Personal brands with own label: Prince

Prince Rogers Nelson, better known as Prince, He was among 1993 and 2000 strongly associated with this symbol. For a while the artist was called “symbol”, “the artist formerly known as Prince” or “TAFKAP”, something like a waiver of its own name on behalf of your personal brand.

The king of funk He is a born fetishistic, hence the aesthetics of their stagings arises, your own personal look, their guitars and designs of their albums. A clear personal brand, which we would add a touch of sensuality that have always accompanied Prince on his video.

Personal brands with own label: Sir Winston Churchill

It is almost impossible not to relate the sign of victory Sir Winston Leonard Spencer-Churchill, The former British Prime Minister during World War 2.

One of the curiosities of this great statesman is also, It was an excellent speaker, writer and a great writer. She not in vain received the award Nobel Literature on 1953.

Its graphic printing, its brand heritage, was her smiling face, the sign of victory and the cigar in his mouth.

Personal brands with own label: Nelson Mandela

One of the most prestigious personal brands is the Nobel Peace Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela, born in 1918 and known in his country as Madiba.

Mandela was the first president of South Africa democratically elected by universal suffrage and the leader of Umkhonto we Sizwe, the armed wing of the African National Congress (CNA).

In 1962 It was detained and convicted of sabotage, plus other charges, to life imprisonment. Mandela was 27 years in prison, most of which was confined in the prison of Robben Island. After his release 11 February 1990, Mandela led his party in the negotiations for a multiracial democracy in South Africa, which it was achieved in 1994 with the first democratic elections by universal suffrage. Mandela won the elections and was president from 1994 to 1999, often prioritizing reconciliation.

This personal brand is shaped by multiple attributes, but certainly the spirit of conciliation It is the greatest of all. After 27 years in prison, Mandela did not think of the revenge, He thought of peace. At 92 years is still witnessed South African politics. Another symbol is taking weight Mandela's open hand, a symbol of peace; within hand's profile is distinguished your country.


Cover Nelson Mandela image by

Personal brands with own label: Walter Elias Disney

In this case, what was a firm has become one of the most popular logos in history. Who would tell Walt Disney her true fame would go so far as to bill 30.000 million dollars in 2009.

Would be an understatement to think that the only legacy of Walter Elias personal brand of Disney (1901-1966) as was his signature brand. Cinderella's Palace, Dumbo, Mowgli, Snow White, Peter Pan, Bambi, Micky Mouse, Donald are just some of the hundreds of examples of brands associated with the person of Disney.

Disney's personal brand also compose some urban legends:

Shortly after his death the rumor that Disney's body had been frozen until such time that scientific advances could return to life arose.

Another curious legend about Walt Disney is the origin of his alleged Spanish. According to this legend, Disney would not have been born in Chicago, but in Mojacar (Almería), illegitimate son of a doctor and a washerwoman. The supposed mother would have emigrated to the United States, where he would have given his son for adoption to the couple formed by Elias and Flora Disney. According to this, Disney's real name Jose Guirao Zamora would have been. supposedly, in the forties, Disney envoys have been in Mojacar making checks in the parish archives of the town.

Personal brands with own label: Alfred Hitchcock

Geniuses leave marks, and Sir Alfred Hitchcock, the master of suspense, the left as 2 oscars won, 6 Oscars nomination, the address of 55 films, the script 7 other movies,the production of other 24, direction and production of numerous television series, an unmistakable music as input cover their series, his own appearance in cameos in his works and….

…and an unmistakable profile, the stamp of his personal brand. The truth is that I managed not know who was the author of the drawing. If anyone knows'll thank me leave a note.

Personal brands with own label: Los Rolling Stones

Today we begin a series related visual icons associated with personal brands.

The icon Rolling Stones, the snouts Mick Jagger, They have become such a universal symbol like the dove of peace. Although many attribute their authorship to Andy Warhol (yes was the author of the disc cover “Sticky Fingers”), the real author is John Pasche, that for this first drawing received a 50 pounds 1970.

As a curiosity, the National Museum of Art and Design in London, known as V&A Museum or the Victoria and Albert Museum, He has bought the original icon of the tongue and lips which represents the Rolling Stones' 92,500 Dollars.

Being a design 1970, is more alive than ever and has set up one of the most powerful personal brands history, Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. Although I must say that another strong configuration element of your brand has been the provocation.

Not just the post without allowing a direct link to one of the magical pieces of Rollings: Simpathy for the devil

How does a student happens to be a pre-professional?

In the coming months we will try to answer this question so complex. No doubt it is one of the main challenges for any student who intends to start in the working world. R2H2 ask all experience, How very absurd.

But there are ways. And interesting ways. We continue to report.

There is no crisis challenges: Moving from routine challenge

Of course, There is no crisis challenges

May I use this phrase Albert Einstein to influence an aspect of the Personal Branding I think is important: the need for autocuestionarse with some frequency.

I explain: although it looks like the self esteem It is the key to a good projection of personal branding, the question oneself occasionally generates new challenges we take to improve. It's what you call into crisis.

The crisis does not refer here to an economic downturn such as we are living now, but there is no doubt that the crisis forced many people to reinventing themselves and generate new yields.

If every day we are able to complete 3 sudokus, there will come a point where addressed to a sudoku will not generate interest and help develop our brain, It is what would be a routine. We'll have to look for a new challenge that will allow us to continue to grow intellectually, like chess, crossword puzzles or learning a new language.

Imagine that we are in a situation of personal crisis. ERE has put us on the street, or we have decided to get out of a company that would not let us live. Start a new challenge, is sure to be interesting. I have in mind the case of a friend who, after years working in advertising agencies, and yéndole great things, He accepted the offer of some financial analysts. Theoretically something unthinkable: I agree. They paid much better. This new work has taken him to countries around the world, and he has now achieved a status with just 40 years that many wanted for themselves. She decided to change her routine, put in crisis. And it went well. But we know, If you do not try you do not know.

If you decide to put in crisis, health. your Personal Branding will benefit. And remember, There is no crisis challenges.

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Networking 05 / Smile!


Smile, please. This is a simple and basic principle Personal Branding, and many people skip it.

Nobody likes to do business with someone who frowns. It is easier to establish working relationships with someone who says good morning with a smile.

This basic rule was created in 1936 by Dale Carnegie in his book How to Win Friends and Influence People, but trust me, still in force.



Photo by Joanna Nix on Unsplash

Networking 04 / Let us be generous with information

Information is one of the most precious resources. Often we are so jealous of our work or our method that everything stays home.

My advice is to share information. If we do it, We get you a WOM (mouth, ear, to understand us) Interestingly, in the end we benefit.

Suggestions, ideas, open debates, Anything goes to help someone who walks lost or looking for a second assessment about something.

We have the perfect tool: the Web 2.0 and countless resources. There is no excuse for not doing so.