#lateraltwits 15 Twitter as a stimulus to creativity

As the courtyard is today, any new stimulus to creativity will be welcome. And Twitter is. Here are some advantages of Twitter as a creative stimulus. Access to fresh information, quick opinions, creating a circle of people who can be a source of inspiration To tell small stories in small chunks. Run a lot … Read more

Conference: Is it helpful for a professional to have a personal brand?

Next Monday 24 in the afternoon, at 6pm, at the headquarters of the College of Industrial Engineers of Catalonia, a SOYMIMARCA conference/debate will take place in which it is intended to set out the importance and need for professionals to (not just industrial engineers) manage your own brand. The session is … Read more

#lateraltwits 13 Twitter as a livelihood

Sounds a little harsh., But yes, there are companies and people who make a living with Twitter. And many! Just as there are people who make a living with esoteric services on phones 900 and websites of dubious content, Twitter is for many professionals a livelihood. For starters, developers … Read more

Paul Adam, hotbed of ideas and projects, restless mind, pure nerve

Extraido del blog de soymimarca “Paul Adam, uno de los mejores especialistas en marketing personal, abre soymimarca en ValenciaSoymimarca y Pablo Adán se refuerzan mutuamente con esta alianza que pondrá el listón de la marca personal un poco más alto Hacía días que nos mordíamos la lengua, pero ha llegado el momento. Paul Adam … Read more

#lateraltwits 11 Twitter as a public opinion thermometer

We continue the series dedicated to Twitter, today watching Twitter as a public opinion thermometer. It's true, not everyone is on Twitter - for now -, so it can't be representative as a national average. Twitter user profile is essentially different from Facebook's. On the chart below you have … Read more

#lateraltwits 10 Twitter as a work tool

Good Wednesday. Today we talk about Twitter as a working tool. In this field Twitter offers us many possibilities: Business Search People Search Topic Search (topics), adding the #hashtags Platform to advertise offers of all kinds: products, Services, Labour… Platform to announce changes Platform to announce new blog post Platform … Read more