A must for those seeking new forms of creativity: "Electoral Spots. The spectacle of democracy. "

Under this very descriptive title is being held at the Palau de la Virreina in Barcelona (Ramblas 99 next to La Boqueria) an exhibition on the election campaign spots around the world. In total analyzed 2.800 spots classified by 13 categories: Catastrophe, Firm hand, Tears, Provoto, Twins, opponents, Fiction, Animation, Musical, Parody, Homeland, Change and TV.

I recommend a visit, because it is not easy under normal circumstances see spots in Uruguay, Venezuela, Peru, remember the first spots of Bill Clinton, or our first pro-voting spots of Spain in early 80.

In addition the classification is very original, and it allows from a few guffaws in the section "catastrophic" to admire the famous spot youtube "Yes we can" in the "change".

The initiative of the exhibition and book published (DVD's included) following the same part of the City Council of Barcelona, Institut de Cultura and very specifically from Jorge Luis Marzo and Arturo "Fito" Rodríguez. Marzo and Fito explained in the foreword that the idea of ​​some papers found at the hotel where murdered Guatemala Roberto Alfa, known creative advertising specialist in political campaigns.

I also recommend the book, which allows go into greater detail about the bowels of political communication, and includes a selection of 200 Best spots on DVD.

Without further ado, I leave you with youtube piece "Yes we can".