ThePowerMBA Online Reputation Crisis

Reputation crisis in sight: It's not MBA all that glitters

This week I'm dealing with a misresolved online reputation case by a brand that soon went from nowhere to sell more than 12 millions of euros in online training with a successful product... but an equivocal marketing. If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video summary of … Read more

FakeContacts web

#FakeContacts When a stranger asks you to spread his project (or worse)

"I have started a new project that I think you might be interested in and I would also like to explore if you can help us in the dissemination". This phrase, poorly worded -- why deny it- (I've started, you can help us) it's becoming one of the new viruses of today. If you're short on time, I summarize it in a … Read more

The worst of 2019 in Personal Branding

The worst of 2019 in Personal Branding

I welcome you to this blog in this first post of 2020. If last week I tried an extensive post on the best of 2019 in Personal Branding, today it's the turn of the worst of 2019 in Personal Branding. As you'll see in the same post last year, some of the … Read more

The worst of personal branding 2018

#Fail the worst of The Personal Branding in 2018

Lo peor de lo peor Si hace unos días trataba en este blog de lo mejor de 2018 in personal branding, conviene también conocer lo peor para entender los obstáculos a sortear entre quienes trabajamos en la gestión de marca personal. Superficialidad Periodistas que buscan el titular facilón y no investigan los pros del PersonalRead more

identify the #iDiot

Identifying a profile that invades the network: the #iDiot

#iDiot Ignorant Digital Infamous Opportunist Tramposo It is reasonable to think that if there are parasites in real life, let's also find them on the Internet. The problem is that in real life they are easy to detect, in the digital world not so much. Some tools are needed, some pay, to discover the #iDiot. Its main form … Read more

paradox brand weiwei

The Personal Brand Paradox

Paradox is what is said and especially opposed to logic. Hace un tiempo publiqué un artículo titulado La paradoja de la marca personal, do I worry about the image I project or the value I bring? Here I address the paradox of value, possibly the most important. But there's more. En un mundo donde laRead more

parálisis de un país / guillem recolons

The strange paralysis of an entire country for a month a year

En Estados Unidos la mayoría de profesionales disfrutan de dos semanas de vacaciones al año. Curiously, se trata de única economía avanzada del mundo que no garantiza vacaciones anuales pagadas. En cuanto a actividad económica, NO hay parálisis de un país entero, hacen las vacaciones en cuanto les conviene a ellos y a sus empresas. En México, seRead more