5. Why should they listen to you?

“I have a strategy so that your Foundation can attract more partners”, “I am a consumer and seller of your company's products”, “I am assured that this company could reduce costs by avoiding personal trauma”, “I'm a fashion expert for the mother-to-be”, “I'm a child marketing specialist”, “Doctor's office, But I pass 3 months at the time … Read more

status quo / blog guillem recolons

4. What does status quo mean to you?

We link to the phrase "Progress comes from a dissatisfaction with status quo". In other words, progress arises after dissatisfaction with the status quo. The phrase is by the Saatchi brothers, Iraqi immigrants who revolutionized advertising and art in the 80 in the UK with its Saatchi agency & Saatchi Advertising. But … Read more

3. Do you lead or follow the crowd?

Liderar o seguir a la multitud son opciones. Liderar tiene un coste, pero también grandes recompensas. While some do not believe, no se nace líder. Existen técnicas y aprendidajes específicos para reforzar el liderazgo de equipos. La seguridad en uno mismo ayuda a esa sensación de liderazgo. ¿Qué tienen en común Jesús de Nazaret, July … Read more

Fundación Vicente Ferrer

2. In what ways do you create value?

Para una empresa existen muchas formas de crear valor. La originalidad de un producto, un servicio, o de un proceso productivo pueden ayudar a la compañía a generar valor. ¿Y para una persona? Ayer iniciamos la primera pregunta de esta serie con ¿Qué te hace indispensable?. Para reforzar nuestra marca personal es indispensable crear valor. … Read more

indispensable person

1. What makes you an indispensable person?

Indispensable person? With this post I start a series of questions that will help us reinforce our personal brand. Some are inspired by the blog of one of the world gurus of personal branding: Dan Schawbel. Some say that cemeteries are full of indispensable people. True, there is possibly no one indispensable. But here the meaning … Read more

If Facebook were a country, would be the NUMBER 4 WORLD AFTER China, India and USA

Some chilling statistics web: – Facebook : 174.000.000 users connect once a day – Twitter already has 75.000.000 users – LinkedIn has 50.000.000 users – Flickr accumulates 4.000 millions of images – More than 35 millions of Facebook users update their profile every day – La Wikipedia … Read more

If people haven't heard of you, he'll hardly be able to do business with you

Who knows who you are? Take a test. Put your first and last names quoted on Google and see how many useful or relevant results appear. In the times that run one can not rely solely on the techniques of "networking" tradiconals to meet new people. The meeting of neighbors or friends seems to be … Read more

Web 2.0

The impact of the web 2.0 at the Personal Branding

Before the web 2.0 change our world, era difícil obtener la suficiente notoriedad personal como para destacar. There were no blogs, ni Twitter ni las redes como LinkedIn, so the only alternative was to advertise in the local or economic press. With good luck, uno podía quizás organizar un encuentro profesional y llegarRead more