ThePowerMBA Online Reputation Crisis

Reputation crisis in sight: It's not MBA all that glitters

This week I'm dealing with a misresolved online reputation case by a brand that soon went from nowhere to sell more than 12 millions of euros in online training with a successful product... but an equivocal marketing. If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video summary of … Read more

three stages of digital activity on the Internet

The three stages of digital activity of our personal brand, which is yours?

This week rosa Carvajal interviewed me, Journalist, asking about issues related to recruiters, candidates and stages of digital activity on the Internet and social media. One of the questions referred to the extent to which non-presence on the Internet could be equated to non-existence for recruiters. And that made me see that … Read more

you google your name? Digital personal brand

Do you google your name? You better google for what you know how to do like no one else

Those of us who are dedicated to this beautiful combination of art and science that is personal branding are clear. They're going to find us googled by our profession (Example: expert in branding staff) and if they find us there they'll google us by name and choose us - or not- by the strength of our personal brand. … Read more

Your social networks are yours

Your social networks are yours, are part of your personal brand

    Your social networks are yours. You'll think "this one's gone crazy, Whose are they going to be?” Lo cierto es que de un tiempo a esta parte estoy viendo cómo muchas personas creen que sus redes personales pertenecen a la organización para la que trabajan. And it's not like that.. Not at all. Tus redes socialesRead more

Online presence: the visibility of your business

In the company, every new technological breakthrough has been reluctantly made. In the moment, questioned the use of the cash register, computer, Fax, mobile phone or internet. Adopt the technology in question at the right time is always a great competitive advantage, so going late can go very expensive. In … Read more

And… ¿Qué hará Mark Zuckerberg con 11.000 millones más?

La noticia de la salida a bolsa de Facebook generará un valor a la compañía de 88.000 millions of dollars, un récord en una puntocom desde que se valorara a Google por 23.000 millions in 2004. Está claro que ahora todos podremos poseer un trocito de Facebook, pero esa no es la cuestión. The question … Read more

Realidad aumentada y personal branding

El diario “The Country” ya daba cuenta en noviembre de 2009 del fenómeno delaugmented reality“. En una definición de wikipedia, augmented reality (WITH) es el término que se usa para definir una visión directa o indirecta de un entorno físico del mundo real, cuyos elementos se combinan con elementos virtuales para la creaciónRead more