Are we born under the brand of racism?


Today was held the annual meeting of volunteers Alta Health Foundation, in which four years ago collaborate. Although surrounded wake of snow, an encounter is essential to restore faith in the goodness and people, I did not so I thought twice and I attended with pleasure.

Some believe in spirits, others celebrate religious rituals and others turn to yoga. They are good recipes. But after having tried many things, I find nothing as comforting as a volunteer in relevant project. In the case of “my” Foundation, the mission is welcome children and their families in situations of vulnerability and risk of social exclusion, and accompany them in their socio-educational processes to, in a pluralistic environment, become active members shift toward a more cohesive and just society. That's nothing. My concrete collaboration has been during the first two years teaching Castilian to groups of adults, and in the last two years I am working on communication equipment.

At the meeting, they have attended 36 people (guys at 55 Total volunteers) many issues have been addressed, but the core was the identity. There has been talk much about the misconception that a person, a boy child of immigrants, You can have two identities (the home and host country). The child will have an identity, with a very large component of the cultural wealth, but one.

The meeting had centered on the issue of a video I beg you see, Is absolutely Awesome:


After watching this campaign against racism Mexican, We came to a first conclusion: Racism is not something innate in man, It's a cultural thing, fostered by education and family.

The question is how you can fight it?

ideas, with patience, with volunteers, with media. Many things, Unfortunately, not many. As teamwork we have had to deal with a case of complex cultural shock:

A girl in Bangladesh, Secondary 2 student at a school in Badalona 13 years ago, It has bad grades. The Foundation will help to strengthen studies, but the basic training is insufficient for the child to catch up with their peers. The girl's father says that if the girl does not approve marry a cousin.

How about?

Stories like this are everyday Foundation, a challenge for managers and volunteers who work there.


The first hero of the Twin Towers

that fateful 11 September 2001, as he watched the images of the plume of smoke coming out of the north tower World Trade Center, Philippe Petit remember the morning of 7 August 1974 in which, shortly after 7 am and precisely from the north tower itself, would the first steps on steel wire that separated the Twin Towers del World Trade Center, To over 400m. Tall.

During forty five magical minutes, Small he toured the cable end to end, jump, HE sat down e, even, did reverencias He surprised the audience that filled the sidewalks Manhattan unable to remove the view of figure dressed in black, over their heads, ran the space between buildings newly released. Even the police, to stop Petit, hesitated whether to applaud or handcuff.

Philippe Petit, their 24 years ago, He had become a legend.

and they climaxed six years of planning, Petit in which not only had to practice his skill as tightrope walker. He also studied everything about the building buildings and the way in which he and his collaborators could to get the necessary equipment to the roof of the north tower without waking suspicions.

His feat had such repercussion that were removed the charges and, instead of going to jail, It was invited to play your ride Central Park. In addition, He was given a lifetime pass that allowed the visit to the towers and Company it was recorded in one of the steel beams of the north tower.

Since then, Philippe Petit ha travel the world walking on the wire in all types of locations, as the Cathedral of Our Lady one to Torre Eiffel, on Paris, or the Sydney Bridge. They have written several books around her walk between the towers and, on 2008, It was filmed a documentary that included the original images.

A history Petit's feat, which began by reading a magazine in a dentist's office, we sample Like the goals are attainable wherever they used determination and passion, Guided by an appropriate strategy without skimping on knowledge.

But, first of all, must be a view, and here is where the success Petit and other great artists and geniuses. This concept is well reflected in a sentence, attributed to many authors who did not cite any, what does it say:

“Innovation is to look where everyone has looked at and see what no one has seen”

In front of that magazine where others had seen the announcement of a fantastic construction, Petit had a vision: He saw an opportunity to display their art, to shine and to do something that the rest of humanity considered impossible.

Still today, their 63 years ago, Philippe Petit sigue chasing one of his dreams most craved: cross the Grand Canyon.

“incompetent headhunter”: These great creators of personal brand

In 1919, a young artist was fired from the Kansas City Star that “It lacked imagination and he had no good ideas”. It was called Walter Elias Disney, and four years later founded The Walt Disney Company, one of the largest media and entertainment companies in the world.

Few combinations of first and last names have as much ability to suggest emotions, values and all kinds of attributes brand. Few people have developed an activity that has marked so strongly as many generations as it has the artist who gave life to Mickey, Donald and many other unforgettable characters. It is very likely that none of these characters come to life to be at that “headhunter incompetent” that Disney fired del Kansas City Star.

Perhaps Disney had continued drawing advertisements for newspapers and, surely, I had a great race, in view of his undeniable talent. Possibly, when the young Walter came to Hollywood with 40 dollars in his pocket and a film unfinished in the suitcase was not aware that, at that moment, It was to be born the largest “dream factorys” modern history.

All we have ever enjoyed with “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” or “The Lion King“, to name just a few examples, we have to thank a “headhunter incompetent” is crossed in the life of Disney and “facilitated” creating one of the personal Records most influential twentieth century.

Perhaps Walt Disney is one of the most striking cases, but there are many: Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld or the same asked are good examples. So, If one day you come across a “headhunter incompetent”, Remember the story of the young cartoonist Kansas City Star.

A dismissal may be the beginning of your personal brand, although it would be better not to wait for that time, so why not start tomorrow?.

Who says that a resume can not be emotional?

Globalization and widespread standardization have made it possible all curricula of the world are equal, almost clonic. We are surrounded by webs, consultants, regulations say how it should be written a resume. It's curious, almost all agree at all. Dates in order of most recent to oldest, without excessive personal data, written in 3rd person ...

The main conclusion is that today, A resume is something really bored, frio e impersonal. And the question is are we sure that this is how we want to see?.

Let me propose another way to make. to get started, Why not video?. Let's be honest, paper do not know how you are, What tone of voice you, what you look ...

More things, Why not a curriculum with a little history? A sort of story. I do not know you, but I am very interested to know why someone decides for whatever career, one or another profession. What is the trigger?. That says a lot of people. So get exclusive curriculum, unique, personal.

to sample, a button. There I leave my trigger:

I decided on advertising to 14 years ago. then Paco, a guy dressed in hippy with a supermoto often came home to find his girlfriend My aunt Elena. It was the year 1975, and that look so extreme, the motorbike, blonde, the glamor ... called my attention. It went against everything established, breaking the codes of the time, He was transgressive. I asked my aunt what worked her boyfriend. "It ads", He said "works in an advertising agency". Two years, when I was 16, I made my first stage of practice in which Paco agency was Creative Director. I am now advertising, and since then I have always worked in the communication environment. Perhaps you will ask me what has become of Paco. Another day I tell you (I swear).

<!–[if gte mso 9]> Normal 0 21 false false false ES X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4 <![endif]–><!–[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]–> <!–[endif]–>Globalization and widespread standardization made it possible for all the world curriculum are equal, almost clonic. We are surrounded by webs, consultants, regulations say how it should be written a resume. It's curious, almost all agree at all. Dates in order of most recent to oldest, without excessive personal data, written in 3rd person ...The main conclusion is that today, A resume is something downright boring, cold and impersonal. And the question is are we sure that this is how we want to see?.

The impressive history of the guy who found the job he wanted using Google Adwords

Subtitle: And it only cost 5 €!!

Sub-Subtitle: Based on a true story

Imagine your life's dream is to find work as a copywriter in one of the 5 best agencies in the country. Imagine also, you're broke and you can not spend more than 4 or 5 € to get your azaña.

I would say the same if your goal is to get into one of the best law firms, economists, engineers. I would say the same if you want to find a good place schoolmaster, commercial manager or whatever you want.

It is easier than it seems to be. You enter Google, are looking Google Adwords and buy some keywords. If you want to buy "adman" will cost a paste. And we only have 4 5 €. Adwords formula is not closed price, if not you pay for auction. If no one wants what you want, will cost 0,15 by clicking, really cheap. But if you want to buy general words like "creative side”, Be prepared to pay a pretty penny.

In our history, what we do is Buy the names of the best creative advertising the country. Why?

Because when searching your name on Google you will find our ad: "Hello Creative Director XXXX, Googlearte yourself is fun. Hire me as a creative in your company, as well. Giving me a call. You are late."

As well, this little story is true, and it ended well. Our friend, whose real name is Alec Brownstein He managed to enter as a senior editor at Young & Rubicam. the contrato Scott Vitrone, a creative director who was amazed Alec's ability to attract attention.

I thank my good friend and companion Linda Reichard by publishing it in its LinkedIn. The story published last 18 May the online newspaper "The Globe and Mail”, and here is the link to see the full story, including an interview with the protagonists.

Beer Helping strengthen partner relationships

The impressive history of the Andes beer and teletransporter

Almost no words to describe this history of beer Mendoza “Andes” and the invention of teletransporter, a machine that simulates sistintos environments so that our partner will not know we're at the bar with friends.

Definitely, a well-told story gets more loyalty than the best rational arguments. Reach the head through the emotions. It is the key to communication. By the way, the site worth a visit.

[youtube= = iKDgYKSEN6M&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

Your father was a stoker and mine engineer

The train is back in the center of our lives. This is the new story of Renfe, become commercial, which it is already on the air a few days ago.

Renfe is able to give a return to its long and stale story to turn into something positive. Many brands do not dare to use this resource for fear of being “carcas” or fear of no interest to new generations. serious mistake. The new generations will be new, but not idiots, and they know the value of the grant experience provided that the communication is emotional and intelligent.

My congratulations to the agency responsible for the ad, Mrs. Rushmore, the producer responsible for filming, Tesauro and, above all, poster for betting on this route.


Never underestimate the power of a great story

Today I get this story told so well done to Canal +. Animaos, It lasts just over a minute.
The moral close to perfection: Never underestimate the power of a great story.

[youtube= = X7MVtgXMclI&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

Without a good story, a brand is nothing. If Johnnie Walker.

[youtube= = MnSIp76CvUI&hl = en_US&fs=1&]

Narrative techniques (storytelling), as old as walking directions, We offer this excellent example of how to explain 5 minute history and character of a memorable brand: Johnnie Walker. Video title: The man who walked around the World (the man walking around the world).

The great Scottish actor Robert Carlisle enlivens this short of a single plane walking through the Scottish highlands and interacting with different objects he encounters on his way. It is worth investing the 5 minute-long video.

Data sheet:

Agency: BBH, Londres/ Producer: Ruben Mercadel / Creative director: Mick Mahoney /Redactor: Justin Moore / Studio: HLA, London / Producer: Jamie Rafn / Producer: Stephen Plesniak / Director of photography: George Richmond / post Production: Glassworks, London

Revisiting storytelling: Deaf violinist against the world

I get through this video a friend I want to share as a great example of storytelling. The truth is that the TV audiences dispersion these new formats facilitates short film, more interesting, and with only token presence of the brand. In this case, the proposal is Pantene, and it is worth investing the 4 minute-long history of this deaf girl who insists at all costs fiddling. The canon of Pachebel revives hand strength of this headstrong girl. The final claim, sparkly, as it could not be otherwise (the signature Pantene). Health:

[youtube= = Um9KsrH377A&hl = en_US&fs=1&]