The syndrome “I'm the last coke in the desert”. Diagnosis and treatment.

Let me abuse a little bit of my sarcastic mark in a short post. A few days ago, I recovered one of the personality tests that's raging on the net, The Crystal Knows, and this headline came up about me:

guillem recolons / crystal knows

Translate: “Guillem learns quickly, and has strong analytical skills, creative and social… although sometimes it can be sarcastic”. You see. One is as it is. By the way, I must admit that Crystal is a good test, because it allows other people on the network to confirm or extend feedback about a person. A good tool, and also uses the base of DISC to plot its profiles.

Going back to my sarcasm, today I want to analyze a profile that I see repetitively on and off social media. That of that person who believes to be the savior of humanity. Being syndrome “the last cocacola in the desert“. I borrow the name from my good friend and Partner Dominican Anabel Ferreiras.


You'll recognize this profile with ease. They are people who believe that others should behave according to their rules. And if we don't, We “abroncarán” Publicly, reaching extremes of confrontation. They don't tolerate any code of conduct other than yours., and on that basis they manage their community.

Their Values dictate their behavior in a rigid way, unperturbed and inviolable. These people walk upright like a stick, and they have a hard time showing the human side that we all have. Its vital purpose, beyond his work, of your value proposition, is to be guardians of morality. If there was an inquisition, many of us would have already been tortured and burned for making clear differences with their model.


It's not easy to manage the change of these people. The fact that they act guided by their true values makes it difficult: a root value does not change overnight.

Experience is a degree, Say. So I let two suggestions, or at least two ways to react that are not excessively bloody:

  1. Ignore them. Let them still believe they're the last coke in the desert.. You know you're not going to move them to change.. That -warning- it's going to bother them more than an angry reaction. But it's elegant on your part and doesn't leave excessive aftermath.
  2. Bring the rum bottle and make a vat. Sometimes it unsettles more friendly approach to “Enemy” that the reaction angered or even to ignore them. Trying to show proximity when you're invited to combat is to dismantle the strategy. Imagine it. He's got the guns loaded and ready., and you show up with a bottle of rum, Ice, lemon and two glasses. You approach with a white flag - just in case- and review with polite semblante: “I bring rum, glasses and ice. I'm told you have Coca Cola.… Do we join forces?”

Choose one or the other, I assure you that you won't be able to generate change. But at least, in the second option, you'll go home happy having shared a cubata with the people who think they're the last cocacola in the desert. To explain it to the grandchildren.

Good week, and let's not forget that what others do, we like it more or less, is part of your personal brand.

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