The difficulty of suicide in an Audi

One of the most viral campaigns that are running these days in Germany deals with the suicide attempt a man in his new AUDI. The interesting thing is that Audi has not commissioned the ad, or so they say.

Using the theme of suicide to sell a clean engine (the alleged suicide thwarted his attempt in the absence of greenhouse gas emissions), It is not a very ethical issue, but it recognizes that the announcement hits it does not use the usual coordinates / rational to sell ecology. More like a lateral approach.

While, continues the mystery know who the author of the ad. I leave you a story which facilitates the web of marketingdirecto.

[youtube= = cMuJNFR0mJk&hl = Fr_FR&fs=1&]

Word of mouth marketing: A case of high creativity, low budget

A satisfied customer Trader Joe, a grocery store, decides to create a home video speaking well of your favorite store. Hang it on youtube. A few days, the video becomes one of the most viewed ads In the net.

The secret? The video quality is not good, but the autor has versionado one conocida samba and he has put a clever text on the products that are there. But the key has been the “word of mouth“, better known herein as “mouth, ear”. That has allowed to exceed 230.000 screenings, almost nothing!!.




A 1% of the population achieves a change on the rest. Interesting story from La Vanguardia about the power of blogs

Although some take them for overcome, blogs continue its expansion in the network. I recommend reading this article Maite Gutiérrez appeared yesterday in the newspaper La Vanguardia.

The extent of digital socialization

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