Markets are already talks, no monologues

Why the hell cost us both conversations in the digital environment?

I have days reading articles that recommend or warn about whether or not to hold talks on Internet, especially in blogs, websites and social networks.

Sincerely, I am not able to see where the controversy may be something-for me- It's very simple: who tells us that the real life protocol should be different protocol in virtual environments?

You think what you want, I see no difference between our way of addressing others in a bar or on the wall of Facebook

Let's see. When someone gives you a book what do you do? First, the thanks, and one day perhaps you correspond giving away another book. In the net is exactly the same. If someone gives you a feedback about something you've written, Typically grateful, even though the feedback It is not positive. Another day, you will give her your feedback (trust me, That's a gift of great value). And that goes with the character, If you are grateful, the thanks, If you are releasing a curse, the loose. As in a bar.

They have created interesting concepts such as netiquette (netiquette), My admired Dr. Mar Castro. I recommend it reading netiquette, a need (2015), a brief and concise post. Highlight a passage that succeeds fully on the idea of ​​digital protocol.

Internet knowledge is shared, information and experiences in areas of dialogue and human interaction of incalculable size, promoting action and bring value to the participants (Mar Castro)

The article also speaks of respect. And I would add: the same respect that you keep (or you should keep) in a bar, an office, a lunch, a family meeting, a business meeting, a worship center, A gym. Even, and excuse angle scatological, in a public toilet. Have not you ever wondered why many people are marranas just outside their homes?

I do not know personally Mar Castro, but the way I behave with her in networks is respectful, as she me.

Markets are conversations

With this sentence begins the wonderful Cluetrain Manifesto, written in 1999 (before Facebook, Linkedin, YouTube, Instagram is, Twitter…) four visionaries. Let highlight the 6 first points of the manifesto, for me the basis of the new communication protocol and what I call Human Branding:

  1. Markets are conversations.
  2. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors.
  3. Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice.
  4. Whether delivering information, opinions, perspectives, dissenting arguments or humorous asides, the human voice is typically open, natural, uncontrived.
  5. People recognize each other as such from the sound of this voice.
  6. The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply not possible in the era of mass media.

Translated (for them) and commented by me, It would be something like this:

  1. Markets are conversations. > I add: So, are no longer monologues. Advertising, once based on a monologue with “market”, days are numbered if it is not adapted to this reality (I know that they are trying, although I doubt that the answer is placed “influencers” all over).
  2. Markets consist of human beings, not demographic sectors. > I add: (dedicated to such Zoido) We are not “turbo”, we are individuals we unite behind a cause, belief, hobby. Perhaps we join in crowds, but we remain individuals, humans. Cast, as argued Yuval Noah Harari in his work “Sapiens, animal gods“, the myth, this story, distinguishes us from animals.
  3. Conversations among human beings sound human. They are conducted in a human voice. > I add: robots that can mimic can many of our things, but we will not give them our soul. That would end the human race in the dimension in which we know now.
  4. Whether transmitting information, reviews, prospects, arguments or humorous asides, the human voice is open, natural, sincere. > I add: This concept of authenticity and consistency is inherent personal brand and contrary to the idea of ​​Trolls.
  5. People recognized as such by the sound of this voice. > I add: the word voice is an abstraction, It does not refer to our sound but our physical and emotional DNA.
  6. The Internet is enabling conversations among human beings that were simply impossible in the era of mass media. > I add: It was time. We have the opportunity to connect with people you do not know by professional affinities, beliefs or ideas. let's do, fuck!!

the monologistas, theater

Markets are conversations, dialogues, gatherings, opportunities. They are no longer monologues. The monologues are well in Comedy club, and are not even true monologues, since attendees show their emotions: It is a dialogue, an absolutely fascinating connection (oysters, and I look like the punset).

Human SEO, another way to look

He is known as SEO (Search Engine Optimization) referred to as techniques to excel in places like Google should, in my judgment- to overturn. SEO does not prioritize conversations between humans, the quality of a good social gathering, prioritizes relations between man and machine with a changing algorithm. I think Google will punish me for these words, but I just like. I do not want thousands of visits, I want to reach potential customers, friends, contributors.

For years I've heard of the web 3.0, This is 4.0 and 5.0. And what I would like is to hear about the web that mimics the street. If a red light outside Google, it would be full of red lights around, signs in all languages ​​and repeated a thousand times. What cansino, Oh my God. I need only a red light, and if you want, an acoustic signal for people with impaired vision.

A Google will need to be more like the breakfast bar, a real full-fledged social network. And if you do not believe in conversation (and its protocol) In the net, You imagine not believe in the conversation out of it. Things are simpler than they seem. If you greet, you greet. If you recommend, the thanks. And you dan feedback, return it. If you share content, the thanks… As recently shared the great Dan Schawbel, “If you work like a robot, you will be replaced by a robot”. We remain human. It is not so difficult, on my view.

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A technology for a more humane world is possible

A few weeks ago was the human connection in the post title Can we promote a culture of human connection in the era of machines?

Following up on the ideas contained in that article, Today we highlight in this post collaborative findings of two events that have occurred recently and that point in that direction, on the idea of ​​achieving a more human world in the era of machines.

Humans are undervalued

The first is the recognition by the Elon Musk (Tesla) that automation is not always synonymous with effectiveness. This follows from article signed by Xataka Raul Alvarez, Production problems in Tesla are due to excessive automation. Humans are undervalued.

Reading it follows that perhaps Musk's vision of an automated world is not possible without human connection. Similarly to what differentiates a human of a machine is the ability to err, we see that intuition, experience and empathy are still -of time- heritage of us humans.

My personal colleague brander Helena Casas, also a psychologist and photographer, It notes that it is true that we have advanced technology at an incredible rate in recent years. Despite the errors in the production line of Tesla, robotization and automation led to excellence will be a reality in a few years. Experts do not agree just put because of two opposing aspects:

  1. The advancement of technology is being exponentially in recent decades
  2. Artificial intelligence as such is still in diapers because currently only a product is a cross algorithm massive data.

This lack of agreement is precisely the lack of knowledge still has on the functioning of the mind and soul as such. It is not a matter of neurosciences, It is a matter of what appears to be quantum physics. They can not do anything just with the brain of a person ... "the person needed"

Hater, why you wrote that?

The second is a recent talk TED Dylan Brown (not available yet open mode). Marron is addressing a different approach to the problem of hate on the Internet. Your videos as “Sitting in a bath with trans people”, accumulate million hits, but also generate tons of hatred in Internet.The neo-futurist Marron developed a survival mechanism: connect with people who fill the network of hatred and make them a simple question: “Why you wrote that?”

These recordings have been captured in the podcast titled Marron: “Conversations with people who hate me“. As he himself acknowledges, That will not bring peace in the world, but he says he has caused a stream of empathy with his goons. “Empathize with someone with whom I am deeply disagree suddenly does not erase my deeply held beliefs or approve theirs”, warns. “I am simply recognizing the humanity of a person to whom he taught to think in a certain way, someone who thinks so very different from me”. Brown admits in the background we need to lay the foundations of a more human world.

The Human Branding

The common bond of the two stories is evident: we need to put mechanisms that allow us to humanize. Humanizing companies (If Tesla and many other). And humanize the relationships that occur in digital environments. I remember an old announcement of the US Army as US soldiers cross threats Afghan soldiers. All wear sunglasses. At the moment they take them, They realize that people are equal, of the same species, and aggression becomes in confidence.

It may seem superficial reduce the idea of ​​a more human world to a concept such as Human Branding (Branding humano). But each brings its grain of sand in the field in which it is competent, and can hence all those who are dedicated to this we share a greater purpose than helping a few people.

Helena Casas He adds that we face what we might call a new era, beyond what we know today as the fourth industrial revolution:

It is the time when happen to be more human.. more people!

Recalling the capacity intellectual and physical development of the Greco-Roman era, touch feed and grow those capabilities that will differentiate us, for a few years, any drill Artificial Intelligence. Everything is governed by patterns, automation and lack of nuance, succumb to robotización.

We are human, we are very different people from each other, to provide the best for this new era we even lead to be able to combine people and machines towards the human race and not its Extermination. A more humane world is possible.


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personal branding to differentiate and achieve your goals


Can we promote a culture of human connection in the era of machines?

On the human connection

I think those who are dedicated to branding, whether personal or corporate, We have much to do with the human connection.

I have a few days reading texts and reviewing interesting videos about the human connection in a world where machines increasingly "learn" more and more.

A required viewing video is Yuval Noah Harari of, author of Deus Homo Sapiens and. He wonders what will happen in the labor market, in the economy and the power of human beings in the coming decades. Imagine that frightens They learn emotional intelligence machines, aspects such as empathy, we thought reserved only to mankind. But the road is this.

Also I recommend two articles. First, signed by philosopher and researcher Gloria Origgi, He tells us to say goodbye to the information age and give the Welcome to reputation. Confirms that no longer consume information, We consume information leaked by sources that are trusted to us.

The second highlights the PwC report (required reading) Will Robots really steal our jobs? (Is it true that robots take away our work?). This gives us a somewhat more optimistic but the worrying time horizon view 2030. Particularly in sectors such as transport, Construction and.

This chart, The result of this study, speaks for itself:

PWC will robots steal jobs

But beyond catastrophism, PwC defines four colorful worlds:

  • The red world, entrepreneurial territory to mediate between workers and employers offering high-value services from startups.
  • The Blue World, which it highlights three areas: size organizations as a competitive factor, professional skills and digital competences.
  • Green World, defined by WPMS, where equity premium and especially social responsibility inside and outside companies.
  • The Yellow World, knowmads that of seeking greater meaning to what they do and they can better compete given their flexibility to move in changing environments.

I like this view "color angry" because I think it is the key to compete in increasingly automated environments. The four worlds robotization used as an instrument at the service of human beings.

George Orwell and advancing the important thing will not stay alive but to stay human.

In any case, and returning to the responsibility of brandólogos or branders with the human connection, there goes my prediction:

Communication will be effective the higher the human connection between brand and market. In other words, the brand must humanize, and the only way you have to do is communicate their values ​​through people.

How do you do that? Programs promoting internal brand ambassadors. I have repeated several times that consumers are people. Companies are persons. And people talk to people.

Promote a culture of human connection is to address, sales, HR marketing and service of philosophy People trust People (People trust people). A good example of culture of human connection is the campaign EY Spain #YoConstruyoEY, unapologetic defining the EY brand is the people who compose and build every day.

The programs of corporate personal branding, employee and employer branding advocacy are at the service of this idea: humanize brands in the era of machines. Let us be faithful to the idea of ​​Orwell, maintain the human connection above all. Human Branding.


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Normality is overrated

Isn't it?, I do not invite you to become anti-system, He does not go around. It's just that our society, It has historically overvalued normal.

We are children of the generation stealth and discretion. Son, do not do this, anyone who does not. Son, do this, which it is what everyone does.

The story has changed, and will continue. According to the report “Work in 2033” PwC, “Distinguish between the large crowd will be the great challenge for workers, on the other hand, They require companies a new model and working relationship that allows them to work independently and for several employers”.

Normality is overrated: today, If you do what everyone else does, You're not going anywhere.

He has completed a degree and a master's degree is no longer a differentiating element. Perhaps what is relevant, you have acquired new skills, but your 200 classmates also. How do you ensure you choose you for a job, and not the other 200?

Accumulate 10 years of professional experience may seem Differential, but if we look at our side, We see thousands of equals.

In the field of securities, volunteer of an NGO, although neither is interesting differentiator.

Having a blog is great, but many professionals have one, and updated.

Where can then be the difference?

This is not to pull the rabbit out of the hat, It is as simple as SUMMER. I explain: if in addition to having studied a degree, mastered a foreign language, You have any professional experience, You do volunteer work and have a blog, I assure you will be a single person in the world.

The key to all this is to consider our values ​​and personality traits and emotional attributes that, coupled with rational, make a difference. It is you see what our value proposition.

Often it is considered that the difference is due to factors image (Josef Ajram and their tattoos, for example). The media drive that belief. But nothing is casual, a type as Ajram is no different in appearance, it is to defend a differential investment model (trading) and seek improvement in everything he does (sport…).

The teacher Xavier Sala i Martín is no different for wearing colorful jackets, it is to explain the economy through similes easy to understand for laymen and for being professor at Columbia University.

Beyond what you'd expect: cases

extraordinary people

This week I completed a process personal branding exciting with Dr. Salvado. He is someone who beyond his excellence as anesthetist, He got down 30 kilos weight, prepared to complete two ironman and create a catalog of health services out of the ordinary in a profile like yours. Beyond Health (beyond health), It is the essence of your project.

my admired Paula Fernández-Ochoa is lawyer, legal marketing specialist, personal brand, and last but not least is a consecrated athlete, whose account Instagram @vivircorRiendo makes it an exceptional professional.

Specialist human capital and colleague Eva Collado Durán It is also an expert in personal branding and social networks and digital transformation. That distinguishes it from any manager, the trainer consultant RR.HH, adding the value of the sum. And to add more, It is an emotional connector cream.

The brander staff Helena Casas It is also a scavenger emotions, psychologist and photographer, digital marketing expert, singer… His vision of personal branding is 360, which places it in a plane beyond the expectable, of normal.

My good friend and humanistic digital, Joan Clotet, is a knowmad in pure state. He works in a large organization, but is an entrepreneur with multiple projects add up your personal brand, and also to your organization. Of course, knowmad find an organization it is out of normal.


summarizing, and not frustrate expectations, not overreact. It's not about being an extraordinary person, just bring entrepreneurial DNA regardless of whether you have a single client (employed professional) or many. And that DNA It comes from the sum of powers, values ​​and concerns. Within a focus, of course. Is, put it in some way, the perfect personal brand.


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14 cases invisible personal brand that changed the world

When a career invisible can change history

If not because someone dared to break the rules, we would not be where we are.

It is always difficult to talk about Personal Branding and famous. The bias is large, because people who change the world is confused with others, simply, They are different. I usually say that the difference, irrelevant, It is only pose, lacks value proposition.

That's why I decided a few weeks ago with a small experiment: publish micro-stories “unsung heroes” in a social network not meant for something: Linkedin. The surprise is that the scope of the publications was more than I could hope, and not only that, interaction also generated (engagement).

Maybe it's a hasty conclusion, but the stories, small stories, we like them. And no matter where we find, especially if they accompanied by images that speak alone.

Here we have gorgeous photographs with their little mini-retatos of people who do not appear in the history books but without them many things would not have happened or would have occurred years later. The invisible personal brand may not leave any footprint, but its influence.

Tenzing Norgay

Edmund Hillary y Tenzing Norgay one 1953

Edmund Hillary y Tenzing Norgay one 1953 / Source: Wikimedia Commons

Nepalese Sherpa Tenzing Norgay It was one of the first people to reach the summit of Everest 29 May 1953 junto a Sir Edmund Hillary. Hillary himself and John Hunt, head of the British expedition, They were appointed “Sir” by deed.

Norgay received a simple honorary medal.

Fame, The Power and the Glory are less important than we think. Perhaps Don Quixote had not been anyone without Sancho Panza.

Ruby Bridges

Ruby Bridges

Wikimedia Commons: Ruby Bridges guarded by police officers off school.

In 1960 Ruby Bridges first enters into a white school in New Orleans, starting the integration. Were 6 children admitted but only small Ruby with the support of his mother had the courage to cross the threshold of that door under the hostile gaze of parents of white children that did leave school… Teachers also refused to teach, all but one, Barbara Henry.

A Brazilian general


Why a chief of police and the protesters would be sharing cake between them? This Brazilian general pleaded with protesters not to use violence on his birthday, so they went to buy a cake in place.

Elena Maseras

Elena Maseras


Elena Maseras, Vila-Seca, It was the first Spanish who enrolled at the University 1872, specifically in the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Barcelona. Although there was no express prohibition that would prevent women pursue higher education, It was considered an extravagance, so their presence in the classroom elicited much criticism, which they resulted in the subsequent administrative obstacles.

Bayard Rustin

Bayard Rustin

Source: history/people/martin_luther_king.shtml

While everyone knows Martin Luther King, few know that it was Bayard Rustin which convinced him of the use of nonviolence to defend civil rights. In fact, Rustin was the main organizer of the march on Washington in August 1963.

Wang Weilin

El hombre del tanque

Source: Widener / Associated Press

dubbed “Tank Man“, This could be anonymous hero Wang Weilin, of 19 years old , son of factory workers in Beijing. The 5 June 1989 several tanks who wanted to quell the revolt of Tiananmen Square faced.

We do not know the echo that had this feat. In fact, all the images of that day are banned in China. Nor do we know if Wang was persecuted. We know that China, with the years, It has approved small reforms.

Claudette Colvin

Claudette Colvin

Claudette Colvin

Before the famous Rosa Parks, This girl 15 year name Claudette Colvin, he refused to give up her seat to a white person on a bus in Montgomery (Alabama) on 1955. Of course, He was arrested.

One year later, the judges ruled that state and local laws requiring segregation on buses were unconstitutional Alabama.

Tess Asplund

Tess Asplund

Source: Defiance

In 2016, Nordic Resistance Movement, a Swedish organization known for its violence and opposition to non-white immigration, He was organizing a rally weekend in Borlange to commemorate the International Workers' Day.

Tess Asplund, Swedish anti-racist activist, I got in the way of the neo-Nazi march 300 people and raised a defiant fist before the police evacuated.

Lauren Hill

Lauren Hill


The day of his 18th birthday, Lauren Hill He began to feel ill while playing in a game with her companions. Cáncer cerebral terminal inoperable. Expectation of two years of life. But I had a dream: Back to jump to a basketball court, And he achieve it. A few months later he died.

Ieshia Evans

Ieshia Evans

Taking a Stand in Baton Rouge, por Jonathan Bachman

activist Ieshia Evans It stands firm while offering his hands to be arrested while being charged by riot police during a protest against police brutality against the Police Department in Louisiana Baton Rouge, U.S, yes, 9 July 2016. Photo Jonathan Bachman / Reuters.

Lindsay Hilton

Lindsay Hilton


Lindsay Hilton Canadian can lift 45 Kg. He was born without arms or legs. Also feels passion for swimming, football, hockey and especially rugby. When asked what motivates you and if you feel satisfied or not, Lindsay responds: “I do not want to be good for someone with no arms and legs, I just want to be good”.

Picture award at the World Press Photo 2017 of Darren Calabrese.

Paul Cowan

Paul Cowan

Source: simon-point

In 1990, Paul Cowan, a young executive Saatchi & Saatchi, he decided that his new agency should be the first to advertise on the Berlin Wall. This decision triggered the beginning of the immortality of one of the largest advertising agencies in the world.

The Wright brothers

Wright Brothers


Brothers Wilbur y Orville Wright They got the first manned flight in history a 17 from December 1903, A Kitty Hawk. And the best, they did so with fewer resources than others who were trying at the same time.

Kathrine Switzer

Kathrine Switzer

Source: topic/bostonmarathon

1967, Kathrine Switzer She became the first woman to run a marathon. It was in Boston. In the image, one of the curators tries to stop.

You see. If not because someone, an invisible personal brand, He dared to break the rules, we would not be where we are.

PD: If you have a chance, Do not miss the movie Hidden figures (hidden figures) directed by Theodore Melfi on 2016 and he brushed several Oscars. Tells the untold story of three brilliant African American women scientists who worked at NASA in the early sixties (in full career space, and also in the middle of the fight for civil rights for black Americans) in the ambitious project of launching the astronaut John Glenn.

Team Branding: the team spirit in front of your competitors

Man has to make great efforts to create great works ... should only have the necessary tools: desire to do, a good idea and a great team.

If you want to go fast walk alone, If you want to go far go together African Proverb

Sometimes we complicate the existence wanting to do everything ourselves, our EGO He says that we are able to do so, but it is not true, we always need other. And it was why there were many issues such as influence, yes, leadership ... and it is so now we manage our Personal Branding.

Team Branding: A team is also a brand

A team is also a brand, It is a sum, a whole! it is here where we will add the best of each of us , the best of each personal brand that integrates this team be mixed and yield better results. remember that things are much easier when working in teams. But for this to work, team members must be in perfect harmony: Work towards common goals, know and identify with VALUES Company, have the right motivation and above all, there must be a real commitment to the company and peers.

Each of the members of the Avengers and JLA know that alone can have results, but they can never achieve what team would achieve: defeat the enemy.

Now that are so fashionable, They are the best example to talk about Team Branding y Branding personal, We know them by their individual work and his teamwork (surely we have our favorite and with which we identify), SUMA each skill, an experience or different idea, They know that complement, They share a motivation, commitments and values. Even the villains team up! (Suicide Squad) and account for its misdeeds, then we should be able to work together well.

How boring would our super favorite heroes were able to resolve and do everything, who would not need to bring technology, information…

Behind each company, project or enterprise there is such a common story as life itself, and there are people who add their skills. Branding Team is born when there are customers who serve, skills to practice and to create value, that's where the team is known for something, but it is also where we can not stop adding, must constantly create value, be proactive and like superheroes know our strengths and weaknesses, to our value proposition to add to the great team.

A great brand team will have the best! They are the best communicating clearly what they do individually and team, but they will also be able to make the set objectives are met, They ensure quality and value for its customers.

Where to begin?

I think that in order to achieve Great team record and make a great Team Branding, It should start at the beginning:

Your personal brand, you as an individual and your SELF.

  • What makes you unique?
  • What is your value proposition?
  • What is your weakness?
  • Where are you going?

When you clear this and everything else (Personal Branding) It is easier to know what you are going to contribute, and then to work as a team you need to have:

  • clear understanding of our target market, we serve you
  • Our core competencies, what we do better than other teams
  • Benefits we offer, the value of what we do, and finally
  • Our brand personality, ie the particular way we do things.

When results are achieved through effective Team Branding these will be recognized by our customers, our competence and the equipment itself.

You will have a good feedback and good perception internally and externally, recognition will be for the team and therefore for each join the people in it. Each of the members will be proud of what makes, increase productivity, quality of work and commitment.

A brand solid team supports the strategic corporate goals, It helps the company more competitive in the market, the team goes from a service role to a role strategy, the team becomes a reliable source of information and reference, It will be relevant to other areas of the company or the same competition.

Team spirit is what gives many companies an advantage over their competitors George Clements

This spirit is what makes redefine the way we do things, because after that as a team toast a product or service and nothing should be the same as a button:


The most popular Web search, Perhaps there is another and?

After google nothing is the same, there are other search engines, but none is so cool, dynamic and fun, in my opinion.

Google equipment consists of the 4 fantastic, a wildcard, stirrer, a leader and an expert on business; Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Eric Schmidt y Omid Kordestani, Together they carry Google to the top of a simple way, adding the best of each, with a touch of humility and clear objectives.

Our ability to build great works is much greater if we have the humility to develop the ability to work together toward a common vision, directing our individual value towards achieving common goals.

Build a team

If you want uncommon results builds a team, work in team, leads and inspires your team. Which wants to be your role in the team you must be willing to give all for all, yes, Team Branding It's the key.


Image: Shutterstock

Just project our personal best?

We are a country of extremes, There's no doubt. We have spent to overcome the syndrome of Solomon to turn social media into personal success showcases canned. Windows of our best Personal Branding.

He "Solomon syndrome"Brings out our low self-esteem and almost sickening importance we place what they think the rest of us. And it makes us hide it and not jump to light our strengths for fear of breaking the status quo.

The showcase effect of our personal best

What is happening now is that the networks projected our best, our personal best, is a “Indeed showcase”. The windows show the best of each trade, and often when we we find a very different reality, worst, but real at the end of the.

True, people react better with positive news and negative images. With reaction I mean likes, comments… and that sometimes creates a Matrix environment, very distorted.

If I had to give one piece of advice to eventually let us not become spammers or a replica Mr Wonderful, give this:

We show more and let us show less

Post constantly self-portraits does not provide, tire. What really matters is that we provide valuable information, the negative-positive bone. Information that causes us a reaction, change.

If your personal or work life is not exciting, You do not need to disguise. Talk about another thing. That easy. I am getting daily requests “Ambitions” in social networks who can not turn their success” in a business model.

Overexposure eye

Overexposure is as negative as the infra-exposure. Returning to the metaphor of the showcase, it can not be greater than what is in Store.

Showing vulnerabilities

Show our vulnerability is the opposite of showing our successful side. A priori. I come to mind a time when three nearby vulnerabilities became strengths:

  • The CV error Johannes Haushofer, treated in this post BACc. Haushofer thought it was time to stop showing the window to also teach the backroom, so in his CV he included things like “I did not finish studies…” or “I did not get this note to aspire to such a university career…”.
  • The advice he gave me my friend and coach Terry Mclean to reinforce a TED I gave in November 2016 about our Superpowers: show your vulnerabilities to connect with your audience: we all have, and Empathy is the best way to communicate.
  • The incredible J Speech. K. Rowling Harvard University on 2008 talking about the benefits of failure. mandatory viewing.

Humanize is to connect

Our vulnerabilities make us human, They like to laugh at ourselves. Perhaps we should be more realistic and show both what fills us as what we empty. That's what is called show our human side. less showcase, menos Matrix, Welcome to the real world, that of our personal best.

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5 programmers women who changed the world

I found it so inspiring article Joe Myers5 female coders you have probably never heard of who changed the world” (5 programmers women who changed the world who probably do not know) I have not been able to resist the temptation to translate.

Computer programming is a male-dominated field, It is not like this?

Well, in absolute terms so. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States shows that the 73% of workers in the US computer programmers they are male. Across technology in general, Women are poorly represented.

Women underrepresented

Image: Statista

However, a recent research It suggests that women are considered best programmers- but only if they hide their gender.

Below we highlight the profiles of the five women who have made significant contributions to this field – and indeed they helped to change the world.

Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton was director of software engineering for the project that wrote the code Apollo Computer Guide (AGC). Developed at MIT Instrumentation Laboratory for the mission Apolo 11, the programmers, literally, They had to start from scratch.

Margaret Hamilton WITH

Margaret Hamilton WITH

The team wrote the code for the first laptop. His work made possible the first moon landing and resulted in a new industry. Hamilton became an expert in systems programming, but as she explained to Wired :

“When I first arrived, nobody knew what we were doing. It was like the Wild West. There were no rules. Everything we learned by ourselves.”

Grace Hopper

Adm Drag. Grace Murray Hopper It pioneered the development of accessible programming languages ​​written in English.

He was convinced that information technology should be extended to non-scientific business applications and required simpler programming languages. Based on the idea that computers do not understand English, and it took years before they accept your ideas.

But through perseverance he developed a programming means using words instead of numbers – known as the COBOL language ( Co mmon B usiness O rientated L anguage).

She is described in the TV show David Letterman as the “Queen of Software”.

The ENIAC women

This is a group of six young women who developed the first fully electronic programmable computer as part of the military program of World War II US Army. When the ENIAC was presented, These women did not receive any recognition.

ada Lovelace

The daughter of the English poet Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace was a Victorian mathematics. He worked with Charles Babbage on their machines calculators, and he referred to it as the “Lovely numbers”.

At that time few women studying science or mathematics, and today Lovelace is considered as the founder of computer science and the first computer programmer in the world.

ada Lovelace

ada Lovelace, Wikimedia Commons

The British Science Museum argues that modern computer configured century, By understanding the capacity of machines calculators “manipulate symbols instead of just numbers”.

His notes on the Italian translation of a description of the machine They include what is considered as the first algorithm designed for machine processing. He also suggested the possibility of a device of this type for creating graphics or music.

Joan Clarke

Immortalized in the movie The Imitation Game Keira Knightley, Joan Clarke worked alongside Alan Turing at Bletchley Park – British deciphered center during World War II.

Clarke (Later Murray) He worked on the project to break encryption systems Nazi Enigma. A mathematician at Cambridge, she and the rest of the crew built some of the first computers, known as bombes . These were used to decipher German codes. It is often suggested that their efforts shortened the war up to two years.

Turing Bombe machine

British Turing Bombe machine running at Bletchley Park Museum

Clarke was originally used as a clerk at Bletchley. Once it was promoted to work on deciphering codes, had to be officially designated as a linguist and that there was no established procedures for female cryptanalyst.

Conclusion translator

Although it may seem obvious, I dare say without prejudice of any kind that when a woman intends excellence, most likely get it. There are anthropological reasons, the fact that women have always needed to work twice (physically and intellectually) men to earn a place in society.

incomprehensibly, our sick society continues to debate parity in the XXI, as if we had millions of samples that place women in the same plane as the man (in many cases, clearly superior).

For these five women allows comparative distraction of any kind, ni the sex appeal, or religion or training, ni role… you're welcome. Five women who made what seemed reserved for men who defied the conventions of his time. The saddest? that we hardly heard of them. Perhaps we need more historians…