy reveal something unheard: We not vote for the candidate we believe best qualified for the job. In both cases, the winner of the elections was the candidate worst score.

Misogyny, xenophobia, corruption, exacerbated nationalism… Are new values?

I'm not here to politically analyze election results, for that there are exceptional political scientists. But it seems that countervalues ​​lately imposed on values. Ayer a chat in Lleida (to which I get the video promise share) he talked about that, of The importance of values, I call the super powers.

But maybe I'm wrong. The triumph of populism, they are of one kind or another, It indicates that the moderate positions of dialogue are not well valued by voters. And I emphasize voters, no people, since abstention is a sign of mature democracies but also discrediting of politics.

The world is polarized to extremes

You can not generalize yet, but it seems that only works white the black: gray and palettes do not attract an increasing voter profile. I do not serve what they say right-wing voters are illiterate, male and indoor and left are university and coast: that's oversimplifying and stereotyping, in the end, all have the same right to vote.

demoscópicos errors require look to other sources of information

I hope that no sociologist take it amiss, but the demoscopy, as we knew, has died. The reason is that fails to bring out the hidden vote, and people said that vote what the interviewer or media seems to want to hear.

The key is super social networks

Possibly Zuckerberg and his friends already knew that Trump would gain many weeks in advance. Puro análisis big-data. Possibly also it knew from Twitter and from other social networks, much more reliable as a projection of trends.

Follow the bad, personal political branding should be reoriented

If we take Trump or Rajoy as a lesson, it seems that candidates must win pulse contempt media communication "establishment" to win. A few weeks ago I said that the personal political branding does not work in a system of partitocracy. But in a system more geared to the candidate, as the US, It works well.

Trump has won surrounded by controversies over tax, disrespect for women, xenophobia, building walls. OK, the representation of the antichrist and anti-democracy. And Trump is not an idiot, and he has not been messed with those who knew it would lead to the White House: The whites, religion and major institutions. And nothing has happened, because when there is poverty, misery, hopelessness, nationalist discourse and fear Calan more than continuismo, especially when backstage is monitored not to offend certain lobbies.

Welcome Personal Anti-Branding

Under this context, from political candidates will have to start thinking about how to generate controversies that frighten and media commentators but Calen in populist speeches. We will have to think about how bad fall leading journalists and influencers of a country. We will have to work against-values. It imposes anti-personnel branding.

What it is is to win is not? Having gained the victory and can again be a normal person, building bridges, smile, speak well of your opponent ... as it has done Trump.

Image: Wikimedia Commons CC By Mayer, Merkel, & Ottmann: lithographers James Albert Wales: artist – Library of Congress[1], Public Domain

The free mata: the case WEAREWINE

And we have been denouncing for some time that "the free"It is killing many professionals. The truth, To be honest, It is not always kill, sometimes, when you start, You have to sting a lot of stone to be a recognized professional, and I will not deny that I have given more than one conference without charging -a change exhibition-.

It is clear, if you want exposure must be willing to give up compensation, but not as a rule, but exceptionally.

The case wearewine

I will tell you a very special case of a company that hired my services to help in a case of naming for a wine cellar online. I outsourced a design agency, and raised me to organize a brainstorming for client Freixenet. One of the family members was raised to open an online store, so first I picked up the briefing by the agency, and two weeks later, yes, 22 March 2013, It was held on brainstorming, directed by me, at the premises of the agency, but now with the presence of the future owner of the shop online.

My way of putting the brainstorming involves hours of previous work in backoffice, as to eliminate the classic syndrome lasting silence what I do is arrange the room with a projection 100 or 150 images that stimulate creativity, divided into categories. Besides that, I usually go to the meeting with a list of about 50 Name (s, Internet domain already available verified, icebreaker at times of "falling".

The day D

Thus, yes, 22 March 2013 we were in a room 5 people design agency, including its director, the end client and myself. The meeting went well, There was no excessive judgments of the words that were coming out (which often complicate brainstorming), and my previous list suit, among many others, the proposal wearewine, we are wine (we came). At the time I commented that expose the .com domain was free, and the comments that emerged seems that this proposal would reach the final.


The trade deal, my pay, I was at the expense of that appeared a name that could be reserved comfortably. I remember that the customer made a comment about wanting to buy a domain-not learned any head-, by which they were asked more than 30,000 €. That is to say, if agency and client decided that there were none of the more than 200 names that appeared in the brainstorming that was exploitable, I did not charge a single euro for my 8 + 2 = 10 work hours, but especially for my creative contributions, much more valuable than hours. Should the client accept a name, I would be paid at the discretion of the agency.

They spent a couple of weeks and I did not hear, so I called the agency, where I was informed that they had not taken any decision for the moment. Come on, The typical Meh. To keep waiting.

No news, ¿good news?

They spent four months and I did not hear, but then it occurred to me to check whether there had been any domains names of brainstorming on the Internet. ¡Bingo! precisely 20 July I found that wearewine had been registered, with "who is" private in their endings .com, .net, .I, and .es through Dinahosting. It was clear that it was the agency or the end client. I immediately sent an email to the agency to find out if there were news, since it seemed that the domains had been reserved. The answer was "No news. The customer is still hesitating whether or not open this online store ". At that time I could have claimed my fees, since the proposed domain name for me had reserved. But I had patience and waited. Two more months. launches

The 19 September 2013 website launched , some 6 brainstorming months later. A wine shop online, cavas, champagnes, that any observer will quickly see that all belong to the group Freixenet.

At that time I went to the agency, I recognize it, something wroth. It was clear they had been working with that name, They had created a logo, He designed a web ecommerce ... He hid me all the time. The worst is I kept stalling They are saying they had not understood customer. Bad payer excuses.

Still free

I begin to be tired of people taking advantage of professional. So I decided -two years later- denouncing this case in this blog, and not only that, I will also give the names of those responsible:

By the agency, Zapping Consulting, Liberto Alfonso Giménez, director. By customer, Alberto Hevia leaves, Wine sole director of Dinamic S.L..

The free mata. And I do not want to die (still), I'll start my way to reclaim what is right, my fees. Liberto Giménez seems no longer works at Zapping, I do not care, I will direct -of good vibes- Alberto Hevia to. I'm sure this gentleman has paid everything about this website, domains, brand design, Web development…. Only one thing is missing, pay my work and my ideas.

I'll tell you how it ends, but for now here's a tip: tie very well written and how you are going to remunerate.


¿Half-hour blocks of TV commercials? To return the books!


[button bg_color=”#178f67″]Warning, do not read. It seems that the source (Puro Marketing) he decided two days ahead fools day[/button]

Leo Puro Marketing that Telecinco (Mediaset Spain) will begin emitting blocks 30 uninterrupted minutes of commercials and advertising. Apparently they do because a study of infogram “shows” that long commercials and appearing in long blocks are more effective than brief announcements in short blocks. The study was funded, among others, by Atresmedia (Mediaset competition), But in the same article another study appears Zenith Media debunking the effectiveness of television advertising. Which believe? each use common sense. If it turns out that audiences are fragmenting, that more and more media and the new consumer is more tightly bound to the recommendations of their peers than to commercial advertising, I am left with the study of Zenith.

I think that while conventional advertising is dying. To prove otherwise, Many colleagues commented me “great success” New Ad National lottery: Everybody talks about it. Let's see, that of “speak even one bad” I start to look pathetic. This announcement of the National Lottery has been responsible for the biggest drop in sales this institution. Was it advertising? It may not be the only factor, but when I see a brand treats me like an idiot trying to remove it from my shopping list.

Returning to the ad units HALF AN HOUR, all illegal lights, I think it must be taken as an opportunity, not as a problem. And there I launched a proposal to see if the editors collect flight, game programmers and sports brands.

Your best half hour of the day

The concept is that, When a channel announces its half-hour advertising, Let's turn off the TV immediately (consuming) and opt for activities like:

  • Half hour reading, one papel o e-book, does not matterwatch
  • Half hour game individual participatory, real u online
  • Half hour exercise, either at home, going for a walk, jogging…
  • Half hour sex Why not?. Atresmedia may be responsible for improved sexual and psychological health of people
  • Half an hour cooking what you want
  • Half hour chat Skype or type Hangout with someone who is far
  • And for the more spiritual, half an hour meditating, praying

I think the initiative Telecinco promote a change and improved our mental health by the number of alternatives that opens. I hope that the big publishing brands, of games, power… put the batteries to sponsor the “healthy pause” half-hour. In any case, Thank you, Telecinco, to put it easy. Perhaps unknowingly you have started the most important CSR action of your history.


Is it positive denounce bad practices of brands in the RRSS?

The last case of online reputation Canal + It is not the only one of its kind, but it is the most notorious because of the influence of the author of the complaint.

cube-channel-plusI read the excellent article blog smreputationmetrics called “When a complaint becomes a crisis. Risto Mejide, a decline in Canal Plus, #unHDMIy2Euroconectores, 35 euros y Twitter”. I will not repeat the content because it really is brilliant, but I summarize in three lines and give my opinion on it:

The context

Unsubscribe Canal + is equally complex and puñetero to unsubscribe a mobile operator or a tax advisor. These are all problems. Attest, I dropped the Plus, Vodafone and tax advisor, and is a bad experience, long and costly.

the what

A person is written off in Canal + and share the experience through Twitter with two seemingly harmless tweets:

  1. Unsubscribe from Canal + is to check how crappy that can become a business in distress: I demand an HDMI cable 2 euroconectores.
  2. Maybe it makes pricing Canal + : 35€!!! Hahaha

In the second tweet author creates a hashtag with the intention to generate some “conversation” around the theme

The WHO (that changes everything)

If those two tweets had launched a deadly anyone, the thing would not have happened a few giggles and complaints by the network and little else. But the key here is the author of the tweets, Risto Mejide, with about 1.500.000 twitter followers. Whether it is having an affair, the thing promises maximum viral.

The result

How could it be otherwise, It soon becomes Trending Topic, and CM (community managers) they had a quick and effective response to a case like this, which it spreads like wildfire: 3.900 mentions a few hours after the first tweet.

An analysis of this reputation crisis

1. Why not

I think that social networks and blogs are great ways for someone reports abuse of a brand. Before we had to hire a lawyer, now only we have to detail the case and ensure it reaches its destination correctly. I reported it on this blog Vodafone (unsuccessfully) to Banco Sabadell (successful and excellent response), to Loewe, and some other brands.

2. Isn't it?

I think before reporting must assess the importance of each issue. It is not unusual for Canal + I ask for the return of some devices that have not paid, but do 15 years are paid. I do not see a strong reason to launch a tweet. It would be different from Canal + I would have left without line in a Barca-Madrid bought gold price the day before (thing that happened to me repeatedly). But devolution settlement is not, in my view, News. Unless, Of course, that says Risto, or Jordi Évole or an influencer with an enormous army of followers (I am also a follower).

Bad habits

I see here a matter of personal responsibility that goes beyond action “annoyance” as would the Mejide own. A seemingly humorous performance could have terrible consequences for Canal +, when all they have done is reclaim what they claim everyone, It is not a case of malpractice. We'll see! To a influencer you have to leave all free? Do brands have to remove the fine print of contracts to the famous?. Isn't it?, I can not agree with this.

A influencer It must be very aware of the damage it can do to a brand launching such a superficial message like this case reputation. Mind you do not defend Canal Plus, I myself sent them to hell (in media silence a few years ago), I'm just saying you need to cool a bit before launching a tweet to a million and a half people. Seguramente a ti, that you read me now, Canal + I had not forgiven 35 €. To the, you can afford, yes.


All they give banks is air conditioning


We all hoped that the bailout money to banks citizens would have a positive effect towards lending to economic activity, and particularly towards the SMEs. All figures imagined that the multi-billion rescue Bankia or Catalunya Caixa -among others- would result in an improvement in the economic outlook. Perhaps what happens to us is that we are all very naive. Or at least some.

This week we have had a new negative experience with a bank. I will not mention specifically, because what he has done (or better, What has not done) It is common practice in the industry. It calls (I mean Soymimarca) branch director newcomer to come forward and want to know us better. He asks that we will see, as a possible operation in between renting small draft arises. We offer apply for credit ICO for circulating, with a minimum of 10,000 € and 80,000 € to an affordable interest rate, close to 4% TAE.

My partner and I stayed Stone, we could not believe it. What's going on? A proposed bank credit? And besides a low interest rate? Without personal guarantees? And easy to manage?. This happened on Wednesday. It was a lovely evening, a nice guy and a pleasant temperature (outside 30with high humidity). We had not taken LSD or any kind of psychotropics, we were calm and concentrated.

Also on Wednesday hastily send all documents requested us to grant credit, that there were few. The company is a startup, and although it has had positive numbers on the income and corporate income tax last year. The company suffers from the usual difficulties of treasury -circulante- and also an expansion strategy arises foreign markets, so it seemed a godsend fallen a bank offered to lend a hand (erroneous expression, they make money).

End Mirage: the next day, Thursday, to 10 in the morning we had the verdict: denied.

SMEs do not want alms

almsIt is a pity that governments boast entering recovery periods, PIME and helps entrepreneurs, and that is not accompanied by specific action plans. SMEs do not want alms, we want to create wealth, innovate, add value. We know that you have to risk, and for this we have put behind our project all our personal assets. Many SME partners have been long periods with no income whatsoever to shape a business project.

Now, Unlike some years ago, we are fortunate to denounce. Banks do what they please, because the authorities permit. There are few leaders with the courage to impose measures on the big bankers: the future play.

Economic recovery? We continue to work 15 apuraremos hours a day and our personal reservations. In the meantime, we know that all they give banks is air conditioning.

a new type of urban terrorist is born: the laser assholes

Dazzle pilots with laser pointers aircraft landing maneuver in full

There is no worse terrorist whose IQ that resembles a donut. From 2009, it has become fashionable in the El Prat Airport (Barcelona) a new urban tribe is hidden among trees and, armed with laser pointers (completely legal) They are dedicated to dazzle pilots of aircraft in full landing maneuver.

Source: Aeronoticias

The objective, I imagine, It is to see if they are lucky and get destabilize a plane. Ultimately it is to get as many victims as possible. Although I am not a sociologist, I venture to baptize these urban terrorists trashy as “glaser ilipollas“. They can also be found in football fields trying to annoy a player when concentrated to launch a missing, penalty…

The difference of these terrorists with conventional lasers is that assholes use a legal weapon (They sell in conventional and online stores from 10 €) and penalties for its macabre activity do not exceed € 3,000 in the best. In other words, They are terrorists “legal”.

I am not in favor of bans, but it would be nice that these laser devices used by assholes have some control over distribution and sale. Perhaps that license is required (as a weapon) or a simple register of buyers. This would prevent the rise of these tribes.

I can not imagine what would happen if the laser assholes get one day a plane crash. I suppose that the authorities would consider them terrorists and hooligans to urban, who knows, They may accept the brand that have hung them “laser assholes”.

How to lose customers and win enemies / The Vodafone case

Sure we've all had good and bad experiences with brands. In my early advertising, the agency J. Walter Thompson, He taught me almost everything I know about brands, proposed in its “Strategic Tool Kit” analyze in depth the purchasing process of a product or service to detect what is the appropriate time to communicate.

If we analyze the process of buying a car, we will see that this is a complete and complex process that can take up to six months:

  1. the need is created. I navigate and public transport does not meet my needs. In addition, I am of age, I dispose of driving licenses and revenues or enough savings to take the plunge.
  2. Search. He is sensitive to car advertisements. Do not you looked before, now you look thoroughly. You look at all the options. Questions acquaintances, friends, family.
  3. Comparison. Comparables already exist. sizes, powers, consumption, prices. New, of ocassion. Today Internet allows real-time comparisons in the same specialized web.
  4. Proof. Not all products or services allow a previous test purchase (a liter of milk, for example), but a car yes. With our “short list” test request 3 elected in the comparison phase vehicles.
  5. Decision. We decided by one, but still you need to be collated before payment, credit, leasing, renting, facilities, associated insurance, essential accessories, guarantee…
  6. Purchase. Once cojetado everything and got funding, we commissioned before the sales manager of the brand of choice. Delivery car, if not in stock, It can take up 3 months (or more in the case of luxury vehicles).
  7. Experience and repetition. This is a key phase, because if the shopping experience, use and after-sales are positive, there will be a replacement purchase. This has happened to me, for example, When I got to repeat three models of the same brand without thinking. The Loyalty is a cornerstone here, and car brands have improved a lot worse in recent years. treatment, compliance with deadlines, efficiency in maintenance and repairs, vehicle operation, all influence the buying experience and use.

And, What about buying a frozen conventional? What is your buying process?. Is impulsive. Most times the need does not exist. It simply passes next to an ice cream kiosk, It makes some heat, and, without further ado, you buy. Repeat with the same brand will not be very relevant, what matters here is to find outlets. If a mark is very well distributed, You will have more options. That simple. Communication has to be “on the street”, as close as possible to the point of sale and the packaging is key.

Fidelity is relative if ice cream, since much depends on the distribution. As qualities, We assume that manufacturers have come to similar standards.

The Vodafone case

te hacen sudar sangre

They make you sweat blood

After a very negative experience with Telefónica / Movistar, full coverage problems (in central locations of a large city), outage in case of ADSL… I decided a few years ago by Vodafone. There were not many other options in Spain.

What it has been the system purchase this brand?

  • Need: by sheer survival, an operator needed to give coverage to the office where he worked. Vodafone had.
  • Search. There were no options. The other operators did not offer coverage for mobile phone.
  • Comparison: It was not necessary.
  • Proof. It was found that, effectively, a professional company whose mobile phone was operated by Vodafone offered the coverage required.
  • Decision: It was fast, Just a few minutes. The price factor was not relevant
  • Purchase. Process more slow, but effective at the end of the day.
  • Experience and repetition. Here is a look-at very frequent phenomenon occurs- of progressive destruction loyalty:
    • At first everything becomes easy, discounts, gifts (although it was not the reason for the choice)
    • From the first year, incomprehensibly bill increases an average of 20%.
    • Customer service becomes an unbearable experience, with unprecedented waits and dialogues with robots. Operators who live in another country and do not understand your words, communication breakdowns and back again.
    • The second year, third and fourth continuous destructive phase. Bills begin to see blunders, nonexistent lines, services which gave us low but still charge… an ordeal. Resolve a query by phone with Vodafone occupies minimal 30 minutes (hopefully). As if that were not enough, at the end they ask you to value a satisfaction survey. More time.
    • When you take 5 years old , think your fidelity (I would call it masochism) will be rewarded. What if, actually you receive a call, this time from someone who perfectly understand the voice, the accent… and you communicate that to be faithful will send you free of charge a iPhone + Three other smaller phones. Damn it! It fills you with joy face and think … good, after so much suffering I finally receive the prize.
    • You agree, You say OK, if you want you can save the three small phone, but no, the complete package is the offer. You receive them at home. Great joy.
    • The next day You receive a bill from 180 € for purchasing phones How? It was not without cost? You weapons of courage to call and claim, but then your rational mind tells you “Maybe you are not so bad to have received an iPhone for only 180 €”. no flames. swallow. You already have crept € 180 for something you have not asked.
    • After one year, and after endless problems with bills, charged with consumption nonexistent, nonexistent lines and major headaches, it's time to make the big decision: I will leave Vodafone.
    • It only cost me two months 23 long calls to leave, but I'm free!. What happened is that the promotion of loyalty that I said before wearing a secret clause (not communicated by telephone or in writing) why I accepted a remained eternal, automatically renewable every year if I did not warn with 3 months in advance. How am I going to tell something that I do not know?. Well then that clause meant me an extra cost of 1,000 €, ie € 250 per contracted line.
    • After several futile efforts and called in vain, I decided to denounce. But it's time and money, things that are scarce. So I went back to build value and called to announce my complaint. surprisingly, after 1 hour on the phone got a lady who gave me reason and withdrew the clause. Unfortunately, the computer system of the company has loopholes, so after this “epic achievement” I kept calling to demand money for the permanecia.
    • I have changed Orange. I know. It will be more of the same. But there is something I like: Call your service is staffed by robots. Better a robot than a human useless, ¿No?. I had such a good experience with the store clerks now, when I need something, I go to the store. They treat me like a king. At the moment, of course. We'll see how long this happiness.
    • I have spent paying almost 400 € a month to just under 100 € con Orange. Amazing. A good savings for more efficient service and better coverage.
    • The best? Vodafone made me a counteroffer so you do not leave me: The four lines of 65 € per month. That itself is amazing! Why on earth did not offer me before I left? I gather me I have been stealing more than 300 € a month for 7 years old . Of course they could give me an iPhone, They were more than enough.

Well, the nightmare is over. Does not it seem strange that such an important company like Vodafone punish fidelity in this way?