Some advantages of changing Why? for Why not?

That's it, Why not? If you read me you know that I am not much given to motivational speeches. In my opinion, the words "quality", "Democracy" and "passion" have been used so much they mean the opposite, and they area often used in absence of the concept. Although my profile is more emotional than rational, clearly I work to live and that two plus two equals four.

For some time now I have been thinking about when we became adults. As children, we love to constantly ask Why? Curiosity is the emotional DNA of childhood, and it allows us to know more than we would know if we were silent.

We never stop asking Why? but the difference is that as adults we move from curiosity to questioning. The adult version of Why? is too often a barrier before taking a step forward: Why should I do this or that? This phrase, seemingly innocent, it's often the origin of failure.

If you have little time, I invite you to see the video summary of this article in a minute:

Why not?

I think that this Why not? it's equivalent to Why? of childhood applied in adults. It is a question that wants to overcome barriers, fears, and limiting beliefs. When someone proposes something that your rational side refuses to accept, let your other side act, the wild, creative side, and make this powerful question emerge: Why not?

Pros and cons

If you just ask Why?, you close the door on the possibilities. Instead Why not? you create a double denial, that is, you are on the positive path to seriously consider taking action and accepting challenge. Of course, you are open to considering pros and cons.

Reading biographies, I always come to the conclusion that people who have gone far have used Why not? more often than the rest of the world. If you take a look at one of the best biographical compilations of success and leadership, the duo "Aprendiendo de los Mejores" from Francisco Alcaide, you'll confirm that Why not? It is a common denominator of progress.

Tony Robbins asks why

Writer and lecturer Anthony Robbins (by the way, 2th example of "Aprendiendo de los Mejores" after Amancio Ortega) is considered the best mentor in personal development. I'm not going to reveal the reasons that led Francisco Alcaide to include it in his book, that would be spoiler.

However, there is one point in Robbins' personal story that fascinates me: He is able to explain his purpose and value proposition in just five words requiring two seconds: I’m the why guy (Soy el chico del Por qué). That's his "raison d'être"..

Have a look at the first few seconds of his TED to see how he presents himself::

And precisely the answer you get from his clients, mentees, coachees or those who listen to him is invariable: Why not?

It is an absolutely exceptional case. He wants to know your motivations so that you can ask yourself the question: Why couldn't I do this or that? Why not?

Why as a purpose

Many have referred before to the why as a purpose. From Nietzsche to Simon Sinek, to Viktor Frankl, the Why? question has helped us solve a complex puzzle: that of our reason for being.

When I wear hippie hat, I believe that few 21st century businesses and people will survive the absence of purpose. Although there are tools to find it, such as the Ikigai, we have not been educated to find an answer to such a complex question.

Why not, seen as an accelerator of purpose and action plan

A way that seems to me more opportune and simple to accelerate the answer to such an existential question is to break the negation: A simple Why? just deny, and break, while the Why not? facilitates, makes possible, makes flow.

Our purpose is also our vision, our contribution to improving the world, our dream, our legacy. So is it not true that all dreams break down barriers? Aren't dreams Why not?

Try it. Discover your purpose. And to accomplish it, repeat this same question at each stage of the journey, in your action plan.

Do you want some inspiration? Bill Gates and Paul Allen wondered in 1975 why not use their software to empower people. And not happy with it, they wondered why there couldn't be a computer in every house and on every office desk. Do you see now the power of this question? It's your turn. Have a nice week.

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Sorry about the pun. Last week in the post Brand ambassadors: the secret of trust, I announced a gift of a free ebook on the same topic employee advocacy programs to all subscribers. As the offer is limited, I encourage you to take action.

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Tu modelo de negocio: how to move from diagnosis to action plan



I often encounter misconceptions in the canvas business model. If you understand as a mere diagnosis of current situation, It will be unhelpful. Ideally raise it as a diagnostic + strategic model to develop a plan of action. Let's go by parts.

What is a business model? What is it for?

Expansion design thinking He has brought us many canvases to work with multiple strategic facets. The canvas business model most known and used is the Business Model Canvas, and personal application, yes, Business Model You.

essentially, the canvas business model It is a great tool to help you understand a business model in a simple and structured way. Using this canvas It will help you better understand the customers you serve, which offer value propositions through what channels and how to make money your company or personal business.

Utility work this canvas goes beyond understanding your business model, to analyze the models competitors.

The canvas business model It was created by Alexander Osterwalder, but Strategyzer. The Osterwalder with Yves Pigneur own published in 2010 the book Business Model Generation: A Handbook for Visionaries, Game Changers, and Challengers (Wiley). In 2011 the Spanish translation of the book was published under the title Generation business models (Wiley John + Sons).

It's about a model lean or light based on a principle: imperfect better faster than paralysis by analysis the old "Business Plan" 800 pages and 12 months of work. It is designed for small businesses, departments of large companies, collaborative projects and individuals.

In the case of private individuals, on 2012 the authors of the previous alongside Tim Clark launched Tu modelo de negocio (Wiley John + Sons), a "must" management Personal Branding. This book is a great facilitator of ideas, as it includes actual cases of more than 400 professionals around the world.

The diagnostic phase of your business model

Knowing where you are today is essential to understand the changes you require to achieve your goals. So, I think also essential to define your projection lens personal brand: what area of ​​business you want to be a reference, what specialty, in what format (presential, online, mixed…) and what geographical area. Without setting a clear objective not know if your diagnosis requires an action plan to improve.

Tu modelo de negocio

Business Model You. Translation Samuel Villegas @ CC sam1meta

I often see that the diagnosis format developed without knowing before the goal, and therefore can be read as an exercise in self-knowledge. Big mistake. I think the original spirit of the model is strategic, not only diagnosis.

If I see a lot of notes Post-it the same color, I understand that the work done is pure diagnosis; a missed opportunity.

The strategic phase of your business model

This phase of that we have a projection defined key personal brand objective. This will allow us a very precise definition of the value proposition, our relevant difference.

To better understand the model, Ideally, work with sticky notes (or virtual) two colors: one for the place where I am today (and I want to keep) and another for where I want to be tomorrow (and what I need to activate, create…).

That enables us to create two action plans naked eye color: yes, maintenance plan shares and plan of new shares to create, develop and implement. We will have a strategy defending (we want to keep) and another attack (what we want to incorporate). And remember that any action plan must be measurable, for what we can work with objectives SMART that allow us to analyze the evolution of the indicators of success.

canvas example business model

Everything revolves around the value proposition

I often say that if they do not contribute, you don't matter. Work on your relevant difference it is imperative to differentiate yourself by offering value and growth potential for your customers, whether internal or external. That's the value proposition, the core of the canvas business model.

It is very important to set the work order canvas. Although some authors recommend defining the first customer segment, I think that It is more useful to start by the value proposition. Then, see what the customer profile who may be interested in the value proposition. After, what kind of relations we bring to our customers, what channels We use to move the value proposition to customers.

The second part of the canvas (the left side thereof) defines the activities which we take to realize the value proposition. Also they means necessary, and key partners we will need to access more easily to our customers.

And the third part concerns the economic aspects. model expenses and model income. The current and future, which marks the target worked.

The business model is dynamic. From one day to another all you can change

Classical formats like business plan They offered no flexibility. Maybe it's because the markets were moving so slow today.

The canvas business model it is flexible, and considers that in 24h can produce a change radical.

Imagine your value proposition is the creation, production, sale and distribution of custom shoes. Imagine also that the 6 months starting your business you receive an offer from a major manufacturer in the industry to buy your business. This implies a major change, do you agree?

Also imagine your revenue model is based on the personal commitment of your time to your customers (limited model). Suddenly you propose an improvement through machine learning you allow a scalable online income and not dependent on your time.

In all these changes, it is easier to adapt the canvas business model a plan 800 pages. Canvases Business models with strategic format they are alive, They are dynamic, and it is good for us to review every six months or whenever a change occurs.

I hope I've helped. A good tip is to read these two books referenced, find a couple of friends or consultants who can help you and dedicate one morning to work on your own canvas business model: an essential step in managing your personal brand if you turn it into an action plan, Be, you measure and improvements.


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What drives social conformity? (Asch's experiment)

Some time ago I participated in an article with my colleagues Alicia Pomares & Jordi Collell and Celia Hil called De luciérnagas a estrellas refulgentes (From fireflies to glittering stars). It was not intrinsically about social conformity, but on whats is known as "Solomon Asch syndrome," a condition derived from Asch Experiment. This pathology could be summed up as the fear of difference.

Solomon Asch (1907-1996) was a world-renowned and prestigious Polish-American psychologist known for his pioneering work in social psychology

Today I deal with the main reason of Asch experiment, This is social conformity.

What is social conformity?

In a simple definition, This is social conformity happens when individuals in a social group change their behavior, opinions and attitudes to fit the views of the group.

Many times, and unconsciously, we "relax" our criterion not to swim against the tide and avoid possible conflicts. And this is not something that happens occasionally, it's just installed in our routine.

In a more complete definition, psychologists Gil Rodriguez & Garcia Saiz, authors of "social influence processes." (Ed. Pyramid) nuance:

"We could speak about conformity for commission (act in the line pressing group), and default (not to act in a certain way because the group does not approve). So, It is more appropriate to use the congruence concept rather than movement, when we refer to a group ".

Asch's experiment

Asch conducted a set of experiments related to visual identification tasks. The task was actually simple: the subjects had to indicate which of the three lines of the card had the same size as the model contained in another cardboard.

This task was done in groups up to 9 people, and all, except for one (experimental subject and both "naive subject"), were accomplices of the experimenter. Accomplices were instructed to answer correctly in the first two trials and answer incorrectly and unanimous remaining (in the twelve critical essays), which they were interspersed by four other trials in which accomplices answered correctly. Subjects were publicly express their judgments in the order in which they were sitting. The position of the test subject, placed in the penultimate, allowed the views of most members of the group before giving your answer.

This video shows the sequence:

The results

The results were surprising, even for Asch himself. Although the task was simple social conformity occurred, so that the experimental subjects gave wrong answers in a third (36,8 by 100) of critical essays, which it did not happen hardly ever if they performed the task alone (control group) and, so, without knowing the views of others.

Most of the subjects indicated that they had been carried away because they believed that the majority was right, and they were wrong because they did not understand the instructions well or because their visual acuity was not good.

Only a subject which followed the judgment of the majority believed that the answers were correct.

Here is another video about social conformity in a tv show format showing identical results:

A small number were aware that the answers were incorrect, but they answered following most not be displayed alone or different.

Personal brand and relevant difference

As my professor, the social psychologist Dr. Ricard Faura says, "In social conformity is not only shame that people express, it is a profound doubt of their own criteria before the collective consensus".

We settle for not publicly display the difference. This is the fact. From the perspective of personal brand, not to show the difference makes us automatons dumbs. But just being different isn't everything...

I appeal to the relevant difference. When we work the value proposition we always wonder why they should choose us? And the answers are 1 It is because we can solve a problem or meet a need. And 2 because we do it in a different way. The two answers complement each other, both are needed.

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What's new (Integra Personal Branding)

Although the news came several months ago, I inform you that I have the honor of being personal branding consultant and partner of Integra Personal Branding, the most important personal branding agency in Mexico and Latin America.

Staff Integra Personal Branding

We have been working together with Nancy Vazquez and Alan Urbina, founding partners, some time ago, and now part of my job will be to help develop in Mexico and LATAM the area of corporate personal branding (Executive Branding, Personal Branding and Employee Advocacy programs).

Our next collaboration is on the Dominican Republic from 29/5 to 9/6. We will run various workshops of Personal Branding and Employee Advocacy programs for companies such as Banco Popular and RE/MAX. We also plan to give two lectures on storytelling and social selling, within the framework of the #BrandingWeekRD, all coordinated by QUIFER Consultants (+

10 ideas worth spreading (10 speakers, better)

TEDx Eixample 2019: Videos with 10 ideas from speakers of past 22/3.


If you're new to this blog, let me give you two essential pieces of information: 1. Although I'm dedicated to Personal Branding, I'm a true fan of TED and TEDx talks 2. In addition, I volunteer of TEDx Eixample, which held its first edition in Barcelona 22 March 2019, I would say successfully.

In this article, I detail the 10 ideas that the speakers put on the stage and I add the videos (in order of appearance) of each of the ten talks. I hope you enjoy them as did the 260 People who attended the event.

Idea 1: Stay ignorant so as not to fall into the myopia of specialization. By Toni Segarra

We are in the age of omnicanality, and the panorama of a marketing director to communicate an idea becomes complicated. The publicist Toni Segarra claims, in his transition from an Advertising Agency to Freelance, the importance of remaining ignorant so as not to fall into the myopia of specialization. He also claims to recover the product as a fundamental element of communication.

About Toni Segarra

Throughout his career, He has worked on campaigns that have won awards at major festivals around the world, including 39 Lions at Cannes Film Festival, unanimously considered the most important prize in the world, among which they include one of only two Grand Prix achieved by Spanish agencies. And well over 100 soles at the San Sebastian Festival, including 7 Great prizes. Year 2010, the spot "Mano" BMW was chosen as the best ad of the past 25 years old . He is a member of the boards of international advertising schools: la Miami Ad School en Hamburgo y la Berlin School of Creative Leadership. In May 2007, British magazine Shots, select it as one of the "100 top creative minds" World in December 2016 Forbes magazine included him in its list of 25 most influential people in Spain. In May 2018 the same magazine selected him to wishlist: “100 most creative people in business”.

Idea 2: There is no excuse not to keep fit, neither time nor space. By Paula Fernández-Ochoa

Legal marketing expert and personal brand in high-performance environments gives us a few simple tricks to keep fit in 10 minutes a day with minimal space. Proposes not get excuses and learn to live laughing.

About Paula Fernández-Ochoa

To exercise the legal profession for years, It has now set up his own consultancy Legal and Personal Brand Marketing and Corporate + MoreThanLaw and, in parallel, for their healthy lifestyle and love of sport, He has created its own brand: VivircorRiendo.

He has been a lawyer at Mazars and Garrigues, Legálitas manager and Head of Business Development at Roca Junyent. Degree in Law and Diploma in Economics (ICADE), Degree in Administration and Management (Pompeu Fabra), PDD at IESE and Program Marketing and Digital Sales at ESADE.

Idea 3: Our stories to achieve immortality. By Victor Amela

Journalist and novelist perfectly remembers the day he learned to read and the revelation meant for him. Us into a narrative that allows us to understand that however much the media have changed throughout history, the need to have stories to tell remains unchanged. Finally we invite us to tell our stories and reach immortality.

About Víctor Amela

Barcelonan 1960, is a journalist and novelist. He is dean of television criticism in the Spanish press, he has held since 1984 in "La Vanguardia", diary in which he co-created twenty years ago "contra", palpitating page interviews (carries 2.500) they do not exhaust their curiosity. Collaborates on radio and television. He is the author of the breviary "The inspirers of Amela", novels "The Captain's Daughter Groc", "Love against Roma" and "Imperfect cátaro", and egografía "Almost all my secrets". Just published the novel "I was able to save Lorca". Peaking currency Ramon Lull: "Since we exist .., Let us rejoice!”

Idea 4: Get ready to understand Africa as the new China. For Jordi Hereu

Who was mayor of Barcelona and an expert in development of cities breaks the topics that we have installed on the African continent and presents the explosion of wealth that is about to come on this continent.

About Jordi Hereu

Mayor of Barcelona during the period 2006-2011. He is currently Chairman and consulting partner company BARCELONA BUSINESS PLATFORM, BPE, specializing in competitiveness and business internationalization, and co-founder of Fledge Barcelona program that works in business development and growth of start-ups with high social impact in emerging countries, specifically in Africa. specialized consultant in city development strategies, and the design and construction of urban visions with strategic positioning, as Chairman and member of the company IDENCITY, Patron of the Environmental Forum Barcelona Platform and newly appointed director of AENA.

Idea 5: We all have a Personal Value Added. Sergio Ayala

How can a person achieve success? Eventually life teaches you that not all people are Steve Jobs, J.K.Rowling or any of the examples of success. Sergio Ayala why you desgrana his manifesto media men, where you'll find its proposal for you to achieve success.

Sergio Ayala

Entrepreneur and lecturer degree in Law and in Education, reconciles the management of their companies with their passion for effective communication, practical and high doses of mood. Currently he is manager of the company SAC SERVICES, dedicated to industrial technical installation and dedicated to the purchase SEALQUILA, rehabilitation and leasing. Author of the manual sales Buy All I Want and has a separate section on local broadcast Onda Cero addressing issues of happiness and good humor. Lecturer at national level has extensive experience as an original speaker on such controversial issues as the need for good humor and buenrollismo in jobs.

Idea 6: Music helps us reconnect. By Guillem Roma

Live in a hyper-connected world has disconnected us as individuals. But music can help us rediscover that we can find connections between such different things as a reguetón and habanera

About William Rome

Musician and audiovisual, Guillem is one of the authors of the new Catalan music scene. It surprised by the originality of a creative universe where live Latin American and Mediterranean influences. It has a restless personality, that has taken her from Cuba, where he studied film, to live three years in Mexico, where he created a production company working on various television projects to publish three albums in the last five years. Guillem Roma created around an interesting creative world where many different energies are connected. Now just published his latest work “Constant and variable”, the result of a process of transforming their own songs which begins a new tour that will take you through different stages of the country.

Idea 7: The big data helps us also with small decisions. By Mar Santamaria

Urbanist Mar Santamaria tells us that life is a series of small decisions. The big data is able to collect these small decisions that we share and pose light on how we want the place where we live. "Life are small and big decisions, in fact, perhaps one of the most important is this: Where we live?”

On Mar Santamaria

Co-founder 300.000 Km/s, innovation office specializing in urban planning and data analysis that develops tools that facilitate the understanding of the city to the various actors involved in its planning and management.
His work has been recognized with the first prize CIVIO Foundation – BBVA 2014 to display data, COAC-AJAC award 2016 and 2014 disclosure of architecture and testing, a mention finalist for the award ODI AWARDS 2016 (Open Data Institute) the project OpenPapers, 4 finalists in CityVis Prize 2016 hosted by the conference UNCHS, a winning project and two finalists to the Spanish Biennial of Architecture and Urbanism 2018.

Idea 8: True wealth lies in diversity. By Daria Shornikova

Daria Shornikova spoke about the concept “transmigrants”, people who happen to live on the border between cultures and states. Because every time will be (will be the) more people and. In the XXI century the concept of purity no longer makes sense, and true wealth is the diversity and movement.

About Daria Shornikova

Daria is the superpower of adaptability. From one country to another, Linguistics technological, healing art exhibitions to create trips innovation worldwide. The reason is always the same: make spectacular things happen. Through empowering people, create new solutions, build vibrant stories to tell them to change their perpetrators and the context around them. Currently, Daria es Project Director en Imagine Creativity Center, Global Shaper and explorer of transmigrants and border identities.

Idea 9: Beauty has the capacity to endure. For Anna January

Beauty is one of the most abundant and accessible resources we have around us. It is almost impossible to describe it and appreciate it is a personal decision. Beauty endures, It is valued and can even be therapeutic. Anna Gener shows us what true beauty.

On January Anna

President and CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman Barcelona, He runs a large specialized team in different disciplines estate. Committed to economic and social life of Barcelona, actively involved in various organizations, He is a member of the Executive Committee of Barcelona Global, Board of PIMEC (Patronal of Small and Medium Enterprises Catalunya), Board Circle Equestrian, Minister of Women Business Economics Observatory Chamber of Commerce of Barcelona, Patroness of the Cares Foundation and patron of the Foundation Picasso Museum.

Idea 10: The smile is the language of smart people. By Victor Parrado

Face life with humor is the best way to change the mood of other people and get your own life is much richer. You can even become useful at a time of maximum risk as an operation following an accident

Victor Parrado

A guy Barcelona 38 years old , son of Andalusian father and mother extremeña, the middle of three brothers, which always he attracted the attention of small Graciet doing anywhere. "I like being a person who loves what he does, what he says and share what you have "After several years working in commercial (despite having studied law degree) and after a 2012 Major changes on a personal level, He decided to shake up her life and focus on what filled: the comedy. And here he: climbed on stage, providing essence, always looking its best and especially sharing moments of joy, laughter and smiles to all those people who come to see.

10 ideas worth spreading. 10 cracks that have given us. Make circulate, Here is the link:

Your personal brand name: how do you want to be recognized??

One of the mistakes I've made, listed on my extensive CV error is the fact that I've not been using always the same personal brand name. That is what is known like "beating around the bush".

What is the personal brand name?

It is the name by which we want to be found and recognized, both in real and digital environments. It can be a real name, A nickname (nickname) or a combination of both.

The most important thing is regularity. You bet what you bet, keep it in time.

The two brand assumptions

The easy assumption is that you have a unusual name, like mine, unique. I say it's easy because here logic cries out to use your name and surname as a personal brand name.

The most complex assumption is that your name and surname are very common. Just look up your first name and first surname ((in quotation marks) ) in Google to see how many results appear. Most important, how many of those results correspond to you.

In this second assumption, you can create a nickname, ideally related to your value proposition. The key here is that your value proposition must be strong and sustained over time.

Examples of personal brand name redirected

We started with the wrong name, and is never too late to fix it:

  • I started with the brand lateralconsulting, now my brand name is GuillemRecolons, and I hold the same in my web, social networks…
  • Andrés Pérez Ortega started with the web, and corrected a few years ago to his own name In social media, nevertheless, It works with other brands such as @marcapersonal on Twitter…
  • África Lucena began with unaideabrillante on her website and her online profiles and now she uses africalucena on her site and all her social profiles.

In all three cases, it's about unusual names (For Andrés, with the second surname), so it was unnecessary to resort to other brands.

The general advice is that it is easier to associate your name to a concept that a concept to your name. Thus, in case of unusual names, keep using them as personal brand names.

Examples of personal brand name with a nickname

If your name is common, you can resort to other solutions, as have done these professionals:

  • Alfonso Alcántara. Known as Yoriento, both its web and social networks
  • Pedro Rojas, @seniormanager alias on social networks, but keeps its name in its web
  • Álex López, alias @retailmeeting in social media, also keeps his name on his web

These cases are advisable with very common names, and here, as I said, as I said, the key is that the nickname must be consistent over time. If Alfonso ceases to be counselor, his nickname lose sense.

The issue of influencers is another matter. These professionals create a character, and therefore a name-brand commercial and mask. El Rubius, La Vecina Rubia, Auronplay ... they are what we know as artistic name. It has very little to do with personal brand, is brand character.

How do you want to be recognized and found?

Here's another question. Many people do not know your name or your nickname, but they look for the skills you have. Are you ready for that? That's called the personal brand SEO. It's about positioning one or more keywords that lead potential customers or other stakeholders to your website.

This is the test of truth. I must warn you it is very difficult to appropriate a keyword without own platform (web, blog…) and remember that social networks are not ours and there indiscriminately compete with thousands of people.

Some years ago, I decided it was important for me to position three keywords in Spain: Personal Branding Empresa, Executive Branding and Employee Advocacy. That is not based solely on a question of will, but to address the issue professionally, and above all, be very very very persistent.

So far, I have the top position in Google with Personal Branding Empresa and with Executive Branding, and with Employee Advocacy programs I have been advancing position from 54 (Google Page Six) to 7 actual (page 1).

You see, yes, personal brand name It is important, but it's not everything.

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Brief history of a week that could change the world

I recognize that it has been an intense week, coming from a few intense months. I still remember Andreu Coranti (former gym coach), sentence, when he said "You will have a rest when you're dead". A philosophy of life that possibly is shared by my friend, colleague and partner Paula Fernández-Ochoa and his "I ask for life”.

Digital transformation that can change the world

Thursday afternoon we were able to attend the presentation of the book "El mundo cambia, ¿y tú?" of my friend, colleague and partner Eva Collado, edited by Alienta Editorial. If Eva is emotional , her presentation on Thursday -a great one- became a whirlwind of emotions.

Roger Domingo (Alienta) started presenting the book and highlighting one of the first headlines as great summary: “If you master the environment, you master this new world”. Next was Laura Chica, prologuist, who invited to love uncertainty. Sonia Rodriguez Muriel and Carmen Soler Pagán, epiloguists, dedicated their words to describe Eva and define her personal brand:

Eva is passion, is feeling, is courage and example of adaptation to a new environment of uncertainty in which she has managed to develop in a natural way.

Then it was the turn of Eva, who reviewed the contents of the book under several master infographics made by Ronald Duran. And later on, of course, she made a "Collado special"When he sent out a scene at all what we had collaborated on the book. Treacherously, without notice, she asked us why we agreed to collaborate and what part had developed each one of us. It was great.

While fans queue searching signature increased in the NH Calderón Barcelona Collection, some of us went to for Luis Cañas to celebrate the event. It was an electrical event.

Ideas that can change the world: TEDx Eixample, edition 2019

Friday was the big day. Almost a year working in distilled 4 hours of great ideas, great people and an enviable public. Was beginning the first edition of TEDx Eixample. Little did that beer of Pau Samo in April 2018 at the Velodrome where I was invited to volunteer TEDx he would end so well.

Types that can change the world

Pau Samo is one of those guys. It reminds me of the words of our grandparents "if you want someone to do something important, encárgaselo to a busy person ". It is the most emotional control guy I've ever met. He opened his hometown TEDx, Amposta, then your first host city, Lleida, and on Friday from its current city, Barcelona, the Eixample. We all have a hero, and this is mine.

Poetry can change the world

Toni Segarra, a guy who writes ads (and could bring them the voice Off), He was responsible for starting the talks, and he did talking about what he knows: advertising. Explained the paradigm shift that has meant moving from spot TV to more than 100 various media on which brands can expose their value. He claimed poetry advertising, of the life, as something that really reaches people.

Activated to change the world

If anyone can put up to 266 people in a wonderful place like Antigua Fábrica Damm, that is Paula Fernández-Ochoa. And he did, and not only that, We made us turn our joints, our muscles, vindicating the old "A sound mind in a sound body"As the nectar of a positive attitude. Its end, dressed in sports equipment, It was to form, again with all standing, his vee "I ask for life".

Literature to change the world

Víctor Amela, journalist and novelist, He did a masterful overview of the history of literature. But it was no use history, but the resistance has led to the adoption of new technologies. Socrates did not like Plato wrote appointments, and I do not follow. I leave for chat, along with the wonderful story of his grandfather when he suddenly gave a disjointed phrase "I could save Lorca”. Genial.

Africa can change the world

Transforming cities has outgrown to Jordi Hereu. Now he wants to help transform an entire continent. That's why he told us his experience Fledge, an accelerator for social startups and surprise they found in Africa. African startups are thirsty, and according to what he told us with electric passion the former mayor of Barcelona, definitely Africa is on position of being the new China.

Reason to change the world

Sergio Ayala He closed the first block talks causing. He knows better than anyone that differentiate ourselves is key, so it would be able to leave the bare stage. Shortly he lacked. Made a streaptease reverse, and he was wearing was reeling as the three key attitudes to succeed in this life. We gave a magic formula, yes, +1, not to give up and go for our dreams. How we laughed, God!

Music to change the world

This artist Cantonigròs number William Rome He left us speechless with his music, his story, his guitar and trumpet without trumpet. He explained as he knows, Half talking singing, the connections between a Havana and reguetón, through various musical styles. We also gave one of his masterpieces: the song "connections”, a jewel claiming that things are more connected than have told us.

Algorithms to change the world

Planning specialist Mar Santamaría He puts the technological key to a better life. We discussed algorithm artificial intelligence we can help interpret the opinion of many citizens. And that will help us to translate this knowledge into improvements on habitability. Life is made of small big decisions. And one of the most important is: Where we live?

Synergies to change the world

Daria Shornikova, management of innovation programs, He told us about people who decide to leave their original home voluntarily, for their motivations and concerns, to found a new home in another country, with the people there. transmigrantes? Many cultures as we know them today are the result of synergies, the concept of purity no longer makes sense, the world is one.

Beauty to change the world

Businesswoman and cultural patron Anna Gener, which every day gives us a work of art in a tweet, He told us about beauty. Anna claimed the observation of beauty that is all around us, in a portrait, a sculpture, a painting, a narrow street full of graffiti or the rooftops of a city. The contemplation of beauty generates similar neural responses to physical pleasure. pure therapy.

Laugh “outside” to change the world

Last but not least, Victor Parrado, funny, He explained how humor saved him (literally) life. It was in an operating room, an unusual place to generate smiles. And he did. His talk made us to be a person "ei" predisposes humor, to generate contacts, to make friends, in, to be a little happier. The time we spent in this life will be the same without her willingness. A lesson, many laughs.

TEDx Eixample small to change the world

Height does not large people, This is the heart. Y Ana Reyes, our volunteer responsible, among other things, from TEDx Eixample Salon, is big. He explained that besides the great event we saw on Friday, we have provided other small format and case called Salon. Y Ana, of course, He put salt and pepper to talk.

Later, when we have videos, I will post a case of this TEDX volunteers, speakers and possibly many people who attended, remember forever.

However, just say I'm proud of the great team of fellow volunteers. In the photography, from left to right, above, of Pau Samo (el gran Bwana), la speaker Daria Shornikova, Guillem such Recolons (speaker curator) los speakers Guillem Roma, Paula Fernández-Ochoa and Victor Parrado, Ruben G. Castro (our designer, crack), Carmen Gibert (responsible for communication and much more) and Robert Ferrer (Curator and expert TEDx Speaker). Down, from left to right, Alba Espejo (web and online communication), Eva Soto (organization and legal aspects), Ana Reyes (Eixample TEDx Salon responsible and more) and Helena Casas (partners and more).

volunteers TEDxEixample

I do not miss the ten university volunteers who joined us without expecting anything in return. The TEDx brand is powerful!

Connecting people to change the world

Saturday did not play to rest, so I went to the call of the connector friend Luis Fernández del Campo. Luis called us a few to #CocidoDay, an exceptional gastronomic meeting in the Galician restaurant Casa Darío from Barcelona.

What's better than to meet people around a Galician stew? Luis joined there who knew as Paula Fernández-Ochoa (Have you set?, Paula is on Thursday, Friday and Saturday). Also to Ricard Lloria y Pedro Rojas. And people who only knew virtually as Olga Berbes, Eva Romeo, Marc Mora, Debora Viana and Raquel Rosell. Under the baton of Domi, I tried the best cooked in my life. Thanks Luis for connecting.


Three short stories a week that could change the world. I hope you liked them. Have a nice week!

Slight recovery in confidence # EdelmanTrust2019

The last Edelman Trust Barometer presented a few days ago marked a slight upturn in confidence globally. Spain is a country that is outside of that recovery. The global report does not point the specific reasons receding in Spain 47% on 2018 to 40% confidence in 2019, lets everyone draw their conclusions

Trust at Work, The holder of this last edition

Interestingly one of the areas where recovery is most evident is work. Trust at work. NGOs also work out stops. On the other hand, trust in government and the media still does not get approved (although slightly improved).

Syndrome was "no big deal"

From the European look, it's incomprehensible that the US regain confidence 43% on 2018 yet 49% on 2019 (near the approved). It seems that Donald Trump explosive effect is attenuated. Perhaps there was both.

The only government approved its citizens (more of 60%) they still are China, Indonesia, India, and the United Arab Emirates, to which it is added in the edition 2019 Singapore.

By the tail, the governments of Japan and Russia remain the worst rated in trust for their peoples.

The more informed public remains confident

It keeps the "gap"valuation of trust between public informed and the general public. The distance between them is record: 16 points. The trust reported globally 65% and general 49%.

The issue is that since the existence Edelman Trust Barometer, the informed public has always been more confident that General. It makes sense that if distant signs of recovery of confidence point, informed more optimistic, since they will have data prior to others. But even contrary (non-recovery of confidence), optimism remains in this group. Strange, don't you think so? It seems that information is power, and also confidence.

Men trust more than women

This trend continues, but the distance increases in the case of companies, with long boring 8 points difference.

Edelman Trust 2019, by genre

Recovery rally as confidence, companies are the only group that approves, at least for men. They are not bad news, and hopefully the upward trend is maintained.

Fear of job loss is still present

That fear is translated into three fronts:

  1. A Not having enough training and skills to access a well paid job. They see a 59% employee, a 63% in case of multinational.
  2. To process automation and other innovations. A 55% and 60% respectively.
  3. To the international conflicts on the trade policies and tariffs that hurt the company. A 57 and 64% respectively.

The pessimist is an optimist well informed

This phrase, that I heard years ago, dovetails with another trend barometer, and it goes against the recovery of confidence, at least long term.

Countries belonging to the block "developed world" have worse vision than the rest, especially among the informed public. We refer to Japan, France, Germany, United Kingdom, Netherland, Australia, Canada, Italy, Hong Kong, Russia, South Korea, Spain, Ireland and USA.

Citizens of these countries are convinced that they and their families will live worse in five years.

Significantly increasing interest in being informed

In the era of fake news, we are willing to increase our interest in knowing the truth. That translates into growth 22% publicly committed by news. On the other side, group "apathetics" falls from a 49% yet 28%. Are we becoming more concerned about what happens?

This figure is accused more in women than in men, It is indicating that greater interest in information translates into greater distrust of women.

Globally, the world relies almost equally on the information displayed in search engines like Google means that traditional. In Europe and USA, traditional media lead trust. As for social networks, They remain the least reliable source of information, and here they have a lot to see fake news.

We want c-suites to lead change

A 76% of citizens believe that CEOs should take the lead in change rather than wait for the government imposed.

In addition, the company we work offers a more trusting relationship than the other stakeholder as NGOs, other companies, government and media.

Employees expect real social change, and they are a increasingly trusted source

A sign of good health is the restoring trust between employees and their employers. But perhaps the most significant fact of the Edelman Trust 2019 is the improving trust given technical profiles and employees.

Edelman Trust 2019 2019 Confidence in the working environment

I will develop the content of this graph in the coming weeks. Of course, it opens great opportunities for Employee Advocacy programs, those programs to boost internal brand ambassadors.

It's remarkable that CEOs are beginning to approach the approved, good news indeed , employees significantly increase confidence (6 points) and technical expertise remains the epitome of trust in the corporate voice.

Outside the scope of the company, people like us lead the rise in trust with +7 points, and this is indicating the growing importance of micro-influencers rise and shared user experience (UX).

A 78% of respondents agree that the way a company treats its employees is one of the best indicators of confidence.

A 67% agree with this statement: good communication brand or product can impulse the trial, but if I do not trust the company that provides it one will stop to acquire it.

Download the PDF with the Global report Edelman Trust Barometer 2019.

Have a nice week!


TEDxEixample entry

You can already purchase tickets for TEDxEixample 2019, “the big one”. Let me remind you it will take place at’Antiga Fàbrica Damm Barcelona on Friday 22 of March, of 16 a 22h. The cast of speakers is the very best that has been seen in a TEDx:

  • Anna Gener, President and CEO of Savills Aguirre Newman
  • Toni Segarra, a man who writes ads
  • Víctor Amela, journalist and novelist
  • Jordi Hereu, ex-mayor of Barcelona and consulting partner in planning and management of urban projects
  • Victor Parrado, former commercial lawyer who now shares joy on stage
  • Mar Santamaria, Architect and urban planner
  • Daria Shornikova, project manager at Imagine CC
  • Paula Fernández-Ochoa, legal marketing expert & personal brand and high-performance environments.
  • Sergio Ayala, entrepreneur and lecturer degree in Law and in Education

speakers TEDxEixample 2019

Don't you think it's a great casting? Well, go ahead and hit the red button. It is a unique opportunity!

tedxeoxample button buy tickets 2019

The best of 2018 Personal Branding

It comes time to pick the best of 2018 onpersonal branding.

This year 2018 It highlights three areas of development of personal brand management: The value proposition, on the one hand, This is strength of purpose on the other and crystallization of the business model in economic performance, what we know as monetization. The first two are catalysts which call a personal brand connector and monetization adds the dimension of the effectiveness.

As for formats, yes, video still going stronger than ever. The initiative Street Personal Branding It is noteworthy in this context. No slouch the infographic, and especially webinar, a way to reach large or specific audiences through video.

The best of 2018 (In My Opinion, of course) Personal Branding

As I did in thebalance of the year 2016 and balance of the year 2017, then detail the articles or videos that have influenced me (remember that order is not relevant), Recommended books, essential events and also the twelve most read posts on this blog during 2018. Come on, a way of seeing the harvest 18.

30 highly recommended items in key personal brand

  1. 2019: 20 branding trends. Ivan Diaz. Branzai. Those who know me, You know that my professional background is more than branding “personal”, and this article seems to me a jewel to really understand what is needed to manage brands. And many of the points apply to personal branding. Thank you for keeping us master Ivan last!
  2. Defining personal brand and professional brandEva Collado. Eva is generous, that's part of your brand. And it is a great healer content. In this post collects 30 definitions of personal and professional brand of various authors. Not content with that thirty, months later she gave us other 40 definitions of new authors What is for you the personal brand? Always discovering talent!
  3. Beyond the personal brand: professional positioning. Daniel Romero-Abreu. Daniel, fundador de Thinking Heads, It helps to separate the wheat from the chaff: “We focus on defining the image we want to perceive us as the important thing is to find what they can contribute something of value and attain irreplaceable”. I referred to this article a few months ago a post. highly recommended reading.
  4. Businesses and people want to fall in love. Alicia Linares. Alicia is not much lavishes on his blog, so when you do have to be alert. In this post, Draw what the future will be professional, a hybrid profile between the general and the specialist able, by Alicia, of “thinking so much about the overall impact of their decisions as to lose detail in a particular case.”
  5. Applying UX Principles to Life: Personal Branding. Joey Limmena. A young engineer from Vancouver early twenties repositioned UX designer gives us a masterclass: How it affects the user experience (UX) personal brand. Safety pin.
  6. A proven formula that allows you to do business in a jiffy. Laura Ferrera. Laura begins post, published in Soymimarca, with a great truth: “What if you still Instagram or Twitter a company profile you you think twice before following? Not so sure if it's a professional that same company which follows you”. That's right, because Laura and I agree that no one talks to companies or brands, We talk to people.
  7. Value proposal: the unique and differential footprint. Hector Jimenez. Interesting approach about the value proposition, which according to Hector-and I share- It should not stay in a sentence only in an action plan. Come on, it's not just a proposal, This is what we can contribute to others, and besides differentially what we can do.
  8. The least I can do. Andrés Pérez Ortega. Read this article it made me think of the works of the great architect Mies van der Rohe, author “less is more” and architect of minimalism. The question is what can we simplify, remove our brand? Recall the origin, what drove us the plan. A brief reading of the personal brand sherpa, but which it moves to reflection and action. At least, I changed two or three things from their reading.

  9. I do not sell myself, and I hope you do not either. Elena Arnaiz. I remember that was Philip Kotler who said that about “If you're not a brand, You're a commodity”. Elena goes beyond, and reminds us in this excellent post that we are not a product for sale. Our product anyway, are our professional skills. A must.
  10. Think carefully before you advise your children not to study humanities courses. Amalio Rey. You may think that the issue has little to do with personal brand. Misconception. Companies like Google are hiring managers philosophers, humanists, historians. Sciences need the humanities as the yin to yan and the right hemisphere to the left. The post library, genially documented, He highlights the false dichotomy between STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) and humanities.
  11. senior talent (video). Celia Hil. Célia has become an indispensable speaker at employment, Personal Branding, Linkedin and senior talent. Not in vain, Cèlia recently has been one of the promoters of the initiative #TalentoCooldies to assist the transformation of senior professional and combat ageism. It has joined Laura Rosillo and Jaume Gurt (among others), with those who taught courses and conferences to promote senior talent.
  12. How to add value. Francisco Alcaide. If someone thoroughly studied the value and has reflected in his books, That's Francisco (Paco) Alcaide. Learning from the best, and that includes Paco, we must study more, try more, relate more, travel more, diversify more, hear more, observe more and ask more. Only then can we move from “a bit” to “top”.
  13. Dare to bet your talent. Arancha Ruiz. Arancha invites us to combine our personal interests with social needs and to forget the short term. One of those that seems post or and changing perspectives, Waving neurons and, of course, invites the change.
  14. Personal Branding from the University. Vladimir Estrada. Although the teacher has accustomed us to very comprehensive readings, This post is a short and useful manual on how college students and teachers should manage their personal brand. post good for a group unaccustomed to managing your brand. Vladimir I also want to highlight the creation of a format bi-directional interview which he premiered with me and that brings freshness. Welcome ideas like this, teacher!
  15. Expand your personal brand. Neus Arques. Neus brings a dilemma you've ever thought safe, and that has to do with focus. Where we focus if we do more than one thing well? I do thee spoiler, but Neus helps us understand through his own experience as a writer, politóloga, translator personal brander. Almost nothing. essential reading.
  16. 15 Tools for developing, manage and position your personal brand on the Internet for tasks. Claudio Inacio. It is difficult to keep one post of Claudio, all are practical and applicable to 5 minutes to read. This post can not be more helpful, because not only speaks of the blog and networks, but other parallel platforms to manage content and control indicators. thanks Claudio!
  17. What is an elevator pitch? (video) Alicia Ro. Excellent video of our personal burner a bit “videogénica”. Do you get nervous or feel insecure when you have to speak in public? Alicia tells you from your channel YouTube some secrets of how to overcome stage fright public speaking. air.
  18. What do you prefer, Mark or Strategy? David Barreda. David posts have become for me manna Paradox. In this case, David documents their initial doubts about personal branding and warns that 4 horsemen: visibility, differentiation, disruption and easy socialization can be dangerous if they work in an orderly manner within the framework of a strategy. A post for rereading several times (and watch your videos).
  19. The suicide of Personal Branding. several authors. Soymimarca. A digital daily tabloid published in April an article referring to “timo” of personal brand is placed. The reaction of “family personal branding” Do not be late. A must-read post collaborations with Andrés Pérez Ortega, Eva Collado, Alicia Ro (by the way, winner of awards Blog2017), Fabián González, Claudio Inacio, Guillem Recolons, Elena Arnaiz, Gabriel Patrizzi, Ylse Roa, Nancy Vazquez, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, David Barreda, Arancha Ruiz, Helena Casas, Oianko Choperena, Jordi Collell, Fran Segarra, Enrique F. Brull, Nilton Navarro, Ilana Berenholc, Pablo Adán says, Laura Ferrera, and Raquel Gómez.
  20. Political branding: It is no longer a party, now it's personal brand. Nancy Vazquez. The founder of Integra Personal Branding warns us that the way we do things in these liquids times and social networking is very different, for any sector, and specifically for the political sector Can you imagine keep doing things as does 10 years old ?
  21. Revolution strengths. Xavi Roca. Xavi is best not to read a book a week, It is that it gives us its recommendations in their posts. This article and the one that follows Focus on your strengths They are indispensable to put focus on what really matters and brings.
  22. ¿Marks without personal value proposition? Ylse Roa. From Venezuela, Ylse gives us a packed post excellently explained basics about personal branding, personal branding and value proposition.
  23. The hunting instinct (Put your personal brand in action). Pablo Adán says. Paul invites us to leave the comfort zone and catch our own pieces while others expect leftovers. The jungle law.
  24. demographic revolution and future work: job transitions and learning. Laura Rosillo. Laura has become the benchmark for the defense of what he calls the “maturescence”. In a nutshell, Seniors have a lot to say and do in the workplace, but companies do not bet on it. recommended reading, as all items from your blog.
  25. digital tools to improve personal brand online. Alfredo Vela. “Believe it or not, you are what Google says about you”. So begins the presentation made to the shuttles Alfredo Employment. But also it includes hundreds of resources to find employment and to improve our digital personal brand. Alfredo is, definitely, one of the best sources of information and network resources.
  26. And… What is the employer branding. Carola Morato. Carola has spent years as a consultant and trainer personal brand, but certainly his specialty is the employer branding, It is defining and develops masterfully in this post. I emphasize this phrase: “…Management strategy of the employer brand begins with observing and measuring. Not the company who dictates what brand of employer has, they are all stakeholders who have the image formed what is working or working for such a company”.
  27. Do you self-censorship on the net? Fran Segarra, Almudena Lobato and David Barreda. from Soymimarca, excellent collaborative article three of psychology and personal branding. the post, that starts with the phrase Archimedes “Who can speak also you know when” It is a story about fears, censures, silences and proper use of words. Reading a gift, I'm serious.
  28. The power of your personal brand is called trust. Cristina Mulero. Cristina echoes in this post of the lecture given by Murray Clark in RH congress held in May in Elche. The key elements of building trust competence, integrity, loyalty and opening. Good post!
  29. Incoherently no personal brand. Fran Segarra. From a wonderful TED Jorge Drexler, Fran walks the path of identity towards coherence, contrasting it with opportunism abounds -Unfortunately- among many false gurus.
  30. Key labor not become zombie. (video) Meme Romero and Rubén Montesinos. Our friend Meme interview specialist talent Ruben Montesinos in the space TalentTú. Very interesting questions and of course Meme, Reuben responses 13 minutes I assure you they are a good investment. Most powerful: the definition of labor zombie. People who work in an organization that are outside the labor market.

Six recommended books

Recommended books personal brand 2018 from guillem Recolons

  1. Come on. Marta played. Profit 2017. I was at the presentation of the book of Marta in Barcelona. Also came prologuista, Juan Carlos Cubero. The book contains the keys to entrepreneurship. After reading it makes you want to take on the world. An accurate review I advise you is to David Barreda. Good reading!
  2. Learning from the best II. Francisco Alcaide. Alienta 2018. This book breaks the belief that sequels are never good. Einstein, Onassis, Bruce Lee, Chris Anderson, Chanel, Goleman, J.K. Rowling, Rockefeller, Valdano, Michael Jordan, Coelho, Phil Knight and Walt Disney are just some of the characters analyzed by Paco. Not wasted the final section 300 tips for your personal development. If it had elongated 362 I could have put on sale in pack with the great book Laura Chica 365 Dating you (Alienta 2018) you imagine?
  3. Cómo vender tu marca personal. Raquel Gómez. Conecta 2018. Although the book was published in 2014, this reissue has allowed me to have dedicated hand Raquel own. A great book. Raquel writes and speaks, very natural, very clear, empathic. The title takes you maybe misleading, It is not a book growth hacking, It is a manual personal brand management applied to different environments: labor, technological and corporate.
  4. Navegando en aguas digitales. Yi Min Shum, 2016. Min Yi youth can make you think that the book is a first test, but the truth is that it is a true manual introduction to the digital environment for people. Very complete, well documented. All books on digital aspects that risk becoming obsolete very quickly. This not, especially since it is a strategic roadmap, to which it matters little that some tools or platforms come again or go. great find.
  5. Back to Human. Dan Schawbel. Hatchet 2018. I arrived a few days ago and I still have not finished. But this 100% in my line “Human Branding”. A jewel. A wonderful book that helps connect us, a human trait, in the era of machines. Recommendations read this book include some of the most important CEO of the US. It was worth the wait (I acquired presale 10 months ago).
  6. Fear your strengths. Robert. E. Kaplan & Robert B. Kaiser. Center of Creative Leadership, 2013. Can you imagine that your strengths are your greatest weakness? This book was recommended by my friend, colleague and partner in Brandergizers Ilana Berenholc. The authors identify four different leadership qualities and describe the problem that occurs when each is taken to an extreme. A different view of the usual, very disruptive.

Attentive to the news 2019 in books:

Andrés Pérez Ortega already she has her fifth child “Monetízate” presale, when falling. Eva Collado, by his side, He is about to present her second child after #MarcaEresTú; a new book on personal digital transformation, soon we will have more news. Ah, by the way, one called as I have proposed launch 2019. Soon I will tell you more.

Six essential events

2018 He has given him. The best of 2018 It includes events. Repeating events (because it precedes success) and others who are born. European and American hand. The tribe personal branding is stronger than ever!

Personal Branding Lab Day 2018.

The webinar format takes shape, This fourth edition has recounted the experience of Nilton Navarro, Alicia Ro, and the indispensable help of Infojobs and Comunicació Blanquerna. It was held last 1 December and according to Alfredo Vela and Tweet Binder, She had record figures for monitoring and engagement, which can be consulted on this infographic. These figures were confirmed by our friend Vivian Francos y Metricool.

speakers PBLabDay 2018

PBEX Personal Branding Experience.

Our friend Nancy Vazquez He accepted the challenge of organizing the PBEX 2018 outside Brazil, in the beautiful city of Puebla (Mexico). I was honored to be there by the creator of the event, Daniela Viek, and great friends like Raquel Gómez, Deize Andrade, dew AmesArturo González, Johnny Durán, Henry Alexandre, Alan Urbina, Edurne Ochoa, and Silvana Oliveira, among many others.

They were three days of great personal brand, we could learn but also exchange, to discuss, and why not, plan new things. I have the feeling that Mexico wants to continue hosting the congress in 2019. Soon we know, stay tuned.

PBEX18 Mexico

Knowmads space (Huelva, Cádiz, Granada).

And suddenly, Andalusia lived an invasion of personal brand. An initiative like this could only from someone with strength “Pattern” David Barreda, coach coaches, trainer of trainers, personal brander of staff branders. David, of hand Cajasol Foundation Elena managed to get together Arnaiz, Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega and myself. That along with special guests local: Helen Gomez Ruano, Adela Mora, Meme Romero and Enrique Cejudo in Huelva. Susana Beato, Lola Rueda, Julio Segundo and José Mª Sánchez in Cádiz. And Meme Romero (again), Sonia Rodriguez Muriel and Azahara G. Peralta in Granada.

The design is superb event. Brief introduction of the moderator, presentation of “cycle” personal branding by David, and then Elena, Guillem, local talent, to close with Andrew and Eva. A formula was repeated and announced shouting #Young people may be of hate! For more information searches for hashtags #EKHuelva18 #EKCadiz18 and #EKGranada18. The question is… to be continue? Has any city feel like being trending topic during 5 hours and generate millions of positive impacts?

EK Space Knowmads

Huelva, Cadiz and Granada, Knowmads the three scenarios Space 2018

Street Personal Branding

As remarkable event, I remind the initiative Street Personal Branding Andres Perez Ortega and Claudio Inácio, creating fresh video format with the most important issues that arise with the Personal Branding. In the time that they have already published 40 videos (one per week on average). Some interventions of colleagues like Jane's Trunk, Eva Collado, Rubén Alonso, Alicia Ro, Ami Bondia, David Ayala, Arancha Ruiz, David Barreda, Elena Arnaiz and myself.

online university course on Social Media and Personal Branding

Moved a few days ago in this blog is now possible to form in Personal Branding from college, at any time and from anywhere in the world. Its aboutonline university course on Social Media and Personal Branding fromUVic - Central University of Catalonia (UVic-high) (Barcelona). ?? February to July 2019, total 23 credits. academic directorHelena Casas, and I am one of the teachers. More info and registration ??

Nilton de la súperentrevista

Nilton Navarro Stomp. This time, This is a new format that Nilton naked interview (not literally) his victim. Want to see an example? Guess who was the first victim. Why not, It was me!! Here you have the SúperEntrevista made me. I must admit that the fact of not knowing the format or questions beforehand gives you a lot of freshness to the thing. Although you can also go blank with an unexpected question (thing happened to me several times, jajajaa). I'm crazy to know who their next victims. At the moment, total hermetism ;-)

What comes in 2019

Two upcoming events alert. On the one hand Branding Week RD which will bring together Eva Collado, Paula Fernández-Ochoa, Nancy Vazquez and a server in a week of personal brand, employee advocacy programs, RH digital transformation, Branding political and much more in the Dominican Republic, 4 to 8 February, organized by QUIFER Consultants.

The other is the MeetUp de Marca Personal that created Alicia Linares, Carola Morato, angels Antón and Violeta Lujan and kicks off 10 from January. We're alert.

The 12 most read post 2018

Between the 52 post to the public each year, they represent (according to Google Analytics) the best of 2018 Personal Branding in my digital home.

  1. Value proposition do you know which one is yours?
  2. signals (NO KPI’s) a healthy personal brand. Written in collaboration with Fran Segarra and Ana Reyes.
  3. La fuerza de los embajadores de marca internos (Employee Advocacy programs)
  4. Don't judge before knowing the context and the personal story.
  5. What is personal branding?
  6. A technology for a more humane world is possible. Written in collaboration with Helena Casas.
  7. Syndrome “I'm the last Coke in the desert”: Diagnosis and treatment.
  8. The best of 2017 Personal Branding.
  9. Personal brand, management success and envy.
  10. The paradox of personal branding, Do I care about the image I project or the value I bring??
  11. The paradox of personal branding.
  12. Personal Branding is like plastic surgery: not explained, noticeable.

I hope you enjoyed this particular insight the best of 2018 trends. I wish the best for 2019. heart.

cover image: and Maria Mas-Bagà

Personal Branding is not about you, It's about adding value to your customers

I know (fairly good) a guy who's bio on Twitter, Instagram is…

Shoeshine of the XXI century. I love, helping other people to shine

We are not the key. The key is to add value to others

Although the expression “Personal Branding” and also “Personal Personal” may indicate otherwise, this is not about us… contradictory? Isn't it?. A person has value based on what he brings to others, to adding value to others, whether customers, contributors, friends, etc.

If we are willing to invest a good sum of money for an art masterpiece, it is because for us has value. It is an intimate relationship, as may other people do not have it at all.

Personal Branding is about adding value, not about self-selling

I liked an article by my colleague Marco Tomasone called 10 Symptoms of ego branding, published on the blog Integra Personal Branding. In the post, Marco perfectly defines the symptoms “of the ego Brander”. If I had to summarize them into one, I would say this profile (very common on and off the web) it's about self-selling.

Do you recognize any profile of those who have thousands of followers and they don't follow anyone?? They are ego branders. They only care about them, they don't give a shit about the rest of the world..

Any personal branding strategy should aim to solve problems and identify opportunities to our stakeholders (stakeholders). Whether customers, providers, superiors, colleagues, shareholders…

Dan Pink made it clear in a comic

The writer Daniel Pink, Author, among others, from best seller A whole new mind, published the comic The adventures of Johnny Bunko. One chapter of the comic (highly recommended, by the way) is called It’s not about you (no se trata de ti). Pink is the need to project our personal brand to the value we can add to the other.

This is not a spirit of service, it's about making our environment grow, improve, improve, shine.

If you help others shine, the reflection will make you shine

True, the word “Personal” confuses us

I don't blame those who may think that personal branding, understood as the management of our personal brand, it's about us. Every week I read articles against personal brand of authors who have not bothered to read a book. The reality is that the word brand and its process, branding, always involve adding value. I often say that with no value there's no brand..

If you get to this blog for the first time and did not know that personal brand is not personal, sorry for the confusion. Stay with an idea: personal brand is what we project in others, personal branding is analyzing how we add value to others.

#EKGranada18Knowmads space is to add value, definitely

This week has taken place the 2nd edition of Espacio Knowmads, in Cadiz, the # EKCadiz18. Following the success of the first edition in Huelva in May 2018, the creator and promoter of the initiative, David Barreda, and the main sponsor, This is Cajasol Foundation, are replicating the event in other cities.

The cover photo is a view of the bay of Cadiz in all its glory. Now the event moved to Granada, where David is joining us again. In addition to Eva Collado, Andrés Pérez Ortega, Elena Arnaiz, David himself and I, this time we will have two very special guests as Sonia Rodriguez Muriel and Azahara G. Peralta. And the co-sponsorship Fundación Caja Granada. The #EKGranada being held on 20 November.

AGENDA November

  • 5, 6 and 7, Sao Paulo, Brazil. Workshop BRAVE, I teach with Ilana Berenholc and Reinaldo Campos. registration here.
  • 9, 10 and 11, Puebla, Mexico. Personal Branding Experience #PBEX. registration here
  • 20. Granada. Knowmads space. registration (free) here.
  • 23. Business Forum Murcia. days directives. Conference on Personal Branding and Values. Information and Registration on this link.
  • 28. Something interesting happen in Zaragoza. I can not say more. Stay tuned.
  • 29, 30. Workshop Personal Brand and Relationship Management. Ferrovial, Euroforum II in San Lorenzo del Escorial. You can follow the hashtag #MarcaPersonalSumma

What is Personal Brand? (Marca Personal) #video

Personal brand (Marca Personal) is…

Personal brand It is what we project in others. If our identity is what we are, the footprint we leave on others is our Personal brand.

As said by Pablo Adán says in his book El reto, our Personal Branding is vitally dependent on our relationships with others. If we were hermits, We would have own identity, but we would not hace anyone to leave a Personal Branding. Andrés Pérez Ortega reinforces the same idea in his manifest:

A Personal brand has no value if it does not offer something to others. The strength of the brand comes from "the other".

When did it all begin?

The “personal brand awareness” starts with the first artists signed their works, worrying about his legacy. In the background, yes, purpose, the legacy we want to leave, is an essential part of our brand. Enrique Rueda (may he rest in peace), in its post No personal brand no artist (Soymimarca, 2016), in reference to classical Greece and the Renaissance, stated:

It is in these moments when artists become aware of their own work, of their individuality and value of their work, and begin to break down barriers. During that awareness they begin to develop the footprint they plan to leave for history, his Personal Branding

A different matter is when starts personal brand management, known as personal branding (in Spanish, also known as branding personal). The one who coined the term, the writer specializing in business management Tom Peters, did it relatively recently, when it included the personal branding in his article entitled “The Brand called You” (La Marca llamada Tú). To clarify concepts I recommend reviewing the post Isn't it?, Personal Branding is not the same as Personal Brand.

It is not just emotional or rational only

Our Personal Branding, understood as external view, It is complex. It comprises elements (memories) emotional and rational. The message we communicate is rich, we say is mixed with the way we say, and so it does what we do. To complicate more, what we don't do and we don't say also leaves a brand. Everything leaves a brand.

The personal brand is not built, it is discovered

What we can build or develop is our personal strategy, managing our brand or personal branding process. To discover our Personal Branding we must delve into our own knowledge, and for this there is nothing like asking for feedback. Should we care what people say about us? Why not, but it should not obsess us. Information is power, and if we do not know what brand we leave then we cannot focus on our own strategy.

And here's the video What is personal branding? (Marca Personal)

I've been waiting a bit long to update definitions from the production we did in Soymimarca on 2012, which has about 80.000 screenings. In that video, we mixed concepts Personal Branding and personal branding with insights about difference, authenticity…

In this new video, with long boring 25 definitions, I wanted to be more purist and I refer only to definitions or insights on Personal Branding (marca personal). I'll soon present a specific video to be called What is Personal Branding?

The authors and their sentences

I must admit I've been a bad boy and except in two cases, I have not warned the authors about this video. Many definitions are taken from the bowels of an article, almost stolen. When we are asked for a definition of something, we try to be very academic, very perfect. And that sometimes goes against the principle of spontaneity. Here I transcribe the 25 definitions and their authors:

  1. Personal brand It is perceived identity. It is what others think and feel especially what we say and do (or not anymore). Inspired by our values ​​and projected on our channels of influence / Joan Clotet @JoanClotet
  2. It is the credit of trust that you have in the market, through the generation of value for a community consistently over time / Francisco Alcaide @falcaide
  3. It's what makes us special and what others remind about us / Noemí Vico @_tiruriru_
  4. It is the result of the projection of what you know, what you do and what you feel in others, It is generating a certain perception of you and tilt interactions with you in one way or another / David Barreda @DavidBarreda_db
  5. Personal brand is the clear impression you leave on others that allows you to transcend and collaborate / Arancha Ruiz @alterarancha
  6. It is a footprint, a signal, It is what remains when we are no longer present / Andrés Pérez Ortega @personal brand
  7. Personal… it's you / Eva Collado @evacolladoduran
  8. Today the brand is the sum of everything we do and what not. What we sell and what not. What we say and what not… / Ivan Diaz @Branzai_
  9. It is the intersection between what we are and what we want to become / Ami Bondia @amibondia
  10. Is the perception we have of a particular person and the traces left in our minds / Xavi Roca @xaviroca1
  11. It is what we are, what we do and what we achieve / Vladimir Estrada @Prof_EstradaMSc
  12. Your own identity vitally depends on your relationships with others, and these determine your Personal Branding / Pablo Adán says @PabloAdanMico
  13. It is the result you get after your effort and your strategy focused on identifying your strengths, put into action your talent and show it to the world / Elena Arnaiz @ElenaArnaiz
  14. It is the binding of a well-defined identity, authenticity, transparency, charisma, strategy and credibility, who manage to leave a deep impact on others / Claudio Inacio @ Cincio06
  15. The biggest risk you can make is not to risk. Dare and make your best record! / Paula Fernández-Ochoa @paulafdezochoa
  16. The Personal brand It is a reflection of the magic inside you / Nilton Navarro @NiltonNavarro
  17. It is the fusion of your changes and your permanences, between who you are, you do and, above all, how do you do reverberating, both positive and negative, to others / Helen Gómez @HelenEgrorienta
  18. It's something that comes from oneself and then is projected into the world / Fran Segarra @fransegarrab
  19. It's when someone hears your name and automatically knows who you are and how you can help / Ana Trenza @aatrenza
  20. Brand is the perfume you use, reputation is the smell you leave / Alfonso Alcántara @yoriento
  21. Personal brand It is footprint you leave, the way you are remembered / Nancy Vazquez @nanvazy
  22. It is the footprint we leave on people with whom we have maintained a professional relationship and allows us to be known and recognized / Jordi Collell @JordiCollell
  23. It's like a scent, difficulto to define but actually are easy to be explained in three words for obvious nuances / Helena Casas @HelenaCasas
  24. Everything leaves a brand, and we much more than anything / Guillem Recolons @GuillemRecolons
  25. … and tell me... What's your brand? / Neus Arques @neusarques

I hope I have helped focus Ideas. Have a nice week!