Mrs. Carme Chacon, you have no hurry

Yesterday the defense minister and “presidenciable” by the PSOE, Carme Chacón, He gave us know at a news conference he will not stand to organize their party primaries to choose candidates / a for the general elections scheduled for March 2012.

Source: Wikipedia

I have not talked in this blog lateral thinking, but today, and with this news, It is a good opportunity to do so. The minister, I imagine well advised, He has applied lateral thinking in its purest form to decline his candidacy. Vertical or logical thinking would have encouraged to stand for a primary, where he had some chance of success against a congress.

And Chacón knows that whoever wins the primary “It will burn” against the PP next March. Why have such a short life?. If not candidate, think that the minister has just 40 just turned years (Pisces, by the way), and it has a looong time ahead. Lateral strategy is clear: let time pass. There is no hurry. First you have to wear those who give the face in the PSOE in the next four or eight years, and then the ground will be prepared.

very clever, minister.

Positive thinking finally appears (VW Passat UK)

The crisis She screamed for leave some mark and offer price advantages and benefits to focus on an approach that gets better right hemisphere our brains: So he has the DDB London ad agency for Volkswagen Passat. The concept can not be clearer and anti-crisis: POSITIVE THINKING, and the ad contains a musical piece of the same title that makes us forget the sorrows style “Always look at the bright side of life” of Monty Pyton on “The life of Brian”. Enjoy ad.

[youtube= = qW1JFvvlMgk&hl = it&fs=1&rel=0]

San Miguel viewed by Saatchi & Saatchi London

It’s not a quick beer” is the axis chosen campaign Saatchi & Saatchi Londres to advertise beer San Miguel in the United Kingdom. In a stressful world, we must choose a calm moment to savor San Miguel.

The approach is not new, in Spain there is a similar approach, but it strikes me guitar chords music, they want to evoke the origin of the beer.

Perhaps the best part is that phrase “It’s not a quick beer”, a side hit. Since when a beer is fast or slow? English creative team has hit the nail: The important thing is not only beer taste, is the time.

[youtube= = MjhyKCzeAg8&hl = it&fs=1&rel=0]

Shackleton creates a real musical cancer

The agency Shackleton He has created a very original campaign to combat cervical cancer based on a musical called "Viva la resistance". Definitely, a distinct and lateral approach to a relidad kills two women every day in Spain. They have created the web

This is the piece of television:

[youtube= = -X4F_8Q9cic&hl = it&fs=1]

Pros and cons of buying an Audi

Here's a great reason to buy an Audi:

[youtube= = zQvpHW1vOVY&hl = it&fs=1]

Here's a great reason not to:

Volkwagen toughens conditions to bring the Q3

The risks of the free press: The newspaper Metro’ Spain closed due to a drop in recruitment advertising.

Leo in IPMark yesterday, 29 from January, They were distributed last copies of the free newspaper that published the multinational Metro International Metro. The newspaper was launched in Spain in 2001 and it is published in seven Spanish cities. According to the General Media Study (EGM), Metro reached an audience of 1,8 million readers. Relying solely on advertising is a risk in times of economic crisis.

metro2The current economic situation seems to have influenced the decision to close, despite being one of the national newspapers with more readers, the fifth according to the EGM. Advertising in December and January fell well below the forecasts of the company and no good prospects for the year are presented 2009.

They also continue taking to the streets editions of Alicante, Valencia and Castellon, because they belong to a Valencia company that took the Metro exclusivity in the Levantine region.

In the words of CEO and President of Metro International, Per Mikael Jensen, "Despite the great efforts of the management and employees of Metro in Spain to reverse the situation, we are forced to close our operations in the country. Although Spain Metro has lost less money than its competition in free newspapers, the deterioration of the Spanish economy, During the beginning of 2009 It has led to the collapse of the advertising market, It has led to an unexpected increase in losses. This coupled with strong competition in an increasingly weak market, They have meant that the only viable solution is the closure of the company. At this point, It is not justified to continue investing in Spain, so Metro International will focus its resources on growth areas where we can create long-term value for our shareholders ".

Meanwhile, Martin Alsander, executive vice president of Metro International, thanked the Spanish workforce effort. "Thanks to this excellent group of people we were able to edit every day for years one of the most valued daily in Spain. However, poor economic outlook coupled with the high forecast losses, we are forced to take safeguard oriented global interests of the group Metro International decision”.

Philips link a product to output Bush White House

Taken from "Marketing & News” 22 of January of 2009

power4lifePhilips He has taken the takeover of Barack Obama as president of the United States to launch a campaign in the UK press in which the image George W. Bush It serves to advertise your electronic charger “Power4Life” with the slogan “For when you lose power“. It was created by the agency DDB London.
“Focus on the loss of power of Bush while everyone has their eyes on Obama, It gives us a great impact,” He commented Neil Dawson, Global Creative Director of Philips account at DDB London. “It was an opportunity too good tactic to lose”, assures.

The ad promotes charger Power4Life (“all in one portable charger ") which allows consumers to charge different devices such as iPods and mobile phones.

Effectiveness without values is a tool without a purpose. This maxim -of Maltese thinker Edward de Bono- It has been a constant in the Obama campaign and, possibly, the key to its success.

"The effectiveness without values ​​is a tool without a purpose". No matter the race or beliefs: care about values. Only then Obama won their voters. When he talked about economy, it was not with the coldness of macroeconomic figures, I was facing the families, yes, future their children and grandchildren. Obama seized key concepts, as change and esperanza.

The factor emotional and values They have won the battle to a great candidate, John McCain, who has had the misfortune of having Obama as opponent. Obama was the first candidate who has transferred the responsibility to govern people: “To bring change to Washington, I do not ask you to trust my ability, I ask you to believe in yours. "

Fairplay made in USA: McCain has not only congratulated the winner, It has also ensured that America will be a great president and that blacks have gained pride. Bravo McCain.

The most surprising of this story it is that Obama has won McCain using the weapons themselves Republicans: the values. Anyone who has read "Don’t think of an Elephant"George Lakoff you know what I mean. Who has not read, I recommend heart. real-change-its-yours

Say NO when you want to say YES… A new form of lateral thinking?

[youtube= = c7WUVqkwnSI&hl = it&fs=1]

This is the last campaign USA on upcoming elections 4 November.

Incredibly, The campaign aims to encourage voting, voter turnout. In the United States it is rare for a presidential campaign exceeds 50% participation. Many people not involved, and among them, youth groups, the most marginalized ...

Ad, with messages that do not advise vote, It is a pure irony that seeks the opposite effect. ¿Lateral thinking?… possibly. Here's an interesting fight occurs between right and left hemisphere, they end up winning the right, logical least.

I will tell you if the 4 November vote more than one 50%. Di Caprio, Halle Berry, Eleen Degeneres, Forest Whitaker, Courtney Cox, Dustin Hoffman, Benicio del Toro and many more are powerful reasons. That mistake-not- he would more than good to Obama.

Without the great column Manuel Trallero, La Vanguardia loses much of the seasonings that make attractive daily.

Bad news and good.
The bad: As you hear it. Manuel Trallero leaves La Vanguardia. Leave or make you leave, whatever. But when in his farewell article published today (see link) asks white flag and surrenders, I imagine the poor Trallero has been pressed to the spinal cord.
The correct: Our friend write every day on your blog. The address is . If anyone wonders why Trallero appears on this blog, very easy: It is a "lateral" journalist, It is governed by different criteria to the vast majority of journalists. And that makes it different, interesting, direct. A jewel.