Edelman Trust 2020: Ethics and Skills are the key to Trust

As is customary by these dates, a few days ago, Edelman published his annual confidence report, Edelman Trust barometer 2020. And as is customary in this blog, I summarize the key points that affect personal branding, corporate brand and opportunities that emerge from the barometer. See also: Shy recovery from trust. Edelman Trust … Read more

3 corporate personal branding keys

Confidence, Training, Technology: the three keys to corporate branding staff

The branding staff is no longer an exclusive thing for celebrities and entrepreneurs. Today I deal with the three keys to corporate branding staff, a way to move personal brand management to companies, and specifically their professionals. I heard an interview they did to Brian Fanzo., CEO of ISocialFanz where I liked the … Read more

managers according to their visibility

#ExecutiveBranding Three types of managers according to their visibility

There is no single rule for measuring the level of public presence or visibility of managers in traditional or digital media. And more in a time of on hybridization / Off, where many OFF media have an ON platform where to replicate content: Press magazines, Tv, Radio... I differentiate three management profiles according to their visibility and … Read more

an invisible personal brand

How to get an invisible personal brand

I know. That "invisible personal brand" thing is an oxymoron, a contradiction. If there is personal brand it is because the others exist, and if it's invisible it doesn't leave a personal mark. For once, let's not get exquisite and go to the heart of the question. You don't want anyone to find you., not even in a phone book, … Read more

online reputation / blog guillem recolons

Differences between personal brand, reputation and online reputation

I've wanted to talk to you about online reputation and its reputation relationship for a long time. “Real” and the personal brand. Everything is opinionable, there's no exact science about this, but I hope to help you understand something important: personal brand, reputation and online reputation are different things. Online reputation can be ephemeral If our brand … Read more

The entrepreneur is also a person

Believe it or not, an entrepreneur is also a person

Yes, the entrepreneur has had bad press as a collective. Surely it is due to that opacity in the way he communicates (or not communicate). Fortunately, something is changing. And those beings that looked like iron now show their vulnerabilities, their emotions, his human condition. The entrepreneur is like you.. The entrepreneur is like you.; it's more, … Read more