A key and a story for your next career reinvention

In the course of your life, there will be good times and bad times, times when it will seem that you are invincible and times when you feel defeated and useless. The times when you think you're invincible not last long, so you should enjoy and savor them because then you'll find something that will remind you that you are standing on a roller coaster, and soon you'll come down. However, overcome moments when you feel defeated and useless is much harder.

Reinventing Syndrome Abrupt

A classic of these hard times is the dismissal of a job, and it is no less hard if we talk about a direct dismissal or dismissal interior. One day to another, you go from being valuable in an organization to feel displaced and to doubt yourself, your knowledge and return to find a job in which you feel accomplished. I have met many people in that situation and, the vast majority, risk of falling into what I call the syndrome Reinventing Abrupta.

This dangerous syndrome drags people who suffer reinventing, something very common in this situation, but suddenly cutting off his previous professional environment and focusing on a generally very remote area which has known and dominated until then. For example, A few years ago I met several excellent vendors trying to become web designers or community managers. Predictably, it was impossible to start from scratch in sectors as competitor and returned to their occupation of vendors "old-fashioned", without having taken advantage of that experience and frustration of returning to an environment he had tried to escape.

Professional reinvention is not easy to manage, and the most successful tend to come from the hybridization of new knowledge and past experiences. Around me I have many examples of successful professional reinvenciones, but I have chosen two of these cases as I have lived more closely and because they are well known.

real cases of successful reinvention

Eva Collado and Guillem Recolons They can say they have successfully reinvented professionally. Eva is one of the experts in human capital management companies most requested by Spain and Latin America and Guillem is one of the pioneers and leaders in personal branding nationwide. But as in most cases they choose the path of professional reinvention, They have worked hard and long to achieve these successes and have had to overcome many obstacles on the road.

Eva was responsible for human resource development in a multinational e-commerce and advertising Guillem was a major advertising agency when they were at the crossroads that involves taking the decision to reinvent themselves professionally. For both, the easy way would have been to continue year after year doing the same in other equal companies they left but, even with good offers on the table, they decided to take the difficult path.

However, knew they had to start acquiring new knowledge and enhance certain skills so, once defined their own learning environments, they decided to hone their digital skills, commercial, self-management and networking. As Eva and Guillem ensure and demonstrate their careers as, the sum of experience, new skills and knowledge of new trends in the industry in which you want to focus are the key to your future and the key to professional reinvention.

A key to your way

As you can imagine, This is a long process and involves a huge effort, so it will be very important not to rush and to choose either the direction of reinvention and knowledge will have to add to carry it out. In addition, you have to be patient because the results do not arrive the first day and a bad choice can typecast after an area where actually you will not fit.

Surely this is not what you want to hear a person who is thinking about reinventing professionally. It's hard to ask for patience and faith in oneself to a person who feels defeated and useless, which it looks like an abandoned stone on a road.

A story not to forget

So I want to tell you a story. A true story that begins, with an abandoned stone on a road, a stone in a heap of stones discarded a diamond mine in South Africa, another stone until Julie, a girl 9 years old , he noticed it while playing around the area.

Julie did not have much more to play than that pile of stones. In fact, did not have much more to life. His parents had died, his brothers worked as slaves in the diamond mine and she just took care of her disabled uncle.

As he suspected his uncle as Julie handed the stone that had caught his attention, what was inside the rock would change their lives and the history of jewelry as, until then, He had never encountered such a large diamond. Weighing 890 carat, since it is known as diamond Incomparable.

After several purchases and repurchases, the Incomparable diamond in the rough ended in New York. If the story of his discovery had been curious, It was no less the cutting process, cutting and polishing. This delicate task was entrusted to Samuel Black, a recognized expert in the diamond faceting.

During the four years in which he studied the stone, Black had to make several decisions. The most important thing was to give up cutting the world's largest diamond, I would have to overcome 530 carat Cullinan I, to avoid the high risk posed operation on a stone in such an irregular. Finally he decided to cut a stone 407 carats and other 14 Smaller stones.

unrivaled diamond

The 890 Unmatched carat rough, and once carved with 407 carat. Source: famousdiamonds.tripod.com

Nevertheless, the Incomparable is the fourth largest in history and the biggest diamond diamonds coffee. In the late 80 It was auctioned for a 20 millions of dollars, but he found no buyer and currently its value would be above 55 millions of euros.

I would not forget this story if you are thinking of a professional reinvention and you thought it the next time you feel defeated and useless. Although it will be difficult at that time to believe in yourself, remember that even the biggest diamond needs someone who is able to see its potential to help you shine and time to polish the edges, so trust yourself and do not rush when choosing what you want to be in the future.

5 programmers women who changed the world

I found it so inspiring article Joe Myers5 female coders you have probably never heard of who changed the world” (5 programmers women who changed the world who probably do not know) I have not been able to resist the temptation to translate.

Computer programming is a male-dominated field, It is not like this?

Well, in absolute terms so. Data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the United States shows that the 73% of workers in the US computer programmers they are male. Across technology in general, Women are poorly represented.

Women underrepresented

Image: Statista

However, a recent research It suggests that women are considered best programmers- but only if they hide their gender.

Below we highlight the profiles of the five women who have made significant contributions to this field – and indeed they helped to change the world.

Margaret Hamilton

Margaret Hamilton was director of software engineering for the project that wrote the code Apollo Computer Guide (AGC). Developed at MIT Instrumentation Laboratory for the mission Apolo 11, the programmers, literally, They had to start from scratch.

Margaret Hamilton WITH

Margaret Hamilton WITH

The team wrote the code for the first laptop. His work made possible the first moon landing and resulted in a new industry. Hamilton became an expert in systems programming, but as she explained to Wired :

“When I first arrived, nobody knew what we were doing. It was like the Wild West. There were no rules. Everything we learned by ourselves.”

Grace Hopper

Adm Drag. Grace Murray Hopper It pioneered the development of accessible programming languages ​​written in English.

He was convinced that information technology should be extended to non-scientific business applications and required simpler programming languages. Based on the idea that computers do not understand English, and it took years before they accept your ideas.

But through perseverance he developed a programming means using words instead of numbers – known as the COBOL language ( Co mmon B usiness O rientated L anguage).

She is described in the TV show David Letterman as the “Queen of Software”.

The ENIAC women

This is a group of six young women who developed the first fully electronic programmable computer as part of the military program of World War II US Army. When the ENIAC was presented, These women did not receive any recognition.

ada Lovelace

The daughter of the English poet Lord Byron, Ada Lovelace was a Victorian mathematics. He worked with Charles Babbage on their machines calculators, and he referred to it as the “Lovely numbers”.

At that time few women studying science or mathematics, and today Lovelace is considered as the founder of computer science and the first computer programmer in the world.

ada Lovelace

ada Lovelace, Wikimedia Commons

The British Science Museum argues that modern computer configured century, By understanding the capacity of machines calculators “manipulate symbols instead of just numbers”.

His notes on the Italian translation of a description of the machine They include what is considered as the first algorithm designed for machine processing. He also suggested the possibility of a device of this type for creating graphics or music.

Joan Clarke

Immortalized in the movie The Imitation Game Keira Knightley, Joan Clarke worked alongside Alan Turing at Bletchley Park – British deciphered center during World War II.

Clarke (Later Murray) He worked on the project to break encryption systems Nazi Enigma. A mathematician at Cambridge, she and the rest of the crew built some of the first computers, known as bombes . These were used to decipher German codes. It is often suggested that their efforts shortened the war up to two years.

Turing Bombe machine

British Turing Bombe machine running at Bletchley Park Museum

Clarke was originally used as a clerk at Bletchley. Once it was promoted to work on deciphering codes, had to be officially designated as a linguist and that there was no established procedures for female cryptanalyst.

Conclusion translator

Although it may seem obvious, I dare say without prejudice of any kind that when a woman intends excellence, most likely get it. There are anthropological reasons, the fact that women have always needed to work twice (physically and intellectually) men to earn a place in society.

incomprehensibly, our sick society continues to debate parity in the XXI, as if we had millions of samples that place women in the same plane as the man (in many cases, clearly superior).

For these five women allows comparative distraction of any kind, ni the sex appeal, or religion or training, ni role… you're welcome. Five women who made what seemed reserved for men who defied the conventions of his time. The saddest? that we hardly heard of them. Perhaps we need more historians…

Nina Simone: personal branding forged by adversity

They would still spend twenty years before it was known as Nina Simone, and some more to become one of the largest divas del jazz but, at the age of four, Eunice Kathleen Waynon, and he sang and played the piano with ease in religious services. His family could barely stand but, at six years old, and by a grant anonymous, He could begin studying classical piano.

Four years later, Eunice, It was already a prodigious pianist, He gave a concert in the library of his city. Seated in the front row, proud parents waited for comenzase the concert when they were forced to leave their seats to white citizens occupy a place.

This would mark forever Eunice, with the years, It would become active rights advocate of the African American population.

Despite this incident, Eunice continued his studies in piano and singing until, after seeing denied a scholarship, he assumed that he would not be the first black soloist in the history of the United States and began working as a pianist in a bar in Atlantic City.

Every night was playing and singing for six hours, so he created a repertoire of popular music, that personalizaba with touches of jazz and classical and played with intense vocal style and torn. It would be then that would adopt the stage name Nina Simone so that her mother did not find out that playing the piano in a bar.

His unmistakable style would soon popular, enabling the recording of the first of a long list of discs. Then he began a successful career, they did not abandon their compromised position against racial discrimination.

There are few such clear examples in the world of show what a Personal Branding: the sum of knowledge, attitude and values ​​Nina Simone made of a unique and inimitable artist.

Because, in these times in which winds of change, I find inspiring history, to the someone who knew how to create your brand and your future from adversity.

I do not speak of miracles, secrets, Attraction, nor cheap positivism. I speak of study, practice, be constant, having determination and integrity.

In the coming years you have to get used to evolve, change of occupation, to acquire knowledge continuously. What will never change, if it is well built, is your brand.

In Nina Simone discography is no music that could be classified as jazz, soul o pop, although doing so would be irrelevant. The style, a trademark, Simone are so unmistakable that cross the boundaries of labels.

almost ten years ago that the piano and the voice of Nina Simone went out forever, but we still have his music and a statement of intent, Still today, does nothing but reinforce your brand:

I would like to be remembered as a committed me diva with her feelings towards racism and how the world should be; and that, until the end of his days, He remained true to herself

Nina chose as the title of his autobiography "I put a spell on you”, one of his best-known songs, in which the flamboyant versioned Screamin 'Jay Hawkins, And I do not think of a better close to appreciate the inimitable artistic qualities of Simone.