I am Syrian

Sparkly Richard Wakefield in this action to support Syrian refugees. If I can add a micro-grain sand, and aware that I am light years ahead of advertising signing ad, I am Syrian.

For the first time in the history of Spanish advertising 23 relevant people in the industry come together for a common cause: Syrian refugees

Data sheet:

  • Creative director: Richard Wakefield
  • Manufacture and assembly: Sergio Piera
  • Studio: Albiñana Films
  • Post-production studio: Indeed 3.0
  • Sound studio: Xeviestudi
  • Sound design: Peppe Tapia
  • Art direction: Pepino García, Gara and Daniela Ramos Peace
  • Color: Jordi Murillo
  • Online : Sito López
  • sound mixing: Xevi Masip

Advertising in order of appearance:

Ana Rubbish, Rafa Montilla, Gloria Hernandez, Cuca Canals, Ricardo Albiñana, Luis Casadevall, Jose Angel Albacens, Risto Mejide, Gloria Morera, Mariona Omedes, Richard Wakefield, Maria Ripoll, Gemma Soler, Toni Segarra, Samantha Júdez, Jose Mª Piera, Marta Piñol, Pepe Fund, Joaquín Lorente, Laura Allende, Fernando Martorell, Aixalà, Lluís Bassat.

Cartier: A good example of communication in the luxury environment

Communication in the luxurious surroundings: Not all that glitters is gold

While brands such as Loewe self-destruct with campaigns such as Loewe Oro 2012, Cartier It returns to give us a lesson in how things are done in their campaign of L'Odyssée. Would not stop him.

Some will think it's a matter of budget. What if, it is, but tasteful, that of Cartier. The announcement of Loewe is not exactly “low cost”.


Cartier It is true to a position, and takes it to the end. For Loewe is an easy resource and abuse of so-called “influencers”. Where appropriate, children of influencers.

Did he need Loewe reach a mass audience, breaking the codes of luxury communication environments?

goodbye Loewe, It was nice while it lasted

What has been that desired mark, reference of good taste, Loewe he named?

Judge for yourselves. Anyway, I will not step on one of its stores. goodbye Loewe. I have felt shameful to see the ad. Some people still confuse notoriety with extreme bad taste.

Some friends tell me that these ads works well in Madrid, but I call there and tell me not, that does not pass.

Best and worst 2011

Here summarize the advertising legacy it leaves us this 2011

The best

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = iXMPMI5XJ1U&feature=youtu.be[/youtube]


[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 5YYRmi15DzE[/youtube]




Useless an issuer if there is a receiver

Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible.” – Stephen Hawking

It is one of my phrases nightstand. I keep it and remember it often since I heard for the first time in an unforgettable announcement BT (British Telecom). They were 80, Perhaps the years have gathered more creativity on our planet. The decade of the 80 It was also prolific in advertising creativity in Spain. Those were the days of Joaquín Lorente, Luis Casadevall, Toni Segarra, Garcia Vizcaino, designers like David Ruiz, Enric Aguilera…

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = vmYHBL2wFcA&feature=related[/youtube]

I do not know if it was professional deformation, but I remember well that the best of a movie on TV was the ad. First because they were good, and second block lasted for two or three minutes, not fifteen or twenty.

Advertising agencies, by then, They were well paid, allowing them to invest in good people and best, in good collaborators; producing, Photographers, filmmakers, fitters, stylists… all joined to create a unique product, as the announcement of BT and Stephen Hawking -work of Saatchi & Saatchi Advertising London-.

What is happening to us today? Why we all go to the bathroom or a walk or impulsively when they come to zap ads?

Well, 1. The ads are mediocre and 2. too.

mediocrity: I primarily attributable to two factors, on one hand the need to produce very short term results, which prevents bet marks vector image construction and long-term results become pure telesales. On the other hand, to get rebates agencies have to release necessarily of good creative an unstoppable process “juniorización”.

saturation. The legal framework governing advertising in Spain prevents, for example, it can issue a single integrated into a program announcement (that works, for example, and EEUU). Despite the intrusion of a solo ad without warning curtain, the truth is that the ad is seen almost 100% by audience, which it is far from happening in blocks 15 minutes from many Spanish channels. Spain has been condemned several times for violating the regulations regarding advertising time on TV. See the news IpMark.

One of the factors behind the improvement in the audience of TVE is undoubtedly the recent suppression advertising. The ratings have grown. Who is surprised? Who can withstand a 2h movie becomes a 3h session because of ads?.

At this point, we met with three types of “consumers” of advertisements on TV: the zapeador, the pasota and Hypnotized. The zapeador usually the one who has the reins of remote control, in many cases the dominant male. The zapeador automatically switches channels when the ad begins, and it represents a growing percentage approaches according to a study by Universia- to 35% hearing. The pasota is among the 65% remaining, and simply it has a passive consumption of advertising: He does other things, connecting to social networks, telephoning, talk to your spouse… The audímetros do not collect this activity, Hypnotized by supuesto.El is one who, whatever happens, It has its eyes to the TV and the same channel from it on until you turn it off.

Because a 49% issued advertisements in cinemas are remembered, more than double the TV? Because they are seen and because it usually long formats, more effective than short.

Of course, TV in terms we can conclude that an issuer is useless if there is a receiver. But having said that, What solution would be to enhance audience loyalty to ads and channels?

The logical answer would be 1. drastically reducing the duration of the commercials and 2. Improve the quality of ads

But since this is difficult to pass (The world has unsuccessfully reclaiming years) Consider non-logical responses, in lateral views:

Proposal 1: TV censorship recover. Let no one be alarmed, I do not mean censorship committees of Franco's television suppressed any hint of eroticism or opening of ideas. I mean a qualitative censorship, yet Committee laureates creative experts who mercilessly slaughter all ad that does not deserve to be issued. In this way dispondríamos block advertising would exceed that interrupt programs, would recover the advertising magic 80 and would avoid the madness unleashed zapping.

Proposal 2: Digitize and customize the advertising blocks. We do not have digital TV? So, Why the hell I have to see ads for diapers anti-leak urine or hair dyes? I'm bald and I have urine leakage. Imagine a format ad unit affinity, that is, TV every issue that users defined as interesting. Imagine that, Besides, the more ads look, They accumulate more points to choose a movie for example- without commercial breaks. A kind of Award-per-view.

Crazy? Possibly, but if the TV channels do not change the monologue for dialogue will lose the receivers -and is going- that pass Internet, an environment where one chooses.


thanks Campofrio, Puleva, Bayer, Nestle, Panrico and Milner

Campofrío, Puleva, Bayer, Nestle, Panrico and Milner have withdrawn their ads “La Noria”, the television program that has made many of us reprogramemos our TVs to remove Tele Cinco.

What happens to Tele 5? Why he has not returned to do anything interesting after “Twin Peaks”? Why do you think that everyone we like trash TV?

I guess there must be people for everything. The withdrawal of these brands is a clear victory for social networks, for once they have succeeded in mobilizing towards the “not everything is”.

I absolutely agree with Ferran Lalueza of the UOC when he says that communication of these brands with their potential consumers is no longer unidirectional.

We are in a new stage, communication is multidirectional. Brands allegiances are generated through movements like these, and not only through traditional advertising formats.

Beer Helping strengthen partner relationships

The impressive history of the Andes beer and teletransporter

Almost no words to describe this history of beer Mendoza “Andes” and the invention of teletransporter, a machine that simulates sistintos environments so that our partner will not know we're at the bar with friends.

Definitely, a well-told story gets more loyalty than the best rational arguments. Reach the head through the emotions. It is the key to communication. By the way, yes, site worth a visit.

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = iKDgYKSEN6M&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

TV: Only we see the 2,6% issued advertisements in prime time’

Urgent message for all brands advertised on TV or plan to do so soon:

Viewers only see the 2,6% issued advertisements in prime time’. That is what is extracted from the last index television advertising prepared by Zenithmedia, corresponding to the first three of the year.

Of the 1.492 ‘spots’ they have issued until March daily average national and regional channels in primetime, viewers only saw a 2,6%.

Index also analyzes what experts call “volatility” a "prime time ', that is, the percentage of viewers' fleeing’ a string of commercial breaks.

On the whole, one in five viewers (20,0%) He does zapping’ during commercial breaks.

An advice? Do not invest in prime-time. The only company in Spain that uses as a matrix non-prime-time investment is TVLowCost. Its central argument is based on the sum of hearings tomorrow, desktop and arrives at dawn 40%. The spaces are less saturated and consequently, the spots are more profitable. In addition, this company has specialized in "packs TV"Including research, creativity, production of spots and putting on the air. From € 180,000 for a national campaign.

You know you're not the first but… Do you mind?

I think there is no better way to sell a BMW second “my”. without a car. with girl, sensually butt. What man would mind not being the first with this girl?. Good side view of the vehicle used.

Data sheet:

Product: BMW Premium Selection Used Cars / Agency: BBDO Athens, Greece / Creative director: Theodossis Papanikolaou / Art Director: David Kaneen / Editor: Daphne Patrikiou

Revisiting storytelling: Deaf violinist against the world

I get through this video a friend I want to share as a great example of storytelling. The truth is that the TV audiences dispersion these new formats facilitates short film, more interesting, and with only token presence of the brand. In this case, the proposal is Pantene, and it is worth investing the 4 minute-long history of this deaf girl who insists at all costs fiddling. The canon of Pachebel revives hand strength of this headstrong girl. The final claim, sparkly, as it could not be otherwise (the signature Pantene). Health:

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = Um9KsrH377A&hl = en_US&fs=1&]