Team Branding: the team spirit in front of your competitors

Man has to make great efforts to create great works ... should only have the necessary tools: desire to do, a good idea and a great team.

If you want to go fast walk alone, If you want to go far go together African Proverb

Sometimes we complicate the existence wanting to do everything ourselves, our EGO He says that we are able to do so, but it is not true, we always need other. And it was why there were many issues such as influence, yes, leadership ... and it is so now we manage our Personal Branding.

Team Branding: A team is also a brand

A team is also a brand, It is a sum, a whole! it is here where we will add the best of each of us , the best of each personal brand that integrates this team be mixed and yield better results. remember that things are much easier when working in teams. But for this to work, team members must be in perfect harmony: Work towards common goals, know and identify with VALUES Company, have the right motivation and above all, there must be a real commitment to the company and peers.

Each of the members of the Avengers and JLA know that alone can have results, but they can never achieve what team would achieve: defeat the enemy.

Now that are so fashionable, They are the best example to talk about Team Branding y Branding personal, We know them by their individual work and his teamwork (surely we have our favorite and with which we identify), SUMA each skill, an experience or different idea, They know that complement, They share a motivation, commitments and values. Even the villains team up! (Suicide Squad) and account for its misdeeds, then we should be able to work together well.

How boring would our super favorite heroes were able to resolve and do everything, who would not need to bring technology, information…

Behind each company, project or enterprise there is such a common story as life itself, and there are people who add their skills. Branding Team is born when there are customers who serve, skills to practice and to create value, that's where the team is known for something, but it is also where we can not stop adding, must constantly create value, be proactive and like superheroes know our strengths and weaknesses, to our value proposition to add to the great team.

A great brand team will have the best! They are the best communicating clearly what they do individually and team, but they will also be able to make the set objectives are met, They ensure quality and value for its customers.

Where to begin?

I think that in order to achieve Great team record and make a great Team Branding, It should start at the beginning:

Your personal brand, you as an individual and your SELF.

  • What makes you unique?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What is your weakness?
  • Where are you going?

When you clear this and everything else (Personal Branding) It is easier to know what you are going to contribute, and then to work as a team you need to have:

  • clear understanding of our target market, we serve you
  • Our core competencies, what we do better than other teams
  • Benefits we offer, the value of what we do, and finally
  • Our brand personality, ie the particular way we do things.

When results are achieved through effective Team Branding these will be recognized by our customers, our competence and the equipment itself.

You will have a good feedback and good perception internally and externally, recognition will be for the team and therefore for each join the people in it. Each of the members will be proud of what makes, increase productivity, quality of work and commitment.

A brand solid team supports the strategic corporate goals, It helps the company more competitive in the market, the team goes from a service role to a role strategy, the team becomes a reliable source of information and reference, It will be relevant to other areas of the company or the same competition.

Team spirit is what gives many companies an advantage over their competitors George Clements

This spirit is what makes redefine the way we do things, because after that as a team toast a product or service and nothing should be the same as a button:


The most popular Web search, Perhaps there is another and?

After google nothing is the same, there are other search engines, but none is so cool, dynamic and fun, in my opinion.

Google equipment consists of the 4 fantastic, a wildcard, stirrer, a leader and an expert on business; Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt y Omid Kordestani, Together they carry Google to the top of a simple way, adding the best of each, with a touch of humility and clear objectives.

Our ability to build great works is much greater if we have the humility to develop the ability to work together toward a common vision, directing our individual value towards achieving common goals.

Build a team

If you want uncommon results builds a team, work in team, leads and inspires your team. Which wants to be your role in the team you must be willing to give all for all, yes, Team Branding It's the key.


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A key and a story for your next career reinvention

In the course of your life, there will be good times and bad times, times when it will seem that you are invincible and times when you feel defeated and useless. The times when you think you're invincible not last long, so you should enjoy and savor them because then you'll find something that will remind you that you are standing on a roller coaster, and soon you'll come down. However, overcome moments when you feel defeated and useless is much harder.

Reinventing Syndrome Abrupt

A classic of these hard times is the dismissal of a job, and it is no less hard if we talk about a direct dismissal or dismissal interior. One day to another, you go from being valuable in an organization to feel displaced and to doubt yourself, your knowledge and return to find a job in which you feel accomplished. I have met many people in that situation and, the vast majority, risk of falling into what I call the syndrome Reinventing Abrupta.

This dangerous syndrome drags people who suffer reinventing, something very common in this situation, but suddenly cutting off his previous professional environment and focusing on a generally very remote area which has known and dominated until then. For example, A few years ago I met several excellent vendors trying to become web designers or community managers. Predictably, it was impossible to start from scratch in sectors as competitor and returned to their occupation of vendors "old-fashioned", without having taken advantage of that experience and frustration of returning to an environment he had tried to escape.

Professional reinvention is not easy to manage, and the most successful tend to come from the hybridization of new knowledge and past experiences. Around me I have many examples of successful professional reinvenciones, but I have chosen two of these cases as I have lived more closely and because they are well known.

real cases of successful reinvention

Eva Collado and Guillem Recolons They can say they have successfully reinvented professionally. Eva is one of the experts in human capital management companies most requested by Spain and Latin America and Guillem is one of the pioneers and leaders in personal branding nationwide. But as in most cases they choose the path of professional reinvention, They have worked hard and long to achieve these successes and have had to overcome many obstacles on the road.

Eva was responsible for human resource development in a multinational e-commerce and advertising Guillem was a major advertising agency when they were at the crossroads that involves taking the decision to reinvent themselves professionally. For both, the easy way would have been to continue year after year doing the same in other equal companies they left but, even with good offers on the table, they decided to take the difficult path.

However, knew they had to start acquiring new knowledge and enhance certain skills so, once defined their own learning environments, they decided to hone their digital skills, commercial, self-management and networking. As Eva and Guillem ensure and demonstrate their careers as, the sum of experience, new skills and knowledge of new trends in the industry in which you want to focus are the key to your future and the key to professional reinvention.

A key to your way

As you can imagine, This is a long process and involves a huge effort, so it will be very important not to rush and to choose either the direction of reinvention and knowledge will have to add to carry it out. In addition, you have to be patient because the results do not arrive the first day and a bad choice can typecast after an area where actually you will not fit.

Surely this is not what you want to hear a person who is thinking about reinventing professionally. It's hard to ask for patience and faith in oneself to a person who feels defeated and useless, which it looks like an abandoned stone on a road.

A story not to forget

So I want to tell you a story. A true story that begins, with an abandoned stone on a road, a stone in a heap of stones discarded a diamond mine in South Africa, another stone until Julie, a girl 9 years old , he noticed it while playing around the area.

Julie did not have much more to play than that pile of stones. In fact, did not have much more to life. His parents had died, his brothers worked as slaves in the diamond mine and she just took care of her disabled uncle.

As he suspected his uncle as Julie handed the stone that had caught his attention, what was inside the rock would change their lives and the history of jewelry as, until then, He had never encountered such a large diamond. Weighing 890 carat, since it is known as diamond Incomparable.

After several purchases and repurchases, the Incomparable diamond in the rough ended in New York. If the story of his discovery had been curious, It was no less the cutting process, cutting and polishing. This delicate task was entrusted to Samuel Black, a recognized expert in the diamond faceting.

During the four years in which he studied the stone, Black had to make several decisions. The most important thing was to give up cutting the world's largest diamond, I would have to overcome 530 carat Cullinan I, to avoid the high risk posed operation on a stone in such an irregular. Finally he decided to cut a stone 407 carats and other 14 Smaller stones.

unrivaled diamond

The 890 Unmatched carat rough, and once carved with 407 carat. Source:

Nevertheless, the Incomparable is the fourth largest in history and the biggest diamond diamonds coffee. In the late 80 It was auctioned for a 20 millions of dollars, but he found no buyer and currently its value would be above 55 millions of euros.

I would not forget this story if you are thinking of a professional reinvention and you thought it the next time you feel defeated and useless. Although it will be difficult at that time to believe in yourself, remember that even the biggest diamond needs someone who is able to see its potential to help you shine and time to polish the edges, so trust yourself and do not rush when choosing what you want to be in the future.

I do not want you to be perfect, I want emotions

If you've read any of my post previous, as you may have noticed that music is one of my great passions. From an early age he was already aware of the latest hits and all my life music has always accompanied me on most of the activities that have been addressed.

That is why, occasionally, I fall into nets shift talent show, as "The voice" or "Number one", and almost always I find something to do with personal branding and many lessons to learn.

Both "The Voice" and "Number One" begin with a casting in which each contestant has just over a minute to convince the jury of their potential, although in each case the starting point is different, and this has much to do with two of the most common ways that a potential customer will meet and assess whether you are the right person to hire your services.

The first impression

In "number one" the first impression is critical. Possibly, an important part of the jury's decision is taken even before the contestant has sung the first note. In this case, poise will be valued on stage, credibility and coherence between the elements that make up the image of the artist. After, vocal and stage performance will have to confirm or exceed expectations created.

This case is equivalent to a potential customer you know at a meeting, networking event the un, even, in a talk. As in the contest, the first impression is decisive for everything that will happen later can be credible. In those first moments will transmit vital that consistency and reliability and, for it, your appearance will be crucial, nonverbal language and media to support this perception: business card, dossier, etc.

In these cases, The main objective is to prevent any distracting elements client or generate negative feelings: insecurity, neglect, unprofessionalism, etc.

Your art excites me

In "The Voice" Casting is done with the judges back to the artist, so the only element involved in the jury's decision is the vocal performance that it offers. In this case, the artist must take stock of their limitations and strengths to play its cards so they get to convince the jury that is the best choice or one of the best. To this end, it is essential choosing a song that borders these limitations but, at the same time, allow them to take advantage of their strengths.

The important thing is that the interpretation emotionally impacting judges. And is that, although it may seem illogical, a performance with a lot of technical implementation level need not be a winning performance. In fact, the jury selects interpreters who have detuned promptly but who have contributed their personality to the song, who have managed to convey emotion and honesty.

The equivalent of "The Voice" personal branding occurs when a potential customer knows you through your blog. In this case, It is very likely to have reached a particular article through a Google search and, possibly, after reading some other articles related to your search but, as in the contest, that will not be chosen higher technical level but which manages to offer a better solution to their problems.

And this is achieved in the same manner as in the contest: Knowing your customer, knowing your strengths and weaknesses and manage them to excite your client. Possibly, perfection has much less to do with the excitement of your client with empathy, the passion, honesty and, very important, consistency you transmit.

I do not want you to be perfect, I want emotions.

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How much is the kilo of influencer?

Internet in general, and social networks in particular, are massive and global phenomena, whose advantages and almost does not need to explain. these advantages, or at least some of them, They have been quickly appreciated by those who want to use these platforms to sell products or services, directly or indirectly.

The assault 2.0

Many of them have entered the world 2.0 without having made the effort to understand, without realizing that in this environment the rules are different and, the worst, without realizing that the territory in which they barged belongs to the people who support it with their interactions.

Ignoring all these points, with focus put on sale and packed Charger, come and shoot everything that moves, with the results that we can imagine.

After a first more or less disastrous experience, some of these snipers have seen a solution to disinterest their assault techniques 2.0 They have caused among your potential audience. At last they have found the vehicle that will take them to the reef, someone has made them believe that there, of customers around the world, eager to spend their money on the first online store, u offline, they find.

this solution, like many others from the world of marketing, It has an English name: influencers.

What is an influencer

An influencer is a person who has around a community of people who considered relevant in one or more areas of knowledge, on which, its authority on the subject, It has the capacity to influence positively or negatively.

This phenomenon is not new, much less the world of marketing, where prescribers or brand ambassadors existed for decades.

The big difference influencers 2.0 It is that these can be people walk, almost anonymous outside their specific environment and, in many cases, They not even work in the area of ​​knowledge that dominate. Thus, many of the brands and sellers snipers have seen a great opportunity for them to reach the target customer with much less budget than with other traditional activities and more effectively.

Again, without making the slightest effort to know the particularities of these people, They have returned to pick up the gun and shooting indiscriminately.

How much is the kilo of influencer?

Thus, bloggers and people with a good number of followers on a social network are required daily by anyone selling your product or has launched an application, so that they serve advertising platform, free course.

Not even take into account whether the blog or the editorial line of influencer in question has the slightest relation to your product, just shoot right and left, directly or through agencies created on purpose.

these agencies, On the other laso, invoice their services to the respective clients, while they are trying to "buy" the dissemination of its content platforms influencers with four canapes served at the event shift and a photo section of the local newspaper social chronicle.

And, with everything, this is not the worst of propositions which usually receives a influencer. Sometimes, a company, generally small or medium, Contact the influencer to ask directly how many followers you can get.

The influencers have a number of followers with a willingness to listen to what he has to say does not mean, although there may be cases, which are sold to the highest bidder.

An influencer is a person who has devoted much time and effort to earn a reputation and recognition of his followers and, for that reason, particularly appreciates its credibility, acting as consistent as possible. This does not mean that a product is not willing to meet, application or service for free or in exchange for financial compensation: it will do so if it deems consistent with its editorial line and if you think your opinion may be relevant to your community, but hardly it is going to agree to become an advertising vehicle, a lot less, a hired recruiter followers.

In the same way that social networks have multiplied the possibilities of relating to the potential customer, the influencer marketing can be another good opportunity to do so, but in both cases you should consider a strategy win-win, especially the target customer.

So, if one day make you a proposition as I have described, thinks your reputation and credibility are the most valuable thing is your personal brand, It acts accordingly and… get happy!, you are an influencer.

Do not waste your life trying to be the trademark of another person

Despite its short life, George Gershwin has left a deep imprint on the history of American popular music. Still today, Their music is a benchmark for many artists and has not missed in the repertoires of many music stars since early last century to the present.

Gershovitz Jacob was born in Brooklyn in a family of Russian immigrants. Very young, he endeavored to learn to play the piano, so his father, despite the delicate economic situation of the family, he tried he could study with a teacher.

Soon she begins to compose his first songs, who had some success and allowed him to write his first successful Broadway musical: "The, Lucille ". Then compose more music, repeating success, and more classical pieces, intended for concert halls.

Despite its successes, Gershwin knew that his technique was not very refined, so he traveled to Paris to study with the best teachers. It is said that Igor Stravinsky wanted to hire, although there is no record of it, y a Maurice Ravel, the composer of the famous "Bolero". Ravel declined the offer making the following question:

"What do you want to be a second Ravel when you can be a first Gershwin?”

Ravel thought he could lose his spontaneity Gershwin, your own style, renouncing teach, She showed him the way to go, the continuing work in style, its differential value, those features that made its unmistakable brand.

As you begin to develop a personal brand it is normal to have referents, but you should not go there. The brand is built on a multitude of personal items, combined and presented duly, They make us unique. This combination is unique to each person, and the differential value that makes it perceived as a benchmark or the best choice for a particular function, that is the mark.

There are many factors involved in this "formula" as, among others: culture, experiences, knowledge, environment, character… and influences.

evidently, referents influence us. This is based on our education. philosophers, novelists, musicians, painters, designers, leaders… They have all left their mark on what each of us.

However, They are just part of our "secret formula"; the number of "ingredients" and the amount of each that we bring is what makes us unique. So, paraphrasing one of the icons of many personal bests of our time, asked, I dare recommend:

"Do not waste your life trying to be the trademark of another person"

In a way it is what Ravel told Gershwin, which followed his advice and soon returned to the United States. Before returning, composed "An American in Paris", It would end up being popularized by the movie of the same name in years 50.

After premiered the opera "Porgy & Bess "that, despite being misunderstood by critics, She became one of his most famous creations. Many of the pieces included in this score are great classics of music history, especially jazz: “Summertime”, “I love you, Porgy” o “It ain´t necessarily so”.

After the failure of criticism of "Porgy & Bess ", Gershwin moved to Hollywood to compose music for films and there he began suffering severe headaches, symptom of a tumor causing his death a few months later, to the 38 years old .

George Gershwin, Born into a poor family, Self-taught and in a few years he was able to build a brand whose influence has not only grown, despite 75 years since his death.

Follow his example and advice of Ravel: "Do not be the one second mark, Be your own brand "

To close, recording “I love you, gates” the voice of Nina Simone, who had in his repertoire for decades. There are many versions of this topic, even many versions of the own Simone, but none that I know there is so much intensity in the interpretation or much complicity between piano and voice.

Dedicated to the living memory of “Peter Pan

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Nina Simone: personal branding forged by adversity

They would still spend twenty years before it was known as Nina Simone, and some more to become one of the largest divas del jazz but, at the age of four, Eunice Kathleen Waynon, and he sang and played the piano with ease in religious services. His family could barely stand but, at six years old, and by a grant anonymous, He could begin studying classical piano.

Four years later, Eunice, It was already a prodigious pianist, He gave a concert in the library of his city. Seated in the front row, proud parents waited for comenzase the concert when they were forced to leave their seats to white citizens occupy a place.

This would mark forever Eunice, with the years, It would become active rights advocate of the African American population.

Despite this incident, Eunice continued his studies in piano and singing until, after seeing denied a scholarship, he assumed that he would not be the first black soloist in the history of the United States and began working as a pianist in a bar in Atlantic City.

Every night was playing and singing for six hours, so he created a repertoire of popular music, that personalizaba with touches of jazz and classical and played with intense vocal style and torn. It would be then that would adopt the stage name Nina Simone so that her mother did not find out that playing the piano in a bar.

His unmistakable style would soon popular, enabling the recording of the first of a long list of discs. Then he began a successful career, they did not abandon their compromised position against racial discrimination.

There are few such clear examples in the world of show what a Personal Branding: the sum of knowledge, attitude and values ​​Nina Simone made of a unique and inimitable artist.

Because, in these times in which winds of change, I find inspiring history, to the someone who knew how to create your brand and your future from adversity.

I do not speak of miracles, secrets, Attraction, nor cheap positivism. I speak of study, practice, be constant, having determination and integrity.

In the coming years you have to get used to evolve, change of occupation, to acquire knowledge continuously. What will never change, if it is well built, is your brand.

In Nina Simone discography is no music that could be classified as jazz, soul o pop, although doing so would be irrelevant. The style, a trademark, Simone are so unmistakable that cross the boundaries of labels.

almost ten years ago that the piano and the voice of Nina Simone went out forever, but we still have his music and a statement of intent, Still today, does nothing but reinforce your brand:

I would like to be remembered as a committed me diva with her feelings towards racism and how the world should be; and that, until the end of his days, He remained true to herself

Nina chose as the title of his autobiography "I put a spell on you”, one of his best-known songs, in which the flamboyant versioned Screamin 'Jay Hawkins, And I do not think of a better close to appreciate the inimitable artistic qualities of Simone.


Freddie Mercury: Personal brand to the end

There is a saying: "Genius and figure, to the grave ". All people with a Personal brand consistently lead internalized during all his life, and a good example would be Freddie Mercury, the unique singer of the rock band Queen.
“The Show Must Go On”
It can be considered the musical testament Freddie Mercury, and history of recording, the best example to illustrate the consistency and consequence of their Personal Brand.

Brian May and Mercury himself had composed the letter: a poignant storytelling of the last days of the great singer, acceptance of impending doom and positive attitude against it. The demo version of the song was recorded in the demo with the voice of falsetto May, because of high records necessary to execute it as it had been made.

Mercury's health, AIDS patient, It was badly damaged. Thus, disc producers doubted that the singer could achieve the demanding vocal registers theme.

When communicating doubt Freddie, he reached for a bottle of vodka which gave a good drink and, approaching the microphone, he answered:

“I’ll fuckin’ do it, darling”

Freddie Mercury singing the subject in one shot without greater problems, reaching its highest registers and astound the audience. Brian May, and not a few admirers of Queen, consider this issue as one of the interpretations a bit bright the great singer.

Due to physical deterioration of Mercury, it was decided to mount a video in which material is compiled from the last ten years the group. Six weeks after the release of the topic, Freddie Mercury was losing the battle against AIDS. Since then, Your personal brand and its legend continues to grow.

¡God Save The Queen!

Photo: Nuno Alex Silva (flickr)

The first hero of the Twin Towers

that fateful 11 September 2001, as he watched the images of the plume of smoke coming out of the north tower World Trade Center, Philippe Petit remember the morning of 7 August 1974 in which, shortly after 7 am and precisely from the north tower itself, would the first steps on steel wire that separated the Twin Towers del World Trade Center, To over 400m. Tall.

During forty five magical minutes, Small he toured the cable end to end, jump, HE sat down e, even, did reverencias He surprised the audience that filled the sidewalks Manhattan unable to remove the view of figure dressed in black, over their heads, ran the space between buildings newly released. Even the police, to stop Petit, hesitated whether to applaud or handcuff.

Philippe Petit, their 24 years old , He had become a legend.

and they climaxed six years of planning, Petit in which not only had to practice his skill as tightrope walker. He also studied everything about the building buildings and the way in which he and his collaborators could to get the necessary equipment to the roof of the north tower without waking suspicions.

His feat had such repercussion that were removed the charges and, instead of going to jail, It was invited to play your ride Central Park. In addition, He was given a lifetime pass that allowed the visit to the towers and Company it was recorded in one of the steel beams of the north tower.

Since then, Philippe Petit ha travel the world walking on the wire in all types of locations, as the Cathedral of Our Lady one to Torre Eiffel, on Paris, or the Sydney Bridge. They have written several books around her walk between the towers and, on 2008, It was filmed a documentary that included the original images.

The history Petit's feat, which began by reading a magazine in a dentist's office, we sample Like the goals are attainable wherever they used determination and passion, Guided by an appropriate strategy without skimping on knowledge.

And, first of all, must be a view, and here is where the success Petit and other great artists and geniuses. This concept is well reflected in a sentence, attributed to many authors who did not cite any, what does it say:

“Innovation is to look where everyone has looked at and see what no one has seen”

In front of that magazine where others had seen the announcement of a fantastic construction, Petit had a vision: He saw an opportunity to display their art, to shine and to do something that the rest of humanity considered impossible.

Still today, their 63 years old , Philippe Petit sigue chasing one of his dreams most craved: cross the Grand Canyon.

Yves Saint Laurent: The secret behind the personal brand

To the 21 years old , Yves Saint Laurent It was not only the youngest couturier French haute couture, but it had been appointed chief designer of Dior for the same Christian Dior.

Four years later, on 1961, He created its own signature.

For four decades, Saint-Laurent revolutionized the world of feminine fashion. The creator of the ready-to-wear should be, as well, contributions as saharian, female costume tailor, Transparencies or perfume world's best-selling: Opium.

From the perspective of personal branding we are facing an exemplary case study: a personal brand that manages to convey a values that differentiate it from the rest and cause changes both its sector of activity in society.

A personal brand that derives trademark.

However, this fantastic career would not have occurred without the aid of another genius: Pierre Bergé, collaborator and partner of Saint-Laurent.

It was Bergé who allowed the creation from the company, to get the money needed through an inverter and Dior suing for moral damage caused by the dismissal of Saint-Laurent.

The creation of ready-to-wear or business diversification by creating lines perfumery, cosmetic and other products are just some of the landmarks of the management Bergé in front of the brand.

Saint-Laurent alternating stages of frenetic creativity with others "Descent into hell" indulging in all sorts of excesses. During his brief stay in the military had suffered humiliations, together with those of their school, They led him to be admitted to a psychiatric hospital, where he received very aggressive therapies. These therapies would be responsible for the emotional imbalances that would carry all his life and he plunged into deep crisis of creativity, that helped him overcome Bergé, if not to defend himself.

When we talk about personal brand, we tend to think of something like a superhero: one person launching a whole plan for position as a reference in a niche or specialty.

In practice this is not impossible, in the same way that decathlon athletes train for ten different disciplines.

Another thing is that it is the recommended option. The bitch learning to acquire essential abilities necessary and design a plan de personal branding hoping the advance to try / fail method is time consuming, energy and money. Using these resources in a created and assisted plan by professionals, the results and profitability of the plan will come before.

It is what in economics is called opportunity cost: the courage not to take action is equivalent to that obtained have made the best possible options.

We will never know the opportunity cost that could have Yves Saint-Laurent for not having had the advice of Pierre Bergé, but you can imagine the cost if that will mean for your career and your personal brand letting pass an opportunity to follow a Plan de Personal Branding.

“incompetent headhunter”: These great creators of personal brand

In 1919, a young artist was fired from the Kansas City Star that “It lacked imagination and he had no good ideas”. It was called Walter Elias Disney, and four years later founded The Walt Disney Company, one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world.

Few combinations of first and last names have as much ability to suggest emotions, values and all kinds of attributes brand. Few people have developed an activity that has marked so strongly as many generations as it has the artist who gave life to Mickey, Donald and many other unforgettable characters. It is very likely that none of these characters come to life to be at that “headhunter incompetent” that Disney fired del Kansas City Star.

Perhaps Disney had continued drawing advertisements for newspapers and, surely, I had a great race, in view of his undeniable talent. Possibly, when the young Walter came to Hollywood with 40 dollars in his pocket and a film unfinished in the suitcase was not aware that, at that moment, It was to be born the largest “dream factory.” modern history.

All we have ever enjoyed with “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” or “The Lion King“, to name just a few examples, we have to thank a “headhunter incompetent” is crossed in the life of Disney and “facilitated” creating one of the personal Records most influential twentieth century.

Perhaps Walt Disney is one of the most striking cases, but there are many: Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld or the same asked are good examples. So, If one day you come across a “headhunter incompetent”, Remember the story of the young cartoonist Kansas City Star.

A dismissal may be the beginning of your personal brand, although it would be better not to wait for that time, so why not start tomorrow?.