Engage to connect: #Networking to project your personal brand



One of the greatest difficulties in the Internet age is at the same time one of the greatest opportunities: engage to connect with the right person. Right person to understand a potential customer

Engage to connect: from atoms to bits

If we practice engage to connect In the real world, the atoms, Why not transfer it to the digital environment, the bits?

If you've ever attended an event speed networking, You know what is engage to connect in record time. I recognize that the formula that minute to convince and sell me seems artificial, but it is a golden opportunity to practice our elevator speech or elevator pitch.

Define the profile person to be connected is key

Lurching go online to connect people for collecting contacts is an aberration. We know that a very large network of contacts do not have to be good. If your business model is B2B or P2B (person to business) like mine, with long boring 20 year good contacts have enough.

Define your buyer persona It is essential to hit the contact. To meet our target person need to know it thoroughly, not enough sex old data, age and geographical area.

According to the team Inbound Cycle, we must know:

Personal aspects:

Hobbies, people who influence their decisions, what makes you happy, What are your goals, What motivations have, etc.

pipe online:

What social networks used, If you buy online products and what kind, where to look for information, how often does, What are your references pages, at what times you are online, etc.

Business conduct:

responsibilities, challenges, biggest influences, etc.

Relationship with our company (or we, I add):

Knows what we, reasons why he hired us or purchased, How did you find us, what they value most about us as a company, What interaction has branded, etc.

And now, wheat: How to connect

One of my recommendations to those who do not share content on networks (and therefore do not generate interactions) is this: Discuss and share the content of others. And specifically, of those people who are your target group, that match your definition of buyer persona.

A LinkedIn, on Twitter and on all networks you can do. Engage to connect, interact to connect, formula is very powerful and effective. Forget the like or recommendation, that does not involve an element of attraction for your client; and share (with comment), by contrast, attracts.

The basic condition is that the comments you make in it to be intelligent, provocateur and to provide something interesting. A simple compliment is not enough.

Interaction formats

If you manage your interaction wake interaction your customer back, ¡bingo! and ye are presented digitally. Interaction formats are several, and remember that the questions have the power to "force" a response:

  • I agree with your content, but with an undertone do you see right?
  • I agree, and in fact, such other author expand your ideas to achieve a wider context, What do you think that additional contribution?
  • I agree on the whole idea, But how about if you also ...?
  • I agree, but there is a difficulty in bringing that idea into practice have you ever encountered this problem ever?
  • I do not agree. I know it sounds risky but how would reverse its approach? Do not you think it would make more bearable consequences?

I could go on ad infinitum. The key is that comment cause. A simple: "What a good idea" or "totally agree" not mobilize.

The land is paid, it's time to connect

The idea of engage to connect It materializes at this time. After these interactions will have been achieved (in most cases) an answer. It is time to formalize the relationship.

Now it's time to visit profile of the person to contact and press the button. Whenever possible (one LinkedIn, for example) personalizing the invitation. The message may contain a reference to the conversation. It could be something:

appreciated Mrs.. X, I loved the thread of his article on xxxxx. I would be grateful to accept your network. Maybe someday we can put time value common interests. a cordial greeting, Company.

I feel abuse of Anglicisms, but this would "inbound networking" in pure state. After contact is wise to wait a few weeks before proposing anything. When I see a text message invitation with a direct sales, I lie back. Real World label must be kept in the digital environment.

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Event of the week


Branding Week RD

This coming week I'll be teaching a workshop Employee Advocacy programs with my colleague and partner Nancy Vazquez at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

The event will take place all day Wednesday 29 and morning 30 of May. Afternoon 30 Nancy will give a talk on social selling en Facebook and another on storytelling in the fourth revolution.

If you're in the area, you can register here > hola@madi.digital Tel. (829)-694-8080. Have a nice week!

Jobseekers, better go for the 80 and forget 20

It is said that a 80% of job offers is not published. Jobseekers, Is not it better to go for the 80 and forget 20?

Last 3 Aviles May there was a conference organized by extraordinarily personal brand team Training and Employment the city council and Elena Arnaiz. The summary of the event and 6 presentations is described in Articles “Trace in the liquid space“, “The heart of the personal brand: #MPAviles” and the hashtag #MPAviles.

In my speech, in addition to discuss strategic issues and personal positioning message, I suggested to job seekers who think big, in that 80%. Agree, but how do you do?

Do you know of WOM?

Despite what social networking is still the most effective means of communication that exists is what the Anglo-Saxons call Word-Of-Mouth (WOM) and here we might call mouth, ear. That is to say, use our closest circles of influence.
Why? so that, yes, 80% the job never sees the light, and we must fight to enter that 80%, not in the Infested 20% remaining.

Or prescribers our key partners who are? How we can help?

In our business model, one of the most important elements are our key partners, prescribers, those who can help us reach our target audience. Jobseekers, your audience are all professionals who can offer before it on the market en masse.

Your specifiers are different: satisfied customers, contributors, friends, family, fellow students, ex-colleagues, professional associations and generally anyone who meets two requirements:

  1. Attest that are good professional and your value proposition is powerful
  2. Meet professionals who may have fresh information on job vacancies

How we can help? Already imagine. Commending before the offer reaches the market.

What would be the protocol to make the WOM is effective?

  1. Having a good health of our personal brand. That means that when someone searches our name or our specialty good, we find unblemished. Inside and outside the network. Easy? Why not, it is to be a disciplined and consistent fast Flesh Do? Three, six, nine months, one year. It depends on the dedication and whether accounts with a mentor or not.
  2. Identify prescribers. Create an exhaustive list of people who can help, and make sure they have contact details. I remind you that if someone is direct contact on Linkedin already have your email.
  3. Announce your intention to find work. But not only that: you have to send them a briefing or summary of what you want and what you think you can add value. To send the CV? for me it's wet paper, something that becomes obsolete in a week, but if you have, better than nothing. It is better to spend Linkedin profile link or bebee (if they are up to date). And even better: clearly explain your value proposition.
  4. Do not be stingy. Investing a little. Looking for work is an investment, and each depends on whether short or long term. Investing is invite your prescribers coffee, to lunch. Investing is dedicating 8h daily to look for work (including additional training, if you need). Investing is hire a mentor to help you with managing your brand: Diagnosis > self-knowledge > Strategy > Visibility Plan.
  5. get recommendations. It is a classic, but it works. Before social networks, the recommendations were oral (mouth, ear) the writings. There is a great platform to send and receive recommendations, Guudjob; If you do not know, You're taking. We now also on Linkedin, for example. Validations serve competencies, but above all the recommendations written in the network. I like because nobody would play his reputation by recommending someone who is not worth for the position (I am somewhat idealistic, I know).
  6. Stop being and start being. Do not be member organizations, I know someone reference in them. Do not be in networks, I know someone offering value, conversation, action. I am a creative person: Dare with videoCV, for example (if properly raised, It is an accelerator).

Useful information if you use the WOM

  • According to the study IAB Spain 2017, from 86% of penetration of social networks in Spain, of which a significant portion includes professional networks.
  • The networks used are Facebook (91%), Whatsapp (89%), YouTube (71%), Twitter (50%) Instagram is (45%), Spotify (41%), Linkedin (26%), Google+ (26%), Pinterest (19%), Telegram (16%) and Snapchat (7%)
  • The professional networks used are Whatsapp (89%), followed by Twitter (50%), Linkedin (26%), Google+ (26%), Pinterest (19%), Telegram (16%), although the latter is the only strictly professional Linkedin, the rest are hybrid.
  • As I read in the ‘Report Infoempleo-Adecco Social Networks and Labor Market‘, yes, 78% of users used social networks 2016 to seek employment. But remember, we talk about 20% employment sees the light.
  • According to the same report Adecco, Linkedin and Facebook lead this look with a 66% and 50% respectively. The other networks are far, with a 19% Google+, 16% Twitter, 13% forums, 9% blogs, and 6% Instagram is.
  • Adecco indicates that the number of companies that use them as a means to attract talent is a 84%.
  • During last year, yes, 55% professionals surveyed human resources has reconsidered its hiring decision after consulting profiles a candidate preselected networks, worsening their opinion in a 36% of the cases.
  • According to my experience, This is usually a first filter, but it can also be repeated before a final process between two matched nominations.
  • Ojito with social networks are a tool to boost personal brand, but at the same time can hurt you in your job search. Do not put all your eggs this letter.

Everything leaves a brand

I usually say that everything marring, what we say and what we are silent, what we do and what we do. Today we have overcome the silent generation our parents advocating discretion, and we have a great opportunity to project a strong personal brand to attract companies and recruiters. But should be solid, because if it does not become a weapon double-edged.
What can harm us is:
  • Presence: absence or overexposure
  • Reputation: bad ways, poor content, plagiarism, very extreme opinions in FSPR (football, sex, politics and religion)
  • Egocentrism: Speak only of oneself, forgetting our value proposition to others.

In summary, Jobseekers, fight 80% offers better quality that are settled in private settings. The 20% is too crowded remaining candidates. Y, above all, do not forget your background work value proposition.

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Who to follow on social networks (II)

(II) Who to follow in networks: YouTube, Instagram is, Google+

If the other day we talked three social networks like are LinkedIn, Twitter y Facebook, Today we enter YouTube, Instagram and Google+. Each of these networks have different monitoring procedures. Let's see them:


There are several ways to follow a user to provide us with value YouTube, but first it is worth identifying those users, and we will do so in two ways, For the name (if we know) using the keywords in the search; If the video is well labeled it will appear in a ranking that we can sort by popularity, by date, and also for channels and playlists. How can we activate this network monitoring?

Channel subscription. It is the most interesting option, that will make every time the user will upload a new video email us letting us know.

Creating categories: If you do not want to follow a user but a category (example: leadership ), from the same video we will ask “sort out” and then create a category. This option is very interesting because it allows us to have a own channel YouTube without having uploaded one video. Who connect with our channel will find all those videos that have classified.

Like: another way to follow videos is simply putting a like. In this case there will be others who will see this preference but we ourselves who will see this like we have made a video of another.

Conversation: if we generate any comment on a video of someone else we can keep track of all the comments that come later as happens in Facebook or LinkedIn.

Instagram is

Selfie redes sociales Instagram YouTube Google+ Shutterstock

Images of post: shutterstock.com

It is the social network par excellence labels. If the #hashtag was invented by Twitter, is in Instagram is where it develops its maximum potential. When we do a search on Instagram we have four results: Noted, people, hashtags and places.
Outstanding: here we see the most powerful being sharing in this network and give us an idea of ​​who are the people with profiles that we follow more closely.

People. Here you can search by the name of the person or put a @ in front. If that person is not using a nickname unknown find it quite easily. Tracking formula is similar to Twitter, We can follow who want regardless of whether or not still remains. The only difference is that there are many private profiles on Instagram. In such cases if the other party does not return us to follow we can not see images coming up this network.

Hashtags. It is the crown jewel of Instagram. It is the easiest way to search for content on the network and related concepts find what we seek. If you look closely the, Instagram each publication is followed by a number of hashtags. So if we want to see everything that is being published on drones only have to click on the hashtag #drone.

places. One feature of Instagram is the geolocation, ie every time you got a photograph asks us if we want to say where it has been made. Based on that we can also search for places that is, we can put a place such as the Escorial and see everything that is being published on the Escorial in real time. This will allow us to follow people who are posting about this topic.


This social network obtains maximum performance when other Google products are used such as browser Chrome or YouTube. In addition, to operate in this network need to have a Gmail account or associated with Google. Google+ distinguishes four follow-up formulas: your browser to find collections, communities, people and publications.
For example if we “abstract art” effectively find the four types of results.

The collections we can follow them to see all the new publications that include. It is important to know that if we keep a collection owner will know that we are following.

In the communities we can unite, and are simple as pressing the button together to follow everything that publishes community.

In the case of people Google+ is where perhaps has the greatest differential, because it allows us to track distinguishing whether they are family, friends, known or are followers.

Finally, in the case of publications, we appear those related to the search and may share the commenting or simply put the equivalent network like this, a +1.

We will continue talking about who to follow on social networks, we still Pinterest, Periscope, Snapchat, Slideshare, baby, About.me, Vine, Swarm…

Who to follow on social networks (I)

(I) Who to follow in networks: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook

Who do we follow in social networks? Obviously whoever you want, but as a general rule I usually opt for four profiles: who can give us value, who help us spread the message, to recruiters and those who want to return the courtesy, without further ado.

A quien seguir en las #RRSS / Personal Branding by Guillem Recolons

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1. Who can give us value

This is a public key that will keep us abreast of things that matter. Not only are they influencers, These are experts who share knowledge and we can add value to our profession. Ways to identify and follow vary depending on the social network:

A. Linkedin

experts: Is the network where more job move. To identify who is who on Linkedin worth using the advanced search, Powerful CRM that allows you to locate personal and professional profiles by keyword, name or last name, by previous or current employer, by geographical area ... The difficulty is that once applied for a contact, it does not always accept the return, implying that our profile must be impeccably written and very clear value proposals.

Business: Worth following companies, especially those in which our interest and convert them into professional affinity target (diana) of our professional aspirations. Company Profiles may follow, but we can also include comments in their publications, allowing us to start working our professional positioning.

groups: There are about two million groups on Linkedin. They are authentic specialized discussion forums. Some are networking, but the vast majority are themed, such as Soymimarca, focused on personal branding, and near 3.000 members. In groups we can monitor expert to learn from them, but we can also talk with them, an excellent chance to make our mark.

B. Twitter

People: It is the network that allows us to follow whoever you want without waiting to return us to follow. Follow experts in this network is very easy through your browser: simply put the matter in which we are interested and pressing search will appear several options: Featured, live, accounts, Photos, videos, more options. For example, if we journalists have to write the search word "journalist" and then click "Accounts", thus those who are defined as a journalist in your profile we appear. Although I am not a lover Klout (measuring online influence) there is a Chrome extension and other browsers that allow us to see directly the Klout index of each profile Twitter, that we can have a rough idea of ​​their influence.

Business: Companies have consolidated their presence in this network because of its direct influence on news and reputation. To follow companies use the same criteria to follow people.

concepts: Search for #hashtags is very effective and allows you to track the conversation around a theme. If we #personalbranding in the search box Twitter, and then we go to the featured tweets, We see all new developments that are taking place about at a time. Hootsuite using this monitoring tool is even easier, because it allows a column can continue to 3 hashtags, for example: #personalbranding #marcapersonal #employeebranding.

Twitter lists: selective option to see Twitter's search lists akin to what we seek, and subscribe. That prevents us follow all the members of the list, but instead yes we can see live what they are published. Locate Twitter lists is complex, since this network has not yet considered the listings in your browser or on your advanced search (also has), so we'll first for the concept through the hashtag and there, we will manually looking at who has created similar lists.

asset tracking: "Enable notifications on your mobile" is available when the person or company you keep track restores you or "follow". This means that every time you come Retweet tweeted or a notice on the phone screen. It is the most direct way to follow a profile.

C. Facebook

People: Here you will run into privacy options, which make it impossible in many cases to find a person. When we do, we can send friend request and in other cases to activate tracking Facebook. People have also profile page offer no difficulty to follow them through a "like" on your page, but do not forget to visit every day because only Shows Facebook Pages 5% what pages they publish their followers (unless payment made campaign).

Business: the vast majority have page, and through the finder generate page is very easy to access and make a "like".

public groups. There are very powerful clusters, response Zuckerberg LinkedIn to keep the professional conversation on Facebook. Whenever someone publishes a group comes a warning like someone had written on our wall, It is very easy to follow, and also very easy to talk with experts from the group's wall.

2. To who, besides providing value, help us to disseminate our messages

The inner circle of influence: Of the influencers we can learn, but unless they are friends, hardly share our reflections or content on their networks. Who has that role then? Our trusted environment, both personal and professional, but especially those who have good communities in networks. For us they are easier to identify because we know them, They are part of our environment. Imagine that we have created a content: a post in a blog, a video on YouTube, We have appeared in a radio interview, TV or in a newspaper article. Digital link we can get to go further, and we will do so through our close circle of influence.

A. Linkedin

Share (link) Profile. With this link clicaremos the option to share our content on Linkedin and all who follow us will see what we have shared.

Send to individuals: LinkedIn allows us to share that link individuals, to block 50 people. Worth changing the standard message "I think this may interest you" for something else worked and personalized. "I did a radio interview a few days ago that explain the effectiveness of systemic coaching in organizations. It would be helpful if you could share this link. Thank you!”.

Send to group. LinkedIn allows us to share content, own or others, to the 53 groups that can be members. This exponentially increases the chances of being seen, as there are some networking groups that have more than 100.000 members. To do it, We act as in the two previous cases. Since the news, post, link or share content on Linkedin with the "Send to group" and will be placing the names of the groups you want to reach.

B. Twitter

Direct message: with those people that we trust and follow us on Twitter we send them an MD (direct message) attaching the link to the content and asking if they can share in your community or simple-minded to make an RT (retweet) the tweet created by us that already includes link and hashtag. It is recommended not to abuse this practice.

Twitter Ads: If we have a small community and we want to see us (impressions, It is the technical name) 70.000 people, a good option is the Twitter Ads, very easy to hire ads in which you choose the type of audience you want to reach your tweet. For € 100 you can achieve a great extent, which then will result in leads (click the link, subscriptions to a blog ...).

C. Facebook

friends: Perhaps it is the easiest case. Since a profile is assumed that your friends are, friends, all we need is to say aloud that we need to share one of our content. Caution: you abuse this practice is considered spam, so better to reserve this ammunition to very specific cases and special.

groups: It is an excellent place to share content, and unlike the profiles of friends, professional groups are for that, content sharing value. Recall that before receiving must be given. It does not serve as a receptacle groups use our ideas and not interact.

3. A nethunters and recruiters

This is a very interesting audience for those seeking job opportunities, but the profile is more difficult reach and more sensitive protocols. We can not expect a quick and positive response to his brava. The strategy over tactics. Before undertaking any action aimed at this audience is important to work our online profiles to have consistency, message, positioning and are not full of digital garbage, complex issues such as fprs (football, political, religion, sex) They are not prohibited but should be treated with great delicacy to avoid getting discarded to the first exchange.

Good to know that digital recruiter or nethunter not content with a static photograph of a moment, They tend to track each profile to know with whom we interact, what we share and what value proposition behind our brand.

A. Linkedin

Locate them on Linkedin It is more complex, as the word nethunter It is used by few professionals. A good tip is >Advanced search > Keyword = nethunter >Near = your country, your district, and the wider radio can. For example, Search by Barcelona have appeared me 12 professionals with this profile.

We analyze their profile. From that moment they will know that we have done, We have already made our first brand.

We ask contact, but never through mobile or Tablet, no longer let you customize the message. We customize the text everything we can, with the value proposition (gainer who we hire) in front.

And wait. If they accept the contact, please, no more we press for a few weeks. There is nothing worse than accepting someone and two minutes is already asking. So the advice is to give before you ask: add value, share interesting content, interact in groups or companies where the nethunter is so leave the second mark and wait to be pre-selected in a process.

B. Twitter

Advanced search: The same procedure would work advanced search, allowing target variables specific location. Advanced Search Twitter is the great unknown, but it is very powerful. It is in the submenu "more options" once we have done a simple search.

Follow: Here the protocol is different, because we can follow whomever we, so we will go directly to "follow". Probably will not return us to follow, usually do not, so a good option is to create a list titled "Top Nethunters Spain" (for example) and go including all related profiles the word nethunters. And so we left the second mark, more important than a "follow".

Label: If we create a valuable content (very much) such as translation before anyone an article in Harvard Business Review on HR and Internet and post it on our blog, in that case we can upload a tweet with the content and finally a cc (knowingly) @elnombredelnethunter. It is essential not abuse this practice, once a quarter nethunter, provided that the content is worth it, It will be enough.

Wait: And wait.

C. Facebook

Caution: Since it is a network of friends, here it is more complicated. Nethunters do not usually have the page, and exceptions will not admit us as friends on their profile.

Privacy: There are groups of recruiters on Facebook, but most are closed, the invitation work. Here we can not go.

Creativity: the only way to draw attention to a nethunter recruiter or Facebook is using high doses of creativity, for example video resume to break molds. Take a look at YouTube to CV Nuria Massana Fusté, It is a great example of what is spoken here.

we are connected / personal branding / social media / William Recolons / shutterstock

Photo credit: shutterstock.com

4. Who we want to return the courtesy

There is no clear rule on whether to accept the monitoring of anyone who asks us contact, friendship ... Each case should be studied separately. There are profiles such as Francesc Grau on Twitter @fgrau author of "Twitter in one week"I am praying" follower of my followers "while others only follow those who know or those who actually intend to continue. In any case, here the social network protocols as are simple:

A. Linkedin.

sure before: Here it is worth click on the profile of the person you want to contact to make sure that there is a spammer or someone who will come with the story that has a cousin in jail and needs money.

Action: If we convince, we will have a new contact, a new email and potential stakeholder.

B. Twitter

Attention, not everything is: Like Linkedin, Twitter but there are some profiles that are often suspicious and is perhaps best left for another time:

1. All who go with "egg", no profile picture

2. Which despite including photo, lack profile description

3. Those who have photographed with your pet

4. Those with the private profile (on Twitter that makes no sense)

5. Which include symbols extreme allegiances (football, political, sex…)

6. Those who call themselves MLM Multilevel marketing or online

7. In general, those who see that we are not going to contribute anything at all

Possibilities: It's good to know that once the bilateral track is a series of functions are activated, of which highlight two:

1. The ability to send MD > Direct messages

2. The ability to enable mobile notifications, so that Twitter will warn us of each screen action followed.

C. Facebook

Friendship: By accepting a friendship we have the right to visit her full profile, see that friends have and activate the Facebook Messenger, much like Whatsapp.

accepting: If Facebook is a network of friends, acceptance of contacts can follow two criteria, Choose the one you want.

1. I accept only people you know (and I feel like I have on my wall)

2. Friends of my friends are my friends.

Soon we will continue to YouTube, Instagram is, Google+,…

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Why many webs of companies pass WordPress blog format?

Something moves when many companies and brands are migrating their websites Monolithic formats like WordPress Blog.

We have interesting examples:

Life magazine

Time magazine


In our country, even shyly, many companies are considering this possibility to the benefits of information management and representing the best SEO ratios.


Conference: Do you find it useful to have a professional personal brand?

Next Monday 24 in the afternoon, at 18pm, at the headquarters of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, there will be a conference / debate SOYMIMARCA in which it is intended to explain the importance and the need for professionals (not only industrial engineers) manage their own brand.

The meeting is free attendance, but places are limited.
to register:

It is important that both professionals and companies are aware that a person who manages your personal brand, It is a professional commitment, initiative, responsibility, aware of its value and its powers.


approx: 1h30. You are all invited.

Col·College of Engineering / Via Laietana 39 / Barcelona

Cooked something interesting in the environment of personal branding

Monday 4 October we will present something interesting. Put the radar.

Any tips to survive on LinkedIn (II)

The mobile version of LinkedIn is operational

Complementing the post we published 21 last June (ver post), this time we more into detail on how to improve networking via LinkedIn. I owe text to Blog Frank Scipion ingresosalcuadrado.com, I think he has done an excellent job called “Vitamins cure for your LinkedIn profile“. There goes that:

LinkedIn is a social network sovereignly wasted. In the interests of justice, I decided to write today one Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Many people believe that it is very difficult to make new connections, and they end up using it simply as a place to hang your resume, It is not like this?. And what I think is that it has a far greater potential than many of us are taking today.

First of all, Linkedin is itself a search engine and has tremendous reputation Google and other major search engines. And that reason is only reason to be present, because if only you Google your name and you have a profile on Linkedin, you will see that you appear on the first page of results. Try it and you will notice the weight that has Linkedin to Google.

Here you step eight main points that helped me give you the real value of this social network.

Linkedin guide 1. Improve your search engine rankings

In your LinkedIn profile you will find three spaces to add links to your own sites or blogs. Instead of using “My Website”, click “Other”. There you can enter text that best matches what people can find about your business.

For example, I used to stop my blog passive income, a keyword that is why I want to position myself. You can put here your Facebook fan page, your channel youtube, etc ... and also optimize the text of your link.

In my case, public view my profile on Linkedin has a PageRank 2. Nothing extraordinary, but not insignificant for a newly launched blog.

Of course, It is an extremely simple way to boost your search engine positions.

Linkedin guide 2. Promote the content of your blog

You can also import your profile Linkedin to the feed of your blog on WordPress, looking for the appropriate application in that program. This becomes a quick and easy way for others to check out the content of your blog in a minute.

If you do not use WordPress (unfortunate!), There you can also use Blog Link. This application supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Blogger, LiveJournal and several other.

We all know well that blogs are the best way to grow your brand, whether personal or your project. With this you can automate the dissemination of your posts on Linkedin.

Linkedin guide 3. Launch an advertising campaign on LinkedIn

The truth is that until they told me, I had no idea that LinkedIn offered a contextual advertising service. LinkedIn is a site professionals for professionals, which it is less exposed to random other environments, and conversely, receives care visits and more people interested in business.

The system is simple and allows you to write in minutes, guide and launch your advertising, and pay it either clicks or impressions, with budgets that start in 40 euros. The advantage is that you can quickly reach a community really premium of 63 million professionals with high levels of income (100,000 € half). And you can segment your ad based on the age, industry, job, yes, company size and Location.

For lack of funds, I do not use paid advertising services. This does not remove the real interest of this service thinking advertising company, since linkedin offers a similar service Facebook fan page service, service Business Page.

Linkedin guide 4. To organize events

I love this Linkedin tool that lets you announce events. You not even need to be the coordinator of the event to upload it to the agenda Linkedin. An event can be created only with the basic information and interest spread. You can even send invitations through your network Linkedin, taking advantage of the usefulness of RSVPs. And you can also quickly view all your contacts events.

Linkedin guide 5. Use groups to connect with people

In a group Linkedin, you can read / post news, launch a debate, Post a job, etc ... They are closed environments that manage members who can access all content.

It is more common for people to join a group, but then again not nearly to participate in it. And the truth is that I can not throw the first stone because I'm one of them. In my case, instead of having an online continued participation in one or more groups, visiting them every day, I prefer to receive notices by mail and only entered into a conversation if I have a real interest.

What is even more should start a new group, as it will give you the advantage of having the email addresses of those who join, updated daily as it grows. I know I can give you a bit of work to put together and push a group, but a good way to start is directly invite all your contact. When your contacts they join the group, these developments will be visible in their profiles, and there other people will get interested and join. The result is a small empire..

Linkedin see some groups that are all the rage. start with 2 English groups to which must be monitored, because that many things happen:

2 references in Spanish, daily conversations with active:

Can you imagine having your access to such contact base? Well, Maybe you should start today.

Linkedin guide 6. Get recommendations to attract more customers

If anything Linkedin difference from other social networks, recommendations are, something really unique. And I can not think of a better way to promote your business by asking your customers and your colleagues to share with others their opinion of you.

You may be wondering how to get them. Simple: first give, then receive. Write good recommendations from your peers, and soon you'll get better from you. Should spend some time on this.

To credibility and convince, the recommendations of others is very important. With Linkedin you have an inexhaustible source of testimonials from people recognized (experts in their field, managers, etc..) that can support your project and settle down as one of the leaders in your industry.

Linkedin guide 7. make questions, and answered questions from the rest

A quick way to stand out as an expert is to answer questions that other. It is true that this service in Spanish is used below (If you compare the database of questions / answers available in English), but still, I would not miss the chance to answer a couple of questions relevant to your business.

You can also make your own questions, and see how they respond other. It's a great way to do surveys before launching your website for example, or validate the interest of a possible product you want to launch the professional market soon.

Linkedin guide 8. Connect your twitter account to your Linkedin profile

Your tweets appear on your profile, and you can launch a tweet from linkedin. There are a couple of widget to let you know that estña saying about you on Twitter. Because I do?. Because anecdotes relevant content to your profile, useful for your search engine rankings and also because return addresses highly qualified traffic to your twitter account, and if they see the aterir on your profile like, followers will be yours.

That's all for that Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Do not waste more time, Give him a chance to Linkedin. Worth.

Networking 05 / Smile!


Smile, please. This is a simple and basic principle Personal Branding, and many people skip it.

Nobody likes to do business with someone who frowns. It is easier to establish working relationships with someone who says good morning with a smile.

This basic rule was created in 1936 by Dale Carnegie in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, but trust me, still in force.



Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Networking 04 / Let us be generous with information

Information is one of the most precious resources. Often we are so jealous of our work or our method that everything stays home.

My advice is to share information. If we do it, We get you a WOM (mouth, ear, to understand us) Interestingly, in the end we benefit.

Suggestions, ideas, open debates, Anything goes to help someone who walks lost or looking for a second assessment about something.

We have the perfect tool: the Web 2.0 and countless resources. There is no excuse for not doing so.