Edelman Trust 2020: Ethics and Skills are the key to Trust

As is customary by these dates, a few days ago, Edelman published his annual confidence report, Edelman Trust barometer 2020. And as is customary in this blog, I summarize the key points that affect personal branding, corporate brand and opportunities that emerge from the barometer. See also: Shy recovery from trust. Edelman Trust … Read more

The best of 2019 at Personal Branding

The best of 2019 at Personal Branding

This is my last post of the year, y toca hacer balance de lo mejor de 2019 in personal branding. Articles, Books, Events, Videos, Ideas... 2019 I thought it was an excellent year, en que han emergido nuevos profesionales y se han consolidado nuevos formatos. In terms of content, ha sido tal la avalancha de falsos “expertos”Read more

3 corporate personal branding keys

Confidence, Training, Technology: the three keys to corporate branding staff

The branding staff is no longer an exclusive thing for celebrities and entrepreneurs. Today I deal with the three keys to corporate branding staff, a way to move personal brand management to companies, and specifically their professionals. I heard an interview they did to Brian Fanzo., CEO of ISocialFanz where I liked the … Read more

New influencers: Internal Brand Ambassadors or Emfluencers

New influencers: Internal Brand Ambassadors or Emfluencers

It seems that the world revolves around influencers. I recognize that this word is being spent, at least in my brain. I wanted to headline this post: New influencers: brand ambassadors, but I'm sure he would have lost impact. If you're short on time, here's a video-summary of less than a minute: Are influencers in decline? … Read more

disloyalties to brands

What to do when disloyality becomes the norm

    To make things clear, I'm not going to talk about marriage disloyal disloyalcy. The issue to be dealt with today, very worrying from a branding perspective, is disloyality towards brands. Hace pocos días pude leer un avance del nuevo Nielsen’s Global Consumer Loyalty en el Press Room de Nielsen Europa. Traduzco los datosRead more

your people are your brand / guillem recolons

Hello company, Did you know that your people are your brand?

    Well, that's the way it is.: your people are your brand. And a collegiate ad publicity tells you.. Data doesn't deceive: Only one 33% consumers trust brands. On the other, A 90% consumers themselves rely on the recommendations of like-minded people (Source: Nielsen). If you only have a minute, in this video … Read more

Brand ambassadors

The brand ambassadors of the house: the bridge of trust

Guillem: Let me ask you a question, Nancy: Who do you trust most, in an influencer who recommends a product or service, in a convinced user, or the expert who created it with you in mind (the brand ambassador of the house)? Nancy: Good question, Guillem. For me the ideal is the combination … Read more

Confidence recovery

Shy recovery from #EdelmanTrust2019 confidence

The latest Edelman Trust barometer presented a few days ago marks a slight uptick in global confidence. Spain is one of the countries that is left out of that recovery. The overall report does not point to the specific reasons for Spain's decline in 47% In 2018 To 40% trust in 2019, that every … Read more

Employee Advocacy and Social Selling

Why the combination of Employee Advocacy and Social Selling is unbeatable for the company

In this blog I have often discussed the employee advocacy, the momentum of in-house brand ambassadors. A few days ago a magnificent article of Scribble came into my hands, a software platform, that merges two disciplines such as Employee Advocacy and Social Selling, and more than just refer it, I've decided to translate it so I don't lose … Read more


#BrandingWeekRD Branding Days in the Dominican Republic

Save the date #BrandingWeekRD It's possible that little Caribbean paradise called dominican Republic will take you away. That's why, it's about the journey there worth it. And organizing events, my friends and partners Anabel Ferreiras and Issac G. Merino, “Guilty” MADI Congress and founders of Quifer Consultores, are unique … Read more