The importance of original content on the Internet

It comes to my mind's blog Ramon Espadaler, deputy of the Parliament of Catalonia. Always, subtitled your posts, uses the expression “unpublished article” (unpublished article). In this case, expression refers to ineditado, new.

And there for less. When you surf the blogs using labels or tags, very often you find the same article in 16 blogs, more or less personal dressing. Usually it is news that caught our attention and reproduce literally (not going to be that adulteremos). Not a bad thing to echo the news, especially that we get more attention or which are related to our environment.

But in the midst of reproduction, we need to publish original content -unprecedented, as would Espadaler-. If we do not publish original content, our readers would not be our position clear. Yes, re-edit it is interesting, but it is even more when we.

Creating content is, simply, a combination of data, skills and time. Nothing else is needed. Journalists know it well. Getting the data is not too difficult if you enroll in some Google alerts and read the press regularly. The abilities (skills, in English, it sounds better) It is the most complicated part, since it depends on the grace having one to combine data, clothe them and raise them in an attractive way (storytelling), and add new ideas. Finally, time. Time is often what prevents draw out a lot of talent. You have to take time from anywhere, time should never be an excuse for not writing. If you have time to think, You have time to write.

The writing serves the same for blogs and to Twitter. Twitter is widely used in the resource retweet something we like. And this is good, but it is also one explain things, without reaching that of “taking morning coffee” that -frankly- does not interest anyone.

By the way, This post is unprecedented.

You do not want to be a white mark

Mathematics do not lie. The White marks or brands and distribution mean the 50% the market in many sectors.

The preguntaréis Are white markings are required? From a cyclical point of view, we might agree that if, They are necessary. But from a marketing angle, I dare say that white markings are the expression of the failure of copyright marks. If I do not say, reviento.

Many brands They have failed to justify their value. If we add that many trademarks manufactured for distribution brands, chaos is already on the table. This murderer cocktail has been caused, among other things- the linearity of communication, very persuasive short-term campaigns, but with no emotional projection of the brand values long-term.

And the people, Can people become white markings? Without a doubt.

Before, go unnoticed was worth. In the mili, for example, It noted above or below was a contrasting danger. People should do the right thing, the scheduled, the established. The difference was not primada.

But now, uy now… Now you have to manage themselves differently, more aggressive, very focused. Creativity is the difference. Which he does not project something falls on the spiral of boredom, vacuum, with the risk of becoming a personal brand white. Please Google, googles your name… ¿No sales?, you are a white label.

If that is your case, I suggest a visit to paragraph “Contact“. Few sessions we can turn around the situation, uncovering the powerful personal brand, unique and wonderful that is within you.

Provocation as a personal brand

What they have in common Jose Mourinho, Mick Jagger, Lady Gaga, Paris Hilton, Iggy Pop, Belén Esteban,Hugo Chavez and Michael Moore?

It is clear, your personal brand is the provocation, the controversy. In many cases, skill and fame preceded the controversy, as in the case of Mick Jagger. But the vast majority achieved through behaviors headlines surrounded by controversy and conflict:

Jose Mourinho: One of the star coaches, recently signed by Real Madrid. Your personal brand is the controversy, always focused towards the opposing teams. He loved by his people and hated by the rest, it seems that this hatred increase its “hidden”.

Lady Gaga: With only 23 years this singer, composer, neoyorkina dancer and keyboardist has managed to monopolize the covers of half the world. His secret is undoubtedly the erotic provocation, that appears in many of its clips, in the wake of Madonna.

Here his most provocative video:


Iggy Pop: Called James Newell Osterberg actually, the godfather of punk. In a performance I had the idea of ​​masturbating in public, and it was common to see cut with broken glass on stage.

Paris Hilton: His great-grandparents founded the Hilton hotels, and as a result she inherited 365 millions of dollars. Drunk driving arrest, speeding, driving without a license, without lights at night, for violating his probation. Disinherited by her grandfather, It was also famous for a video circulated by world practicing fellatio.

Belén Esteban: The Spanish representative of the brand has little controversial career to his credit. His fame due to a loose tongue and the tremendous audience that raises its simplicity (something low cultural level) and the constant attacks on their opponents. Many have dubbed the Queen “freak”.

Michael Moore: This documentary filmmaker and writer has been the scourge Bush and American establisment. He began narrating the slaughter in “Bowling for Columbine”, He followed with “Farenheit 9/11”, where uncapped economic ties between the family of President Bush, The Royal Family Saudi and the family bin Laden. In “Sicko”, his last movie, denounces the US health system.

Hugo Chavez: Venezuelan President he highlighted by his polemics around Bush and King Juan Carlos, among many, many others. In a lectern where Bush had spoken the day before, Chavez began his speech with “here still smells sulfur”. The king is too well known, he deserved a “Why do not you shut”.

In many cases the fact of being controversial can ensure widespread coverage of users when the message context breaks the established schemes or presented in any way unconventional or provocative to generate greater impact. Definitely, your brand is controversial.

Paris Hilton: His great-grandparents founded the Hilton hotels, and as a result she inherited 365 millions of dollars. Drunk driving arrest, speeding, driving without a license, without lights at night, for violating his probation. Disinherited by her grandfather, It was also famous for a video circulated by world practicing fellatio.

Cristiano, Mourinho and Messi become brands

We read this interesting article La Vanguardia Digital (Source EFE) in which Cristiano Ronaldo, Jose Mourinho and Leo Messi They have stepped protected as “brandcomercial reconocida ante la Oficina de Armonización del Mercado Interior (OAMI) from EU.

Here's the link from the article.

Is it always good your people are your brand?

Attached article Tino Fernández on personal branding published in Expansion and Employment, with the collaboration of Guillem Recolons

Many companies are wary of key professionals who reach higher prominence of corporate identity. Difficult fight it.

Expansion and Employment

They are outstanding ambassadors of companies, their brands and their products. But his strong communication skills, the amount of fans who drag and reaching prominence, driven by social and professional networks, Scares more than one company.

Eva Levy, socia founder of Eva Levy & Partners, He speaks of talented employees who are excellent communicators. This is key professionals who have understood the power of social networks by marketing your personal brand while driving their signatures, creating real economic value and establishing relationships with customers, the media, analysts and shareholders.

Monica Deza, managing partner of W&M Consulting Group, adds that these key employees take advantage and circumstances of a new economic paradigm: “More and more freelance in what is known as the gigeconomy, small work environment. It is well-trained professionals, with good management of your personal brand and leveraging talent outside organizations, with great potential to develop their own career”. Teach people where the key is the sum of your personal brand with the company is an undoubted benefit to the company itself.

new experts
Dan Schawbel, Managing Partner of Millennial Branding and author of the bestseller Me 2.0, It ensures that the recession mean it is not enough to be good at the job itself. “The economic scenario requires everyone to be an expert in your field. Increasingly, you need to be creative to distinguish themselves from others. Your people are your brand -talento is the same as brand-, and a company must decide whether to finally allow their employees this type of evangelization. The advantage of doing this is to have a much more powerful voice, with a more consistent for customers and employees feel empowered and more productive message. If companies do not see their staff as ambassadors for their own brand risk losing them to other companies”.

Guillem Recolons, founder Lateral Consulting, explain what “organizations are realizing that it is increasingly difficult to curb the fact that talented people develop a strong identity. It is better to support them, because ultimately they are in favor of the Corporation, provided that such personal brand is linked to it. Must make way to develop that personal brand, to talk about her in the company, because it is a means of communication with more strength and credibility that corporate messages. And it should be linked to positive values ​​of the firm”.

Stop or restrain
Eva Levy agrees that “If you do not have no differences and the best is not possible to survive in such a competitive market. Today there is a need to distinguish companies, and this is more common for people who for products. So far the organizations gave little importance to these professionals”.

Levy warns that, evidently, that visibility may imply that headhunters and other companies can bid on these brightest professionals. The question is how to retain talent, and this implies more a symbiosis that offer more money. Finding the best has to be constant.

Monica Deza says “Companies are made by people. Many companies are in the process of stopping talent, instead of holding it. Efforts should be that people do not go, investing in it”. In this regard Andrés Pérez Ortega, personal branding expert, He states that one of the keys is “grasp that 1% of professionals who really want to develop this type of activity, using as a marketing tool that minority that is willing to stand. HR directors must pass personal brand managers”.

Meanwhile believes Dan Schawbel “to recruit every professional must be sure that there is a vision and a common mission, and brand attributes. If you do not hire talent that can be integrated into the corporate culture, This can leave the organization in a short time and ruin the corporate environment”.

The idea is that, once it captures the right employees, it is necessary to train them in all that relates to the agenda of the company and allow the use of social media to build your brand and support the mission of your company.

Schawbel believes that “personal branding becomes selfish and try to be more important than the company itself when the person and organization are not in tune. That's when the employee tends to leave the organization, create your own or to work for another company which itself is aligned with its main interests”.

Guillem Recolons It also refers to the fear that show numerous firms about the possibility of developing personal brands. “In this case adversely they affect people who are not happy in your company. Create your personal brand to say 'Here I am!’; It is an alternative way out of the company. Ideally, organizations know what employees can expect, and they know that companies have them”.

Andrés Pérez recalled that “many companies are afraid of the information coming out, that the perception we have from the outside is not that controls the communication department. The image offered by the company which is not desired to be taken. It is an absurd fear of losing control, because you can not hide or try to control, but make the most of the ability to communicate and promote visibility tools”.

The impressive history of the guy who found the job he wanted using Google Adwords

Subtitle: And it only cost 5 €!!

Sub-Subtitle: Based on a true story

Imagine your life's dream is to find work as a copywriter in one of the 5 best agencies in the country. Imagine also, you're broke and you can not spend more than 4 or 5 € to get your azaña.

I would say the same if your goal is to get into one of the best law firms, economists, engineers. I would say the same if you want to find a good place schoolmaster, commercial manager or whatever you want.

It is easier than it seems to be. You enter Google, are looking Google Adwords and buy some keywords. If you want to buy "adman" will cost a paste. And we only have 4 5 €. Adwords formula is not closed price, if not you pay for auction. If no one wants what you want, will cost 0,15 by clicking, really cheap. But if you want to buy general words like "creative side”, Be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

In our history, what we do is Buy the names of the best creative advertising the country. Why?

Because when searching your name on Google you will find our ad: "Hello Creative Director XXXX, Googlearte yourself is fun. Hire me as a creative in your company, as well. Giving me a call. You are late."

Well, this little story is true, and it ended well. Our friend, whose real name is Alec Brownstein He managed to enter as a senior editor at Young & Rubicam. the contrato Scott Vitrone, a creative director who was amazed Alec's ability to attract attention.

I thank my good friend and companion Linda Reichard by publishing it in its LinkedIn. The story published last 18 May the online newspaper "The Globe and Mail”, and here is the link to see the full story, including an interview with the protagonists.

Welcome to YO, S.A.

I attached an article Andrés Pérez Ortega that Tom Peters predicts citing a- that in the coming years reinvent our job. Published in Puro Marketing. Worth reading.

Andrés Pérez, Peter Drucker y Tom Peters

Personal Brand new professionals

Dice Tom Peters , with such vehemence that characterizes him, que vamos a tener que reinventar nuestro puesto de trabajo en los próximos años, que somos empresas de servicios unipersonales y que los empleos serán sustituidos por proyectos.

Peter Drucker también dice que ha llegado la hora de tomar las riendas de nuestras carreras profesionales a nivel individual y no depender únicamente de “papá” empresa.

Tanto Peters como Drucker, no se refieren solo a los consultores sino a todo tipo de profesionales. Se ha acabado el trabajo para toda la vida y a partir de ahora todos tendremos que pensar como microempresas de servicios de una sola persona. That is to say, se impone la mentalidad de YO, S.A. even if someone pays us a payroll. Se podría decir que dentro de unos años, todos vamos a convertirnos en consultores y que cambiaremos el concepto de empleo por el de proyecto.

Free Agent Nation

Is this a pessimistic view? I do not think so, quite the contrary. It opens a new world of career possibilities. Esta nueva forma de pensar nos obliga a replantearnos nuestras carreras. Ya no van a ser estáticas y lineales sino que deberán ser flexibles para ajustarnos a las nuevas necesidades del mercado.

Although this need to adapt to change requires effort, también nos va a dar la posibilidad de ir escogiendo aquello que más se adapte a nuestras fortalezas, our tastes and our goals. Ya no vamos a estar la mitad de nuestra vida haciendo lo mismo como consecuencia de la elección que hicimos cuando teníamos veinte años.

Para poder tener éxito en este nuevo mercado de Agentes Libres es necesario saber en que somos diferentes, en que destacamos o lo que es lo mismo en descubrir nuestra Marca Personal. Una Marca Personal es lo que diferencia a un profesional “commodity” o de marca blanca de un profesional con valor añadido. Ya no basta con ser simplemente competente en tu trabajo, también has de ser conocido por unos estándares y un estilo superiores a la media del mercado.

Companies that want to survive in the market, deben fomentar la Marca Personal de sus profesionales. As James Speros says (Chief Marketing Officer de Ernst&Young), “la Marca Personal de los empleados no es una amenaza para la empresa, but an active ".

Instead of providing security to employees, las compañías deben proporcionar las herramientas para que los profesionales se reinventen a si mismos e ir tan lejos como su talento pueda llevarles. Desgraciadamente en muchos casos nos encontraremos con resistencia por parte de los empleadores porque aunque se hable mucho de la retención del talento, en muchos casos más bien parece que se habla de detención del talento.

Chess and checkers

Quizás pueda parecer que el desarrollo de Marcas Personales por parte de los profesionales sea un riesgo para las culturas cerradas, homogéneas y uniformes de algunas empresas en general y consultoras en particular. However, it does not have to be this way. Una Marca Personal parte del análisis y el descubrimiento de los valores, el talento y las metas de cada profesional y si estos están alineados con los de la empresa, the risk disappears and becomes a fortress. evidently, la empresa deberá hacer un esfuerzo en conocer cuales son esos valores y tratar de satisfacerlos.

En un mercado en el que la curva demográfica es descendente y en el que la lealtad a las empresas forma parte del pasado, esos cuadros pomposos que dicen que la misión de la empresa es dar valor al accionista, son tan motivadores para nuestros profesionales como la gloria del estado para un trabajador de una fábrica de tractores en Ucrania a primeros de los 90. Las empresas que quieran sobrevivir tendrán que sustituir la mentalidad de juego de damas por el de ajedrez, wherein each piece has a value and a different function.

People trust people

On the other hand, tras los últimos escándalos parece que existe un cierto temor a las grandes corporaciones.

De la misma forma que asociamos las marcas comerciales a determinados valores y características intangibles, la Marca Personal permite establecer vínculos más sólidos y duraderos entre las personas. Por esa razón, when a professional is known for its brand, es posible establecer un tipo de relación más individual, more personal, más auténtica y eso solo puede ser beneficioso para él y para su compañía, porque si hay algo claro es que las personas confían en las personas y no en entes. Se trata de volver a la vieja relación personal de confianza, which it is established between two people. Y eso no es lo último de lo último sino que se trata de volver a algo que ya sabían los fenicios pero parece que hemos olvidado.

The discovery (not create) de una Marca Personal es similar al del desarrollo de un producto. Five steps:

1. First, you need to understand the market, el contexto en el que nos movemos.

2. En una segunda etapa hay que hacer un análisis profundo del producto, en este caso se trata de cada uno de nosotros y se podría resumir en algo tan clásico como “conócete a ti mismo”. Esta es la etapa más importante.

3. Luego hay que entender y aplicar aquellos conceptos que hacen que una marca personal llegue a ser fuerte como la consistencia, authenticity, persistence, The visibility, etc.

4. Once discovered the brand, hay que sacarla a la luz y para ello se utilizan las herramientas clásicas de marketing pero aplicado a los individuos. Afortunadamente la tecnología nos permite llegar a nuestro mercado casi a coste cero. Es curioso como se ha extendido en el sector de la consultoría la utilización de una de las herramientas más potentes del Marketing Personal, blogs. They are numerous and every day, los jóvenes consultores que publican bitácoras hablando de sus experiencias. Of course, most of them do anonymously.

5. Todo esto no debería quedar en un simple ejercicio teórico sino que hay que llevarlo a la acción y para ello se establece un plan estratégico de Marca Personal.

This process, tan sencillo y conocido lleva aplicándose a las personas desde hace unos diez años en EEUU y sin embargo, no ha llegado a nuestro país hasta hace muy poco. Although I can guess the answer (y me aterra) I'm still wondering Why?

@everybody: Squeezing the orange called Twitter

To build your personal brand interest, among other things, get followers Twitter. Here I leave some tips to boost Twitter and get more out:

  • Fairplay acts: follow your followers and answer the questions or comments that make you directly.
  • Twice perday, Retweet an interesting post you've found a blog in your industry. Your followers want to know about the latest trends, disputes and ideas.
  • Once a day, tweeting a news article about your industry. To find sources, interesting subscribe to alerts Google, Search Google News or some relevant daily, national international.
  • Once a day, twittea a sentence or interesting quote. Those that move reflection. BrainyQuote It is a good source of quotations. Example: I've failed over and over again in my life, so I have achieved success. (Michael Jordan).
  • Once a day, tweeting something personal. In the background, we are humans. It is not all the time to explain what we have eaten or dined, but to recommend a restaurant where we ate yesterday.
  • Once a day answers a question related to your field. Use Twitter search or management application Twitter, as TweetDeck. This is a good way of attracting followers.
  • The use of hashtags It's very important. This is Twitter tags, and here work differently to other platforms. Serve to classify our tweet, para así poder identificarlo sobre un tema. Como lo hacemos cuando creamos un post en nuestro blog, or hang a picture on Flickr, etc… y lo etiquetamos para clasificarlo sobre una palabra clave que haga relación. On Twitter we can find on the side, among others listed as "trending topics”. Cuando escribas en Twitter y quieras que sea clasificado con un Hashtag, just write # justo delante de la palabra que identifique el tema de tu tweet, that is, si haces referencia al marketing deberás escribir #marketing. If we find other Hashtags and see related tweets, we can go to search engine Favorites on the left side.

Do you have a clone on the net?

What if the Googlearte you find people with your same name? Worst, and if any of them has a bad reputation, what will you do?

If this happened to you, urgently you need program Online Reputation. Not much more to say. We will wait for you.

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Distinguish or extinct

retaking the conference on Personal Branding From the past 22 April in Madrid, said the owner of a phrase that caught my attention: distinguish or extinct. It was the final moral talk “wood create leader” of Juan Manuel Casado, President Casado Consulting.

Distinguish or extinct. I could not agree more. Anyone who tries to go unnoticed by the world labor can survive. We need to distinguish. Creativity is a fundamental tool to do, but we also need to have a clear vision of where we can go and set ourselves our own marketing plan. A marketing plan self? And why not. Not a long time ago, a consultant and good friend, Jordi Rigual, He launched the idea of ​​creating a marketing plan for Catalonia… and why not?.

If we do nothing, we do soon, and we do it in the most creative way possible, we will go extinct.