Pure motivation

I attached this video on daily purposes Jessica, one of the most viewed in YouTube with more than 5 million sight seeing. Jessica, with only 4 years old , It gives us a lesson optimism, motivation and values.

I wish we had that energy every morning. Will the cereal brand? Could it be that your parents are coach?. Whatever it is, Jessica already created a fantastic personal brand.

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = qR3rK0kZFkg&fs=1&hl = en_US]

Think before launching any comments on the net

Micro-post. I read recently about the initiative “Think B4U post“, an amalgam of letters deciphered would say “think before you post“, that is, think before launching any comments on the net.

The initiative was the International Day of Internet Security, in March last year, and does reflect on the way in which we often find ourselves when we write things via instant messaging, Facebook, Twitter, chats…

As we have noticed at some point, Internet traces are indelible. They can clog, but not eliminate. So if ever we have said some fat thing, the multiplier effect of the web 2.0 You can turn it into our own Personal Branding.

The attached video shows the consequences that an innocent act carried out by a minor would have on her teenage sister. At the end, the kid thinks it is and it does not. We must think before launching any comments in the network


Personal branding and sellers of smoke / 2 (by Andrés Pérez Ortega)

Following the thread of the post published last week on the personal brand and sellers of smoke / 1, this time we act Amplifier post published this morning's blog sherpa personal brand Andrés Pérez Ortega. Here's the content:

Coopetidores, looters and converts

A few months ago, in the event that was organized on Branding Personal, I met Guillem Recolons already Jordi Collell. Google Alerts had been informing me of its work on Personal Brand issues for a long time, and I was very excited to meet you personally. Yesterday launched a new project on Personal brand And I think worth comment here.

I suppose some people will think I'm an asshole for speaking well of my "competence.". I'm not saying it is, but, of course, Yes I am, that's not why. I believe that a Personal or Commercial Brand is reinforced if those in its market have a good level of. A professional or a company can't be happy to be the only one on the market. That just weakens and numbs.

When I worked in distribution, I learned that the best way to grow a category is with quality products, and the more, better. If someone is dedicated to meter "shit" in the market, ends up hurting everyone. Because, as long as someone has come up who has tried to get things right on this issue, like my friend Mark Thomas or people I am my brand, I've made available.

For the project I'm commenting, you just have to look at the level of the professionals to realize that they are going to help professionalize this concept and take it to a good level. And that's good for everyone.. In addition, it's clear they've understood that Personal Branding is much more than a nice avatar or a Twitter account. It is a combination of Marketing, Coaching, Communication, Image, Company Management... and that's reflected in their profiles.

So I think that in this world of networks, some things have changed. What makes one affects the other. If you do things right, reinforces the positioning of others. We can no longer talk about competitors, but COOPETIDORES.

All of this is especially important because one of the things we agree on is a vision of Branding Personal it takes effort, work and strategy.

Now that the websites that speak of multiply get rich with the Personal Brand, it is important to hear the voice of serious professional. You can identify the vendehumo by their websites with huge red letters and exclamations promising things like "Lose 15 kilos in three hours!!!”.

Every time an interesting and attractive new concept emerges it happens as when there is a catastrophe, multiply the "looters”. The same thing happens here.. From nowhere come lots of places that are dedicated to prostituting a concept that they do not know and in which they clearly do not believe.

Although these vultures of ideas are not the only ones who have smelled money. Even worse are the "conversos”. Normally these are People of R2H2 who until two days ago despised the Personal Brand and considered me an anti-system for talking about it.

Headhunters, outplacement professionals or executives of R2H2, have suddenly started talking about Personal Branding as if they had invented it. Because that if, don't expect any of them to cite the work of those who came before and paved the way they now use.

Both the "conversos" somo "looters" are opportunists. Seize the moment, prey on and then switch activity. They're mutants like flu viruses. When they have destroyed all, They seek a new "guest". That has happened with the coaching, with the two pointbrewer or any interesting trend.

I think we live in a world that no longer worth all. That is why it is essential to support and collaborate with those who do things right and those who raise the bar and denounce those who weaken it.

Came the day: Presented today SOYMIMARCA, a generator of personal brands

We are announcing that we were coming from this blog, from Twitter, Linkedin, Facebook… has arrived.

Today is presented soymimarca, an ambitious project that aims to become a benchmark in operational creation of personal brands.

The project, promovido by Jordi Collell and William Bone, who Recolons escribe-, It is aimed at both businesses and individuals, and among its differential tools we are combining coaching with other tools of personal brand visibility.

Deis is best to look at the web, www.soymimarca.com, but here we insert your welcome video.

Personal branding and sellers of smoke / 1

Earn easy and fast money with personal branding = FALSE

twitteábamos few days ago with friend Andrés Pérez Ortega, sherpa great personal brand, on whether to expose the false personal branding gurus who they base their message on the ease of getting quick income through personal branding.

We can say higher, but not clearer: Personal brand have to work thoroughly, must currársela. We all know that Rome was not built in a day.

We are sick to death of seeing appear like mushrooms websites and blogs unscrupulous companies that promise the moon if you decide to create your personal brand. quackery.

Personal brand, let's be clear, It is an investment medium term. And that everyone interprets it in their own way. My good friend and client Juan Torres Tomas He has needed gestation 9 months of your brand before seeing the first reward in the form of recruitment. And so I could tell from my other clients. None has “lined” the next week to create a profile on Linkedin, Twitter, a blog or whatever.

Behind the personal brand is a strategic process, with a partial deadlines and goals. And it's not about creating profiles on social networks. Every mark requires POSITIONING, and that is very serious. All brand requires a objectives. The blog, twitter or else is just the tip of the iceberg of the personal brand. Any kid can create profiles on social networks. But creating a brand is very serious.

Ignore anyone who promises you quick income with personal branding. I will be selling smoke, just smoke.

Cooked something interesting in the environment of personal branding

Monday 4 October we will present something interesting. Put the radar.

Family doctor with personal brand

We are struck by a story that appears today in La Vanguardia under the title: “My family doctor is blogger“. We are glad that finally this so discreet group decided to use the web tools 2.0 to strengthen their personal brand and incidentally give patients valuable information.

The note reads:

“This calendar lists the days that I have'guardia of interior', that they are bad for mentioned, and free days when there is a change in opening times and my days off and holidays”. This valuable patient information is posted on the blog of the family doctor Fernando Casado Madrid. The objective? Keep closer contact with patients. “If I'm late, notice by blog y Twitter those who have an appointment that day, but I also recommend links or articles that I consider particularly interesting”, Explain.

These initiatives remain exceptional. Nonetheless, Dr. Casado believes “sooner rather than later every doctor will have a blog especially aimed at patients”. “Recommend a good health web – advocates-is a medical procedure to copy recipes chronically ill or have proof”.

augmented reality and personal branding II

Retaking the previous post on augmented reality From the past 14 of September, it seems that new matches are between augmented reality and development Personal Branding. In the blog specialized in AR “Wildeyes” We found this accompanying cartoon shows a scenario in which our fingerprint will be so visible that we can not mislead anyone.

Moraleja: better to have a good personal brand behind.

Augmented Reality personal branding

The newspaper “The country” already he realized in November 2009 the phenomenon of “augmented reality“. A definition of wikipedia, This is augmented reality (WITH) is the term used to define a direct or indirect view of a real-world physical environment, whose elements are combined with virtual elements for the creation of a real-time mixed reality. It consists of a set of devices that add virtual information to existing physical information. This is the main difference with the virtual reality, It does not replace physical reality, but superimposes data computer the real world.

Although augmented reality has multiple applications, we will focus on one very directly it affects the Personal Branding: The Swedish company TAT It has developed a software that enables AR record a video of someone and the application shows you the data of this person available on Internet. Someone may think this breaks privacy, but imagine what you would pay Facebook and other social networks for an application like this.

Do not you believe it? Take a look at this video:

[youtube=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = tb0pMeg1UN0&fs=1&hl = en_US]

Any tips to survive on LinkedIn (II)

The mobile version of LinkedIn is operational

Complementing the post we published 21 last June (ver post), this time we more into detail on how to improve networking via LinkedIn. I owe text to Blog Frank Scipion ingresosalcuadrado.com, I think he has done an excellent job called “Vitamins cure for your LinkedIn profile“. There goes that:

LinkedIn it's a sovereignly wasted social network. In the interests of justice, I decided to write today one Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Many people think it's very difficult to make new connections, and end up simply using it as a place to hang up their curriculum, It is not like this?. And what I think is that it has a much greater potential than many of us are taking from it today.

First of all, Linkedin is itself a search engine and has a huge reputation in Google and other major search engines. That's just that reason, that's reason to be present., because if you only Google your name and have a profile on Linkedin, you'll see that you appear on the first pages of the results. Take the test and you'll notice how weight Linkedin has for Google.

Here I pass you eight main points that helped me give it the real value that this social network has.

Linkedin guide 1. Improve your search engine rankings

On your LinkedIn profile you'll find three spaces to add links to your own sites or blogs. Instead of using “My Website”, click “Other”. There you'll be able to enter the text that best matches what people can look for about your business.

For example, I used to stop my blog passive income, which is a key word that I want to position myself for. You can put here your Facebook fan page, your youtube channel, etc ... and also optimize the text of your link.

In my case, public view my profile on Linkedin has a PageRank 2. Nothing extraordinary, but not insignificant for a newly launched blog.

Of course, it's a tremendously simple way to boost your positions in search engines.

Linkedin guide 2. Promote the content of your blog

It is also possible to import your WordPress blog feed into your Linkedin profile, looking for the corresponding application in that program. This becomes an agile and simple way for others to take a look at the content of your blog in a minute.

If you do not use WordPress (unfortunate!), there's also you can use Blog Link. This app supports TypePad, Movable Type, Vox, WordPress.com, WordPress.org, Blogger, LiveJournal and several other.

We all know well that blogs are the best way to grow your brand, whether personal or your project. With this you will be able to automate the dissemination of your posts on Linkedin.

Linkedin guide 3. Launch an advertising campaign on LinkedIn

The truth is that until they told me, I had no idea that LinkedIn offered a contextual advertising service. LinkedIn is a site professionals for professionals, who is less randomly exposed to other environments, and conversely, gets visits and care from people more interested in business.

The system is simple and allows you to write in minutes, target and launch your advertising, and pay for it either by clicks or by impressions, budgets that start at the 40 euros. The advantage is that it allows you to quickly reach a really community premium of 63 million professionals with high levels of income (100,000 € half). And you'll also be able to target your ad based on the age, industry, job, yes, company size and Location.

For lack of funds, I don't use paid advertising services. Esto no quita el interés real de este servicio de publicidad pensando en una empresa, ya que linkedin ofrece un servicio similar al servicio de página de admiradores de Facebook, service Business Page.

Linkedin guide 4. To organize events

Me encanta esta herramienta de Linkedin que te permite anunciar eventos. Ni siquiera es necesario que seas el coordinador de ese evento para poder subirlo a la agenda de Linkedin. Un evento puede ser creado sólo con la información básica y el interés por difundirlo. Incluso podrás enviar invitaciones a través de tu red de Linkedin, aprovechando la utilidad de confirmación de asistencia. Y además puedes visualizar rápidamente todos los eventos de tus contactos.

Linkedin guide 5. Use groups to connect with people

In a group Linkedin, you can read / post news, lanzar un debate, Post a job, etc… Son entornos cerrados que gestionan miembros que pueden acceder al conjunto de contenidos.

Resulta más que frecuente que las personas se sumen a un grupo, pero luego no vuelvan ni por asomo a participar de él. Y la verdad es que yo no puedo tirar la primera piedra porque soy uno de ellos. In my case, en vez de tener una participación online continua en uno o varios grupos, visiting them every day, prefiero recibir los avisos por correo y solo entro en una conversación si tengo un interés real.

What is even more should start a new group, ya que te dará la ventaja de contar con las direcciones de email de los que se sumen, updated daily as it grows. Ya sé que puede darte un poco de trabajo armar y empujar un grupo, pero una buena forma de comenzar es directamente invitar a toda tu red de contactos. Cuando tus contactos se vayan sumando al grupo, estas novedades se harán visibles en sus perfiles, y allí otra gente podrá sentir interés y también sumarse. The result is a small empire..

Linkedin see some groups that are all the rage. Empiezo con 2 grupos en ingles a los cuales debes monitorizar, porque ahí pasan muchas cosas:

2 references in Spanish, daily conversations with active:

¿Te imaginas teniendo tú acceso a semejante base de contactos? Well, Maybe you should start today.

Linkedin guide 6. Get recommendations to attract more customers

Si hay algo que diferencia a Linkedin del resto de las redes sociales, recommendations are, something really unique. Y a mí no se me ocurre mejor manera de promocionar tu negocio que pidiéndoles a tus clientes y tus colegas que compartan con otros la opinión que tienen de ti.

Te estarás preguntando cómo conseguirlas. Simple: first give, then receive. Write good recommendations from your peers, y pronto recibirás mejores de parte suya. Conviene invertir algún tiempo en esto.

To credibility and convince, las recomendaciones de terceros son muy muy importantes. Con Linkedin tienes una fuente inagotable de testimonios de gente reconocidos (experts in their field, managers, etc..) que pueden apoyar tu proyecto y asentarte como una de los lideres de opinión en tu sector.

Linkedin guide 7. make questions, y responde a las preguntas de lo demás

Una forma rápida de destacar como experto es de responder a las preguntas que hacen otros. Es cierto que este servicio en español esta infra utilizado (si lo comparas con la base de datos de preguntas/respuestas disponibles en ingles), but still, no me perdería la ocasión de responder a un par de preguntas relevantes a tu actividad.

También puedes hacer tu mismo preguntas, y ver como lo responden otros. Es una gran forma de hacer encuestas antes de lanzar tu web por ejemplo, o de validar el interés de un posible producto que quieres lanzar al mercado profesional muy pronto.

Linkedin guide 8. Connect your twitter account to your Linkedin profile

Your tweets appear on your profile, y puedes lanzar un tweet desde linkedin. Hay un par de widget que te permiten saber que se estña diciendo sobre ti en Twitter. ¿ Porque hacerlo?. Because anecdotes relevant content to your profile, útil para tu posicionamiento en buscadores y también porque remites un tráfico muy cualificado hacia tu cuenta twitter, y si lo que ven al aterir en tu perfil les gusta, followers will be yours.

That's all for that Linkedin guide for entrepreneurs. Do not waste more time, Give him a chance to Linkedin. Worth.