Advantages of private profiles on social media

Pros and cons of having private profiles on social media

I see that having private or public profiles still raises doubts for many social media users. In this post I explain, with the help of Oscar Del Santo, the pros and cons of having a private profile, although I advance you that from the point of view of your personal brand, there are more advantages and opportunities … Read more

Personal Branding and Linkedin, Key

Personal Branding and LinkedIn: facts for each other

This week I have been present at three events where Personal Branding and LinkedIn have been the protagonists. The personal brand course at Ferrovial, with six years of travel. There the attendees valued the importance of this network for active professionals. In Vassis Conseil I had the opportunity to hold a talk about … Read more

The tinderization of Linkedin

The phenomenon of “Tinderization” Linkedin joins that of the “CEOization”

Tinderization on Linkedin, without barriers to entry The phenomenon of “TINDERization” Linkedin is because on social media in general there are no barriers to entry. And in professionals like Linkedin, that maybe they should be somewhat careful in accepting profiles, it's exactly the same thing. Anyone can enter with … Read more