Don't let technology step on you, use it in your favor

Don't let technology step on you, use it in your favor

Technology. This is the fifth of the trends I scored a few days ago in the post Trends 2020 at Personal Branding. The first: The Drive of Social Awareness and Personal Brand The Second: When the facts are imposed on the sayings The third: From influencers to influencers (substantial change) The fourth: No … Read more

Changing the world

A week-old brief story that could change the world

I admit it's been an intense week., which comes from a few intense months. I still remember Andreu Coranti's phrase, gym teacher, when he said to us, "You'll rest when you're dead.". A philosophy of life possibly shared by my friend, colleague and partner Paula Fernández-Ochoa and her "I ask me for life". Digital transformation you can … Read more

humanizar es conectar / guillem recolons

Is Humanizing Connect? A subject pending from companies

Crear un ecosistema que impulse la conexión humana es tecnológicamente y estratégicamente complejo, pero el beneficio es grande: humanizar es conectar. Las empresas pueden aprovechar este entorno complejo para construir relaciones duraderas. How? Con una mentalidad orientada al cliente y con una plataforma tecnológica que impulse un branding más humano (human branding) que el actual. Here I detail … Read more

which is executive branding

Executive Branding: from executives to changemakers

It's interesting the expression “Changemakers“ used by the authors of the book "Social Selling", Tim Hughes and Matt Reynolds (Kogan Page, 2016). We could literally translate it as "making of change", although the most accepted expression is "agents of change". Without a doubt, the drivers of business in organizations are the sellers (Commercial, account managers...) along with … Read more


What kind of unassefiable risks can an organization that devotes efforts to its employees fully advocates their uniqueness?

Confieso que el título se lo he robado a un post soberbio de Miquel Àngel Escobar titulado Empresa y Personal Branding. La singularidad genera marcas fuertes (a veces demasiado) Me preguntaban hace pocos días unos colegas si la singularidad de las personas es relevante y arriesgada en las organizaciones y la marca que éstas proyectan. … Read more

you work to live or live to work

Working is already part of living; that thing about “you work to live” has expired

Following a good post of Andrés Pérez Ortega entitled Who do you work really (and that I recommend reading), I emitted a tweet supporting it with a couple of images. So far, nothing new. But a tuitero (By the way, muy orgulloso de su comunidad a juzgar por su bio), de nombre Óscar Gamarra, responde el tuit conRead more

competitividad digital

Digital Competitiveness Index 60 Countries

[av_one_full first min_height” vertical_alignment” space” custom_margin” margin=’0Px’ padding=’0Px’ border” border_color” radius’0Px’ background_color=” src=” background_position'top left’ background_repeat'no-repeat’ animation” mobile_display=”] [av_textblock size=” font_color=” color=”] 16 July 2017 No acostumbro a hacerlo, pero este artículo de Harvard Business Review merecía llegar a todo el mundo. Lo he traducido lo mejor que he podido. [/av_textblock] [/av_one_full] [av_one_full first min_height” … Read more

transformación digital RR-HH.

Digital transformation starts from above... or fails

Los que me conocen saben que no soy un experto en transformación digital, mi ámbito de negocio está alrededor del branding, tanto personal como corporativo. Pero podríamos decir que he sido testigo la implantación de varios procesos de transformación digital, lo que me permite apuntar una realidad que puede resultar dolorosa para muchas empresas: Yes … Read more