Apple was not dead, I was carousing

Since the demise of Steve Jobs have been many voices gave Apple for dead. Let's be frank, the latest releases of the company have disappointed expectations. But in the end Apple always manages to be the pretty girl, the desired, and to top, It remains as first company stock quote. Dead? A story that almost goes unnoticed again put the company on the block in the cream of global innovation. And this time the hardware has little to do.

I am lying if I did not declare my passion for this brand since it launched the Macintosh, there for 1984, with a advertising campaign –sello Ridley Scott- which has not been surpassed. In my house Apple entered 1988, we know, in Spain these things are always late. He came in with a Mac II, a compact black and white mini-screen but allowed to do things never seen in design and image processing.

I am now a true IDIOT: I can not do anything without a device that does not come from Cupertino.

But what Apple has invented now?

This time Apple no It unveiled a device. It surprises us with something that can not be true to your vision: simplify our lives. Its about Apple SIM, discretely recently presented as part of the new iPad Air 2.

Can you imagine being able to travel the world with a SIM card that does not charge roaming and connected at all times-and at no extra cost- operator that offers better coverage?

Why not, that is the invention, a card that does not belong to a particular operator, es Apple, and it offers a service unimaginable until today. Slavery to which we have subjected the operators, They are blocking their terminals so they can not be used with other companies, subjecting us eternal permanences, And the worst, they are not able to give us a global service (world) at a reasonable rate, that slavery may disappear in less than a year.

In other words, Apple SIM means that now we can buy phone and phone service and block data, flat rate without borders. By the time the invention will only work in the United States and the United Kingdom, but we look forward to this service can be extended to other countries. Thereafter they will not be omnipotent and arrogant phone companies that will offer convenience an Apple terminal, Apple will be the highest bidder who will choose between operators at all times to ensure the best customer service.

Customer orientation

Although many brands fill their mouths with low cost philosophies of customer orientation, Apple defies new market rules to orient 100% Step customer and generate a new cake in the telecommunications giant cake.

Will now be the device owner who choose the operator at your convenience.

Admirable. Notorious. Helpful. Differential. And I do not know is whether it is inimitable, since each day imitators imitate apple faster. Surely Samsung, LG, Sony etc. They are already working on a copy of the Invention. But if Apple has been cautious, there may be patented your SIM and have a few years of exclusive. We will see.

Many people think that the Apple brand is pay dearly. And I agree, but the original is always better than the copy pays. Apple was not dead, I was carousing.


¿Half-hour blocks of TV commercials? To return the books!


[button bg_color=”#178f67″]Warning, do not read. It seems that the source (Puro Marketing) he decided two days ahead fools day[/button]

Leo Puro Marketing that Telecinco (Mediaset Spain) will begin emitting blocks 30 uninterrupted minutes of commercials and advertising. Apparently they do because a study of infogram “shows” that long commercials and appearing in long blocks are more effective than brief announcements in short blocks. The study was funded, among others, by Atresmedia (Mediaset competition), But in the same article another study appears Zenith Media debunking the effectiveness of television advertising. Which believe? each use common sense. If it turns out that audiences are fragmenting, that more and more media and the new consumer is more tightly bound to the recommendations of their peers than to commercial advertising, I am left with the study of Zenith.

I think that while conventional advertising is dying. To prove otherwise, Many colleagues commented me “great success” New Ad National lottery: Everybody talks about it. Let's see, that of “speak even one bad” I start to look pathetic. This announcement of the National Lottery has been responsible for the biggest drop in sales this institution. Was it advertising? It may not be the only factor, but when I see a brand treats me like an idiot trying to remove it from my shopping list.

Returning to the ad units HALF AN HOUR, all illegal lights, I think it must be taken as an opportunity, not as a problem. And there I launched a proposal to see if the editors collect flight, game programmers and sports brands.

Your best half hour of the day

The concept is that, When a channel announces its half-hour advertising, Let's turn off the TV immediately (consuming) and opt for activities like:

  • Half hour reading, one papel o e-book, does not matterwatch
  • Half hour game individual participatory, real u online
  • Half hour exercise, either at home, going for a walk, jogging…
  • Half hour sex Why not?. Atresmedia may be responsible for improved sexual and psychological health of people
  • Half an hour cooking what you want
  • Half hour chat Skype or type Hangout with someone who is far
  • And for the more spiritual, half an hour meditating, praying

I think the initiative Telecinco promote a change and improved our mental health by the number of alternatives that opens. I hope that the big publishing brands, of games, power… put the batteries to sponsor the “healthy pause” half-hour. In any case, Thank you, Telecinco, to put it easy. Perhaps unknowingly you have started the most important CSR action of your history.


You should not reward or punish alcohol consumption?


free gasoline for drivers who test negative on breathalyzer tests

This is the story that is repeated for several years in different parts of world geography. There are generous municipalities, that reward up to 20 € the driver of 0,0 in breathalyzer test and more stingy, that do not exceed 5 €.

Image: Flickr CC

Image: Flickr CC

But the amount it, What matters is the concept, and personally I see it as a good addition to the penalties for abuse alcohol. At least in those individuals or families most affected by the crisis. At most endowed economically the measure will care very little; they think, by 5 or 10 € I will certainly take a couple of gintónics.

Such measures fall into philosophy nudge (or philosophy push) They are putting in march governments and administrations, with small gestures and minimal costs, make lifestyle changes. Once I have spoken on this subject on this blog (see category Nudge).

However, I admit not very fond of economic aid or subsidies, as they tend to generate a complex vicious circle. Come on, that the aid which eliminates the situation deteriorate again.

When holiday periods usually come such initiatives emerge, almost always sponsored by a mayor who walks justito popular support and want to ensure re-election. Anyway, and to be fair, If this one road accident is avoided, the measure is good, without further ado.

The great day of Fried Potato

The School of Public Health at Harvard It has conducted a major investigation into the origin of gradual weight gain in adults. Actually, there is nothing new under the sun: red and processed meats and refined grains take the palm. But there is one thing that catches my attention: Most fattening food french fries are (followed by chips). This is serious. The study results were presented last month in the prestigious journal The New England Journal of Medicine.

From this point to the health authorities of all countries they are opened three possible scenarios as to the treatment to give fried potato:

  1. Campaigns against consumption “abusive” of chips aimed at Big audience
  2. Campaigns against abuse directed at groups doctors, nutritionists, large multinational supply, schools, hospitals…
  3. A treatment lateral to fried potato
I think the first two scenarios do not require much explanation:


Stage 1 It would be the logical, the reaction of lacking political hot ideas. A major campaign nationally, or internationally- similar to “The snuff kills” with macabre photos of putrid bodies, feeling guilty all the insane idea of ​​eating French fries! In this campaign we hartaríamos to see data on how regular fat an adult and is heading towards a silent death from disease that leads to obesity: infarcts, cancers of all types, various intestinal disorders, irreparable damage to the bony skeleton overload etc..


Stage 2 and it identifies us smarter politician, before acting hot reaction would weigh the different groups, a possible unfavorable vote, and these important things to be measured before launching the bombshell. This is a more discreet campaign, which comes indirectly to the final consumer, and using the figure of specifiers to try to halt the growing patatofilia. Doctors receive a dossier of health authorities with a set of recommendations for families around the moderate consumption of chips, alternative food, dietary guidelines, tests etc.


And… What's the matter with him stage 3?, What the hell does that mean treatment of a lateral fried potato?


Behold, usually these ideas collect soil, It turns out that small I was the guy who fries the other three companions cole ate my table who did not want. In return, Of course, I could get rid of suelazapato cauliflower steak or recycled from the previous day. It was a good deal. I was so patatero I did not care that the chips were of very poor paratas bill. OK, the issue of fried potato touched my marrow. And so today I am generous to give to the authorities this idea now expound:




Background : A regular consumption of fries widespread in the western population of the planet. In addition to your home use, fried potato has crept into all fast food restaurants, Belgians take them with mussels, English fish and in Spain, without going so far, have become popular thanks to Casa Lucio fried eggs, a single formula to overcharge 12 20 € for a plate of fried eggs and chips (I love the marketing).


Current situation: That runaway consumption of chips has been one of the largest makers of adult obesity, and that should, according to the aforementioned study, to what “starches and refined carbohydrates have similar effects to sugar in the body. They are absorbed quickly, cause spikes of glucose and insulin in the blood and do not induce satiety signals as effectively as other foods. Therefore, encourage eating more at the next meal”.


Objective of a lateral approach to the chip: Getting reducing consumption by way less tax than those mentioned in the scenarios 1 and 2.


lateral strategy: Implementation of one day a month dedicated to the potato chip. Campaign title: THE GREAT DAY OF FRIED POTATO.


Basic road map:


    • It is converting the consumption of chips in consumption luxury product, like Norwegian salmon, ow the Galician, Russian caviar and white truffles from Alba.


    • Restaurants behing the GREAT DAY OF POTATOAll at the same time, and create the most original and tasty recipes around the potato chip: spicy potatoes, fries with ham, with eggs, with sofrito, cold, hot, temperate, with chorizo, with cold frying, omelette, deconstructing chip, smashed potatoes, potatoes with skin, salt maldon, stocked with peppers, with caramelized onion, with raf tomatoes, skewer with onions and fries frankfurt, tempura fries…

      Lobster with fries Why not?


    • The price It must be something higher, without going. Of course, not enter into the menu.


    • Jose Mari Arzak compete with the Roca brothers, with Adriá and our excellent cooks to present the best dish based chips. The same score in the creations of famous masters and housewives who have dared to create a plus with fried potato. Do not remember the brilliant invention of Ferrán Adriá tortilla crisps?


    • The Guide Michelin would make a special mention to restaurants prepare the best fries.


    • The cáterings restaurants colleges, deign hospitals and nursing homes, for once a month, While preparing chips.


    • They would be created “pataterías” possibly they replace the crêperies.


    • US, lovers of fried potato, we would be counting the days to be with our best friends and choose restaurant or home potato taste during the GREAT DAY OF FRIED POTATO.


Negative effects Who does can be negative the big day FRIED POTATO?


Always look 360. It is true that there may be groups affected, but less than it seems.


For example, the farmers What will you have to do with the tons of potatoes that produce now? A short is a problem, but think that eventually replace potato consumption by other healthier products, like carrots, tomatoes, beet, onion… The enormous choice of restaurants fast food will need to quickly find a substitute for potato chip and that fit interesting recipes based on vegetables, whether grilled, fried or whatever you want.

And the chipmakers, Potatoes bag?. Here the thing is more complicated, but may have good solutions to the long. For example, could be packaged (already exist) combinations of fried vegetables or baked and wait for the big day FRIED POTATO markets and bars to fill bags of chips. True, In consideration would ask them to please remove those potatoes flavored ham, onions, peppery. All they know glutamate and adulterate the taste of a chip geniuno.


conclusion: A madness? Possibly. But we would increase the perceived value of the chip, elevating him to “luxury item” and therefore a more occasional consumption. We would get higher quality chips, of culture Ecologio, and fried in good olive oil. Would they be more expensive? Of course. Would you give us that oysters, caviar or foie gras?. But what would get, above all, it is desirable that the big day arrives potato chip.

The NUDGE philosophy gives us a new idea for parking

In March 2009 (ver post) and also in June (ver post) We already talked about philosophy “the push” or NUDGE which it makes things easier for citizens.

This time we return with a proposal around public car parks. The idea, made by a reader of the book “Nudge” it's based on painting closer places at the entrance of the parking. Then, progressively, widening the seats go as we move away from the entrance. People, to avoid discomfort, would park further from the entrance; here is a first advantage: walk a little further (It is always good for health). It would be a second: places for disabled would remain near the accesses, but now they would be better monitored.

It can give you a return to the idea: Given the in Spain parking spaces are quite narrow (public architects still think that all we drive “600”), just keep those places around the entrances and create wider spaces away from the entrances.

Nudge nudge or philosophy

Nudge bookIn a post 10 of March 2009 we talked about philosophy “Nudge” (see post). Here I detail another example of application of philosophy Nudge which appears in his book:

In Chicago there is a very dangerous curve which it has already caused many accidents. One of the formulas that city authorities have found to move drivers to slow down has been painting some lines perpendicular to the road are growing together as the curve approaches. The visual effect you makes us believe that going faster and faster and the driver slows, thus avoiding taking the curve too fast.

curva chicago nudgeChicago has done something that It has not cost him any money extra, and simply signaling a different approach gives them a nudge encouraging drivers to slow down.

The typical solution (in Spain, at least) easy it would have been to create a new regulation, sow all radar, fines up or bet a policeman, ultimately criminalize drivers and cause costs to skyrocket.

"Excellent, but not enough "vs NUDGE . Similarities between Edward de Bono and new sources of inspiration for Obama.

In his message "new words" of 2 February, Edward de Bono It highlights the need to create new words to facilitate language. I was especially struck by the thought that De Bono on the new word “Abhne” (Excellent, but not enough, of English "Excellent But Not Enough”). Without that word it is hard to ask for a change without attacking what.

Not so much to seek perfection as search alternatives Once we have found the answer to a problem. The question here is whether we have found the right answer using the parameters of logic or whether we should review other possible answers, a priori "out of logic", but that lead us to the right path for other paths.



Here I link with the philosophy of push or "NUDGE” (microingeniería social” by nudging ", mistranslated) that is inspiring policy Obama. Nudge, the book of Richard Thaler, It includes an illustrative story: an operator cleaning came up with an ingenious measure: draw a fly at a certain point the public urinal, aware that men pointed with great success in the Dutch public toilets. The problem was resolved quickly: men pointed to the insect and cleaning costs down.

Nudge is based on the need to correct, without resorting to prohibit or force, irrational behavior that neither meet the desires of the same individual. Maybe not the revolutionary change that many wanted Obama, but the philosophy of push results in health, education and more fields, insists Thaler. I think this philosophy coincides with the Ebne De Bono, because it stems from the concern to go beyond, keep looking, nonconformity with status quo.

For more information (in Spanish) about Nudge, I recommend you read this article La Vanguardia.