brands, increasingly personal

Every time brands more personal?

I know a headline and a very focused blog your personal brand You can give more than one reading. And has.

Big brands, which come, that convinced, They will be directed only to persons who are not looking for products or services. people seeking ethics will be addressed, brands and businesses that defend the values ​​that abanderamos.

I recently saw a video of an interesting initiative of the firm Ecoalf: Asked fishermen trawling various brotherhoods that collect plastics for recycling networks and remove them from the seabed.

With those plastic, a group of entrepreneurs get recycled to manufacture sports shoes and other clothes. A second chance. Recycle, re-use, increasingly sustainable, increasingly personal.

Not catastrophism, time is running out

Climate change and its consequences is not a lie, It is a reality that requires conscious businesses and consumers. Consumption by end use our planet as we know it.

The responsibility is twofold, On the one hand we, as consumers, we must ask before purchasing a product or service:

  • Do we really need?
  • Do you need it again? Is there a recycled version?
  • It is manufactured in accordance with our values? That is to say, without child exploitation, without abuse small producers, avoid greenhouse gases in production, that is easily recyclable, that have a price according to its performance, duration, without obsolescence, that does not contain harmful or unnecessary chemicals ...

The producers, by his side, must understand that not only buy products or services, but to defend our values ​​brands. brands increasingly personal. John Galiano, of the fashion Maison Margiela it's direct:

Ethics brands

Source: The Future 100 JWT

On the other hand, Enrique Dans He warns in one of his articles: "A part of humanity is too busy making money to raise that something as insignificant as saving the planet and human civilization". tremendous notice.

Values ​​indicate that not everything is

Like people, every time we will be more aware of our values. Many test or self-image as DISC How To Fascinate They help us identify.

But What about businesses and brands? who defines their values? who defines its purpose? In recent years managers have entrusted to external consultants (often not specialized in branding) the definition of "corporate statements”. It's a mistake.

In my judgement, the values ​​and Purpose of a company and its brands they must be agreed by professional. I often do exercise to define the purpose and values ​​to a group of professionals, personal branding courses. And I assure you that the results far exceed what written in a section “official” hidden from the corporate website to which few ever.

A company has the potential strength of the sum of personal marks of their professional. But few know, and least advantage.

Humanize is to connect

Organizations should be aware of this dual challenge: on the one hand, identify Values of consumers. That will help generate a human branding (human branding), a human marketing, of connection, empathy. It's not about competing on price, but to attract generating confidence, real confidence based on ethics.

On the other hand, identify the values ​​and purpose of the organization and each of its brands. And do it from within, from home, having talent who best knows the company and its brands: professional.

With these two premises, the marks will be increasingly personal, and therefore will generate greater trust and empathy. managers, the the changemakers (change agents), They have an enormous responsibility to consider their people as emotional shareholders, as true connectors with something called "consumers", and we all know that they are people like us.

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Differences between personal brand, reputation and online reputation

I wanted to talk to you about Online Reputation and its relationship to real reputation “and” personal brand. Everything is debatable, there is no exact science on this, but I hope to help you understand something important: your personal brand, online reputation and reputation are different things.

Online reputation can be fleeting

If our personal brand is a solid foundation, generated by what we leave in others (perceived identity) and what we are (identity), reputation is the result of our actions (or inactions) seen by others. And the Online Reputation is the result of a positive, neutral or negative perception that it occurs in the Internet environment.

A person can enjoy an excellent reputation “and” and poor Online Reputation. That's a fact. I worked for managers whose reputation among peers, team and customers is impeccable, but their Online Reputation is negative. Let's see what can be the main causes.

Negative online reputation due to digital absence

That's the most common case. Some companies “hide” their staff, or managers thereof, by ignorance, obviated minimal presence in the network. The no presence brings out what I call digital trash, that is to say, everything you do not want it to appear on the network: personal information, public legal affairs, negative news. Here the principle that applies here is to take control of our digital brand.

Wrong digital protocol

To be an engineer you need to study four years, so to transfer your reputation to the network you need a minimum of training. Or, delegate to someone in the organization that manages for you (I do not recommend it except for a trial period). Develop the value proposition, the message for each stakeholder, the tone, the content, interactions… not far from the real world, but it requires its protocols.

Wrong storytelling

The digital narcissism, always talking about oneself or one's company bores flies. It is important that digital storytelling is interesting, generating interaction and, above all, value. Share contents of other companies or individuals doesn't hurt, on the contrary, eventually we become good content curators (one of the competencies of 21st century).

Share contents of other companies or individuals doesn't hurt

A few years ago, the spanish singer David Bisbal published an unfortunate tweet about Egypt during one of his trips. That could affect his Online Reputation, but all their real or personal brand reputation staggered. Sometimes, even these mistakes have their positive side: humanise, because they put the person as a mortal like others.

Those who might be punished by a “bad” Online Reputation are the most senior managers of organizations. To face this problem there are programs such as Executive Branding.

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TEDxEixample Salon

Albert Vilalta

Albert Vilalta, first Spanish man to get on a TED stage

TEDxEixample TEDx Salon is a small format (a single talk). It will be the 22 January at 19pm in the old factory Damm Barcelona. Free admission if you subscribe on this form.

We will have the privilege to have with us the architect specializing in sustainability Albert Vilalta. Albert was 2011 It was the first TED Fellow of Spain. His talk "Architecture at home in its community"Has more than one million copies in the TED platform.



From 4 to 8 February will take place the Branding Week in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). This is an event organized by QUIFER Consultores full dedicated to Personal Branding. Among the workshops that will be held I feature:

  • Employee Advocacy
  • Healthy organizations
  • Political Personal Branding
  • HR Digital Transformation.

Branding Week RD

I will be part of the group of trainers and speakers together with Eva Collado, Paula Fernández-Ochoa and Nancy Vazquez. For registration, contact Anabel Ferreiras at


Ebook Personal SWOT

I am preparing a book on the steps to create a personal SWOT. It will be exclusive to subscribers You're not yet?, cheer up!

How do we manage an overdose of goals in the absence of PURPOSE

Each new start of the year or season is an ideal time to claim for overdose of goals that end up falling (mostly) in the pipeline. The new intentions will remain in that if we do not put them two basic ingredients: direction and action plan.

Giving meaning to everything: the PURPOSE

Beyond the overdose of goals we think of “the big one”, the motor of our life, what it gives meaning. Now it has become fashionable to talk about Ikigai (Your reason for being), but I prefer to keep the original name: PURPOSE, yes, In uppercase (to distinguish it from the more specific actions that mistakenly call “goals”).

To enter fully into the PURPOSE, I invite you to read What is the positive impact on society want to leave? You got it? It called purpose. In the background a capital purpose is not a toy those who get tired after three days. It's like a good friend, very durable, sometimes eternal.

One purpose is why, It is an achievable dream, is the contribution or legacy we want to leave humanity. Is, as it says Sinek, why we get up every morning, beyond happiness or money.

Imagine a world in which many of us wake up inspired us, We feel safe at work and return home satisfied at the end of the day. Simon Sinek

Overdose of goals? We need to focus

As I said, the classic early season goals are not really goals, but small gaps or unmet opportunities in the past. Dieting, do sport, study music, do such or such other course not pose the driveshaft of our life. We talk about wishes, plans, Projects, wills, intentions.

Far from downplaying these small projects, we consider them as such, and provide them with an objective, a period of achievement and an action plan. The methodology S.M.A.R.T. it may be useful to try to bring order and focus to all this.

The action plan

The midset to practise sports, for example, It is a first step. We got there by a trigger (bad health) or near examples (good health) that inspire us to initiate a plan. The problem or feature of any plan or project is to work must be strategic, and not as tactical as “I have gained weight 5 kilos and I'm going to a gym”.

S.M.A.R.T. helps us realize what we want, the deadline and the possibility of measuring success. Recall that the initials refer to Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely, which we would translate into Spanish as específico, medible, realizable, relevante y limitado a un tiempo.

An example:

I will start a health program walking pace 3.650 km per year and reducing carbohydrates from my diet on a 50% in a year to maintain a balanced BMI and avoid problems and diseases resulting from low physical activity.

Specific is the health program, measurable are the 3.650 Km (supposed 10 Km / day) and reducing sugars, timely is one year, what is achievable is to keep the IMC and relevant is to prevent diseases.

Activation is OK, but with a horizon

The format S.M.A.R.T. it is useful if you write it, if placed in a very visible wall, and if it is provided with tools to ensure success. With the above example, I'd buy a watch with heart rate monitor to measure distance walked. I study the routes that allow me to walk with minimal disruption. Reduce the use of motor vehicles. Visit a nutritionist to give me some guidelines. And do not forget the annual check-ups.

You see?, we can have dreams, Projects, but not an overdose of goals, because there is only one PURPOSE, and is very long-term.

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TEDxEixample Salon

TEDxEixample TEDx Salon is a small format (a single talk). It will be the 22 January at 19pm in the old factory Damm Barcelona. Free admission if you subscribe on this form.

As an appetizer of what we see, here's this video:



From 4 to 8 February will take place the Branding Week in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). This is an event organized by QUIFER Consultores full dedicated to Personal Branding. Among the workshops that will be held I feature:

  • Employee Advocacy
  • Healthy organizations
  • Political Personal Branding
  • HR Digital Transformation.

Branding Week RD

I will be part of the group of trainers and speakers together with Eva Collado, Paula Fernández-Ochoa and Nancy Vazquez. For registration, contact Anabel Ferreiras at


Ebook Personal SWOT

I am preparing a book on the steps to create a personal SWOT. It will be exclusive to subscribers You're not yet?, cheer up!

When the main threat becomes an opportunity for our personal brand

I guess you wonder…

What is the main threat?

When we work our personal SWOT (If you haven't done it, I encourage you to go for it), we consider threat as an external factor. We do not have direct control, as it may involve changes in laws, technological changes, regulations… but it does have a direct impact on our business and our your personal brand.

Among our threats rarely we consider the lack of creativity, but it is certainly the greatest of all. It's like a disease inching, when it reaches its peak is already difficult to react.

Creativity, divine treasure

Many associate creativity to a great idea, but really all we apply creativity in routine processes of daily life. The problem is that creativity is a resource that can be exhausted if we do not remedy.

Youth is no longer the divine treasure, nowadays it is creativity. Bad future may we expect without creativity, because it is a fully human trait, a way of thinking that makes us unique and valuable.

Creativity is not only inspiration, It can be planned and organized. In my early years as an independent pro (wow, that sounds great) I worked thoroughly discipline lateral thinking, guys at Edward de Bono. Stirring the trunk of memories, the first post of this blog, from December 2007, was called Lateral Marketing: the pleasure of rereading Kotler.

What threat is blocking our creativity?

From the perspective of professional skills, It has always advocated the need for specialization. This is and will remain so. But it has its drawbacks. Let expose a case I read a few months ago on the blog Branding Insider.

In 2015, a group of researchers from Austria and Denmark conducted an important experiment. They found that when people were too familiar with specific expertise, it blocked his creativity. That was because they stopped looking for ideas outside their area of ​​expertise.

The experiment

The researchers interviewed hundreds of roof roofers, carpenters and inline skaters. The three categories are chosen because although completely different fields- share a similar problem: encourage the use of safety equipment to prevent injury. Roof Repairers wear seat belts, carpenters use safety masks and inline skaters use knee pads and elbows.

The researchers conducted 306 interviews. participants to contribute their best ideas on the theme was requested: improve safety equipment for the market in which they are experts and for the other two categories. A panel of experts evaluated the safety gear responses. The results were extraordinary: the more distant was the field, most creative was the solution proposed by participants. In other words, the members of each group were better at finding an innovative solution to a different field to yours. The experiment gave an idea of ​​how creativity works.


Creative people are not smarter; simply they are open to connect ideas from different fields.

When Steve Jobs were asked what made the Macintosh a revolutionary computer, he answered: “Part of what made the Macintosh great was that the people working on the project were musicians, poets, artists, biologists and historians.” They also knew computer, Jobs added. Jobs's goal was not to be average. His goal was to be great. And greatness, he said, comes from connecting ideas.

If you feel the latent threat that creative qualities are missing and everything falls apart, remember these three tips:

  1. Put yourself in the shoes of another professional from another perspective to analyze your business model
  2. Enlists the help of professionals from other sectors and have an open mind and out of limiting beliefs
  3. Connect Ideas


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Guillem Recolons / TWENTY magazine

Veinte / January 2019


It was just released the January 2019 from revista Veinte, edited by Mario Lopez-Guerrero, a platform with less than one year of life has become an indispensable in HR. I have had the honor to collaborate (and being cover) with colleagues as Almudena Lobato, Celia Hil, Juan Carlos Cubero, Isabel Bonmatí, among others. I explain the importance of relationships Person-to-Person (P2P) in the context of communication. I encourage you to read it for free on the website by subscribing


From 4 to 8 February will take place the Branding Week in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic). This is an event organized by QUIFER Consultores full dedicated to Personal Branding. Among the workshops that will be held I feature:

  • Employee Advocacy
  • Healthy organizations
  • Political Personal Branding
  • HR Digital Transformation.

Branding Week RD

I will be part of the group of trainers and speakers together with Eva Collado, Paula Fernández-Ochoa and Nancy Vazquez. For registration, contact Anabel Ferreiras at

recommended TED

Finally, and since today we talk about creativity, what better than one of the most acclaimed TEDx 2018 in the world:

#Fail Worst Personal Branding in 2018

the worst of the worse

A few days ago in this blog was the best of 2018 an HR branding, also should know worst to understand the obstacles to overcome between those who work in personnel management brand.


Journalists seeking facilón holder and not investigate pros del Personal Branding (That does not sell) but the Cons. That has happened many times in 2018. Perhaps the most epic was entitled “Thymus personal brand: A long-term suicide“, published on a regular tabloid and signed by someone who wanted to get testimonials exclusive opposites. Then it was learned that the answers of respondents were manipulated. Article deserved the rejection of much of personal burners, in a collaborative post published in Soymimarca title “The suicide of personal branding“.

If we have two ears and only one mouth because perhaps we should listen before speaking.


experts SEO They position themselves as experts in whatever and appear in the top positions of search for personal branding, personal brand…

Andrés Pérez Ortega He tried in one of its post matter. Why a Google search on personal branding specialists do not leave personal brand specialists? Instead, have shown that “positioned” the key word “your personal brand” but do not have the slightest idea. Worst, They are also boast of it, as if customers a consultancy or training in personal branding you were stupid.


Professionals who treat personal brand management as a whole when only one party dominate. This is a custom that is being imposed. A photographer It is not an expert in personal branding, but surely it captures the essence like no one person.

A coach you can master important aspects of self-awareness, an indispensable diagnostic phase in personal brand, you need to master aspects of strategy and communication to achieve “everything” the staff brander. The same happens with image consultant, you can get the best out of a person on the outside aspect, but hardly will develop a business model around a strong value proposition.


You can not pretend to be a specialist personal brand without projecting a good personal brand. Every day I receive several follow-ups and requests for contact “personal branding experts” whose name he had never heard. Agree, everyone deserves a first chance, but do not you think the word “expert” is somewhat premature?

Worst is that, entering their profiles, you do not see they have a site (web + blog), not see that manage their social networks professionally and to make matters worse, you do not see adding value. A while ago tried the same subject in the post A teacher without personal brand personal brand?, and I see that things have not improved much.


A few days ago I interviewed Lopez-Guerrero Mario for magazine TWENTY. He asked about what was the worst, he saw more pessimism in the environment of the personal brand. And do not hesitate, Its about termism. I wrote:

“Politicians who think in elections next year instead of a better future for people. torched statements, absolute lack of empathy. Journalism focused on the tweet and not the analysis of why the events. Companies that prioritize financial results on its vision and long treatment to its people (and then pay it, and very expensive). Overall I think the termism It is the cancer of society and personal development

Personal brand management is not immune to this disease, and that causes the emergence of a new generation super influencers twentysomethings immediate success selling (which for them is not to consolidate a business model for the future but to win thousands of followers).


I tried a few months ago this issue in the post Personal brand, management success and envy. If not glad of the successes of our colleagues, We can hardly expect support when we launch a new project.

None of us is better or know all about your professional discipline. We are obliged to cooperate, and for me this has been one of the best experiences I've lived. Instead of competing, We see ways to improve, instead of feeling jealous, We see ways to improve ourselves.


Agree, not everyone can create, but you can innovate, cure… At last it is necessary to resort to blatantly plagiarize what other. I usually say that if you imitate other brand other brand projecting. The distingues you the extingues you. Or as Andy himself says, “If you are one more, you'll be one less”.

Today there are many tools to know if a text is a copy. In this link you can find wwwhatsnew 4 websites to detect plagiarism.

from idiom

Few days ago this blog was about an interesting specimen, the IDIOT. The IDIOT creates online communities based massively follow thousands of people and then stop when they have obtained the follow follow back.


Under the principle of misunderstood influence, Many companies try to recruit experts in different areas in exchange for visibility. A visibility which is normally in example promesa.Un: a manager of a portal asks for a specialized article 1.000 words to change visibility.

I do not know you, but to write a post of 1.000 words not plagiarized, I need many hours, perhaps even a whole day if I want it written very valuable contribution. That should remunerate, and NO with false visibility, with money. The time is gold, and who writes a blog, as well.

Privacy violation

One thing is that I decide freely tell you my life through stories Instagram. And another, very distinas, It is that I allow someone to trade with my data without my consent. What Facebook 2018 She has bottomed. If 2017 were the Fake News, the platform this year will be held accountable for making our data illegally traded massively.

I recommend reading El País Facebook shared sensitive data of its users with more than 150 big enterprises.

We are helpless against this violation, and perhaps our best weapon is the abandonment of platforms that destroy our privacy. You have to take the plunge.

Shape above the bottom

Finally, me wonder that many professionals are selling things like transgression as a whole value proposition. Exit all images with gestures irreverent It is not a solution to the lack of content. notoriety, By itself, does not sell. Value needs, relevance.

That of “If you do not know what to say, Dilo Cantando” It is part of the past. Now, If you do not know what to say, abónate silence and disseminates valuable content from others. go, we know how to cure contents.

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Christmas 2018

Remember that Christmas Day Give Away Soymimarca, as is usual, the ebook with the best content 2018. Do not miss it: on Merry Christmas!!

The best of 2018 a Personal Branding

It comes time to pick the best of 2018 onpersonal branding.

This year 2018 It highlights three areas of development of personal brand management: A value proposition, on the one hand, the strength of purpose on the other and crystallization of the business model in economic performance, what we know as monetization. The first two are catalysts which call a personal brand connector and monetization adds the dimension of the effectiveness.

As for formats, the video still going stronger than ever. The initiative Street Personal Branding It is noteworthy in this context. No slouch the infographic, and especially webinar, a way to reach large or specific audiences through video.

The best of 2018 (In My Opinion, of course) a Personal Branding

As I did in thebalance of the year 2016 and the balance of the year 2017, then detail the articles or videos that have influenced me (remember that order is not relevant), Recommended books, essential events and also the twelve most read posts on this blog during 2018. Come on, a way of seeing the harvest 18.

30 highly recommended items in key personal brand

  1. 2019: 20 branding trends. Ivan Diaz. Branzai. Those who know me, You know that my professional background is more than branding “personal”, and this article seems to me a jewel to really understand what is needed to manage brands. And many of the points apply to personal branding. Thank you for keeping us master Ivan last!
  2. Defining personal brand and professional brandEva Collado. Eva is generous, that's part of your brand. And it is a great healer content. In this post collects 30 definitions of personal and professional brand of various authors. Not content with that thirty, months later she gave us other 40 definitions of new authors What is for you the personal brand? Always discovering talent!
  3. Beyond the personal brand: professional positioning. Daniel Romero-Abreu. Daniel, fundador de Thinking Heads, It helps to separate the wheat from the chaff: “We focus on defining the image we want to perceive us as the important thing is to find what they can contribute something of value and attain irreplaceable”. I referred to this article a few months ago a post. highly recommended reading.
  4. Businesses and people want to fall in love. Alicia Linares. Alicia is not much lavishes on his blog, so when you do have to be alert. In this post, Draw what the future will be professional, a hybrid profile between the general and the specialist able, by Alicia, guys at “thinking so much about the overall impact of their decisions as to lose detail in a particular case.”
  5. Applying UX Principles to Life: Personal Branding. Joey Limmena. A young engineer from Vancouver early twenties repositioned UX designer gives us a masterclass: How it affects the user experience (UX) personal brand. Safety pin.
  6. A proven formula that allows you to do business in a jiffy. Laura Ferrera. Laura begins post, published in Soymimarca, with a great truth: “What if you still Instagram or Twitter a company profile you you think twice before following? Not so sure if it's a professional that same company which follows you”. So is, because Laura and I agree that no one talks to companies or brands, We talk to people.
  7. Value proposal: the unique and differential footprint. Hector Jimenez. Interesting approach about the value proposition, which according to Hector-and I share- It should not stay in a sentence only in an action plan. Come on, it's not just a proposal, This is what we can contribute to others, and besides differentially what we can do.
  8. The least I can do. Andrés Pérez Ortega. Read this article it made me think of the works of the great architect Mies van der Rohe, author “less is more” and architect of minimalism. The question is what can we simplify, remove our brand? Recall the origin, what drove us the plan. A brief reading of the personal brand sherpa, but which it moves to reflection and action. At least, I changed two or three things from their reading.

  9. I do not sell myself, and I hope you do not either. Elena Arnaiz. I remember that was Philip Kotler who said that about “If you're not a brand, You're a commodity”. Elena goes beyond, and reminds us in this excellent post that we are not a product for sale. Our product anyway, are our professional skills. A must.
  10. Think carefully before you advise your children not to study humanities courses. Amalio Rey. You may think that the issue has little to do with personal brand. Error. Companies like Google are hiring managers philosophers, humanists, historians. Sciences need the humanities as the yin to yan and the right hemisphere to the left. The post library, genially documented, He highlights the false dichotomy between STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and humanities.
  11. senior talent (video). Celia Hil. Célia has become an indispensable speaker at employment, your personal brand, Linkedin and senior talent. Not in vain, Cèlia recently has been one of the promoters of the initiative #TalentoCooldies to assist the transformation of senior professional and combat ageism. It has joined Laura Rosillo and Jaume Gurt (among others), with those who taught courses and conferences to promote senior talent.
  12. How to add value. Francisco Alcaide. If someone thoroughly studied the value and has reflected in his books, That's Francisco (Paco) Alcaide. Learning from the best, and that includes Paco, we must study more, try more, relate more, travel more, diversify more, hear more, observe more and ask more. Only then can we move from “plus” a “top”.
  13. Dare to bet your talent. Arancha Ruiz. Arancha invites us to combine our personal interests with social needs and to forget the short term. One of those that seems post or and changing perspectives, Waving neurons and, of course, invites the change.
  14. Personal Branding from the University. Vladimir Estrada. Although the teacher has accustomed us to very comprehensive readings, This post is a short and useful manual on how college students and teachers should manage their personal brand. post good for a group unaccustomed to managing your brand. Vladimir I also want to highlight the creation of a format bi-directional interview which he premiered with me and that brings freshness. Welcome ideas like this, teacher!
  15. Expand your personal brand. Neus Arques. Neus brings a dilemma you've ever thought safe, and that has to do with focus. Where we focus if we do more than one thing well? I do thee spoiler, but Neus helps us understand through his own experience as a writer, politóloga, translator personal brander. Almost nothing. essential reading.
  16. 15 Tools for developing, manage and position your personal brand on the Internet for tasks. Claudio Inacio. It is difficult to keep one post of Claudio, all are practical and applicable to 5 minutes to read. This post can not be more helpful, because not only speaks of the blog and networks, but other parallel platforms to manage content and control indicators. thanks Claudio!
  17. What is an elevator pitch? (video) Alicia Ro. Excellent video of our personal burner plus “videogénica”. Do you get nervous or feel insecure when you have to speak in public? Alicia tells you from your channel YouTube some secrets of how to overcome stage fright public speaking. air.
  18. What do you prefer, Mark or Strategy? David Barreda. David posts have become for me manna Paradox. In this case, David documents their initial doubts about personal branding and warns that 4 horsemen: visibility, differentiation, disruption and easy socialization can be dangerous if they work in an orderly manner within the framework of a strategy. A post for rereading several times (and watch your videos).
  19. The suicide of Personal Branding. several authors. Soymimarca. A digital daily tabloid published in April an article referring to “timo” of personal brand is placed. The reaction of “family personal branding” Do not be late. A must-read post collaborations with Andrés Pérez Ortega, Eva Collado, Alicia Ro (by the way, winner of awards Blog2017), Fabián González, Claudio Inacio, Guillem Recolons, Elena Arnaiz, Gabriel Patrizzi, Ylse Roa, Nancy Vazquez, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, David Barreda, Arancha Ruiz, Helena Casas, Oianko Choperena, Jordi Collell, Fran Segarra, Enrique F. Brull, Nilton Navarro, Ilana Berenholc, Pablo Adán says, Laura Ferrera, and Raquel Gómez.
  20. Political branding: It is no longer a party, now it's personal brand. Nancy Vazquez. The founder of Integra Personal Branding warns us that the way we do things in these liquids times and social networking is very different, for any sector, and specifically for the political sector Can you imagine keep doing things as does 10 years ago?
  21. Revolution strengths. Xavi Roca. Xavi is best not to read a book a week, It is that it gives us its recommendations in their posts. This article and the one that follows Focus on your strengths They are indispensable to put focus on what really matters and brings.
  22. ¿Marks without personal value proposition? Ylse Roa. From Venezuela, Ylse gives us a packed post excellently explained basics about personal branding, personal branding and value proposition.
  23. The hunting instinct (Put your personal brand in action). Pablo Adán says. Paul invites us to leave the comfort zone and catch our own pieces while others expect leftovers. The jungle law.
  24. demographic revolution and future work: job transitions and learning. Laura Rosillo. Laura has become the benchmark for the defense of what he calls the “maturescence”. In a nutshell, Seniors have a lot to say and do in the workplace, but companies do not bet on it. recommended reading, as all items from your blog.
  25. digital tools to improve personal brand online. Alfredo Vela. “Believe it or not, you are what Google says about you”. So begins the presentation made to the shuttles Alfredo Employment. But also it includes hundreds of resources to find employment and to improve our digital personal brand. Alfredo is, definitely, one of the best sources of information and network resources.
  26. But… What is the employer branding. Carola Morato. Carola has spent years as a consultant and trainer personal brand, but certainly his specialty is the employer branding, It is defining and develops masterfully in this post. I emphasize this phrase: “…Management strategy of the employer brand begins with observing and measuring. Not the company who dictates what brand of employer has, they are all stakeholders who have the image formed what is working or working for such a company”.
  27. Do you self-censorship on the net? Fran Segarra, Almudena Lobato and David Barreda. from Soymimarca, excellent collaborative article three of psychology and personal branding. the post, that starts with the phrase Archimedes “Who can speak also you know when” It is a story about fears, censures, silences and proper use of words. Reading a gift, I'm serious.
  28. The power of your personal brand is called trust. Cristina Mulero. Cristina echoes in this post of the lecture given by Murray Clark in RH congress held in May in Elche. The key elements of building trust competence, integrity, loyalty and opening. Good post!
  29. Incoherently no personal brand. Fran Segarra. From a wonderful TED Jorge Drexler, Fran walks the path of identity towards coherence, contrasting it with opportunism abounds -Unfortunately- among many false gurus.
  30. Key labor not become zombie. (video) Meme Romero and Rubén Montesinos. Our friend Meme interview specialist talent Ruben Montesinos in the space TalentTú. Very interesting questions and of course Meme, Reuben responses 13 minutes I assure you they are a good investment. Most powerful: the definition of labor zombie. People who work in an organization that are outside the labor market.

Six recommended books

Recommended books personal brand 2018 from guillem Recolons

  1. Come on. Marta played. Profit 2017. I was at the presentation of the book of Marta in Barcelona. Also came prologuista, Juan Carlos Cubero. The book contains the keys to entrepreneurship. After reading it makes you want to take on the world. An accurate review I advise you is to David Barreda. Good reading!
  2. Learning from the best II. Francisco Alcaide. Alienta 2018. This book breaks the belief that sequels are never good. Einstein, Onassis, Bruce Lee, Chris Anderson, Chanel, Goleman, J.K. Rowling, Rockefeller, Valdano, Michael Jordan, Coelho, Phil Knight and Walt Disney are just some of the characters analyzed by Paco. Not wasted the final section 300 tips for your personal development. If it had elongated 362 I could have put on sale in pack with the great book Laura Chica 365 Dating you (Alienta 2018) you imagine?
  3. How to sell your personal brand. Raquel Gómez. Conecta 2018. Although the book was published in 2014, this reissue has allowed me to have dedicated hand Raquel own. A great book. Raquel writes and speaks, very natural, very clear, empathic. The title takes you maybe misleading, It is not a book growth hacking, It is a manual personal brand management applied to different environments: labor, technological and corporate.
  4. Navigating digital waters. Yi Min Shum, 2016. Min Yi youth can make you think that the book is a first test, but the truth is that it is a true manual introduction to the digital environment for people. Very complete, well documented. All books on digital aspects that risk becoming obsolete very quickly. This not, especially since it is a strategic roadmap, to which it matters little that some tools or platforms come again or go. great find.
  5. Back to Human. Dan Schawbel. Hatchet 2018. I arrived a few days ago and I still have not finished. But this 100% in my line “Human Branding”. A jewel. A wonderful book that helps connect us, a human trait, in the era of machines. Recommendations read this book include some of the most important CEO of the US. It was worth the wait (I acquired presale 10 months ago).
  6. Fear your strengths. Robert. E. Kaplan & Robert B. Kaiser. Center of Creative Leadership, 2013. Can you imagine that your strengths are your greatest weakness? This book was recommended by my friend, colleague and partner in Brandergizers Ilana Berenholc. The authors identify four different leadership qualities and describe the problem that occurs when each is taken to an extreme. A different view of the usual, very disruptive.

Attentive to the news 2019 in books:

Andrés Pérez Ortega already she has her fifth child “Monetízate” presale, when falling. Eva Collado, by his side, He is about to present her second child after #MarcaEresTú; a new book on personal digital transformation, soon we will have more news. Ah, by the way, one called as I have proposed launch 2019. Soon I will tell you more.

Six essential events

2018 He has given him. The best of 2018 It includes events. Repeating events (because it precedes success) and others who are born. European and American hand. A tribe personal branding is stronger than ever!

Personal Branding Lab Day 2018.

The webinar format takes shape, This fourth edition has recounted the experience of Nilton Navarro, Alicia Ro, and the indispensable help of Infojobs and Comunicació Blanquerna. It was held last 1 December and according to Alfredo Vela and Tweet Binder, She had record figures for monitoring and engagement, which can be consulted on this infographic. These figures were confirmed by our friend Vivian Francos y Metricool.

speakers PBLabDay 2018

PBEX Personal Branding Experience.

Our friend Nancy Vazquez He accepted the challenge of organizing the PBEX 2018 outside Brazil, in the beautiful city of Puebla (Mexico). I was honored to be there by the creator of the event, Daniela Viek, and great friends like Raquel Gómez, Deize Andrade, dew AmesArturo González, Johnny Durán, Henry Alexandre, Alan Urbina, Edurne Ochoa, and Silvana Oliveira, among many others.

They were three days of great personal brand, we could learn but also exchange, to discuss, and why not, plan new things. I have the feeling that Mexico wants to continue hosting the congress in 2019. Soon we know, stay tuned.

PBEX18 Mexico

Knowmads space (Huelva, Cádiz, Granada).

And suddenly, Andalusia lived an invasion of personal brand. An initiative like this could only from someone with strength “Pattern” David Barreda, coach coaches, trainer of trainers, personal brander of staff branders. David, of hand Cajasol Foundation Elena managed to get together Arnaiz, Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega and myself. That along with special guests local: Helen Gomez Ruano, Adela Mora, Meme Romero and Enrique Cejudo in Huelva. Susana Beato, Lola Rueda, Julio Segundo and José Mª Sánchez in Cádiz. And Meme Romero (again), Sonia Rodriguez Muriel and Azahara G. Peralta in Granada.

The design is superb event. Brief introduction of the moderator, presentation of “cycle” personal branding by David, and then Elena, William, local talent, to close with Andrew and Eva. A formula was repeated and announced shouting #Young people may be of hate! For more information searches for hashtags #EKHuelva18 #EKCadiz18 and #EKGranada18. The question is… to be continue? Has any city feel like being trending topic during 5 hours and generate millions of positive impacts?

EK Space Knowmads

Huelva, Cadiz and Granada, Knowmads the three scenarios Space 2018

Street Personal Branding

As remarkable event, I remind the initiative Street Personal Branding Andres Perez Ortega and Claudio Inácio, creating fresh video format with the most important issues that arise with the Personal Branding. In the time that they have already published 40 videos (one per week on average). Some interventions of colleagues like Jane's Trunk, Eva Collado, Rubén Alonso, Alicia Ro, Ami Bondia, David Ayala, Arancha Ruiz, David Barreda, Elena Arnaiz and myself.

online university course on Social Media and Personal Branding

Moved a few days ago in this blog is now possible to form in Personal Branding from college, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Its aboutonline university course on Social Media and Personal Branding fromUVic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-high) (Barcelona). ?? February to July 2019, total 23 credits. academic directorHelena Casas, and I am one of the teachers. More info and registration ??

Nilton de la súperentrevista

Nilton Navarro Stomp. This time, This is a new format that Nilton naked interview (not literally) his victim. Want to see an example? Guess who was the first victim. Yes, It was me!! Here you have the SúperEntrevista made me. I must admit that the fact of not knowing the format or questions beforehand gives you a lot of freshness to the thing. Although you can also go blank with an unexpected question (thing happened to me several times, jajajaa). I'm crazy to know who their next victims. At the moment, total secrecy 😉

What comes in 2019

Two upcoming events alert. On the one hand Branding Week RD which will bring together Eva Collado, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Nancy Vazquez and a server in a week of personal brand, employee advocacy programs, RH digital transformation, Branding political and much more in the Dominican Republic, 4 to 8 February, organized by QUIFER Consultants.

The other is the MeetUp de Marca Personal that created Alicia Linares, Carola Morato, angels Antón and Violeta Lujan and kicks off 10 from January. We're alert.

The 12 most read post 2018

Between the 52 post to the public each year, they represent (according to Google Analytics) the best of 2018 Personal Branding in my digital home.

  1. Value proposition do you know which one is yours?
  2. signals (NO KPI’s) a healthy personal brand. Written in collaboration with Fran Segarra and Ana Reyes.
  3. The strength of internal brand ambassadors (Employee Advocacy)
  4. Don't judge before knowing the context and the personal story.
  5. What is personal branding?
  6. A technology for a more humane world is possible. Written in collaboration with Helena Casas.
  7. Syndrome “I'm the last Coke in the desert”: Diagnosis and treatment.
  8. The best of 2017 a Personal Branding.
  9. Personal brand, management success and envy.
  10. The paradox of personal branding, Do I care about the image I project or the value I bring??
  11. The paradox of personal branding.
  12. Personal Branding is like plastic surgery: not explained, noticeable.

I hope you enjoyed this particular insight the best of 2018 an HR branding. I wish the best for 2019. heart.

cover image: and Maria Mas-Bagà

Personal Branding Lab Day 2018 y Personal Branding 4.0

Personal Branding Lab Day 2018

The 1 December took place the 4th edition, the Personal Branding Lab Day 2018, marathon personal record of about 12h was online, directed by Nilton Navarro and conducted himself with great Alicia Ro. If you could not follow, I advise you to connect to the Part of Personal Branding Lab Day 2018 (5h 34′ duration) and the Part of Personal Branding Lab Day 2018 (6h 07′ duration). It aired from Barcelona, Madrid, Valencia, Alicante, Saint Sebastian, Bilbao, Oviedo, Sevilla, Valladolid, Huelva, Israel, Mexico, Colombia, Brazil, Peru, and Dominican Republic.

I think there was a high quality content covered. It was expected, considering the strength of the speakers. he was there (in order of appearance) Jane Rodriguez Trunk, Celia Hil, Claudio Inacio, Ami Bondia, Elena Arnaiz, Josep Rooms, Silvia Saucedo, Monica Mendoza, Isabel Muela, Eva Collado, Meme Romero, Enrique Cejudo, Fabián González, Alfredo Vela, María A. Sánchez, Cristina Mulero, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Neus Arques, Jordi Collell, Arancha Ruiz, Nancy Vazquez, Ilana Berenholc, Oianko Choperena, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, dew Ames and such Guillem Recolons. Alongside videos David Barreda, Pablo Adán says, Daniela Viek, Raquel Gómez and Vladimir Estrada.

I warmly thank Infojobs, Blanquerna Communications and IR, Lid Editorial and TelePizza your help to celebrate the event.

And beyond the Personal Branding Lab Day 2018

Indeed, there were not all. Gladly would have included people who constantly inspire me as Xavi Roca, Élia Guardiola, Ivan Diaz, Helena Casas, Fran Segarra, Joan Clotet, Laura Ferrera, Oscar Del Santo, Ruth Rios, Marco Tomasone, Mireya Trias, Kike Mingo, Ylse Roa, Francisco Alcaide, Laura Chica, Enrique F. Brull, Natalia Gómez del Pozuelo, Ecequiel Barricart, Anton angels, Javier Zamora, Lucena Africa, Johnny Durán, Carola Morato, Alexis González, Alicia Linares, Fernando Rios, Veronica Sanchez, Alex Duran, Raquel Roca, Daniel Iglesias, Yrma Sánchez, Gabriel Patrizzi, Amalia Lopez Sidewalk, Hector Jimenez, Alexia Herms, Arturo González, Deize Andrade, Patricia Dalpra, Rubén G. Castro, Diaz-Aroca emerald, Ronald Durán, Adriana Motta, Alan Urbina, Veronica Rivera, Alfonso Alcántara,Eva A. Castillo, Sergeant Fabi, Santo Carmen, William Arruda, Brenda Bence, Dan Schawbel, Catherine Kaputa, Luigi Centenaro, Nance Rosen, Jason Alba, Seth Godin, Tom Peters, …

Personal Branding 4.0

Fear. That's what dominates when it comes to the fourth revolution industry.. In my talk in this Personal Branding Lab Day 2018 I tried to highlight the positive side, the technology at the service of people and not vice versa.

I dared to list the various advantages that the big data, the yacht, the blockchain or offer us deep learning from the point of view of managing our personal brand.

To achieve technology serving people, we need people serving technology

I do nothing spoiler. Here's the video:

Believe it or not, an entrepreneur is a person

Yes, the businessman He has had a bad press as a collective. Likely due to the opacity in how they communicate (communicate in the). Fortunately, something is changing. And those beings who like iron now show their vulnerabilities, His emotions, human condition.

The entrepreneur is like you.

The businessman It is like you; it's more, you, You may not know, also you are an entrepreneur.

A company no longer a task involving some difficulty. And I wonder daily affronts not many of these difficulties? You did not take complex decisions that can harm a few to benefit a lot?

And reminiscing Tom Peters, each of us is a businessman your YO, S.L. We have the ability to manage many small departments that depend on us: I+D, production, branding, marketing, finance, RH, Logistics… You are like the entrepreneur, with the difference that you will auto-you manage and businessman managed for many.

Our superpowers have always been there, but now we transmit without fear

Our Superpowers (Our values) now they make us proud, not shame us. It was a time to show certain values ​​such as solidarity, empathy, the intuition, the imagination… It was considered a sign of weakness businessman. competences soft They were not taken into account. It was what I learned, not how we applied and what we broadcast.

Hence that some were baptized as empresaurios. If we remember Gordon Gekko (Wall Street, 1987), all that mattered to businessman yuppie of those years was the success at any price, the luxury unleashed the accumulation of money. Was far concern for employees and partners or actual corporate values ​​that go beyond hierarchical and authoritarian leadership.

Values ​​are seeking values, power connection

The businessman, and that includes you, It begins to be interested in how that confidence is transmitted. The strategic vision of the business is no longer enough. Executives need to achieve a humanised vision. As claimed by the surgeon and writer Atul Gawande, “hires attitude and skill training”. The skills can be acquired, but the attitude (whose engine are our values) They come with us.

The profiles millennial They have understood like no idea, the prioritization Values ​​on competence. This allows the businessman have better integrated teams, shirt bearing the brand and proudly wear. It is no longer leads, with what-Lider. Do not believe it, if co-creates. And that is possible with integrated teams, motivated and related values.

Values ​​matter and purpose. More than ever.

Entrepreneurs Region Murcia

4th in full digital revolution, remember the words of futurist Gerd Leonhard “…anything that can not be scanned or automated be considered an outlier”. And I assure you that the values ​​and purpose are not robotizables. So every time, the businessman, It should take into account these two factors.

Anything that can not be scanned or automated be considered an outlier. Gerd Leonhard.

The a purpose It will help all who work behind a project to find the meaning of it. A place to see where they go, They know why they should get out of bed in the morning.

The values, meanwhile, will act as vectors emotional connection between those involved in the projects and their stakeholders, its stakeholders.

This week I had the opportunity to share this powerful triangle Purpose / Values / Connecting with a group of entrepreneurs Business Forum Murcia. Thank humanist friend Juanma Egea for having me. I checked live: a businessman It is also a person.

Executive woman photo by Nariz on


  • 28N. Update Zaragoza. 28 November in Zaragoza active. free event. Registration on the website soon Zaragoza Activa. Do not miss my colleagues Victor Candel, Meme Romero, Elena Arnaiz, Eva Collado, and Juan Martinez (organizer and speaker).
  • 28, 29N. Workshop Personal brand and Relationship Management. Ferrovial, Euroforum II in San Lorenzo del Escorial. You can follow the hashtag #MarcaPersonalSumma
  • 1D. Personal brand 4.0. Personal Branding Lab Day. Since YouTube, 11 Personal Branding conducidas hours followed by Nilton Alicia Navarro and Ro collaboration with the Blanquerna Communication and International Relations and Infojobs. From 10 a 21h (GMT+1). Free. You can follow the hashtag #PersonalBrandingLabDay Personal Branding Lab Day 2018


Identifying a profile that invades network: the #iDiot

#Ignorant Idiot Digital Infamous Trickster Opportunist

It stands to reason that if there are parasites in real life, also we find them on the Internet. The problem is that in real life are easy to spot, in the digital world not so much. Some tools are needed, some payment, to discover the #iDiot.

Its main way to grow in the network: Follow thousands of people, wait for their “follow back” and then continues to shadow. Thus, the balance is always positive, with many more fans who followed.

Do not follow because you can add value, They do a mathematical question and personal vanity misunderstood.

The acronym #iDiot we see a few days ago in Mexico Nancy Vazquez, Alan Urbina and Johnny Durán in moments of relaxation after the Personal Branding Experience 2018.

Crazy obsession with getting followers at all costs, DNA #iDiot

The Greek myth says that Narcissus fell in love with his own reflection in the water and died at the approach to self-kissing. It was a revenge of the goddess Nemesis by bad treatment Narciso professed virgins who fell for him.

That's what can happen to continue collecting followers #iDiot. A few months ago I wrote a post titled The Follower Obsession. In the article referred to the need to create communities related to a value proposition. If I sell training programs for companies, with 50 new followers per year that meet the profile would have enough. It is what Carlos Rebate, in his book Influencers, defined as 1.000 true followers, which they would be willing to hire you.

Detect and remove every #iDiot

I have always been tempted to denounce each #iDiot I've found. It is not doing so by legal means, It is paying with its own currency. First, stop following them. It is necessary to identify them. LinkedIn or Facebook the case is not given because monitoring should be mutually. This applies especially to Instagram and Twitter,

My colleague Claudio Inacio He proposes in his post How to let you know who to follow on Instagram? the tool IG Analyzer (iOS) to detect #iDiot massively and stop following them.

In Twitter there are several applications. I have not found any outstanding. At the moment, ManagerFilter, with limitations, is the most intuitive to detect and remove #iDiot.

Do I publish Escarnio?

The next step would be to create a public list of #iDiot, something that helps users and social networks to prevent this type of digital parasites. On the one hand, help users avoid falling into the trap. And the other would prevent social networks to give a “notice” by malpractices. Agree, what they do is not illegal, It is only ethically reprehensible. But people demonstrating against-values ​​deserve my contempt, and I guess yours too.

Limpiemos network trash. I was surprised to see people who never imagined they let me follow. I see them often and they give me a smile. Now I know that is false.

iDiot photo by photoschmidt on


  • 20N. Granada. Knowmads space. Personal brand, Entrepreneurship, job, with my colleagues Elena Arnaiz, Sonia Rodriguez Muriel, David Barreda (organizer and speaker), Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega y Azahara G. Peralta registration (free) here.
  • 23N. Business Forum Murcia. days directives. Conference on Personal Branding and Values. Information and Registration on this link.
  • Personal Branding Lab Day 201828N. Update Zaragoza. 28 November in Zaragoza active. free event. Registration on the website soon Zaragoza Activa. With my colleagues Victor Candel, Meme Romero, Elena Arnaiz, Eva Collado, and Juan Martinez (organizer and speaker).
  • 29, 30N. Workshop Personal Brand and Relationship Management. Ferrovial, Euroforum II in San Lorenzo del Escorial. You can follow the hashtag #MarcaPersonalSumma
  • 1D. Personal brand 4.0. Personal Branding Lab Day. Since YouTube, 10 Personal Branding conducidas hours followed by Nilton Alicia Navarro and Ro collaboration with the Blanquerna Communication and International Relations and Infojobs. From 10 AM a 8PM (GMT+1). Free. Follow the hashtag #PersonalBrandingLabDay

As you do something, you do all. The 3-4-1 the # PBEX2018

The phrase “As you do something, you do all” It is Alan Urbina, co-founder of Integra Personal Branding next to Nancy Vazquez. Integra team has just organized the third edition of a # PBEX2018 (Personal Branding Experience) magnificent in his city, several times the Heroic Puebla de Zaragoza, in Mexico.

axiom: As you do something, you do all

So is. Our attitude determines our behavior, always. It is a great principle of self-knowledge, an axiom book. Alan was the importance of soft skills in his paper, and I prefaced our way of thinking and acting like the way we approach… What are these skills?

According to the Word Economic Forum, in its report Future of Jobs 2018, the 10 main labor skills are:

  1. Solving complex problems
  2. Critical thinking
  3. Creativity
  4. People Management
  5. Coordination of people
  6. emotional intelligence
  7. Assessment and decision making
  8. Service orientation
  9. Negotiation
  10. cognitive flexibility

Of them, Many are soft skills in our attitude (and not just our preparation) it's everything. Remember, as you do something, you do all.

3-4-1 What is the tres?

The three It is the third edition of Personal Branding Experience, known as PBEX2018 or PBExperience 2018. Born in 2016 in Brazil as an international event, of hand personal burner Daniela Viek. In its first edition, when I had the honor of participating, the format was chosen online. In 2017 attendance was in Sao Paulo. Y 2018, the third edition skipped the border of Brazil to spend in Mexico, with online interventions for subscribers.

What is four?

Four is a number associated with the magnificent city of Puebla, or if you prefer, Puebla de Zaragoza Heroica. Puebla withstood four times the invader, and prevented even the French will support the South troops in the Civil War of the United States. Pictured header you can see a panorama of the city, guys at 1,6 million but with a “big area” nearly four million.

General Ignacio Zaragoza was responsible for the French troops could not go to Mexico, hence the name Zaragoza. The original name was Puebla de los Angeles (Angelópolis), which he changed after the deed of general 1862.

For my three visits, I certify that Puebla, Besides, It is one of the world capitals of gastronomy. Come on, worth a visit, at least. What better place to host the PBEX2018?

And one?

One refers to the PBEX2018 He joined professionals from many countries: Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Portugal, Spain, U.S, Uruguay and some more that leave me. But all were one. A family. Professionals who understand that together we can promote personal branding to make it an official competition. To introduce them to business schools, in universities, in companies, in the administrations… in people.

The content? They were a lot, Now the party is pending online, where the papers that could see the days are duplicated 9 and 10 November. In coming days wide this article with the main ideas that emerged.

Daniela Viek and Personal Branding Integra team do their job well. And you know, as you do something, you do all.