“Incompetent headhunters”: Those great personal brand creators

In 1919, a young cartoonist was fired from the Kansas City Star newspaper because “lacked imagination and I didn't have good ideas”. It was called Walter Elias Disney, and four years later I would found The Walt Disney Company, one of the world's largest communication and entertainment companies.

Few first and last name combinations have so much capacity to suggest Emotions, Values and all sorts of attributes of Brand. Few people have developed an activity that has marked as strongly as as many generations as the artist who gave life to Mickey, Donald and many other unforgettable characters. It is very likely that none of these characters would have come to life to be for that “incompetent headhunter” What fired Disney Kansas City Star.

Perhaps Disney would have continued to draw advertisements for newspapers and, Surely, would have made a great career, in sight of his undeniable talent. Possibly, when young Walter came to Hollywood with 40 dollars in his pocket and an unfinished film in his suitcase was unaware that, at that time, was about to be born the largest “sleep factorys s” of modern history.

All of us who have ever enjoyed “The Sorcerer's Apprentice” Or “The Lion King“, to give just a few examples, we have to be thankful that a “incompetent headhunter” crossed paths in The Life of Disney and “facilitate yourself” the creation of one of the personal brands most influential of the 20th century.

Maybe Walt Disney's is one of the most striking cases, but there are many others: Elvis Presley, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Jerry Seinfeld or the same Steve Jobs are other good examples. So, if one day you come across a “incompetent headhunter”, remember the story of the young Kansas City Star cartoonist.

A dismissal may be the beginning of your personal brand, although it would be better not to wait for that moment, so why not start tomorrow?.

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4 thoughts on "“Incompetent headhunters”: Those great personal brand creators”

  1. Hello Raul.

    I agree with you on the importance of the personal brands of the members of a company or any type of organization.

    However, in many of these organizations it is a threat that an employee or collaborator has their own personal brand and works to reinforce it and position itself in a particular field.

    There is still a long way to go in our country although, luckily, it seems to be going into the concept.

  2. I don't believe in the incompenent headhunter.,, it's more I get a strong term. It may be that the “Incompetent” detected that Mr Disney was not going to last long precisely because of his great creative ability, or because maybe the position could be small. And it should be remembered that headhunters have to ensure that the person who contracts lasts in the company at least 2 Years. Good for Walter who saw in that rejection an opportunity we know today. But I don't buy the ticket “Incompetence” Let's not stay there…What do you think??


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