signals (no KPI’s) a healthy personal brand

And I moved that a healthy personal brand is not having many followers on social networks. Although it is not incompatible with that.

There are some signs, often invisible in our daily lives, They are indicating that progress properly.

Conversely, very own illness Latin environment, known as #NoFeedback, prevents understand the good or bad rhythm of our personal brand. Bosses do not give feedback to their teams or teams to their bosses. But all is progress feedback, because we can reinforce the positive and minimize or correct the negative.

Here are 10 atypical signs (but true) a healthy personal brand

  1. You are a crack (or so they say). Your group of friends meets every six months and several people tell you that you agree crack ............……….…. (Put your specialty here). It will seem banal, but it has more importance than you think: you have identified as a specialist with a value proposition clear and robust.
  2. Your mother knows what you do. And not only that, you get customers. Si eres Community Manager (for example) and Your mother understands what you do, prize. Lee Point 1. You are a crack, already said your mother.
  3. You desvirtualizas up. The people you know on social networks want to meet you personally. Attend your presentations, You also theirs, or you send messages to grab a coffee and desvirtualizarte (palabro back pass coined referring to the world of bits to atoms).
  4. Do not be ordinary. You go from ordinary to extraordinary. You do things that are normal for you, but the people around you considered a milestone. And you'd never given importance.
  5. The longing syndrome. When you're some time without doing something you did habitually, your surroundings asks if you're okay, if something happens.
  6. Mohammed and the mountain. You are used to find customers, and suddenly customers are looking to you. And not only that, plus you are (symptom of healthy personal brand and impeccable SEO).
  7. Your Bucay / Coelho inside. Every time you need less Bucay and Paulo Coelho to motivate. You have learned to do it alone and your environment do it for you. Never leave your life in the hands of Mr sentences. Wonderful you find on Facebook, Google, Pinterest…
  8. Walker, yes no road. You learn how to know your compass and make your way north. It took you years to get, but now you can make quick decisions, accurate, and without consulting the oracle too (or the GPS).
  9. Chic @ for all. My grandfather told me that if you want someone to do something, encárgalo a busy person. When in the office or in your daily work counting on you for any whipped, It means that you have become an informal leader. Agree, They do not get paid for it, but you're influecer from head to toe. Cast, in the future, is charged.
  10. Has touched you. And you thought you had no number. You have chosen, yes. It's you. Close your eyes and re-open, you pinch, It is about you ... Have you thought that is not luck? Have you thought that maybe you deserved it?

Thank you Ana Reyes and Fran Segarra for helping me with your ideas to write these 10 signs of a healthy personal brand.

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Personal brand of self (relato frugal)

This week's been two things that combine a common element: the wonderful world of self.

The new law autonomous

Autonomous took time vindicating a more human status by the Spanish Treasury, who treats us more or less like a plague.

  1. One of the main claims revolves around the reduction in the minimum monthly fee autonomous (267,03€), factures that equal pay 0 € or 5,000 €.
  2. Another is that the share out proportional to income, which as everyone knows, its variables.

Maybe next time, there has been no luck

For neither 1 not even 2. The quota will rise slightly and will not be proportional to income. Bravo!

Why not, agree, There are some assumptions improvement. You can read the this article, but one thing is clear to me: all who have debated, drafted and voted this law are politicians on the payroll; not a single autonomous. That may explain the lack of sensitivity to the demands of this group to which I belong and may you who read this also.

The autonomous not sick, no accidents, It has a meta

Whenever statistics are compared, it concludes that despite how badly this group is treated by the administration (or precisely why), autonomous never falls ill. And when it does, It is to die.

Why not, indeed, If an autonomous does not work, Does not charge. But pays. There's an important difference. Why self has been forged to work in subhuman conditions of high fever, severe migraines or other collective diseases that mean a prolonged sick leave. this will (we) confers special status, the Supercrack, a Metapod it does not go out or kryptonite.

A hearsay frugal (and real) to confirm the above theory

the trigger

late Thursday. Two days ago. Dr. Francisca Morales, coordinator and academic tutor Master in Business and Institutional Communication de la UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), I had summoned me for the third time in the last five years to the kind of closing of the academic year. About what? You're right: Personal Branding.

The journey of the antihero

I do the bike ride, as I have always done (I have some allergy car), and when I'm entering the UAB campus in Bellaterra, something happens.

The invisible enemy

damage to the bike

Trail of oil in the central part of the carriageway / Trestle detail embedded in engine

Front sun prevents me from seeing clearly a trail of oil that lasts for more than fifty meters. Without even touching the brake (iba only 20Km / h), the front wheel slips and makes the bike and its occupant (I) We fall on the left side. Oil was the invisible enemy.

It was a spectacular fall, of those films. But I was not prepared. ungloved, in short sleeves, I ended up with my left hand full of scratches, hematomas, broken pants, the broken shoe.

The reaction illogical

What would have made a sane person? Call an ambulance, brands of asphalt were present in wounds, with danger of infection. There was a slight blow to the helmet. A driver who saw the crash helped me lift the bike (weighs over 200K), I had raised me for my own foot.

What did I do? Look at the clock, They are missing 15 minutes to start my lecture and even had little more than one km to reach the living degrees of the Graduate School. The bike would not start. I waited two minutes. He tore. I saw that the bridge was nailed to the casing due to the impact and side almost touching the ground. He had to be careful. I reached the enclosure.

First aid

I asked the porter if he had kit. Of course. I washed the wounds with soap and water. I let it dry. Then very strong with hydrogen peroxide. I let it dry. And then added antiseptic iodinated. It was one minute to begin class.

Upload a floor, I see Dr., my good friend Francisca. I think crazy for wanting to class. But when I see so many people sitting and waiting for the talk, I come up. No waiver. escuece, but now my mind is not on wounds, is a team to be prepared cracks DirCom (director of communication) employed or self (they have explained the truth about what's out there).

francisca Moralesa

La Dra. Francisca Morales entering class in the Master DIEC / state after the accident

There is no pain

There is no pain. no motivation, no fun, no desire to ask you and you know answer. It was good. At least that was my impression. A couple of hours passed me as 10 minutes. It's like a drug, the effect is brief but intense.

Autonomic personal branding

Class time

Just, applause, more questions, this time individual. They have mounted a four piscolabis get snacks and a kind of Lambrusco. All goes well. Moment of euphoria for them (they go on vacation) and for me.

aid seconds

Francisca accompanies me to a small clinic at the University. A great woman. I cleaned (good) wounds and put me gauzes.

The next day I go to the hospital. radiographs, more cleaning. nothing broken. Dermoerosiones left costal contusion and several in arm, elbow, forearm, hand and knee. Treatment: repose (I look for in a dictionary means), topical cures for a few days, anti-inflammatory and drink plenty of water to not sneeze (the ribcage is touched).

Life goes on

I'm fine, damn it! Did not I say I'm an autonomous?


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PD: The news of the talk has been reflected in this article UAB: Prom for DirCom UAB

What is a stakeholder and how it affects the management of personal brand or personal branding?


Although he born to define investors, stakeholder Today it refers to all persons or groups affected or influenced by the activities of a company. Or even better, or interested individuals or groups influenced by the activities of a company, group and I add- independent professional.

Types of stakeholder in the company

There are internal and external stakeholders. An image explains perfectly:

Stakeholders según Wikipedia

Source: wikimedia commons


Stakeholder management personal brand


The above chart Wikipedia It is very useful for organizations with classical structures. But how the map of stakeholders of a person is drawn, work for self-employed persons?


The first thing to consider is that in your Me Inc. (Tom Peters definition The Brand Called You, 1998, here translatable as I, S.L.) do you have stakeholder different internal, and instead you have key partners, mentors…, those persons or entities that will help you reach external stakeholders.


The second is that the company is you, and therefore there are differences also in the stakeholder external. to get started, we should consider two graphs, the people with a single client (definition of Andrés Pérez Ortega of those who work for others) and people with diverse clients (entrepreneurs, autonomous, self-employed professionals in general).


The following describes two graphics groups stakeholder most important personal and detailing who they are, What role do goals or in our career and where we can find them.


Stakeholders professional personnel employed

Professionals employed. Graphic created by Guillem Recolons with infographics base Shutterstock


Stakeholder personal self-employed professionals

Self-employed professionals. Graphic created by Guillem Recolons with infographics base Shutterstock


A strategy for each stakehoder


Given the huge difference between them, it would be absurd to unify as one when crafting your message, your offer and your communication. Would you like a partner heading to a customer?


Stakeholder Internos




Who are they: mentors, consultants, coaches, seniors, Job throwers, teachers, courses, moocs, books, blogs, newspaper articles, radio programs, TV…


Its objective: They are our beacon, a guiding light. They will do the work for you, but in early stages will help you go wrong less, and they will do based on their experience and specific skills.


Where to find Them: Each type of mentor has its way of specific location. A majority will find them by direct referrals. Do not rely too much Internet search engines in such cases, as many know more about SEO than theirs. it is best to pull personal agenda and seek advice from people you trust. Best Word-Of-Mouth SEO.




Who are they: It is the equivalent of a UTE (joint venture), but staff. We are in the era of the collaborative economy (Airbnb, hubs, Bicing, Co-Housing…). But what matters here is the co-working. We talk about key partners, no direct competitors (coopetidores), satisfied customers, coworkers, professional associations, guilds, cooperatives, Collaborative projects related, freelances.


Its objective: lighten infrastructure, providing us skills we do not have, and where we can complement and accompany for a project. Unlike a supplier, many will make the journey with us without charging a monthly fee (results will), only putting their time and knowledge. It would be the equivalent of the departments of a company.


Where to find Them: At most we find along the way. We've seen it work and we thought we could reach no partnership agreement, an agreement project. We can also find them via mentors, professional guides or W-O-M.


Company (professional monocliente)


Who are they: Organizations willing to hire your time and skills, usually exclusively and usually full time and to integrate into a hierarchical structure.


objective: Put your personal value proposition in the service of a larger project with other owners to improve the performance of an organization.


Where to find Them: You find you through multiple pathways: universities, Job shuttles, companies or freelancers selection HR, social networks, Job shuttles, job portals (example: Infojobs). We also found through your own personal brand development, inbound marketing and SEO personal: you blog, Linkedin profile, activity on social networks, publications, conferences, presentations. Of course, You can also search your target companies, locate key people and initiate outreach strategies. But it is more effective to attract to push. To access the 80% hidden job market offers I recommend you read this Article.


personal environment (more effective professional multiclient)


Who are they: friends, family, fellow students, ex-colleagues, friends of friends. Definitely, the closest core of trusted people who usually go in the first instance for the first consultation or assistance.


objective: Give us a first trusted advice. We hit the first cable. My first work experience in an advertising agency got me my mother. There is only one, and occasionally you need to use their resources.


Where to find Them: Numbers in speed dial our smartphone. In the next room…Easy.


Stakeholder Externos




Who are they: for multiclient or freelancers, They are the ones that you will bring them pay for value: Business, public sector, ONG, associations, cooperatives, professionals, students, unemployed, seniors…. For those who work for others (monocliente) They can be internal customer (for example, for an employee RR.HH, of administration…) the external client (those who pay the company to provide value). For those who work for others, the main customer (what you pay for) is the company itself, and especially the person who decides each month continue to count on your services.


objective: They are the basis of our remuneration. They are, definitely, Our main stakeholder and who guarantee us our progress and work survival. We usually devote most of our time.


Where to find Them: If you work for someone else, is the organization that takes care of that, and perhaps that will become one of the key advantages of working for others. But also in a Sword of Damocles: No missing cases: Nokia, Pan Am, Blockbuster, Concorde, Olivetti ... If you are self-employed, That will be part of your permanent job: find customers, and then keep. So that others find you: Inbound Marketing (blog, publications, presentations, social networks…), SEO, recommendations of professional associations, Linkedin, baby, Guudjob, Twitter,, SEM, advertising, RRPP, e-mail marketing,.. To find them you have them sectoral directories, professional associations, the great Google and other search engines and professional networks. Perhaps the most important source remains satisfied customers and their recommendations




Who are they: Many are part of our agenda. People who have been or will at any given our real or virtual life time. They are not friends, They are hardly known or, as would Josep Pla, greated. But they can be activated and become stakeholders Quality. Should keep on hand or go find them. Most of our friends are friends.


objective: If activated, They can help us reach customers more easily, providers, contributors, mentors and, in, the other stakeholders. They have a bridge function. If they activate us, we can also do us.


Where to find Them: In the lost corners of our agenda, professional networks such as Linkedin, on Twitter lists (a feature that few use but is extremely useful), personal networks and, of course, through our personal environment.




Who are they: professionals or entities that supply us return for a payment for their services or commodities. TIC, services, Logistics, I+D, shopping, Marketing and Communication, finance… Unlike collaborators, not up to our boat to help in navigation but sell us fuel.


goals: We need to complete our value proposition, so that the customer experience easier.


Where to find Them: do not worry; They come to you. There are also many professional directories. But if you want to make sure to have the best, returns to WOM (W-O-M), recommendations from people close to. And of course, Internet, seekers, websites, social networks…


You work for self-employed persons, I hope I helped concienciarte of its importance and identify your key stakeholders, such persons or entities so important in your business model.

To clarify concepts about personal branding, I leave the video What is Personal Brand? (marca personal).


Personal brand and business ethics: a combination that works and will more

Jesus of Nazareth is credited with the phrase “Let him who is without sin, cast the first stone…”. By that I remember that, “which more which less, everyone why we shut”.

Business ethics

Beyond the philosophical sense of the Business ethics, I like to analyze it in the sense of: set of customs and norms that guide human behavior or value of a community.

Personal brand and business ethics

Ethics has a close relationship with personal branding. In managing our personal brand value proposition work, something that projects a benefit to others. Ethical behavior of each person has consequences for others. If we were hermits, such behavior would be irrelevant. Living in community, We pledge to respect each estate values.

Three examples of business ethics

I collected three cases of business ethicsl I think are exemplary, two of them in the field and inspiring positive, the latter as an example of human misery, of countervalues. All three are or have been influential people, powerful in their working universe.

1. Christopher Columbus, the soul of La Fageda

Although the name referred to the discovery of America, Today the world is alive boasts a discoverer of the most inspiring ethics. Psychologist Christopher Columbus understood that madhouse madmen were, first of all, people. So, Hand 14 mentally ill he sought and found how to establish a model company. And he did. He founded the Beech. Columbus was social personality of the year, magazine award Business commitment. In this video Program “Spared” Jordi Évole is his story. Do not miss it.


2. Emmanuel Faber, and business ethics in the wake of Danone

If you wonder what the CEO (world President) of Danone, without knowing, What comes to mind?… tie? millionaire? discipline? To me the same thing happened to me. Until a storytelling workshop, Gay Victor Zaragoza I presented the video of Emmanuel Faber to leave then and invite you to see. His story is huge, wonderful, but thanks to him the best is the purpose of Sr. Faber, and that permeates the entire company: social justice. Find out power purpose in personal branding:

3. Mr. X, an example of moral turpitude

Mr. X is an entrepreneur, already retired, whose leadership style was based on the hot seat syndrome. And they can not do business by being good at what you do, but by pure cronyism. That worked at a time, but now it does not hold.

As fate, Mr. X has been involved in a case of illegal party funding. In his statement to the judge, He defended the idea that his company needed to collect and he did not care how to do it. So far nothing too outrageous, abnormal normality. But when the judge asks who her party contact, Mr. X indicates that whoever was responsible for business contacts with the party was CFO, deceased. Pass the dead to the dead is an example of ethical turpitude, mainly because the dead can not get up to say: “That is not true”.

Bad examples of Business ethics They are as inspiring as good, They teach us the way not to take. And I repeat what I said at the beginning “he who is without sin…”.

Cover photo: Santi Rodriguez. First sunbeams in the forest of La Fageda d’en Jordà in Garrotxa, Girona, Catalonia.

Companies, Do they communicate effectively with its people?

We make it easy to know what percentage of companies communicate effectively with their professional. It has lost the fear to answer anonymous surveys, and the misnamed “employees” -I hate that word- They prefer to be more transparent than before.

This data may be irrelevant, but in the era of employee brand advocacy it is entirely relevant. It is because a CEO can not require its people to act as positive ambassadors for the company or its brand (brand advocates) without sharing key information before. Nor without allowing proper development of your personal brand.

Companies suspended in internal communication

Indeed, and suspense I mean not share information that everyone can see in a web. I mean meet medium-term objectives of the company and its brands.

Just a 42% meets the objectives of the company

the data, drawn from a study of the company Weber Shandwick collected the report Employees Rising, on a basis of 2.300 professionals working in companies +500, It is revealing.

employees rising

Source: Weber Shandwick

The same study indicates that the worst information flow occurs from the CEO down (only a 17%) compared to an immediate supervisor (31%).

The utopia of engaged employee amid the chaos of communication

The companies heavenly music sounds them that from “engaged employee” (active and engaged employee, Natural company spokesman). But in a context of poor communication that is a utopia.

How can the company expect more active participation of its people in building the brand without sharing the medium term it the most basic information on the objectives?

And what's worse, How can the company expect more active participation of its people without giving anything in return?

Assist in strengthening personal brand

few days ago I wrote on the blog that Soymimarca employer branding (promotion of the employer brand to attract external talent) It is an investment with no return if previously not invest in and who is within.

To people they are not retained, not stop. They must create the framework so that they can develop their personal brand. With information, with training, mentee programs, with participation in decision-making, with own firm in corporate media, internal and external.

The human side of branding

Curiously, the word branding (brand building process) It is more associated with iconic elements -the mark, field meanings, internal communication, outbound, public relations, the stylebook…- that people. Misconception.

Branding necessarily have a human component. Authentic transmitters and trusted values ​​are within.

Two days ago I heard Micky Ribera, CEO de Be[Agency], is now selling brands sell smoke. At first it may seem shocking. But you're right, brands should not be sold, They must trust that role in the marketing of products and services. The role of the brand is not selling, It is to build bridges, It is to build trust, one on one, humanizing, connecting.

To this end, it is imperative that quality communication flow from the CEO to the fellow. This ensures that the potentiating actions employee engagement y employer branding They are effective.

From employees to involved: A solution of #Branding

One of the major challenges facing organizations is to get your human capital pass employees involved. The differences are enormous, as I have already stated in a post. But make no mistake: in this movement should come out winning both parties involved; if not, it does not work.

Superpowers do I want you

A few days ago he spoke of superpowers, refieriéndome values. It was a charla TED, in insisting on this fact: without empathy or the values ​​of professional organizations, win the heart of the markets It will be a task far less complex.

The massive bombardment of advertising, promotion and public relations is becoming less effective in generating complicities. Here I leave you this video that explains in a simpler way (excuses for the lack of accents, a lack of software):

Requirements to align personal values ​​and corporate

Align personal and corporate values ​​is not an easy task. very different disciplines are required to carry it out successfully:

  • Personal and corporate communication
  • Personal Branding
  • Management experience in organizations
  • Advanced digital skills

That's branding

Definitely, talk about a solution capitalized BRANDING. That so many associated with creating a logo is much more. I stay with the magisterial idea of ​​Iván Díaz (Branzai): The main purpose of a brand is to create value and Preference.

You need to put the organization

On the other hand, organizations must put to work, from the general direction, their communication equipment, HR and training. The Brand Ambassadors program (Brand Ambassador, Employee Branding, Advocate Branding) They are really cross. And if any prerequisite required to boot, this is called mindset, a clear mentalization by management on the need for and benefits of the process.

A matter of trust and amplification corporate message

If your company needs improve market confidence and amplify their messages, do not hesitate, You need to implement this program, and turn your human DNA employees involved. I am fortunate to have partners really prepared to successfully develop the program. Let's talk.


And you? Have you already found your superpowers? #TEDxLleida16

Superpowers? What is this about?

The 30 September I get a call from someone with superpowers. Ricard Pons, good friend and personal brander, and other non-minor roles. We often talk occasionally, and us when you can. I proposed for a TEDx rapporteur. I dont believe it. Because I? ¡Oysters! It seems to be serious! Shortly after I talk to of Pau Samo, his great colleague, good friend and coordinator TEDxLleida. Paul confirms.

Damn it! The plot thickens. I propose the date is not going well. consultation with Eva and Fran, those responsible for the commitment he had acquired for 11 November, scheduled for TED. Salvados! The other commitment is flexible on dates. The 12 October is already announced my participation in the web of TEDxLleida. Less than a month. There is no turning back. Or if. Timely flu. Isn't it?. I throw. With two. In addition, prepare it can be fun. I'm going there. OK… And what I mean? I say that the audience is very wide, unspecialized. Come on, that the public could be my mother. A challenge.

looking topic

Talk about personal branding as if at a congress will not work. But I will have seen hundreds of TED talks over my life. And there is a pattern. There is always an inspiring idea. There is almost always a personal story related to that idea. I look inside my. Why I'm here? Do I have a vision? Yes! Is that! I help to draw futures. That is my vision for many years. And now the question: What led me to define that vision? Clear! Working with people. I went to work for “big” brands and businesses work “little” brands. And no color. From big to small. Small are human, they are persons, real, you durable, authentic. In fact, small would not exist without large. This gets pretty. But I need something more. What makes us different businesses and individuals? Here! I have it. And begins “V”. Values ​​are.

Small Data: the power of people

Small Data: the power of people. Genial. I have already title. Surely I'm not the first person who comes up with it from “Small Data”. Indeed. I look at Google. Ricard looks in Google. share links. But there is nothing to fear. My approach is different, speaking of humanizing, to provide corporate brands and businesses soul. And that comes only with the power of people. People and their superpowers. Without being aware, people have something, a driver, that makes us superheroes… What will? Values ​​are.

Superheroes no longer spend layer

Isn't it?. This idea of ​​a guy who flies or climbs and carries layer we leave for film and comics. In real life superheroes do not wear layer. And often we do not know they are. The world is full of people who have overcome obstacles unthinkable. ordinary people. They live in your ladder. Among friends. Among your relatives, your colleagues, your customers… They live within you. They are more like Woody Allen than Arnold Schwarzenegger. And so, What has allowed them to lift your head and pull forward? Values ​​are.

Companies do not yet know the extent of that driver in people

It is very green. Few companies have understood the power of his people beyond their basic skills. Still, in the SXXI, call “employees” their staff. RAE. Employee = Used, used, Spent. So we are not going anywhere. Where is our humanity? But back to the heart of the matter. Companies have people, and those people have super powers. I know. You think I'm like a goat. And you're not going bad at all.

You are seconds away from knowing what the hell are the superpowers. And how they can help companies to multiply their strength connection with its markets. I leave you with the video Small Data: The power of people. It contains a small personal story. I am very sure that when you're finished to see your own back grope in search of a layer. Look no, your values.

Happy week!


Show yourself as you are in person, paper and online

Just as you are

If you do not show as you will be hard that you can hold a strong personal brand, coherent and attractive. Why not, I know: Today costs a lot distinguish themselves in a competitive market. The online media are available to all. Many people believe that fill with masters and postgraduate courses will guarantee the best work. It is not like this.

To impress investors or companies you should do with your authentic self, and no matter in what format, In an interview (in person) in a business plan o CV (paper) or Internet (online).

Today, hold the line does not go Nutrition, Consistency will

Consistency is key: You can not display a YO other in a cafe, on Twitter or on that paper that some are determined to keep asking called CV. If you want to adopt a different role to professional, you can do it, no problem. I think that our actions and our values ​​speak more of us than the pompous titles that put us on Linkedin or in a CV.

Your life matters, Your brand matters

Your brand is your reputation, your card. It's what you leave in the minds of others and the experience you provide them. Is to explain your why, you how and you what.

Transferring the powers your brand value proposition and experience to those people with whom you interact and can open the door to a world of opportunities. Denying your personality, your brand DNA, your main message is not to show you as you are, It is teaching a mask you, a profile Matrix.

We are made of triumphs and failures, That is our strength

I was shocked film The arrival (The arribal), a recent jewel required viewing. I will not explain what will not break the magic, but I was struck by a powerful question: If you could, Did you change anything in your previous life?

The answer lies in film, but I insist once again on the idea that we are made of successes and failures. What makes us strong is not one or the other, but each other. Do not sell the idea that you have grown up in a flower bed because I do not believe I will. But you'll also be unhelpful. Proudly displays your scars, Project yourself as you are. I person, on paper or online. Have a great week.

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