Year of CREATIVITY: the world needs creative thinking more than even before

The good news is that Edward de Bono It has been chosen by the European Union as ‘Ambassador for Thinking’ for this year 2009, the year of Creativity.

In “Idea Creativity”, January his recent message, Bono highlights the difference between artistic creativity and creativity in thought. It recognizes that the first is best known, but he also thinks that today the world needs creative thinking more than ever in history “the world needs creative thinking more than even before”.

creativity-and-innovation-eurpean-year-20091Here is the full text:

idea creativity

I was in Prague on January 7th. for the launch of the European Year of Creativity, 2009. The Czech Republic has the presidency of the EU for the first half of 2009.

As usual one of the big problems facing creativity in the inability of language to distinguish between artistic creativity and idea creativity. Both involve creating something new which has value. The practical problem is that the Year of Creativity may tend to focus on artistic creativity because it is better known. That is unfortunate because the world needs creative thinking more than even before. Many problems facing the world are not easily solved with our existing thinking. I am very much in favor of artistic creativity but we do need idea creativity.

It may be that people still believe that nothing can be done about creative thinking and that we just have to wait and hope for new ideas. That attitude is very old fashioned but still prevalent. Many people just do not know that there are formal and deliberate ways of creating new ideas – such as the tools of lateral thinking.

I encourage anyone reading this message to write to your government and the European Union to emphasize the need and possibility of creative thinking.

It is indeed a move in the right direction that the EU has appointed me ‘Ambassador for Thinking’ for the year of creativity.

The evolution of marketing in a video wordless

Life has changed. The market has changed. And consumers also.

The German agency Scholz & Friends in a film tells three minutes and thirty seconds called 'A short story of marketing'.

The author of the video is Michael Reissinger, one of the managers of Deli Pictures, and that spent five weeks, by the responsible for animation (Rafael Ahamad), to create this story. Mighty music by Marc.

[youtube= = ciSrNc1v17M&hl = it&fs=1]

Lateral thinking applied to advertising against drugs

In 2006 I had the opportunity to work for a very interesting project promoted by the foundation FOSCAD (help against addiction), sponsored by the Ministry of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya and with the collaboration of the Association of Advertising and PR of Catalonia.

It was to hold a poster contest against cannabis among young university. The project was framed as a joint initiative between the College (2Young creative contest edition), the Generalitat and FOSCAD (fight against drugs). JCDecaux collaborated and the City of Barcelona.

The first surprise was the participation, that far exceeded the 19 College Award candidates in the previous edition: It was reached 120 participants!!

The second, much better than the first, It refers to the qualitative factor: chosen as a prize piece (6.000€ + the publication of the piece), Roman Lozano, verges on the sublime. The owner “Mary loves it” (translated would be something like “Your Mary does not love you”, genial. And the image… judge for yourselves.

“Can”, a challenge to logical thinking

My friend Enric Climent, photographer and supplier of emotions via e-mail, sent me this video that shows a real challenge to reason

This story is an Australian father performed every year the Ironman Australia, and his biggest dream was to compete alongside his son that test, which – and unfortunately he was born with cerebral palsy. The Australian never saw his son's situation as an obstacle and trained very hard – along with his son – for several years until it came time. The Australian about 60 years old she enrolled her son and himself at Ironman Australia. This is a test for large people ... really people with a winning mentality, copy, and really strong convictions, and finish an Ironman is out of this world. The test consists of three parts beginning almost always at dawn:

Read more

Creativity is not just thinking something different. That something must add value.

effectively, reciting Edward de Bono, generating an idea of ​​a triangular door is different, but it provides little value. Thanks to technology we can now see and hear live Bono. Deputy defining this video better than any other lateral thinking.


Micro-Marketing, no doubt the secret of success in internet


Clearly, we are well into the era of micro-marketing. The idea of ​​basing a business solely on the number of visits is clearly insufficient, and as it demonstrated in the failure of early .com 2000. So no matter how they will get and what kind were, the only important thing was to have thousands, million visits and paid whatever just to get, because having those visits success was guaranteed. Read more

Rodolfo Chikilicuatre: In defense of notoriety. It is also creative freaky.

Rodolfo Chikilicuatre eventually will represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest with the piece “Chiki Chiki”. I've read countless reviews tacky, freak, Song and singer. But the truth is that a song totaling almost 3 million viewings in Google has to be something special, and it is. Aside if one does not like or the type of music, the letter or character, the truth is that the whole blunts. It is out of the norm, It does not go unnoticed. The singer is not a singer, This is David Fernández, the team's Roof, inseparable from Buenafuente. The song is not a song, It is a multidisciplinary dance. The letter, which it has been censored to compete, not wasted.

Actually is the set which constitutes an absolutely remarkable and creative piece. Lo freak, in this case, It is novel. In a few months, when everyone wants to imitate Rodolfo, freak it will no longer be creative, will no longer break.

1.200€ by Edward de Bono see one day. lateral thinking and some exclusive, ¿No?

Focus Management Our friends organized a new event in Barcelona: The next 2 April the great Edward de Bono speak of creativity Hesperia Tower in Barcelona. This is the good news. The bad? The event, Like many other area businesses, It is exclusively for corporate executives, as its price of 1,200 € severely limits what, and just “supply pack” If you send three people. Frankly, the issue is not intended for micro-enterprises or self-employed. Maybe next time.

Marketing lateral. The pleasure of rereading Kotler.

Those who went through the pioneer and classic book “Marketing Manual” of Philippe Kotler We can not pass up the chance to reread Kotler, this time from the hand of Fernando Trias de Bes in his “Lateral Marketing” (2004). I read it when it launched ago 3 or 4 years old , but it is a treasure worth having on hand.

Why Lateral Marketing?

  • Now there are products to suit all needs and the needs of customers are more than satisfied: are hipersatisfechas.
  • Today, only one of each 10 sales promotions will get a higher rate of response 5%, while a few years ago this was the minimum that could be expected with any promotion.
  • A normal citizen of a large urban area is exposed daily to an average of 2.000 advertising or communications stimuli, of which only a few can remember at the end of the day, hopefully!
  • The success rate of new products has dropped dramatically over the past decade: only 20% survives a year in consumer goods.
  • In 1975, US were recorded approximately 31.000 new patents, Meanwhile in 2000 that figure rose 300%. In countries like England or Germany, growth was more than one 600% in the same period.
  • There is growing industries in reduced growth rates, what it is called "mature phase". In that case, no choice but to be able to create radical innovations.