Don't let technology step on you, use it in your favor

Don't let technology step on you, use it in your favor

Technology. This is the fifth of the trends I scored a few days ago in the post Trends 2020 in Personal Branding. The first: The Drive of Social Awareness and Personal Brand The Second: When the facts are imposed on the sayings The third: From influencers to influencers (substantial change) The fourth: No … Read more

10 ideas that deserve to be shared

10 ideas that deserve to be shared (and on video, Best)

TEDx Eixample 2019: The videos with 10 ideas from the speakers of the past 22/3. Presentation If you're new to this blog, two essential information: 1. Although I dedicate myself to Personal Branding, I'm a real fan of TED and TEDx talks 2. In addition, I volunteer for TEDx Eixample, who has celebrated his … Read more

Changing the world

A week-old brief story that could change the world

I admit it's been an intense week., which comes from a few intense months. I still remember Andreu Coranti's phrase, gym teacher, when he said to us, "You'll rest when you're dead.". A philosophy of life possibly shared by my friend, colleague and partner Paula Fernández-Ochoa and her "I ask me for life". Digital transformation you can … Read more


#TEDxEixample > Sought drivers of ideas that can change the world

Two months ago I was in Lleida to witness the TEDxLleida 2018. There was Pau Samo, who told me that he had ceded the witness of the organization to Montse Díaz after three years of successes as organizer and licensee in Lleida and two others in Amposta. The ideas contained in this year's presentations … Read more