ThePowerMBA Online Reputation Crisis

Reputation crisis in sight: It's not MBA all that glitters

This week I'm dealing with a misresolved online reputation case by a brand that soon went from nowhere to sell more than 12 millions of euros in online training with a successful product... but an equivocal marketing. If you're short on time, I invite you to watch this video summary of … Read more

Personal Online Brand, Personal branding congress

Personal Online brand do you dare to choose the black pill?

Morpheus offers Neo a choice between blue or red pill. Blue will allow you to forget sorrows and stay in virtual reality, while the red one will free him from it and lead him into the painful and cruel real world... remember The Matrix? They've passed 20 Years. And now the real world … Read more

10 actions you can do for your personal brand from home

10 actions you can do for your personal brand from home

Many countries around the world are in a state of alarm due to covid-19 action. Quarantine is imposed on many of them, with a minimum of two weeks “Locked” At home. Few open shops. But nothing prevents us from making progress with developing our personal brand from home. This video, more than … Read more

stories in #GRelatos images

#Storytelling: 366 accounts in perpetual images

What happens when you spend a whole year publishing daily stories in images that have been left for the story? Well, when you look back you realize the power of the image and its ability to tell stories. Among the 2 March 2019 and the 1 March 2020 … Read more

The personal brand boat cruise

#TheBrandBoat The Latest Madness: a Personal Brand workshop during a Mediterranean cruise

#TheBrandBoat is the product of Steve Jobs' philosophy of life he summed up with the famous phrase "Stay hungry, stay foolish" in his speech at Stanford. The idea of holding a personally branded workshop aboard a cruise underway is great, it was elia Brosed's, one of the best managers … Read more

Edelman Trust 2020: Ethics and Skills are the key to Trust

As is customary by these dates, a few days ago, Edelman published his annual confidence report, Edelman Trust barometer 2020. And as is customary in this blog, I summarize the key points that affect personal branding, corporate brand and opportunities that emerge from the barometer. See also: Shy recovery from trust. Edelman Trust … Read more

The best of 2019 at Personal Branding

The best of 2019 at Personal Branding

This is my last post of the year, y toca hacer balance de lo mejor de 2019 in personal branding. Articles, Books, Events, Videos, Ideas... 2019 I thought it was an excellent year, en que han emergido nuevos profesionales y se han consolidado nuevos formatos. In terms of content, ha sido tal la avalancha de falsos “expertos”Read more

boosting social conscience

The drive of social awareness and personal branding

A week ago I was aiming in the article Trends 2020 in Personal Branding seven of which for me will be the most relevant trends for 2020. And I've set out to develop each of these trends over 7 Weeks, starting with one of the ones I think can change things the most: the impetus of the … Read more

values in personal political branding

Three key values in Political Personal Branding, or why confidence falls

Political Branding Staff? I must admit that my first clients at Personal Branding, In 2006, were active politicians. I'd rather not give names for avoiding stupid typecasting in one option or another. You know, now politics has lost the strategic position of the center and gone to extremes. That implies memez … Read more