If not human, surely he had sung better

This phrase “If not human, surely he had sung better” he spoke Maria Callas, the considered best soprano of all time. I was pleased to see the documentary “Maria Callas by” directed by Tom Volf (2017). The funny thing is that the documentary is the story of the diva told about all by herself. Letters of his own handwriting, interviews he gave. If not human…

According to the synopsis FILMAFFINITY, It's about a “intimate portrait of the life and work of opera singer Maria Callas. Testimonies of Callas own, Onassis, Marilyn Monroe, Alain Delon, Yves Saint Lauren, John Fitzgerald Kennedy, Luchino Visconti, Winston Churchill, Grace Kelly, Liz Taylor and others who knew the diva.”

This woman did not have an easy life, but I do not want to move anything. If you can, Head over to the cinema to see it, unprejudiced (kind > I do not like opera). Just to understand that the visible part of an iceberg often hides fears, complex, endless hours of effort, Youths stolen and more.

But back to the sentence, he gave few years before his untimely death at 53, “if not human…”.

Perfection does not seem possible in humans

I take some posts insist on this concept: Yes, it's perfect, It is hardly human. Of course, we could say that works like The Last Supper (Da Vinci), or The Rape of Proserpine (Bernini) or performance Nadia Comaneci on the uneven bars in Montreal 1976 they are perfect. Actually, close to perfection. In the very near future, possibly a robot will perfect.

The Rape of Proserpine

Detail of “The Rape of Proserpine” de Gian Lorenzo Bernini

The question, as advanced in Can we promote a culture of human connection in the era of machines? is that the human will spread precisely because human beings, imperfect, incorporate values, ethic, to be changing.

I reaffirm when I read this content and digital magazine Puro Marketing: The 90% digital content will be generated by “bots” on 5 years old . We can see it as a problem, I prefer to see it as an opportunity, human is spontaneous, perhaps erratic, but connects more.

What we are, what we think, what we do, what we project, results and legacy, the large hex personal brand

Maria Callas's life helps me understand that perhaps the personal brand, perspective view years, It is more than we think. It's not just what we are, our identity. Or what we think, our emotional DNA and cognitive. It is not just what we do, around a value proposition getting results for our clients. It is not only what we project, perceived identity. neither results, what got us. It is also what we, in form of legacy VALUE. Six parts forming a hexagon

Surely you think that in the case of Maria Callas the hexagon is easy. My good friend and colleague, Professor Vladimir Estrada, He works with a dimensional model of personal brand formed by 1. What we are 2. What we do 3. What we. I am passionate about the simplicity of the model. For the soprano it made me think that there is something else that makes up our personal brand, and are these three additional points that make up the human part.

And there is the difference in Callas: if not human, your personal brand would not exist.

I will go further in another post on this hexagon. Callas left us a legacy, since 1977 It is not with us. Because he had great friends and powerful enemies. He had the best voice because his mother did not allow him to be more than 30 seconds before a mirror. According to her, He went deep in the music because he did not love. And when he did (with Greek shipowner Onassis), stop singing.

Callas was not perfect, according herself, when he was emotionally well, I did not want to sing. If not human, we would not have let this wonder:

Thank you, my friend Marc, to educate my stubborn ears to savor arias like this. Thanks friend mezzo Julia Arellano by excited with the gift I received after this post you to read.

My balance 2014 it can only be good: I have met great people

When it comes to the year-end balances come get used to highlight very egregious facts. I will not be different. Or if. My egregious facts are not behind contracts signed, Job well done, Ephemeral News. My egregious facts are people like you, great people.


On the downside, goodbye to my friends Cristina Torrens soul and Javier Giménez-Salinas, two volcanoes good vibes that I will miss every day of my life.


The positive, I have met people who have helped me be a little better, people with whom grows day by day. I wish I was a sponge to absorb more of them. You welcome ye to my life: Eva Collado, Joan Clotet, Carmen Rodrigo, Enrique Rueda, Cristina Mulero, María A. Sánchez, Ricard Pons, Anna Moreno, Elena Tecchiati, Toni Muñoz, Celia Hill, Virginia Guisasola, Alicia Pomares, Jordi Hereu, Pilar Ruiz, Ivan Portolés, True Ribera, Ilana Berenholc, Eva Tabah, Richard Wakefield, Laura Cabezas, Patricia Dalpra, Adriana Motta, Francesc Segarra, Anabel Obeso, Pepi Belles, Jordi Cabrisses, Isabel Ricciardi, Rubén G. Castro, Anna Noguera, and more sure that I leave.

A large balance. Merry Christmas to all, my old acquaintances, my new acquaintances and that angels fill you with kisses and hugs , Cristina and Javier!

Nokia SRES Now how I can use the tagline “Connecting People”?

Brands come and go. Even the largest suffer improbable mutations. It has been the case the mobile phone division Nokia, recently acquired by the giant Microsoft.

It is true, Nokia, mobile theme, I was recently in the doldrums. But I remember a few years ago that Nokia was the king of mambo mobile phone. In 2007 yes, European Brand Institute He published the news that Nokia was the most valuable brand in Europe. Anyway, After trying several brands, I ended up falling in love with Nokia to 1998. I had 4 wonderful terminals. They had no rival. simple operating system, Call quality, good toppings, reasonable size, clear and keyboard, the most important, two iconic elements of the brand I do not know if they will continue with the new phase of Microsoft, but they are the authentic brand equity:

  1. The slogan: Connecting people. Simple, of course, direct, minimalist. One of the best in the history of advertising, definitely. With 20 year term (How many brands have endured so much time, a claim?), I have not been able to find its author, but I warmly congratulate. As people of Nokia says, “connecting people” is not just a phrase or slogan, It is a corporate mission, And hence their success.
  2. The characteristic line (click here), a natural brand identifier that became a benchmark. The curious? It corresponds to the bars 13-16 the guitar solo Gran Vals Spanish guitarist and composer Francisco Tarrega, written in 1902. Screenshot 2013-09-04 to(.) 17.34.43

I will not go into the reasons that have led Nokia to divest its telephony (it is clear that the economic offer was tempting Gates), although I bet the emergence of Apple with long boring IOS i thereafter Google with long boring Android They have much to do.

Perhaps now that Nokia wants to focus its activity on renewable activities will arise change “Connecting People” for “Long life for our planet”. Then, Like I borrow them “Connecting People” to work on personal branding. Do you think I would leave?

All they give banks is air conditioning


We all hoped that the bailout money to banks citizens would have a positive effect towards lending to economic activity, and particularly towards the SMEs. All figures imagined that the multi-billion rescue Bankia or Catalunya Caixa -among others- would result in an improvement in the economic outlook. Perhaps what happens to us is that we are all very naive. Or at least some.

This week we have had a new negative experience with a bank. I will not mention specifically, because what he has done (or better, What has not done) It is common practice in the industry. It calls (I mean Soymimarca) branch director newcomer to come forward and want to know us better. He asks that we will see, as a possible operation in between renting small draft arises. We offer apply for credit ICO for circulating, with a minimum of 10,000 € and 80,000 € to an affordable interest rate, close to 4% TAE.

My partner and I stayed Stone, we could not believe it. What's going on? A proposed bank credit? And besides a low interest rate? Without personal guarantees? And easy to manage?. This happened on Wednesday. It was a lovely evening, a nice guy and a pleasant temperature (outside 30with high humidity). We had not taken LSD or any kind of psychotropics, we were calm and concentrated.

Also on Wednesday hastily send all documents requested us to grant credit, that there were few. The company is a startup, and although it has had positive numbers on the income and corporate income tax last year. The company suffers from the usual difficulties of treasury -circulante- and also an expansion strategy arises foreign markets, so it seemed a godsend fallen a bank offered to lend a hand (erroneous expression, they make money).

End Mirage: the next day, Thursday, to 10 in the morning we had the verdict: denied.

SMEs do not want alms

almsIt is a pity that governments boast entering recovery periods, PIME and helps entrepreneurs, and that is not accompanied by specific action plans. SMEs do not want alms, we want to create wealth, innovate, add value. We know that you have to risk, and for this we have put behind our project all our personal assets. Many SME partners have been long periods with no income whatsoever to shape a business project.

Now, Unlike some years ago, we are fortunate to denounce. Banks do what they please, because the authorities permit. There are few leaders with the courage to impose measures on the big bankers: the future play.

Economic recovery? We continue to work 15 apuraremos hours a day and our personal reservations. In the meantime, we know that all they give banks is air conditioning.

Marketing Humano III: question of confidence

The tremendous impact on various social forums that are generating this new twist to the marketing (#marketinghumano) It was in a predictable way, although it is still surprising ease and enthusiasm with which this proposal is being assumed that rather than change the view that the new marketing has the new market it aims to change the approach itself. This is; overcome the marketing concept of company / product / consumer / person into a new dimension person / person.

Construction and development personal branding It has a lot to do with this new scenario. Personal brands with values ​​strengthen social and economic relations.

This implies that people become aware of their brand value, not as a product or client. The difference goes far beyond the lexical. The difference is the emotional authenticity.

I can make a product and provide it with emotions. It's really easy, that's what advertising. It is an inanimate, unable to communicate Leg. Arguments and advertisers communicate by him or brand.

But when we talk about people talking about particularities, life experiences, sensory and emotional. It is pure reality.

People build their brand from values, skills and differences. And a promise of value based on trust. Trust is something of an accepted hypothesis on the future behavior of the other.

What role does trust in human marketing?

The role of trust in human marketing is bidirectional. It is home generator but also receptor.

The first creates a system of interactions where my brand, my values, my skills and my differential arguments act creating an environment of respect and cordiality to govern the personal and professional relationships.

The second confidence returns received and acts as catalyst relations.

This relationship marketing, between people and values, human marketing, Confidence needs to be viable and practiced.

It generates credibility to convey your value promise. It generates confidence to predict satisfaction. Satisfaction used to amplify and extend its model.

We can say that with confidence, it is possible to assume a certain degree of regularity andpredictibilidad in social actions, simplifying the functioning of society. And that's saying something.

Leaving aside the functionalism of this proposal we can say like other authors that trust is the basis of all institutions, and also acts as contrast power, forcing him to conform to our own expectations.

Loss of confidence usually comes by emotional exhaustion. This occurs when our value promise has not met expectations in shape or expected time. And you know how hard it is to recover.

Do you believe in the power of trust? Do you believe in the Human Marketing?

Routine delicious

September arrives and routines recover. A relief for parents with school-age children. A relief for entrepreneurs, freelancers and other animals of these species among which I include myself.

Why do so many people hate routines?, Why do many believe that routine is the enemy of creativity?

The opposite, a good creative process is a planned routine that can be seasoned with drops of inspiration. Lateral thinking does not flow spontaneously until the brain has assimilated as their own. Thus, the thinking is divergently by certain routines.

Season begins 2011/2012. You're welcome, routine.

#lateraltwits 21 Twitter como teaser

We've moved in the advertising environment know magic teaser. Do you remember those campaigns with powerful messages that do not sign anyone? That's a teaser (pronúnciese Tiser).It is also known as the unknown campaign.

It is an advance of a campaign, a release, an event. Its main function is to create notoriety and expectation around the event and cause the audience is “watchful eye” what might happen that day.

Twitter is an ideal medium for such campaigns. It is recommended to create a “hashtag” not overly unveil the content of the action. Just a few weeks ago from Twitter @soymimarca, We create a teaser campaign to heat engines which would be opening SOYMIMARCA VALENCIA, which it was finally 17 from January. I show the sequence of tweets of the week prior to launch, which they generated much excitement and more than one DM (direct message) wondering what the hell tramábamos.

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What you put in your esquela?

For some reason unknown, the obituaries are written other. And they write what they want and what makes a family protocol. Rarely reflected the emotional legacy who has gone. Pay attention to the most common formulas:

“He died a Christian in Madrid at the age of 86 years old . His wife, brothers, children and grandchildren pray a prayer for his soul. The funeral will be tomorrow at that site”

“He died the 13 April 20o9. His wife as, your children may, of, such and such, politicians such children, of, such and such, his nephews, grandchildren and the whole family will transmit sensitive loss. The farewell ceremony will take place at the funeral of such, tomorrow at this hour.”

There is some data that hardly ever appear: What was the paw print he left that person in their environment, whether family, of friends or work. What was his passion, that kept him motivated for more than 80 years old . What he died.

Why? How is this data, the most important, They are dedicated to obituaries famous people? Why they are called finados, deceased, transferred? Is that during 86 years you have been people and that the heart stops beating raisins to be late. How sad legacy of a moment.

Now Imagine for a moment that we could write the obituary. It would be fantastic to reflect what we intuit that has been our Personal Branding, It would be great to ignore relatives we have not seen in recent 40 years and we care a hoot sovereign. It would be great to express emotions, which has helped us to live, who have loved, the dish we liked. It would be fantastic to remind friends, which we have imported a thousand times more than many families. It would be fantastic to remind teachers, Schoolmates, de mili, faculty.

We recognize that it would be a challenge, as the obituaries of newspapers work by words, and that we know that expensive quotes. It would be almost like writing a “twit” of 140 characters, or advertisement Adwords. Here are two obituaries that would reflect either a personal brand. Long version and short:

“One day I had to leave, this is not hard my friends forever. I dont complain. More of 80 years I have never missed my little game of dominoes with Pedro, Juan, Carmen, Mary and Pepa. More of 80 years taking the best cod in the world with Mary, my love forever. More of 80 chuckling years of dirty tricks from peers from school and teachers. More of 80 years enjoying all of you, without hating anyone. A lot of years working on my Paradita market, knowing all kinds of people. You can not ask for more. The love you forever, there where you are. If you want to come to say hello or knock Marta Silvia, my dear daughters to send a million kisses. Thomas, King of cod.”

“Stopped beating, but I leave the memory of my games of dominoes, My cod and my divine daughters. I follow from above #tomasbacalao”.

What is personal branding?, What is it for?

It seems interesting to repost this article montse Taboada, personal branding coach de soymimarca. In it we find the essence of personal branding.

According Wikipedia, Personal Brand (in English Personal Branding) It is a concept of personal development consisting consider oneself as a brand, that as trademarks, It must be made, transmitted and protected, a spirit of differentiate and achieve greater success in social and professional relationships. Personal brand pursues the impression made durable and suggest the benefit of the relationship between the trademark holder and the observer.

In the times, create one Personal Branding It is more than necessary, It is hardly win an asset that can be assessed.

Like the great trademarks, those who want to be known and respected for our work, we need a clear strategy to develop and position our brand. Who does not know Bill Gates, asked, Michael Dell, Porter,... they are all great brands ... The concept of personal branding does not try to convert people into material objects, but on the contraty, is that the person is not listed as a curriculum vitae, Like other, but the person is seen as different and able to make its unique value and unrepeatable.

Unlike other approaches to professional improvement techniques that tend to improve personal characteristics, This approach tends personal brand personal promotion through the perception that others have one.