The worst thing about 2019 Personal Branding

I welcome you to this blog in this first post 2020. If last week I tried an extensive post about The best of 2019 Personal Branding, today it's your turn to the worst of 2019 Personal Branding. As you will see in the same post last year, some of the problems affecting personal brand management remain: superficiality, opportunism, intrusiveness, termism, envy, plagiarism, Privacy violation…

Well, the problems detected a year ago, this year I add some new. If you have little time I invite you to watch this one-minute video summary:

Digital bad practices

This part would give for an entire book. The lack of digital label, what the Dr. Mar Castro llama netiquette, it's due to two factors:

  1. Many believe that we should behave differently in the online world. Common sense says no.
  2. Many recreate their frustrations under anonymity, and that generates violent language that installs as usual

There are hundreds of problems related to digital bad practices. For not extending, I highlight the three I've seen most often this year:

IDiots grow

IDiots grow, digital cretins. Your strategy is to massively follow hundreds (Thousands) of people on Twitter and Instagram. And everyone who returns the follow-up is no longer followed so they have many followers and few in a row.

Since I was in the business of identifying these beings, November 2018, following a post titled Identifying a profile that invades network, the IDIOT the app that warns me about this has identified only on Instagram no less than: 864 people, if rest to those who have been blocked by the network itself, would result in 750 people iDiot, an average of two a day.

The most serious thing is that some have repeated after a while, and i haven't just stopped following them, I've blocked them. If you are interested in knowing which application it is and in the way to have a list of iDiots identified, write me via contact section and I'll send them to you.

Digital bad practices

Digital labelers continue to rise

They've become a plague. Its modus operandi is to create a content (often mediocre) and tag you when they share content on networks. That would make sense if we were there by allusion, But if you don't, it's simple spam.

What they want is for you to spread the content without more. At first you fall into the trap and read, until you find out that you're not invited to the party, but they want you to report it on your networks. Then you end up identifying the individual and either removing your tagging (some networks allow it) or you either ignore. If the individual insists on new publications, you can consider letting me know that I don't do it anymore, and if you don't listen, blocking the song.

Linkedin and spam on contact request

Some time ago, the custom was for someone to invite you to be part of their network, and soon or a few days you received a laaar message full of links and with an unsolicited and unpersonalized offer. The usual thing was to ignore.

Now the thing has been sophisticated, and what I call "connection spam" occurs: a contact request message that already incorporates offer, links… we go, pure spam. In this case it's all easier, it's about not accepting contact (Ignore) and problem solved. If on the first day an individual prunes spam, imagine what awaits you if you don't stop it.

To top it off with this part of digital bad practices, nothing better than visualizing the TEDx of Eva Collado in Vitoria “How to spot toxic profiles on social media”.

The rise of the "offended"

Increase those offended by anything that doesn't fit into your creed. Streets and networks are increasingly filled with "offended" who admit no other argument than yours.

This year I lost two people I thought were friends because they were constantly looking for confrontation, whether for political or religious reasons. And they usually do so from closed positions: either you're with me or you're against me. I consider myself lucky to have friends of all faiths, with an open mind, who may not share but respect. That's friendship, the one that breaks ideological walls.

Know, then ruthlessly criticized

It's known as a negative critique for ignorance. It's another of the bad practices that abounds in real life and multiplies on social media. Since I don't know about a subject, I criticize it before I know how it works. In this, this year we've had quite a few attacks on the personal brand.

Almost all of them came from people who don't understand the staff branding (personal brand management) as a strategic process but as a trendy and ephemeral self-promotion tactic.

I don't blame them either.; networks have been filled with fake experts, fake gurus and fake millionaires who promise you the first million if you buy their course online, which in the end only explains how to campaign on Facebook.

I applaud the compendium of articles in defence of the personal brand developed by The Professor Vladimir Estrada in Soymimarca. You can download the ebook that collects them You are right, we are brands.

"Finfluencers" or fake influencers and the dictatorship of like

False influencers

Those people who have achieved large communities in a short time often cause irreparable harm with his message "you too can be someone famous without investing money or time".

First, because not always getting those communities has been ethical. Many times iDiot strategies have been used, others have been built by buying followers massively. I know, there's no illegality in it, but it's a lack of ethical sense by then saying "you can too".

A few weeks ago I covered the subject in From influencers to influentials (a substantial change). Only those who know how to take the step of influencers influencers will show a strong personal brand in this liquid world.

With product we compete, branded not (or not so much)

We insist on selling product. Erre who erre. "buy my course, my lecture, my colony, my ...". We must focus on branding, And I'll explain why.

The brand includes a very rich field of meanings, Complex, abstract and evocative. Make them fall in love with the brand (purpose, mission, Territory, values) and they'll be interested in your product. People don't buy Apple products because they're rationally better than the competition, we buy them because we like what Apple means, that archetype of The Createdr that seduces us so much. As Friedrich Nietzsche said, “if we have a why we'll find out how”. Have a nice week!

An irreparable loss: Arturo González

He could not finish this post without deeply regretting that this 2019 past we lost our colleague and friend Arturo González, PhD in Communication and Personal Branding. One of the greats of the personal brand, professor at The Monterrey Technological University Center, northern Mexico.

I met him because my friend and colleague Pablo Adán says convinced him to attend the first congress Personal Branding Lab Day. And there it was, in Barcelona, that summer of 2015. In November 2018 I had the pleasure of re-matching him, this time in Puebla (Mexico), at Personal Branding Experience PBEX organized by my friends Daniela Viek, Nancy Vazquez and Alan Urbina (Integra Personal Branding).

PBEX18 Mexico

From left to right: dew Ames, Johnny Durán, Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina, Guillem Recolons, Arturo González, Daniela Viek, Henry Alexandre, Silvana Oliveira, Raquel Gomez and Deize Andrade.

We took this picture, with Arthur in the middle. One of the people with the greatest sense of humor I've ever met, and a great communicator and communication expert. He left too soon., But your mark remains.

To get to know him more deeply, I recommend reading Vladimir Estrada; Latin American personal brand: after planting and harvesting a large (A collective tribute In Memoriam to Dr. Arturo González, a great human being and excellent Mexican colleague, gone to a stalk).


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#Fail Worst Personal Branding in 2018

the worst of the worse

A few days ago in this blog was the best of 2018 trends, also should know worst to understand the obstacles to overcome between those who work in personnel management brand.


Journalists seeking facilón holder and not investigate pros del Personal Branding (That does not sell) but the Cons. That has happened many times in 2018. Perhaps the most epic was entitled “Thymus personal brand: A long-term suicide“, published on a regular tabloid and signed by someone who wanted to get testimonials exclusive opposites. Then it was learned that the answers of respondents were manipulated. Article deserved the rejection of much of personal burners, in a collaborative post published in Soymimarca title “The suicide of personal branding“.

If we have two ears and only one mouth because perhaps we should listen before speaking.


experts SEO They position themselves as experts in whatever and appear in the top positions of search for personal branding, personal brand…

Andrés Pérez Ortega He tried in one of its post matter. Why a Google search on personal branding specialists do not leave personal brand specialists? Instead, have shown that “positioned” the key word “Personal Branding” but do not have the slightest idea. Worst, They are also boast of it, as if customers a consultancy or training in personal branding you were stupid.


Professionals who treat personal brand management as a whole when only one party dominate. This is a custom that is being imposed. A photographer It is not an expert in personal branding, but surely it captures the essence like no one person.

A Coach you can master important aspects of self-awareness, an indispensable diagnostic phase in personal brand, you need to master aspects of strategy and communication to achieve “everything” the staff brander. The same happens with image consultant, you can get the best out of a person on the outside aspect, but hardly will develop a business model around a strong value proposition.


You can not pretend to be a specialist personal brand without projecting a good personal brand. Every day I receive several follow-ups and requests for contact “personal branding experts” whose name he had never heard. Agree, everyone deserves a first chance, but do not you think the word “expert” is somewhat premature?

Worst is that, entering their profiles, you do not see they have a site (web + blog), not see that manage their social networks professionally and to make matters worse, you do not see adding value. A while ago tried the same subject in the post A teacher without personal brand personal brand?, and I see that things have not improved much.


A few days ago I interviewed Lopez-Guerrero Mario for magazine TWENTY. He asked about what was the worst, he saw more pessimism in the environment of the personal brand. And do not hesitate, Its about termism. I wrote:

“Politicians who think in elections next year instead of a better future for people. torched statements, absolute lack of empathy. Journalism focused on the tweet and not the analysis of why the events. Companies that prioritize financial results on its vision and long treatment to its people (and then pay it, and very expensive). Overall I think yes, termism It is the cancer of society and personal development

Personal brand management is not immune to this disease, and that causes the emergence of a new generation super influencers twentysomethings immediate success selling (which for them is not to consolidate a business model for the future but to win thousands of followers).


I tried a few months ago this issue in the post Personal brand, management success and envy. If not glad of the successes of our colleagues, We can hardly expect support when we launch a new project.

None of us is better or know all about your professional discipline. We are obliged to cooperate, and for me this has been one of the best experiences I've lived. Instead of competing, We see ways to improve, instead of feeling jealous, We see ways to improve ourselves.


Agree, not everyone can create, but you can innovate, cure… At last it is necessary to resort to blatantly plagiarize what other. I usually say that if you imitate other brand other brand projecting. The distingues you the extingues you. Or as Andy himself says, “If you are one more, you'll be one less”.

Today there are many tools to know if a text is a copy. In this link you can find wwwhatsnew 4 websites to detect plagiarism.

from idiom

Few days ago this blog was about an interesting specimen, the IDIOT. The IDIOT creates online communities based massively follow thousands of people and then stop when they have obtained the follow follow back.


Under the principle of misunderstood influence, Many companies try to recruit experts in different areas in exchange for visibility. A visibility which is normally in example promesa.Un: a manager of a portal asks for a specialized article 1.000 words to change visibility.

I do not know you, but to write a post of 1.000 words not plagiarized, I need many hours, perhaps even a whole day if I want it written very valuable contribution. That should remunerate, and NO with false visibility, with money. The time is gold, and who writes a blog, as well.

Privacy violation

One thing is that I decide freely tell you my life through stories Instagram. And another, very distinas, It is that I allow someone to trade with my data without my consent. What Facebook 2018 She has bottomed. If 2017 were the Fake News, the platform this year will be held accountable for making our data illegally traded massively.

I recommend reading El País Facebook shared sensitive data of its users with more than 150 big enterprises.

We are helpless against this violation, and perhaps our best weapon is the abandonment of platforms that destroy our privacy. You have to take the plunge.

Shape above the bottom

Finally, me wonder that many professionals are selling things like transgression as a whole value proposition. Exit all images with gestures irreverent It is not a solution to the lack of content. notoriety, By itself, does not sell. Value needs, relevance.

That of “If you do not know what to say, Dilo Cantando” It is part of the past. Now, If you do not know what to say, abónate silence and disseminates valuable content from others. OK, we know how to cure contents.

Photo by Pavlo S on

Christmas 2018

Remember that Christmas Day Give Away Soymimarca, as is usual, the ebook with the best content 2018. Do not miss it: on Merry Christmas!!

Identifying a profile that invades network: the #iDiot

#Ignorant Idiot Digital Infamous Trickster Opportunist

It stands to reason that if there are parasites in real life, also we find them on the Internet. The problem is that in real life are easy to spot, in the digital world not so much. Some tools are needed, some payment, to discover the #iDiot.

Its main way to grow in the network: Follow thousands of people, wait for their “follow back” and then continues to shadow. Thus, the balance is always positive, with many more fans who followed.

Do not follow because you can add value, They do a mathematical question and personal vanity misunderstood.

The acronym #iDiot we see a few days ago in Mexico Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina and Johnny Durán in moments of relaxation after the Personal Branding Experience 2018.

Crazy obsession with getting followers at all costs, DNA #iDiot

The Greek myth says that Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water and died at the approach to self-kissing. It was a revenge of the goddess Nemesis by bad treatment Narciso professed virgins who fell for him.

That's what can happen to continue collecting followers #iDiot. A few months ago I wrote a post titled The Follower Obsession. In the article referred to the need to create communities related to a value proposition. If I sell training programs for companies, with long boring 50 new followers per year that meet the profile would have enough. It is what Carlos Rebate, in his book Influencers, defined as 1.000 true followers, which they would be willing to hire you.

Detect and remove every #iDiot

I have always been tempted to denounce each #iDiot I've found. It is not doing so by legal means, It is paying with its own currency. First, stop following them. It is necessary to identify them. LinkedIn or Facebook the case is not given because monitoring should be mutually. This applies especially to Instagram and Twitter,

My colleague Claudio Inacio He proposes in his post How to let you know who to follow on Instagram? the tool IG Analyzer (iOS) to detect #iDiot massively and stop following them.

In Twitter there are several applications. I have not found any outstanding. At the moment, ManagerFilter, with limitations, is the most intuitive to detect and remove #iDiot.

Do I publish Escarnio?

The next step would be to create a public list of #iDiot, something that helps users and social networks to prevent this type of digital parasites. On the one hand, help users avoid falling into the trap. And the other would prevent social networks to give a “notice” by malpractices. Agree, what they do is not illegal, It is only ethically reprehensible. But people demonstrating against-values ​​deserve my contempt, and I guess yours too.

Limpiemos network trash. I was surprised to see people who never imagined they let me follow. I see them often and they give me a smile. Now I know that is false.

iDiot photo by photoschmidt on


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The personal branding paradox

Paradox is what is said and especially what is done that is contrary to logic. A while ago I published an article entitled The paradox of personal branding, Do I care about the image I project or the value I bring?? There I dealt with paradox of value, possibly the most important. But there's more.

In a world where differentiation is sometimes venerated more than value, This is paradox Is the order of the day. Next are five of the most common contradictions that occur in the field of personal branding. .

Personal Brand 1 Paradox: I sell advice that I don't apply to myself

Internet has shrunk the world. We're more interrelated than ever. For better and for worse.

Supporting a value proposition taht shows the opposite result is immolate oneself in a few seconds. The tailor's wife is the worst clad, don't you think so?

The paradox of Lorna

Lorna follow me on Instagram. promises 1.000 followers "only" $29. The point is that she has not managed to overcome 244. That's your guarantee, Lorna? You do not sell followers, rather you give a great paradox.

And there are worse cases, like those people hawking online and actions to improve the offline They are the opposite. They have an opportunity to trick, and the sad thing is that you can also live.

Personal Brand 2 Paradox: lot is bad mark mark

Abuse in the projection of our personal brand is negative. As my friend and colleague Eva Collado, "You give grilled" punished.

Internet, In addition to making our planet is small, He has brought some contradictions: We complain more, we celebrate more, we share more. Our presence is growing, and not knowing the limit abuse is dangerous.

Once I've met friends who tell me: "uncle, you are all day on social networks”. They too, of course (if not, the comment does not make sense). Think about it: If a friend "only" has 50 contacts on Linkedin, and of these only three published regularly, that friend will only see to you in your timeline... you have considered?

Personal Brand 3 Paradox: Internet is written with pen, not pencil

This phrase heard in the film 2010 “The social network”, which he explains the rise of Mark Zuckerberg. And so. There is no eraser on internet, what is published, you have a problem.

Why not, agree, Some networks allow you to edit what you have published, also remove. But neither prevents "snapshot" (Lorna case) or photograph the screen to another device (Snapchat case).

Count to 10 It is essential in real life. In digital environments should count up 100 before publishing. And reality, paradoxically, is reversed.

Does it provide value what the public, either own or others? Am I clear that my message will reach who should arrive? ¿I offend anyone with my publications, and serves that something? Am I consistent with the brand I represent?

Do not forget my particular slogan: all, absolutely everything, marring. Action or inaction by, actively or passively. Worth counting up 100, those two minutes of reflection can save our lives.

Personal Brand 4 of personal brand is placed: people who act like businesses and businesses that act as individuals

Of course, That is the legacy of Tom Peters with his prescient article "The Brand Called You”. He invited us to think like businesses. And some, We invite companies today to think and act as individuals. Makes sense, people we need strategic thinking autoaplicado; companies lack humanize to generate trust.

Is a paradox, but in this case I will tell you that it works well (without abuse). It requires three steps to success: psych up, be formed and stubborn as a mule (beautiful words, insist, insist, insist).

Personal Brand 5 of personal brand is placed: reputation is not created, you win

sorry to say, but that's how it is. Now you can hire an army of experts in digital marketing to generate a "super brand".

your reputation (positive) will come when what you think, say and do is aligned, includes valor, and be something different from what already exists.

Personal branding is the footprint we leave on others. And if it is positive and anchored in a powerful value proposition, generate a recognition (reputation) positive.

I'm sure you can think of some paradox Want to share more?

main picture: sculpture Ai Weiwei “bikes” en el Ibirapuera Park São Paulo, a paradox on the static movement.

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The strange paralysis of an entire country for one month per year

In the United States most professionals enjoy two weeks of vacation per year. Curiously, It is only advanced economy in the world does not guarantee holiday annual paid. As for economic activity, There is no paralysis of a country whole, They make the holidays as suits them and their companies.

In Mexico, It has established a week of vacation per year, considering that Saturday work; so that then some say that there are not working. In Japan, enjoy ten days of paid annual leave per year, which can reach 20 over time. In China, like in Mexico, one week. Neither in Mexico nor in Japan, nor China is paralyzed nothing. Perhaps in Mexico you can find shops closed key Christmas day, National holidays, locales… little more.

On the other side, countries have more holidays offer workers: France and Finland, with long boring 30 days that followed can be taken 5 weeks. but attention, Nor it is paralyzed anything because everyone agreed the outlet so to avoid having to close down to shops, Companies within a month of the year.

Spain is different: in August paralysis of one country affects all, less the tourism sector

Spain offers 22 working days paid leave to the employees, that using weekends, become a whole month. That applies to workers employed. Autonomous enjoyed the incredible luxury of having… Zero days paid vacation!

Returning to the bulk of the labor market, that of employed persons, all agree to make the holidays in August, with some exceptions in July. In part the origin of this part of the exaggerated school holidays, no less than three months, between 15 June and 15 of September, forcing parents to choose holidays that peridodo, causing paralysis of a country whole.

Sundays, closed. August closed.

In addition to paralysis August, tourists visiting most of the Spanish cities on the weekend are another paralysis. Sunday everything is closed, so I rare exceptions (the center-center of Madrid, for example) it is impossible to shopping. That does not happen in other latitudes, where there is freedom of schedules.

But that does not only affect tourists, It affects all those who can not usually do shopping on weekdays. Your only option is Saturday morning.

crazy schedules, impossible to reconcile

Europe spindles times

Time zones in Europe. Source:

Another feature that stuns our visitors is our time zone.

Did you know that in mainland Spain governs the schedule Franco pact with Hitler and not corresponding to its meridian?

Crazy. Even though the Spanish democracy, dating from 1978, take longer 40 years old , no repeat, no one- has proposed returned to Spain the schedule that corresponds to be located in the Greenwich meridian, Pure GMT (and not GMT +1 of Berlin). Eye, The same applies to France.

In addition, offices in Spain not emptied before 19 a 20h (It is frowned upon by the bosses most miserable). And that's just the time when you dine in many nearby countries, like France, Netherland, Switzerland… So, in Spain when dinner is between 21:30 and 10:30h.PM. The prime time TV is not 20h or 21h to, It is at 23h. Of course, Many mornings wake up at 8am and go without breakfast just the job. Impossible to reconcile do not you think?

A utopian proposal to regain health (and sanity)

Like this post, for the day is published (Sunday) and the date (near August) you are going to see few people, Here I launched a proposal to recover the tone and avoid paralysis of a country and its bad image in the world.

  1. Retrieve the previous time the dictators Hitler and Franco, GMT, which he governs in the UK.
  2. Leave quiet daylight, no change dates in March and November.
  3. Forcing large public and private TV networks to advance their newscasts and programs to advance prime time (including football, We have come to see meetings start at 23h).
  4. Overtaking work schedules and synchronize them with school full to permit reconciliation.
  5. Forcing restaurants now open at 13:30 and 20:30h to do the 12:00 and 19:00hr, respectively, and to advance the closing times.
  6. Changing showtimes (who, theater…) and overtake.
  7. include more “white weeks” in schools during the course. Promote for by public companies and private vacation outside July and August to allow the children reconciliations.
  8. Liberalizing trade, and that each open doors and close when you give the holy wins.
  9. strongly penalize transport strikes coincide with holiday periods or congresses vital for the economy of a country (case airlines, taxis…)
  10. This I leave it to you: Come on, sure you have something interesting in mind: ………………………………………………………………………………………………………

“Use your mentality. Wake up to reality”

Paraphrasing the song “I’ve got you under my skin” written by Cole Porter and popularized by Frank Sinatra, I use my mind, and wake up to reality. All the above is more than utopian. It will not happen, or at least I will not see. Today I read that the world tends toward conservatism politically. So goodbye reconciliation policies, of environmental protection, liberalization of trade, exports, collaborative economy. Come back. But dreaming is free. Perhaps soon I will not see as people do not face pasmo he stays when I say I get up at 6AM for sports… and I go to bed shortly after 22h. Good week, even if you contribute to the paralysis of a country (ah, and enjoy the pace of “the voice”).

Shut down image by Frank Boston on

Syndrome “I'm the last Coke in the desert”. Diagnosis and treatment.

Let me abuse this week some of my sarcastic brand in a short post. Some days ago, I recovered one of the personality test is doing furor in the network, yes, Crystal Knows, and he appeared headline about me:

guillem recolons / crystal knows

Traduzco: “Guillem learns quickly, and it has strong analytical skills, creative and social… although sometimes it can be shown sarcastic”. You see?. One is as it is. By the way, I must admit that Crystal is a good test, because it allows other people on the network can confirm or extend the feedback about a person. A good tool, and also uses the DISC base to trace their profiles.

Going back to my sarcasm, Today I want to analyze a profile I observe repetitively inside and outside social networks. The person who believes that to be the savior of humanity. Syndrome be “Desert last cocacola“. I borrowed the name of my good friend and partner Dominican Anabel Ferreiras.


You easily recognize this profile. They are people who believe that others should behave according to their rules. And if we do not, we “abroncarán” openly, reaching extremes of confrontation. Not tolerate another code of conduct than yours, and based on that they manage their community.

Their values They dictate behavior of rigidly, imperturbable e inviolable. These people walk upright like a stick, and it finds it hard to show the human side that we all have. His vital purpose, beyond their work, of its value proposition, It is to be guardians of morality. If there inquisition, many of us would have been tortured and burned to mark clear differences with model.


It is not easy to manage change in these people. That act guided by their true values ​​makes it difficult: one root of the value does not change overnight.

The experience is a plus, they say. So I let two suggestions, or at least two modes of reaction that are not excessively bloody:

  1. ignore them. Let still believe you are the last Coke in the desert. You know that do not you going to move to change. So I -aviso- they will disturb more than an angry reaction. But it's smart of you and leaves no excessive consequences.
  2. He brings the bottle of rum and prepares a cubalibre. Sometimes it unsettles more friendly approach to “enemy” the angry reaction or even ignore them. Try to show proximity when you invite the combat strategy is to dismantle. Picture him. Has the weapons loaded and ready, and you show up with a bottle of rum, ice, lemon and two glasses. You go with a white flag case -for- and you comment with polite face: “I bring rum, glasses and ice. I have been told that you have Coca Cola… We are join forces?”

Choose one or the other, I assure you that you will not get generate a change. But at least, In the second option, you will go home happy having shared a Cubata with the person believed to be the last Coke in the desert. To explain the grandchildren.

Good week, And do not forget that what others do, we like more or less, part of your personal brand.

Coca Cola image by




The phenomenon of “Tinderización” Linkedin is one of the al “CEOización”

Tinderización on Linkedin, no entry barriers

The phenomenon of “TINDERización” Linkedin is because social networks in general no barriers to entry. And in professional as Linkedin, maybe they should be somewhat cautious in accepting profiles, is exactly the same. Anyone can enter a profile is not required to put a real name, a photography. they can invent the sector, The charge…

Long ago wrote an article about the peculiar fact that Linkedin everyone is CEO, a complaint about the way in which a person calls himself CEO taxi driver or even have a company with two friends. And the worst, CEO should not be a title Linkedin, because it does not imply a value proposition.
For the same phenomenon CEOización It has moved to TINDERización, that is, trol profiles using a professional network like a dating site.


AMD's case is not unique, unfortunately

Recently, AMD placed a post on Linkedin reproduces a conversation in the area of ​​private messages that could have occurred either in Messenger, in Whatsapp or Tinder. A subject is presented and when asked what can I do for you? the guy has another speech “go for a drink”.


The Microsoft influence… Positive?

The changes that are taking place in this social network since it was acquired by Microsoft are somewhat incomprehensible if we think that Linkedin is a strictly professional network:
  • They have virtually eliminated all the benefits of Premium profiles,
  • They have “I ningunizado” discussion groups, forums in which it was possible to acquire knowledge, share content and generate valuable contacts. Now we can not even know which group each member belongs.
  • And to continue with the absurdities should be read expert Peter Vincent in his latest article Linkedin: What we have lost after changes 2017.
The question one might ask is exactly what Microsoft is doing with Linkedin? What is your roadmap? Is it a yellow network Linkedin? A place paid for lies?
The truth is that a while now, publications Linkedin groups or company profiles are leaving to have engagement, which it seems to favor a scenario of chaos, as the publications that work best are personal, but without a chronological timeline that order or sort by sector.
AMD's case is not unique nor the last. I think, and that no one offends, many job counselors are forcing long-term unemployed with no communication skills or knowledge of digital protocols to a profile on Linkedin be created because from there they will find work. Book error. Social networks are not for everyone, and even less professional.


The opportunity for bebee

While this occurs tinderización and CEOización, competitors are emerging as baby, very little time, but offering high quality content, taking advantage of the space left by exterminating Linkedin (not literally) their groups.
You can find these reflections and those of Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Fernanda Brunsizian (Linkedin) and the mine in an article Tino Fernández (Expansion Journal) called Can a professional network degenerating into a network to link?
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Just project our personal best?

We are a country of extremes, There's no doubt. We have spent to overcome the syndrome of Solomon to turn social media into personal success showcases canned. Windows of our best Personal Branding.

He "Solomon syndrome"Brings out our low self-esteem and almost sickening importance we place what they think the rest of us. And it makes us hide it and not jump to light our strengths for fear of breaking the status quo.

The showcase effect of our personal best

What is happening now is that the networks projected our best, our personal best, is a “Indeed showcase”. The windows show the best of each trade, and often when we we find a very different reality, worst, but real at the end of the.

True, people react better with positive news and negative images. With reaction I mean likes, comments… and that sometimes creates a Matrix environment, very distorted.

If I had to give one piece of advice to eventually let us not become spammers or a replica Mr Wonderful, give this:

We show more and let us show less

Post constantly self-portraits does not provide, tire. What really matters is that we provide valuable information, the negative-positive bone. Information that causes us a reaction, change.

If your personal or work life is not exciting, You do not need to disguise. Talk about another thing. That easy. I am getting daily requests “Ambitions” in social networks who can not turn their success” in a business model.

Overexposure eye

Overexposure is as negative as the infra-exposure. Returning to the metaphor of the showcase, it can not be greater than what is in Store.

Showing vulnerabilities

Show our vulnerability is the opposite of showing our successful side. A priori. I come to mind a time when three nearby vulnerabilities became strengths:

  • The CV error Johannes Haushofer, treated in this post BACc. Haushofer thought it was time to stop showing the window to also teach the backroom, so in his CV he included things like “I did not finish studies…” or “I did not get this note to aspire to such a university career…”.
  • The advice he gave me my friend and coach Terry Mclean to reinforce a TED I gave in November 2016 about our Superpowers: show your vulnerabilities to connect with your audience: we all have, and Empathy is the best way to communicate.
  • The incredible J Speech. K. Rowling Harvard University on 2008 talking about the benefits of failure. mandatory viewing.

Humanize is to connect

Our vulnerabilities make us human, They like to laugh at ourselves. Perhaps we should be more realistic and show both what fills us as what we empty. That's what is called show our human side. less showcase, menos Matrix, Welcome to the real world, that of our personal best.

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It imposes the Anti-Personal Branding

I had my doubts with the title… Personal Anti-Branding o Anti-Personal Branding? I will try to explain, but I think you're already imagining where does all this.

Curious: in politics, Winning the worst rated candidates

Indeed, victory Donald Trump and that occurred in recent Spanish elections Mariano Rajoy reveal something unheard: We not vote for the candidate we believe best qualified for the job. In both cases, the winner of the elections was the candidate worst score.

Misogyny, xenophobia, corruption, exacerbated nationalism… Are new values?

I'm not here to politically analyze election results, for that there are exceptional political scientists. But it seems that countervalues ​​lately imposed on values. Ayer a chat in Lleida (to which I get the video promise share) he talked about that, of The importance of values, I call the super powers.

But maybe I'm wrong. The triumph of populism, they are of one kind or another, It indicates that the moderate positions of dialogue are not well valued by voters. And I emphasize voters, no people, since abstention is a sign of mature democracies but also discrediting of politics.

The world is polarized to extremes

You can not generalize yet, but it seems that only works white the black: gray and palettes do not attract an increasing voter profile. I do not serve what they say right-wing voters are illiterate, male and indoor and left are university and coast: that's oversimplifying and stereotyping, in the end, all have the same right to vote.

demoscópicos errors require look to other sources of information

I hope that no sociologist take it amiss, but the demoscopy, as we knew, has died. The reason is that fails to bring out the hidden vote, and people said that vote what the interviewer or media seems to want to hear.

The key is super social networks

Possibly Zuckerberg and his friends already knew that Trump would gain many weeks in advance. Puro análisis big-data. Possibly also it knew from Twitter and from other social networks, much more reliable as a projection of trends.

Follow the bad, personal political branding should be reoriented

If we take Trump or Rajoy as a lesson, it seems that candidates must win pulse contempt media communication "establishment" to win. A few weeks ago I said that the personal political branding does not work in a system of partitocracy. But in a system more geared to the candidate, as the US, It works well.

Trump has won surrounded by controversies over tax, disrespect for women, xenophobia, building walls. OK, the representation of the antichrist and anti-democracy. And Trump is not an idiot, and he has not been messed with those who knew it would lead to the White House: The whites, religion and major institutions. And nothing has happened, because when there is poverty, misery, hopelessness, nationalist discourse and fear Calan more than continuismo, especially when backstage is monitored not to offend certain lobbies.

Welcome Personal Anti-Branding

Under this context, from political candidates will have to start thinking about how to generate controversies that frighten and media commentators but Calen in populist speeches. We will have to think about how bad fall leading journalists and influencers of a country. We will have to work against-values. It imposes anti-personnel branding.

What it is is to win is not? Having gained the victory and can again be a normal person, building bridges, smile, speak well of your opponent ... as it has done Trump.

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Tell a story 6 seconds

When I started working in advertising, the usual format of advertisement was 30 seconds (30”). Of course, tell a story in half a minute was not an easy task, because normally the unfortunate event that the client wanted to explain more of an idea was.

The time is gold

The format of 30 "had been imported from the Anglo-Saxon countries, which it remains the standard, But Spain is different very quickly reduced 20 format was imposed "and a little later, with the advent of private TV, the 10 ".

If it is difficult to tell a story 30, Imagine in 10 ". Creative advertising had to squeeze the maximum transmitting neurons to get some idea at the time. But as contradictory as it seems, That was the only way to convince customers 1 ad = 1 idea.

Even more difficult, 6 seconds

Many moons later, and in 2012, in the digital age, arose Vine, an app designed to publish videos only 6 ". it seemed impossible, But I came which was acquired by Twitter- It was a challenge that many creators accepted: They emerged the Viners, counters short stories that became protagonists storytelling one formato corto.

Artists in 6 ", the Viners

Although I have been an observer in this network creator, the truth is that I take my hat with creators Andrea Compton, Herrejón, Antón Lofer, Jorge Cremades and a small army of artists able to tell a lot with little.

Vine closes its doors

Twitter has taken the decision this week Close Vine, which has been overtaken by new video features Instagram and Snapchat. The truth is that many Viners knew long ago that this would happen and migrated to other platforms. The platform promises to keep the app, but they can no longer upload videos. shame. It is certainly not always a good idea is a cost effective idea. Long live Vine, yes, micro-storytelling.

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