What are the advantages of ONLINE training in Digital Marketing, Social Networks and Personal Branding?



When I was (a bit) younger there was no Online training. Neither digital marketing, nor social networks, nor Personal Branding. As said by Eva Collado, The world changes.

The change has been huge. I studied marketing (conventional, the Kotler' one) at a school (ESMA) that no longer exists. Those two years were very useful in facing the next five years. Not one more, no less.

So, enroll in a master's degree was a complex and expensive process. One can now enroll in Online training in a few minutes and reasonably economical quantities.

If you have just a minute, Here's a video-summary:

Why online training?

We can learn from anywhere in the world and at any time. The Online training imposes. I myself took three years studying the degree of Humanities at the UOC, 99% online. The 1% It is offline quarterly review, to be done in person.

In addition, participated as a teacher in various formats Online training. the ISDI, Communication in Blanquerna and the University of Vic.

Why training in digital marketing?

Knowledge of marketing is no longer exclusive to those who work in an apartment. Marketing. Anyone have your media content distribution arrangement that only a few years ago were unthinkable. The content marketing, which it is part of Attraction marketing, You are giving better results and interactions than traditional marketing.

Know the keys to digital marketing It is a must for any entrepreneurial project, either alone or collectively. And that regardless of whether or not our job to do with marketing.

Why learn about social networks?

In the field of digital communication, social networks are gaining ground every day and they are more present in our lives. And, How to exploit its potential for our business model?

Let me expose a personal case. Until two years ago, most budget requests or collaborations coming I did digitally through my web, in the contact area. Now I come through Linkedin. The websites do not lose effectiveness, but part of the conversation has shifted to social networks, and that should be taken into account.

Why training in Personal Branding?

By 23 reasons. Control. Coherence. Differentiation. Management skills. Reputation. Service vocation. Impulse. Initiative. Diffusion. Recognition. Connection. Influence. Discipline. Authenticity. Socialization. Attitude. Capitalization. Networking. results. Dignity. Humility. Trust. Memorabilidad.

More details, I explain in the post 23 reasons to get in Value.

Can you combine all in one?

Why not. The UVic (UVic) It presents its different formats Online training A Marketing Digital, Social Networks and Personal Branding, and does so in Spanish and in three formats, everybody 100% online:

As I am one of the teachers, If you enroll for me get a 5% discount can be added to other discounts prepayment.

Let me here your data and we will send a proposal from the UVic and a 5% least in your registration.

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From obliged to beat motivated to fight # EKHuelva18 #MarcaPersonal (the story)

The younger may not remember the great Luis Arribas Castro (Don Pollo), which put the voice to the Cadena Ser in Barcelona back in the 80. That Barcelona hospital, Franco still strong heritage, contestataria, dangerous, something anarchic, closed sea. But very human. I had the honor to see live how Arribas Castro gave off every day program with a phrase I will never forget:

The city is a million things

The real heartbeat of the city are its people. Barcelona was not in the world, as it is from 1992. But it was in our hearts. Between 1975, year of Franco's death, and 1990, in fifteen years, FC Barcelona only won a league championship. And many years was in the middle and lower part of the table. But the fans cheered like today does with his team fan Recre or Athletic Club. They were not obliged to win, why they were motivated to fight, to play well.

The case Aviles.

In May 2017 I had occasion to visit the city of Aviles, In asturias. It was the hand of my dear colleague and staff brander Elena Arnaiz. Elena, revelation for me 2017, It took us a few to that small town and organized a small one-day conference that brought -Attention- to 300 people. I talked about it a year ago in the post Jobseekers, better go for the 80 and forget 20 and also in The best of 2017 Personal Branding. And Elena summed it up in a masterful post title Trace in the liquid space.

There I met my soul mates Eva Collado Durán and Fran Segarra (Get in Value) and my colleagues soul Andrés Pérez Ortega, Isabel Iglesias, Victor Candel, the magic of Nilton Navarro and Elena own, was a smash hit. Not only for the number of people who attended. The quality of its people, the desire, the proximity, the amount of friends emerged from that moment, of which we connected all watching their progress, listening to their stories. It was an event 100% human. He had a thirst for knowledge, but above all he had wanted to host, saluting, squeezing hands, give kisses, distribute hugs. a rush.

Unprecedented success in Spain. The Mysterious Case of Space Knowmads Huelva 2018 (alias # EKHuelva18)

In the Iberian antipode of Aviles is the old city of Huelva, la latina Onuba. You may think that Huelva has nothing to do with Aviles. Politically, historical and geographical, no. Social and human aspect, yes, absolutely.

But let's see, How has Huelva fill a large theater with about 500 people have even danced to the rhythm of I will survive Encouraged by a pregnant woman 8 and a half months?

Let me tell you something that looks amazing: I do not remember events personal brand like this.

The secret is to restore human connection

Ignition of the project comes almost a year ago as an initiative and sponsorship of the Andalusian public foundation Andalucía Emprende, from Cajasol Foundation and exciting endeavor David Barreda, since this January 2018 person revelation of the year and “Pattern” of personal brand is placed. His biography is impressive, and it is the reflection that leave their writings.

I think the key to this was not to make a massive event, It was doing something nice.

The importance of marking own profile

The speakers were able, among all, give a hug to almost all attendees, a kiss, a conversation, a photography. A “while that follow you and you liked more in person”. Normal, the person-to-person dialogue will always exceed the text addressed to a collective. When I know I dare to be imperfect, to show my vulnerable side, laughing, to cry.

#EKHuelva18 personal brand

Photo: Manuel Morillo. Final Space Knowmads Huelva 18

Thank you, a word that falls short

All the people I met in Huelva have their own profile, human, close leader. Huelva is not the fresón, Recre, ham or shrimp, are your people. Heartfelt thanks to all that you attended the ceremony. Thanks to the onubenses Helen Gomez Ruano and David Barreda. Thanks also to those who came from very close and gave soul to EKHuelva18, as Meme Romero, Silvia Saucedo, Seve Izquierdo, Rocío Martín, to those who came from afar as Eva Añón, Claudio Inacio, Alex Duran, my fellow stage, Eva Collado Durán, Elena Arnaiz, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Own David Barreda, Enrique Cejudo (onubense, by the way), Patricia Vázquez, Adela de Mora, the entire organization. A more special thanks to the entire team of the foundation Andalucía Emprende, This is Cajasol Foundation, (keynote speech of its president Antonio Pulido), the City of Huelva and Andalusian. What you have done is unprecedented. You are the small village of Asterix stories that refuses to be a people of characterless, boring and cloned citizens. pure humanity. contributes, you importáis, and a lot. Do not change, please.

PD: Would you know what we mean in the Knowmads Space? Attentive to Blog David Barreda.

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From employees to involved: A solution of #Branding

One of the major challenges facing organizations is to get your human capital pass employees involved. The differences are enormous, as I have already stated in a post. But make no mistake: in this movement should come out winning both parties involved; if not, it does not work.

Superpowers do I want you

A few days ago he spoke of superpowers, refieriéndome values. It was a charla TED, in insisting on this fact: without empathy or the values ​​of professional organizations, win the heart of the markets It will be a task far less complex.

The massive bombardment of advertising, promotion and public relations is becoming less effective in generating complicities. Here I leave you this video that explains in a simpler way (excuses for the lack of accents, a lack of software):

Requirements to align personal values ​​and corporate

Align personal and corporate values ​​is not an easy task. very different disciplines are required to carry it out successfully:

  • Personal and corporate communication
  • Personal Branding
  • Management experience in organizations
  • Advanced digital skills

That's branding

Definitely, talk about a solution capitalized BRANDING. That so many associated with creating a logo is much more. I stay with the magisterial idea of ​​Iván Díaz (Branzai): The main purpose of a brand is to create value and Preference.

You need to put the organization

On the other hand, organizations must put to work, from the general direction, their communication equipment, HR and training. The Brand Ambassadors program (Brand Ambassador, Employee Branding, Advocate Branding) They are really cross. And if any prerequisite required to boot, this is called mindset, a clear mentalization by management on the need for and benefits of the process.

A matter of trust and amplification corporate message

If your company needs improve market confidence and amplify their messages, do not hesitate, You need to implement this program, and turn your human DNA employees involved. I am fortunate to have partners really prepared to successfully develop the program. Let's talk.


10 branding trends for 2010 (based on Brand Lounge)

It is impossible not to agree with this prospective drawn up by the prestigious brand marketing consultant Brand Lounge. It could have translated, but I'm not one to modify a mm the meaning of his words. There go the 10:

1) Value is the new black.
Excessive spending, even on sale items, will continue to be replaced by a reason-to-buy at all. This is trouble for brands with no authentic meaning, whether high-end or low.

2) Brands increasingly a surrogate for “value.” What makes goods and services valuable will increasingly be what’s wrapped up in the brand and what it stands for. Why J Crew instead of The Gap? J Crew stands for a new era in careful chic—
being smart and stylish. And the first family’s support of the brand doesn’t hurt either.

3) Brand differentiation is Brand Value.
The unique meaning of a brand will increase in importance as generic features continue to plague the brand landscape. Awareness as a meaningful market force has long been obsolete, and differentiation will be critical for success—meaning sales and profitability.

4) “Because I Said So” is so over.
Brand values can be established as a brand identity, but they must believably exist in the mind of the consumer. A brand can’t just say it stands for something and make it so. The consumer will decide, making it more important than ever for a brand to have measures of authenticity that will aid in brand differentiation and consumer engagement.

5) Consumer expectations are growing.
Brands are barely keeping up with consumer expectations now. Every day consumers adopt and devour the latest technologies and innovations, and only hunger for more. Smarter marketers will identify and capitalize on unmet expectations. Those brands that understand where the strongest expectations exist will be the brands that survive – and prosper.

6) Old tricks don’t work/won’t work.
In case your brand didn’t get the memo here it is: consumers are on to brands trying to play their emotions for profit. In the wake of the financial debacle of this past year, people are more aware then ever of the hollowness of bank ads that claim “we’re all in this together” when those same banks have rescinded their credit and turned their retirement plan into case studies. The same is true for insincere
celebrity pairings: think Seinfeld & Microsoft or Tiger Woods & Buick. Celebrity values and brand values need to be in concert, like Tiger Woods & Accenture. That’s authenticity.

7) They won’t need to know you to love you.
As the buying space becomes even more online-driven and international (and uncontrolled by brands and corporations), front-end awareness will become less important. A brand with the right street cred can go viral in days, with awareness following, not leading, the conversation. After all, everybody
knows GM, but nobody’s buying the cars.

8) It’s not just buzz.
Conversation and community is all: ebay thrives based on consumer feedback. If consumers trust the community, they will extend trust to the brand. Not just word of mouth, but the right word of mouth within the community. This means the coming of a new era of customer care.

9) They’re talking to each other before talking to the brand.
Social Networking and exchange of information outside of the brand space will increase. Look for more websites using Facebook Connect to share information with the friends from those sites. More companies will become members of Linkedin. Twitter users will spend more money on the Internet than those who don’t tweet.

10) Engagement is not a fad; it’s the way today’s consumers do business.
Marketers will come to accept that there are four engagement methods including Platform (TV; online), Context (Program; webpage), Message (Ad or Communication), and Experience (Store/Event). But there is only one objective for the future: Brand Engagement. Marketers will continue realize that attaining real brand engagement is impossible using out-dated attitudinal models.

Thanks https://brandloungeme.blogspot.com

Limitation of thought

Edward De BonoPerhaps this time crisis allow us to recover old values we had hidden in a drawer. The phase of the runaway growth of our economy in recent 30 years comes to an end. Nothing is so easy now, but you have to see the positive side: desenpolvemos possibly the culture of effort, something very useful for generating new ideas (among many other things).

I include in this post Quote Thinker Edward de Bono of 2004, entitled 8 = 6+2, referred to limitation of thought the lack of interest to continue looking for alternative answers after a first accurate answer. Bono insists on the need for not stay with the first answer, keep looking, to look elsewhere. The applications of this thinking maverick give excellent results in fields such as political, This is business management or the sport. There goes the quote:

Most people can not distinguish between: 6 +2 = 8 and 8 = 6 +2. The difference can be quite important. The amount of 6 and 2 He will always lead us 8. However, 8 It may be composed of other combinations other than 6 and 2 (5 +3, 4 +4, 7 +1).

Why is this important? Because people start to believe that you have the answer “right” no need to think that we will get further details. Having the correct answer means you do not have to hear other answers, since they can never be certain. The result is a severe limitation in thought. Edward de Bono 8 of 2004

Creativity to define lateral thinking

Awesome video that mixes a definition of lateral thinking by Edward De Bono with graphic flowing words during speech.

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = 1UcbyKCA7Uc&hl = it&fs=1&rel=0]

The perfect segmentation: Ambient Intelligence

I reproduce an interesting article marketingdirecto.com from 4 of May

ambientintelligence1Technological advances are getting the dialogue between businesses and consumers occurs in new dimensions. The next step in the evolution, smart environments, will transform fundamentally the rules of communication, and market.

There is nothing more interesting for advertisers to find new channels to convey their messages to consumers. To customize your messages and send offers high chance of success, companies use features, purchase history and customer profiles. But in most cases, These segmentations are based on assumptions or the application of statistical data, with its high component variability. And, actually, the possibility to react to the specific need of the consumer at the right time is very limited. Read more

Left hemisphere, right hemisphere, lateral thinking and mathematics

It seems that there is no creativity and lateral thinking in mathematics

Previously it was common in schools include creative activities or lateral thinking in areas linked to arts education and literature. Little is linked with mathematics, to which notions and procedures already closed was considered that the student had to repeat.

What is creativity?

The creativity, as we have spoken from this blog, is the process present a problem clearly to mind, It is the ability to see new possibilities and do something about it. The school is the essential space, It is ideal for the development of thought and creativity place; by applying systematic action to promote a gradual development of mathematical thinking skills.

Creativity is potential in humans and is capable of being developed; It is not exclusive to geniuses, but it is present in all human beings imagine, transform and create something. Obviously the individual who has inherited creative skills and has enjoyed an environment that stimulated and encouraged creativity, will achieve a higher level of creative performance.

Current research claims that with daily training in this discipline, an incredible brain stimulation is achieved, improving both analytical skills and creative.

left brain and creativity

Traditional schooling tends to partial development of our mental capacity as it favors only the development of the left brain that has to do with our logical behavior, thorough and prudent and little deals with the right hemisphere that has to do with creativity, intuition and audacity.

lateral thinking in schools does a pending issue?

The school is an enabling environment for students to carry out activities to develop their lateral thinking, and mathematics is an important source of problematic situations suitable for this purpose.

It comes to my mind the essential TED talk by Sir Ken Robinson, English specialist based in the US, a little gem of 2006 if you have not seen yet, I recommend with heart:

Mathematics, Creativity and Lateral Thinking

Since mathematics, what can be done it is broad and diverse, from the approach to the implementation problems of playful exercises that encourage students to believe in himself, in their abilities and self-esteem, so can help promote lateral thinking of our students.

As proof that math can be creative, Here we have an equation that ends with the result SEX = FUN.

Human Brain by Doggygraph on Shutterstock.com

1.200€ by Edward de Bono see one day. lateral thinking and some exclusive, ¿No?

Focus Management Our friends organized a new event in Barcelona: The next 2 April the great Edward de Bono speak of creativity Hesperia Tower in Barcelona. This is the good news. The bad? The event, Like many other area businesses, It is exclusively for corporate executives, as its price of 1,200 € severely limits what, and just “supply pack” If you send three people. Frankly, the issue is not intended for micro-enterprises or self-employed. Maybe next time.