What is the trigger for your career?

Why did you study what you studied? Why did you start in this business your first job? When I ask about the trigger for career people often go blank.

The usual answer, when it emerges, I am "do not know". “I studied it because it's what I did best”. O "it was the first company that accepted me as a candidate". I do not believe it. There is always a trigger, even if it is deposited in our subconscious.

If you do not like the word detonator, some military, you can change it to "catalyst" or “driving”. But in any case there is always something that drives us to do what we do.

When weapons your story, the trigger is a key element. I usually distinguish the idealistic impulse momentum channeler.

The idealistic impulse

the idealist, as the name suggests, It is often based on a childhood dream: I will doctor to save lives, I'll cop to kill "bad guys", I will be like my father trader, I will be president of my country so that no one goes hungry and all live better. Yes sounds utopian, But does a child wants to be a politician can be president? Or a nurse may be a surgeon? Children think big. It's a shame that first ambition is lost as we mature.

The channeler impulse is to take you to the first firm decision on the type of studies to study or to take you to your first payroll in an organization.

For example, my idealistic impulse was composed of early passion for photography, music and nonverbal forms of communication, but especially by the admiration that made me see the British physicist Stephen Hawking communicate using a primary computer system. Hawking could give up talking, moving his legs, but not to communicate.

Years later my Utopian thoughts, on 1993, BT (British Telecom) launched a corporate ad with music by Pink Floyd and insight Hawking I should be written on the forehead of our leaders:

For millions of years, mankind lived just like the animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, enabling human beings to work together to build the impossible. Mankind’s greatest achievements have come about by talking, and its greatest failures by not talking. It doesn’t have to be like this. Our greatest hopes could become reality in the future. With the technology at our disposal, the possibilities are unbounded. All we need to do is make sure we keep talking.

For millions of years, humanity lived like animals. Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to speak and learned to listen. Speech has allowed the communication of ideas, making it easier for humans to work together to build the impossible. The greatest achievements of mankind have occurred when speaking; its greatest failures by not doing so. It should not be like that. Our greatest hopes could become reality in the future. With technology at our disposal, the possibilities are limitless. All we have to do is make sure we keep the dialogue.

El momentum plumber

detonating personal brand

Paco and Elena

The channeler impulse is the action plan. Once you've decided which of your childhood fantasies might see the light, you need to activate the necessary springs to reality.

In my case, It was the couple that you see in this photograph. my uncles, should run the year 1977 (I with 15 years old ) when this photograph was taken. They used to move in a vintage bike that call today, a NSU of which I think there are few specimens in the world. They were an unusual couple for the time: light-hearted way of dressing, the hairstyle. I do not know if it was the perfect match, but it was a good model in which inspiration. I soon learned that they were advertising. Elena had a fleeting passage by advertising, but Paco Miret was and remains one of the great creative advertising.

Paco worked at Tiempo BBDO, one of the great Spanish agencies and one of the top 10 world. They needed an assistant to the art studio. And that was me. Known photographic techniques (in my house I always developing equipment) and what fascinated me about the design.

My first payroll is January 1979, in Tiempo BBDO. 5.000 pesetas per month (about 30 €). Had 16 years old . Professional category: buttons. Today, with long boring 55, I'm still advertising, although I have changed the way to strengthen brands. I am now convinced that should be done through people. That's why I work in personal branding.

You look like a fantasy childhood or youth can determine your career and build your first passions.

I like to remember the words of psychologist Carl Jung:

I am not what happened to me, I am what I choose to be

I'll ask again what is your trigger?

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A key and a story for your next career reinvention

In the course of your life, there will be good times and bad times, times when it will seem that you are invincible and times when you feel defeated and useless. The times when you think you're invincible not last long, so you should enjoy and savor them because then you'll find something that will remind you that you are standing on a roller coaster, and soon you'll come down. However, overcome moments when you feel defeated and useless is much harder.

Reinventing Syndrome Abrupt

A classic of these hard times is the dismissal of a job, and it is no less hard if we talk about a direct dismissal or dismissal interior. One day to another, you go from being valuable in an organization to feel displaced and to doubt yourself, your knowledge and return to find a job in which you feel accomplished. I have met many people in that situation and, the vast majority, risk of falling into what I call the syndrome Reinventing Abrupta.

This dangerous syndrome drags people who suffer reinventing, something very common in this situation, but suddenly cutting off his previous professional environment and focusing on a generally very remote area which has known and dominated until then. For example, A few years ago I met several excellent vendors trying to become web designers or community managers. Predictably, it was impossible to start from scratch in sectors as competitor and returned to their occupation of vendors "old-fashioned", without having taken advantage of that experience and frustration of returning to an environment he had tried to escape.

Professional reinvention is not easy to manage, and the most successful tend to come from the hybridization of new knowledge and past experiences. Around me I have many examples of successful professional reinvenciones, but I have chosen two of these cases as I have lived more closely and because they are well known.

real cases of successful reinvention

Eva Collado and Guillem Recolons They can say they have successfully reinvented professionally. Eva is one of the experts in human capital management companies most requested by Spain and Latin America and Guillem is one of the pioneers and leaders in personal branding nationwide. But as in most cases they choose the path of professional reinvention, They have worked hard and long to achieve these successes and have had to overcome many obstacles on the road.

Eva was responsible for human resource development in a multinational e-commerce and advertising Guillem was a major advertising agency when they were at the crossroads that involves taking the decision to reinvent themselves professionally. For both, the easy way would have been to continue year after year doing the same in other equal companies they left but, even with good offers on the table, they decided to take the difficult path.

However, knew they had to start acquiring new knowledge and enhance certain skills so, once defined their own learning environments, they decided to hone their digital skills, commercial, self-management and networking. As Eva and Guillem ensure and demonstrate their careers as, the sum of experience, new skills and knowledge of new trends in the industry in which you want to focus are the key to your future and the key to professional reinvention.

A key to your way

As you can imagine, This is a long process and involves a huge effort, so it will be very important not to rush and to choose either the direction of reinvention and knowledge will have to add to carry it out. In addition, you have to be patient because the results do not arrive the first day and a bad choice can typecast after an area where actually you will not fit.

Surely this is not what you want to hear a person who is thinking about reinventing professionally. It's hard to ask for patience and faith in oneself to a person who feels defeated and useless, which it looks like an abandoned stone on a road.

A story not to forget

So I want to tell you a story. A true story that begins, with an abandoned stone on a road, a stone in a heap of stones discarded a diamond mine in South Africa, another stone until Julie, a girl 9 years old , he noticed it while playing around the area.

Julie did not have much more to play than that pile of stones. In fact, did not have much more to life. His parents had died, his brothers worked as slaves in the diamond mine and she just took care of her disabled uncle.

As he suspected his uncle as Julie handed the stone that had caught his attention, what was inside the rock would change their lives and the history of jewelry as, until then, He had never encountered such a large diamond. Weighing 890 carat, since it is known as diamond Incomparable.

After several purchases and repurchases, the Incomparable diamond in the rough ended in New York. If the story of his discovery had been curious, It was no less the cutting process, cutting and polishing. This delicate task was entrusted to Samuel Black, a recognized expert in the diamond faceting.

During the four years in which he studied the stone, Black had to make several decisions. The most important thing was to give up cutting the world's largest diamond, I would have to overcome 530 carat Cullinan I, to avoid the high risk posed operation on a stone in such an irregular. Finally he decided to cut a stone 407 carats and other 14 Smaller stones.

unrivaled diamond

The 890 Unmatched carat rough, and once carved with 407 carat. Source: famousdiamonds.tripod.com

Nevertheless, the Incomparable is the fourth largest in history and the biggest diamond diamonds coffee. In the late 80 It was auctioned for a 20 millions of dollars, but he found no buyer and currently its value would be above 55 millions of euros.

I would not forget this story if you are thinking of a professional reinvention and you thought it the next time you feel defeated and useless. Although it will be difficult at that time to believe in yourself, remember that even the biggest diamond needs someone who is able to see its potential to help you shine and time to polish the edges, so trust yourself and do not rush when choosing what you want to be in the future.

Personal brand of self (relato frugal)

This week's been two things that combine a common element: the wonderful world of self.

The new law autonomous

Autonomous took time vindicating a more human status by the Spanish Treasury, who treats us more or less like a plague.

  1. One of the main claims revolves around the reduction in the minimum monthly fee autonomous (267,03€), factures that equal pay 0 € or 5,000 €.
  2. Another is that the share out proportional to income, which as everyone knows, its variables.

Maybe next time, there has been no luck

For neither 1 not even 2. The quota will rise slightly and will not be proportional to income. Bravo!

Why not, agree, There are some assumptions improvement. You can read the this article, but one thing is clear to me: all who have debated, drafted and voted this law are politicians on the payroll; not a single autonomous. That may explain the lack of sensitivity to the demands of this group to which I belong and may you who read this also.

The autonomous not sick, no accidents, It has a meta

Whenever statistics are compared, it concludes that despite how badly this group is treated by the administration (or precisely why), autonomous never falls ill. And when it does, It is to die.

Why not, indeed, If an autonomous does not work, Does not charge. But pays. There's an important difference. Why self has been forged to work in subhuman conditions of high fever, severe migraines or other collective diseases that mean a prolonged sick leave. this will (we) confers special status, the Supercrack, a Metapod it does not go out or kryptonite.

A hearsay frugal (and real) to confirm the above theory

the trigger

late Thursday. Two days ago. Dr. Francisca Morales, coordinator and academic tutor Master in Business and Institutional Communication de la UAB (Autonomous University of Barcelona), I had summoned me for the third time in the last five years to the kind of closing of the academic year. About what? You're right: Personal Branding.

The journey of the antihero

I do the bike ride, as I have always done (I have some allergy car), and when I'm entering the UAB campus in Bellaterra, something happens.

The invisible enemy

damage to the bike

Trail of oil in the central part of the carriageway / Trestle detail embedded in engine

Front sun prevents me from seeing clearly a trail of oil that lasts for more than fifty meters. Without even touching the brake (iba only 20Km / h), the front wheel slips and makes the bike and its occupant (I) We fall on the left side. Oil was the invisible enemy.

It was a spectacular fall, of those films. But I was not prepared. ungloved, in short sleeves, I ended up with my left hand full of scratches, hematomas, broken pants, the broken shoe.

The reaction illogical

What would have made a sane person? Call an ambulance, brands of asphalt were present in wounds, with danger of infection. There was a slight blow to the helmet. A driver who saw the crash helped me lift the bike (weighs over 200K), I had raised me for my own foot.

What did I do? Look at the clock, They are missing 15 minutes to start my lecture and even had little more than one km to reach the living degrees of the Graduate School. The bike would not start. I waited two minutes. He tore. I saw that the bridge was nailed to the casing due to the impact and side almost touching the ground. He had to be careful. I reached the enclosure.

First aid

I asked the porter if he had kit. Of course. I washed the wounds with soap and water. I let it dry. Then very strong with hydrogen peroxide. I let it dry. And then added antiseptic iodinated. It was one minute to begin class.

Upload a floor, I see Dr., my good friend Francisca. I think crazy for wanting to class. But when I see so many people sitting and waiting for the talk, I come up. No waiver. escuece, but now my mind is not on wounds, is a team to be prepared cracks DirCom (director of communication) employed or self (they have explained the truth about what's out there).

francisca Moralesa

La Dra. Francisca Morales entering class in the Master DIEC / state after the accident

There is no pain

There is no pain. no motivation, no fun, no desire to ask you and you know answer. It was good. At least that was my impression. A couple of hours passed me as 10 minutes. It's like a drug, the effect is brief but intense.

Autonomic personal branding

Class time

Just, applause, more questions, this time individual. They have mounted a four piscolabis get snacks and a kind of Lambrusco. All goes well. Moment of euphoria for them (they go on vacation) and for me.

aid seconds

Francisca accompanies me to a small clinic at the University. A great woman. I cleaned (good) wounds and put me gauzes.

The next day I go to the hospital. radiographs, more cleaning. nothing broken. Dermoerosiones left costal contusion and several in arm, elbow, forearm, hand and knee. Treatment: repose (I look for in a dictionary means), topical cures for a few days, anti-inflammatory and drink plenty of water to not sneeze (the ribcage is touched).

Life goes on

I'm fine, damn it! Did not I say I'm an autonomous?


Vector by Shutterstock.com

PD: The news of the talk has been reflected in this article UAB: Prom for DirCom UAB

#Storytelling How to weave the perfect story

Can someone tell a story, for it is well told, It is unbeatable? Perhaps a perfect story?

I take a few years following the greats storytelling, reading books, going to talks (I've been), reading articles, attending workshops, drenching of the best TED. I've even given my own workshops on the subject and some other paper. In the background, the story is one of the most important message formats in managing our Personal Branding given its ability to connect.

Is there a perfect story?

Like you, since childhood, stories captivated me. First stories, and storytellers. Years later, I dedicated myself to advertising to help tell stories (yes, with sponsor). I could talk about a dozen ads, from books, of songs, films and artworks that would be close perfect story. My perfect story, of course.

There are countless examples of excellent personal account in speech Martin Luther King “I have a dream”, in the final speech Chaplin “The great Dictator”, in graduation speeches like Steve Jobs one Stanford, that of J.K. Rowling a Harvard or the Emmanuel Faber at HEC.

But it was reading the book “The social employee” where I found a story that would swear that contains all the ingredients that make up this story, that storytelling perfect.

For Chipotle, content marketing in pure state

Towards the end of the book there is a chapter on how content marketing can empower employees in an organization. Is a success, the brand of Mexican restaurants and catering Chipotle Mexican Grill.

The campaign created in 2011 by name Back of start (back to top) masterfully recounts through an animated video the brand history through their values. It is a brand that advocates sustainable agriculture and livestock. Although not everyone communicant with this message, the video goes straight to the emotional cortex, with a clear message, outright.

The original idea was simply Chipotle leave it in a post YouTube. But it became viral, It is demonstrating that the ability of a video spread like a plague only obeys excellence, no desire. He began to win prizes and to create high-quality debates and controversy. Obviously, competition harshly attacked sustainability in brand values. It became the most watched TV ad in USA, although it had not been conceived as such.

One of the key ideas, in accordance with The social employee, is that of “contributory consumption”. Is based on many consumers like to think they are “doing good” with their buying decisions. We know that, effectively, as consumers we like the idea of ​​commitment to something. And need not necessarily be a cause like breast cancer or poverty. in food, It can be something as simple as integrity. If you've seen the video of Emmanuel Faber (CEO de Danone) I mentioned before, the commitment to a cause like social justice You may be behind a big brand.

Back to start

No I want to keep you in suspense any longer. If you do not know the campaign, Here's the video:

The components of the perfect story

This example of Chipotle goes like a glove to structure what could be the perfect scheme components account. And if you let me, I tell you with a picture:

infographics: components of the perfect story, by William Recolons

Background infographics by Shutterstock


The human component the story is essential to bring the message to the brain and heart. I remember the animated film Robots, in which despite being machines, robots had human behavior and emotions, what it was near and generating empathy. We must ensure that the content connects and displays the values ​​of our brand, whether commercial or personal. We need to find the emotional core of the story and its relation to vision, mission and values.

A storytelling corporativo, Scott Davis defined and referenced in the book:

If history does not reach your employees, If you are not able to make it elevator pitch, If you do not know what role should develop to vitalize the brand, they will not feel the brand as their own. In this case, the company misses a huge opportunity for branding


No two drops of water equal. We like to think that to understand that we are essentially different to others. But differentiation should not be an end in itself, but a powerful means to give value to a speech. Stay hungry, stay foolish (keep your hunger, Keep your madness) are not words of Steve Jobs, but he gave a masterful sense of this invitation to see life differently in his speech to a graduating class of Stanford University.

Humanization and differentiation go hand in hand. Crean Pride of belonging. I do not know who feel Apple employees, but I would be more than proud to work for a brand advocates think differently.


It is the hardest. Our goal is to convey an idea. A. Among the things I hated about working in advertising, one of the worst is that many customers in the briefing gave us a list with five goals… five? in 20 seconds? Impossible. The good story is the one that manages to convey a central idea and that can be summed up in a nutshell:

In the century 33, a period of civil wars going on in the galaxy. A rebel princess, with his family, his guards and the treasure of the clan, It is being chased. If you can cross the territory controlled by the Empire and reach a friendly planet, will be safe. Sovereign knows and publishes a reward for the capture of Princess

Does this sound? elements as the value proposition and formats as mentioned elevator pitch They help keep the essence when summarizing and convincing when there is little time.

Related: Working the value proposition

A discipline that helps in simplifying concepts is the mind map as document tree. It forces us to structure the essential parts of a speech before developing. In fact, each party supports its own content.


Creator dream stories. With “viralizable” I have not found a better word to express the story has elements sufficiently attractive, surprising and rich enough to expander itself in the style of a virus or an epidemic. As I mentioned before, not enough to simply hope that a story is viralizable, It would be too easy. For Chipotle not intended, but the sum of elements (humanity, difference, simplicity and ability to transform) he got it.

So, abandons the idea of ​​giving a briefing to a professional or an agency with a “I want to make it viral”. That would imply that it is manufactured in series viral, And it is not like that. It depends on the level of transgression of a story. Susan Boyle, a complete unknown, a scruffy wearing printed word “failure”, He got up on stage with his singing in the program Britain’s got talent. In this case, the key to success story (more of 150 million views on YouTube) It was the element of surprise: Boyle broke limiting beliefs, barriers, tl status quo.


This is my favorite. Transformer. That moves to change, which mobilizes, that extends the vision of something. Video Chipotle, the transformation takes place within history itself, and the audience assumes it as own: It is the journey of a farmer and rancher toward mass production and then return to the authentic, to the nature. Who see the ad can change your idea about the convenience of the big fast food chains and you subscribe to Chipotle. And not only for the sustainability of the planet, for each of its inhabitants, People and animals.

Certainly, the stories of Martin Luther King, Kennedy, Jimmy Carter, Obama, Gandhi, J. K. Rowling, Emmanuel Faber or Steve Jobs have moved us to change anything. They have had transformative effect.


I hope this text will help you internalize the keys to a perfect story, or at least as round as possible. I thank those who have helped me better understand the importance of the story, Specially to Antonio Nunez, George Lakoff, Daniel Iglesias, Gay Victor Zaragoza, Christian Salmon… and Chipotle, of course.

Brands and values: political correctness commitment

Lately I try to draw positive conclusions from the misfortunes that surround us. The relationship between brands and values It is getting closer, to the point of passing entertainment functionality and ultimately the commitment. I remember that phrase Lao-Tse: “Perfection is the will to be imperfect” and I confirm that imperfection is a human trait, not intended for robots.

2016, the year fell confidence

first Brexit and then the victory of Donald Trump. Both factors have shaken the state of general confidence. So pick up the latest executive summary Edelman Trust 2017, which I recommend you take a look to understand better what's cooking.

positive reading: Behind the brands and organizations there are people

The positive moments of crisis is that people tend to use more and more wisely our Superpowers, Our values. brands, and that includes people, not content with wanting a place in our minds, now they need to do in our hearts.

Not cursilería, It is committed

When the word heart is used around the time the 14 February can fall into the trap Valentine. When I talk to heart I do not mean to love but emotional commitment.

Every day should be Cancer Day, the Mother's Day, Book's day, The day of love. That's the challenge for companies and individuals that manage them, the challenge of branding is to create awareness and step, leave some side marketing (that no one be offended).

Do they need companies Branding Department?

As the water we drink. They need to understand that brands represent emotional bonds with their users (I hate this word, but I prefer to “consumers“). Brands need to define emotional territories, the place they want-and can- occupy in the hearts of people. should imbibe, however difficult it may seem, human values.

Not like everyone is key

Pretend to be Coca Cola, multigenerational cross mark, It is a difficult path. The reason that this brand connect is not in their bubbles, it is in your brand story. Personally I do not like the tail of any brand, but emotionally I led mark inside because Coca Cola has become a symbol of happiness. And now I wonder whether brands should keep in Matrix, always like or should mutate.

In an unjust society, And brands can be? engage

Commitment is one of the most humanizing values. As a result of the Super Bowl, every year more budget marks the American television jostle for space with extraordinary ads.

It was just an intermediate of the Super Bowl 1984 which encumbró the birth of Macintosh with impeccable staging of Ridley Scott and script BBDO.

This year, and recovering the context of values, I really called attention to these ads Budweiser and Coca Cola. These brands have not been the only ones to confront Trump and model of America closed itself. But the commitment of Coca Cola and Budweiser is evident in a piece that highlights what Trump does not want to see: that great nations have been created from diversity, from acceptance of the human condition.

The United States has never been white, They are the result of the mixture of many races and cultures that have survived and have been integrated as a single brand. I leave Coca Cola ads and Bud, and I invite you to think about values ​​and commitment when you have a brand to manage, including your own: Del RSC al RSP.

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And you? Have you already found your superpowers? #TEDxLleida16

Superpowers? What is this about?

The 30 September I get a call from someone with superpowers. Ricard Pons, good friend and personal brander, and other non-minor roles. We often talk occasionally, and us when you can. I proposed for a TEDx rapporteur. I dont believe it. Because I? ¡Oysters! It seems to be serious! Shortly after I talk to of Pau Samo, his great colleague, good friend and coordinator TEDxLleida. Paul confirms.

Damn it! The plot thickens. I propose the date is not going well. consultation with Eva and Fran, those responsible for the commitment he had acquired for 11 November, scheduled for TED. Salvados! The other commitment is flexible on dates. The 12 October is already announced my participation in the web of TEDxLleida. Less than a month. There is no turning back. Or if. Timely flu. Isn't it?. I throw. With two. In addition, prepare it can be fun. I'm going there. OK… And what I mean? I say that the audience is very wide, unspecialized. Come on, that the public could be my mother. A challenge.

looking topic

Talk about personal branding as if at a congress will not work. But I will have seen hundreds of TED talks over my life. And there is a pattern. There is always an inspiring idea. There is almost always a personal story related to that idea. I look inside my. Why I'm here? Do I have a vision? Yes! Is that! I help to draw futures. That is my vision for many years. And now the question: What led me to define that vision? Clear! Working with people. I went to work for “big” brands and businesses work “little” brands. And no color. From big to small. Small are human, they are persons, real, you durable, authentic. In fact, small would not exist without large. This gets pretty. But I need something more. What makes us different businesses and individuals? Here! I have it. And begins “V”. Values ​​are.

Small Data: the power of people

Small Data: the power of people. Genial. I have already title. Surely I'm not the first person who comes up with it from “Small Data”. Indeed. I look at Google. Ricard looks in Google. share links. But there is nothing to fear. My approach is different, speaking of humanizing, to provide corporate brands and businesses soul. And that comes only with the power of people. People and their superpowers. Without being aware, people have something, a driver, that makes us superheroes… What will? Values ​​are.

Superheroes no longer spend layer

Isn't it?. This idea of ​​a guy who flies or climbs and carries layer we leave for film and comics. In real life superheroes do not wear layer. And often we do not know they are. The world is full of people who have overcome obstacles unthinkable. ordinary people. They live in your ladder. Among friends. Among your relatives, your colleagues, your customers… They live within you. They are more like Woody Allen than Arnold Schwarzenegger. And so, What has allowed them to lift your head and pull forward? Values ​​are.

Companies do not yet know the extent of that driver in people

It is very green. Few companies have understood the power of his people beyond their basic skills. Still, in the SXXI, call “employees” their staff. RAE. Employee = Used, used, Spent. So we are not going anywhere. Where is our humanity? But back to the heart of the matter. Companies have people, and those people have super powers. I know. You think I'm like a goat. And you're not going bad at all.

You are seconds away from knowing what the hell are the superpowers. And how they can help companies to multiply their strength connection with its markets. I leave you with the video Small Data: The power of people. It contains a small personal story. I am very sure that when you're finished to see your own back grope in search of a layer. Look no, your values.

Happy week!


Tell a story 6 seconds

When I started working in advertising, the usual format of advertisement was 30 seconds (30”). Of course, tell a story in half a minute was not an easy task, because normally the unfortunate event that the client wanted to explain more of an idea was.

The time is gold

The format of 30 "had been imported from the Anglo-Saxon countries, which it remains the standard, But Spain is different very quickly reduced 20 format was imposed "and a little later, with the advent of private TV, the 10 ".

If it is difficult to tell a story 30, Imagine in 10 ". Creative advertising had to squeeze the maximum transmitting neurons to get some idea at the time. But as contradictory as it seems, That was the only way to convince customers 1 ad = 1 idea.

Even more difficult, 6 seconds

Many moons later, and in 2012, in the digital age, arose Vine, an app designed to publish videos only 6 ". it seemed impossible, But I came which was acquired by Twitter- It was a challenge that many creators accepted: They emerged the Viners, counters short stories that became protagonists storytelling one formato corto.

Artists in 6 ", the Viners

Although I have been an observer in this network creator, the truth is that I take my hat with creators Andrea Compton, Herrejón, Antón Lofer, Jorge Cremades and a small army of artists able to tell a lot with little.

Vine closes its doors

Twitter has taken the decision this week Close Vine, which has been overtaken by new video features Instagram and Snapchat. The truth is that many Viners knew long ago that this would happen and migrated to other platforms. The platform promises to keep the app, but they can no longer upload videos. shame. It is certainly not always a good idea is a cost effective idea. Long live Vine, yes, micro-storytelling.

Vine image by Shutterstock.com

Storytelling: connecting speech, seduces and convinces

Stories can change the world

The factor of choice between two identical professionals with knowledge hard and similar trajectories can be at ease to get emotionally to your partner. That we have no doubts: Stories can change the world.

Although the art of storytelling goes back to ancient caves, some authors became science to include it in the Branding Trademark, political candidates, and, of course, professional. Among them I highlight two: Christian Salmon, author of Storytelling: Machine fabricate stories and formatting minds (Atalaya, 2008) Spanish and settled in Chicago Antonio Nunez, author of two books on the subject, which recommend Será mejor que lo cuentes (Empresa Activa, 2007).

  • Good examples of the use of storytelling in trademarks highlight "the jump"Felix Baumgartner Red Bull, he had the world on tenterhooks for a few hours, getting thousands audiences that exceed conventional advertising campaigns, and it appears even in the Wikipedia.
  • In politics it is remarkable the use of metaphors to make speeches that touch the heart: “new deal”, "Zero unemployment", "the change", “”The quiet force”…
  • In person, cases of Jeff Bezos, Richard Branson, Bill Gates academics are examples of how to use the account for the purpose of better connection and empathy with the public. But perhaps it is a somewhat inaccurate story, know that Jobs and Wonziak Apple started in a garage without college connected with many people of humble origins and encourages them to overcome prejudices.

We all have things to say, and often the reason for not doing so is because we have been taught to separate well between professional and personal, when in reality we are talking about a thin line which is not bad pass. If we generate empathy key is having the courage to show the same interest with our strengths and our weaknesses: that's what makes us human, and that is what connects, seduces and convinces.

Not to stay only examples of famous I leave an example of storytelling applied to a professional after a process personal branding:

When it is interesting to use the personal account?

In personal branding processes we see certain types of professionals who require more than others the use of personal moments in its history to bolster their career or their skills:

  1. architects, engineers, doctors, lawyers, police. Professions often not so bad drag "fame" as some notion of coldness. Hollywood has flooded our heads hard attorneys, calculating and cold, Like police. But the truth is that the stories of these people Calan us deeply when they show their human condition; their relationships with their children, spouses, its dependencies to alcohol, other drug.
  2. Communication professionals: journalists, advertising, community managers, people who often need to connect strongly with their audiences with more than just cold data, They need the story to open hearts and generate complicities.
  3. Job seekers. They should know that things are changing, that every achievement in the career possibly coming from a story worth telling. ¿In a CV? Isn't it?, The CV is a dying format. Perhaps the personal interview is the right place. Imagine a phrase (and) style "My friends made fun of me at school for my obesity, so I studied dietary ". Is not it better than just saying "I studied dietary"?. Another format is imposed Video-CV, which we have excellent examples on YouTube of creativity that has made candidates are recruited in less than 24 hours to show skills that go beyond their professional skills (Cook, play the piano, fly a plane ...) and humanizing the discourse.

A final tip to work the personal account: In addition to carefully read the books referred, seriously consider turning a hobby into a personal account support. For example, if one is half marathons broker may share that data to discuss their skills discipline, culture of self-improvement and effort. Or if you collect stamps can give information about its research capacity, his eagerness to finish things ...

To learn more article I recommend Tino Fernández / Expansion released 22 April 2016 under the title Are you a 'Pied Piper of Hamelin’ in your job? they collaborate Andrés Pérez Ortega, Iñaki Arrola and myself based on the above text.

Image: shutterstock.com

I am Syrian

Sparkly Richard Wakefield in this action to support Syrian refugees. If I can add a micro-grain sand, and aware that I am light years ahead of advertising signing ad, I am Syrian.

For the first time in the history of Spanish advertising 23 relevant people in the industry come together for a common cause: Syrian refugees

Data sheet:

  • Creative director: Richard Wakefield
  • Manufacture and assembly: Sergio Piera
  • Studio: Albiñana Films
  • Post-production studio: Indeed 3.0
  • Sound studio: Xeviestudi
  • Sound design: Peppe Tapia
  • Art direction: Pepino García, Gara and Daniela Ramos Peace
  • Color: Jordi Murillo
  • Online : Sito López
  • sound mixing: Xevi Masip

Advertising in order of appearance:

Ana Rubbish, Rafa Montilla, Gloria Hernandez, Cuca Canals, Ricardo Albiñana, Luis Casadevall, Jose Angel Albacens, Risto Mejide, Gloria Morera, Mariona Omedes, Richard Wakefield, Maria Ripoll, Gemma Soler, Toni Segarra, Samantha Júdez, Jose Mª Piera, Marta Piñol, Pepe Fund, Joaquín Lorente, Laura Allende, Fernando Martorell, Aixalà, Lluís Bassat.

“I am discovering the need for a weekly crises”

There is no crisis history

One of the key requirements for a connected narrative is any conflict, crisis. The stories are no conflicts “cupcakes” not mobilize any area of ​​our brain. These days I'm giving talks about “storytelling” as a personal communication tool / professionals in various cities of the province of Barcelona, and something my partner Olga Villacampa and my draws our attention is the lack of awareness that exists for the effectiveness of a more emotional communication. We could call it “ROI of emotional communication”.

One of the examples we use is the blind man that a change in the way of writing poster “I am blind. Please, ayudame” immediately modifies the reaction of those who pass by his side. At the end of this post I leave the video, an excellent job.

But one point according to the understanding of any actual story is the need for a conflict. Antonio Núnez, Expert on the subject, He explains very well in his book “Storytelling in a week“. Without conflict there is no story, no emotional response.

Gerardo "Tata" Martino

Gerardo “Tata” Martino

Maybe that's why I'm not surprised hearing a phrase Gerardo Martino, new coach of FC Barcelona football: “I am discovering the need for a weekly crises“.

The media compete with each other for attention, and for that use all resources at your fingertips, including overexposing seemingly banal subjects directly or systematic exaggeration of small mistakes everyday, who become media headlines first order. Let's see, What the hell should explain the many sports newspapers, radio and television every day to fill pages and hours of football information?.

The sentence “Tata” Martino is bright, and it highlights the continuing need for a conflict to prop up the story Barca. If there is a problem, there is no solution. effectively, the blaugrana follower needs a minimum, as crises- weekly, something to fill pages and media moments and allows connecting people with people around a shared history in bars, Offices, trains…

You are welcome to European football, Martino. You come and you've done very quickly with the emotional functioning of the fans. Now you know what touches: avoids conflicts that are not in your script, direct them yourself, planifícalos. At the end, you know that the solution of any conflict is a: win three points every weekend.

Here is the video “The power of words”.

[youtube]https://www.youtube.com/watch?v = ZF8EcHkSRSY[/youtube]